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咸阳市 2013 年高考模拟考试(二) 英语参考答案
1—5 BDACB 6—10 FGEAC 26—30 ADBAC 46—49 CCAA 61— 65 DFEAC 66.disability 71.drowned 短文改错: One day last month, a group of Chinese student arrived in Brisbane. I was one students of them. After speaking goodbye to my dear parents at Beijing Airport, I started saying my long journey. That was my first journey abroad! How exciting I felt when I got excited on board. We left Shanghai to Hongkong to change to another plane to for Melbourne, ∧ second largest city in Australia. From there we flew to Brisbane, that is the which the capital city of Queensland, Australia. We were exchange students and send to the sent country by their government to learn English in Brisbane for twelve months. our From the first few lessons, we found the teachers there really worked hardly, and hard I am sure of everything will go well in the next months. 去掉 of 或改 of 为 that 书面表达: 67.sighed 72.scholarship 68.November 73.delete 69.dusty 74.determined 70.volunteers 75.mentally 11—15 ADACC 31—35 DBACD 50—53 CCDA 16—20 DAAAC 36—40 DABCC 54—56 BDC 21—25 CBBAD 41—45 ADBCA 57— 60 DBCD

One possible version
Dear Mum and Dad, How I love you! Thank you very much for giving me my life and bringing me up! In order to provide me with a better life, I know how many hardships you've experienced, getting up early and staying up late, to earn every coin to cover my schooling and my life expenses. You hope I can enter a good college and get a good job in the future. However, I was always doing something wrong that made you upset, so I must say sorry to you. Mum and Dad, don't worry about me now because I've grown up! I will study hard, keep fit and form good habits. Never will I do anything disappointing. I will learn as much as I can to get higher exam results and realize my dreams. I’m sure you'll be proud of me soon! Your daughter/son LiHua



2016咸阳市一模英语答案_高考_高中教育_教育专区。咸阳市 2016 年高考模拟考试(一) 英语参考答案 1—5 CCBBA 21—23 ADC 36—40 FGCBE 56—60 BCADA 61....


2016年咸阳市中考数学二模试卷_初三数学_数学_初中教育_教育专区。咸阳市2016中考第二次模拟试题答案分析 2016 年陕西省咸阳市中考数学二模试卷答案一、选择题(...


2015 咸阳市二模语文答案一、现代文阅读 1.C( “儒、道两家对‘道’的理解是一致的, ”在文中无依据) 2.B(A“在儒家那里”错误,应为“按照中国文化的理解...


陕西省咸阳市2017年高考数学二模试卷(文科)含答案解析 - 2017 年陕西省咸阳市高考数学二模试卷(文科) 一、选择题(本大题共 12 小题,每小题 5 分,共 60 分...


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陕西省咸阳市2017届高考二模数学试题(理)含答案 - 2017 年咸阳市高考模拟考试试题(二) 理科数学 第Ⅰ卷(共 60 分) 一、选择题:本大题共 12 个小题,每小...


陕西省咸阳市2017届高三二模理科综合试题答案 - 咸阳市 2017 年高考模拟考试(二) 理科综合试题 第 I 卷(选择题,共 126 分) 一、选择题: (本题共 13 小...

陕西省咸阳市2017届高三二模 语文_图文

陕西省咸阳市2017届高三二模 语文 - 2017 年咸阳市高考模拟检测(二) 语文试题 第 I 卷 阅读题 一、现代文阅读(35 分) (一)论述类文本阅读(9 分,每小题 ...


陕西省咸阳市2017届高考二模数学试题(理)含答案 - 2017 年咸阳市高考模拟考试试题(二) 理科数学 第Ⅰ卷(共 60 分) 一、选择题:本大题共 12 个小题,每小...


陕西省咸阳市2017届高三二模理综化学试题答案 - 7.化学已经渗透到人类生活、生产的各个方面,下列说法不正确的是 A.我国首艘航母“辽宁舰”上用于载机降落的...

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