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How to protect our eyesight

How to Protect our Eyesight

As can be seen from the picture, The number of students wearing glasses is increasing rapidly. (李晓欢) … the matter that a great many students are short-

sighted has become more serious.(杜亚 飞) What makes students worried is that students’ short sight problem is becoming more and more serious. (吕绍楠;王菲;李灿)

Facing the matter, I put forward some tips.(王 菲) Faced with the problem, I put forward some suggestions which may contribute to our eyesight.(吴倩倩)
I put forward some suggestions aimed at protecting our eyes. (吕绍楠) I consider it is time that we took measures to protect our eyes from being short-sighted.

We may as well do eye exercises regularly, which is good for our eyes. (杨家启)
It is necessary for us to have enough sleep, which is of benefit to our eyes.(王菲) What we should keep in mind is that the time we spend reading should be limited. We should keep it in mind that…

建议所涉及的短语: keep sth in mind / keep it in mind that... had better make sure good for/ is a good way to ... It is adj for sb to do .... It will be helpful if/ that … Never should we read books in strong light.

结尾 I believe if we can do as what I said, it will make a great difference on our eyesight.(李灿) In a word, what we should do is that we must form a good habit of using eyes to protect them from being short-sighted.(石孟军)

27分:王菲; 于皓琳;吕绍楠;张凡; 26-1分:张程飞


Nowadays, what makes students worried is that students’ short sight problem is more and more serious. I put forward some suggestions aimed at protecting our eyes. Firstly, what we should keep in mind is that much time shouldn’t be spent in reading. After reading, we had better relax our eyes. Secondly, when doing some reading, we should make sure that there is enough light. Never should we read books in strong light. Thirdly, doing eye exercises is good for our

Eyes. Finally, what is the most important thing is that we may as well go to bed on time so that our eyes can have an enough sleep. All in all, only in this way can we improve our eyesight.



Nowadays, what makes us worried is that more and more students are short-sighted and have to wear glasses. Protecting our eyesight is not only a personal concern but also a public one. It’s high time that we should take measures to protect our eyes. Firstly, taking a break every hour during your study will do good to relax your eyes. Secondly, it is reading in good light that should be kept in mind. Thirdly, despite the fact that we are

Busy with homework, never should we give up doing eye exercises. Fourthly, Keep the book one foot away from your eyes while reading. Last but not least, what is of great importance is that we had better have enough sleep, which will help our eyes recover from tiredness. If we follow all those tips, short-sight will possibly be avoided and glasses will be far away from us.

1.We should have a rest when read a long time. 2. It is important that protect our eyesight. 3.We should do eye exercises regularly, it is good for our eyes. 4.The problem that more students wear glasses, causing inconvenience in life. 5.Doing eye exercises which is good for our eyes 6. We find some students wear glasses. 7. The light of the sun can’t reach some places of the classroom, where is always dark unless turn on the light.

8. We should keep in in mind that have enough sleep.


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