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Longing for new welfare system

Longing for a New Welfare System

? Questions: ? What is welfare? ? Where does it come from? ? Who is more likely to get it? Why?

Can the father’s body temperature withstand the chilly wind and snow?

a teenage worker, 15 years old, parents died , working in a small coal mine a rubbish picker, 78 years old, no living partner, no children

a middle-aged man, disabled with both arms and legs, still earning his life by repairing bicycles

天生我材必有用 Born to Win

? Lots of homeless and disabled children at railway stations are not originally blind, dumb, deaf or lame. Having ever been apples of their parents’ eyes, they were kidnapped, abused and then forced to beg. (Slumdog Millionaire)

To sum up, the disadvantaged groups are more likely to get welfare assistance.

? American Social Welfare ? Public assistance programs, commonly called “welfare”, provide cash or benefits for particular categories of the financially needy. The US welfare system operates on both the federal and state levels. The federal welfare program is known as Social Security, which provides benefits or assistance for childcare, disability, food stamp(粮票) and medical assistance.

? What does the state welfare take charge of? ? The state welfare programs, on the other hand, provide assistance to both individuals and local communities with state schooling and social insurance. US welfare programs grew significantly in the decades following World War II, but increases in welfare costs during the 1960s and 1970s brought into questioning the extent and quality of public assistance.

Chinese Welfare System

New Words

? ? ? ?

raw raw material raw meat The Japanese often eat raw fish.

? ? ? ? ? ?

opt opt to do sth. I opt for black. opt in… 决定参加;opt out of…决定不参加 I finally opt out of an activity. choose 普通用词; opt多指在几种可能性之 间进行选择; select书面用词,具有庄严、 正式的感情色彩, 强调精选。

? profile 形象;侧面;轮廓;简介,概况 ? He sat in profile to me. ? The newspaper publishes a profile of a leading sportsman every week. ? We could see the profile of a distant hill.

? regret doing sth., yield to, be faced with ? P66/2 ? These workers regret yielding to the management’s advice and going back to work. Now they are again faced with the threat of losing their jobs.

? bow [b?u] n. ? He drew the bow and shot an arrow.

? bow [bau] v. ? She bowed her thanks. ? 她鞠躬致谢。

? compensate, compensation ? compensate sb. for loss ? Nothing can compensate for the loss of time. ? She used her good looks to compensate her lack of intelligence.

? ? ? ? ? ?

alert No. one alert 一级战备 be on the alert 提防; 警戒 white alert 解除警报 The rabbit seems to be very alert all its life. The boss alerted him that thief might come out at night.

? get involved in ? P66/5 ? The official got involved in a scandal and was forced to resign weeks later.

? roast ? Put the meat into the oven to roast. ? roast duck

? ? ? ?

convict convict sb. of robbery sentence sb. to death an escaped convict

? look into ? P66/1 ? Seven or eight officials are reported to have taken bribes and the mayor has decided to look into the affair in person.

? lend itself to sth. ? 这篇文章太难而不适于 朗读。 ? The passage is too difficult to lend itself to reading aloud.

Caseworker 社会工作者
? Caseworker, or social worker, is a profession that concentrates on helping people deal with problems ranging from disability to family issues. There are many types of caseworkers, and what a caseworker does day-to-day depends on the exact position. Caseworkers can work for government agencies, health care facilities, schools and social service agencies.

Child and Family Caseworkers
? Child and family caseworkers are employed by social service agencies, large companies and government agencies. Child caseworkers advise parents on the child's well-being and on the well-being of the family as a whole. They also may work with adoptions and help place foster children. Some family caseworkers may work only with senior citizens, or by advising families on how to help the senior citizens in the family. Others may work in employee assistance programs, advising those with job problems or personal problems that affect their work.

School Caseworkers
? School caseworkers are liaisons between the student's family and the school system. A school caseworker's job is to help children improve as students, and to help with personal problems. School caseworkers may also be hired by the school system in order to work on social problems like truancy, and advise and teach workshops for teachers on problems in the classroom.

Mental health and substance abuse caseworkers
? Mental health and substance abuse caseworkers are also called clinical social workers. These caseworkers are employed in hospitals, substance abuse treatment centers, social service agencies and government agencies. These caseworkers provide therapy, help patients with going back to life outside of the treatment center and give crisis intervention or outreach.

Health caseworkers
? Health caseworkers support and advise people who have major illnesses such as AIDS or Alzheimer's. They also work with the patient's family and, if necessary, arrange for home health care. Some health caseworkers choose to specialize in certain types of patients, such as cancer patients. Health caseworkers work in health care facilities, social service agencies and local government agencies.

Social work administration
? Social work administrators are also called social work planners and social work policymakers. Social work administrators are people who develop social programs for problems such as abuse, and analyze programs that are already in place. They help to identify social problems that are starting to develop. They also do grant-writing and fund-raising for the programs.

A caseworker’s day
? Depending on the type of caseworker, caseworkers meet with clients either in their offices, at the patient's residence, or at other area offices. A caseworker may also meet with other service providers to discuss a mutual client or, if the caseworker is employed in a hospital or residential facility, work with a team on the patient's care.


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