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Unit1 Reading school life in the UK(1) 1______to a British high school for one year was a very 2______ and 3______ experience for me .I was very happy with the school hours

in Britain because school starts around 9 a.m.and ends about 3.30 p.m.This means I could get up an hour later4______ 5______, as schools in China begin before 8 a.m. On the first day ,all of the new students 6______an assembly in the school hall .I sat next to a girl whose name was Diana .We soon became best friends. During the assembly, the headmaster told us about the rules of the school. He also told us that the best way to 7______ respect was to 8______ourselves to study and 9______ high grades. This sounded like my school in China . I had many teachers in the past year. Mr Heywood, my class teacher, was very 10______. My 11______ teacher was Miss Burke--I loved the lessons that she gave in English 12______. In our class there were 28 students .This is about the 13______ size for British schools. We had to 14______ to different classrooms for different classes. We also had different students in some classes, so it was a 15______ for me to remember all the faces and names. I found that the homework was not as 16______ as 17______ I used to get in my old school. However, it was a bit 18______ for me at first, because all the homework was in English. I felt 19______, as all my teachers gave me much 20______ and I enjoyed all my subjects: English, History, English Literature, Computer Science, Maths, Science, PE, Art, Cooking and French. school life in the UK(2) My English improved a lot, 1______ I used English every day and spent an hour each day reading English books in the library . I usually went to the Computer Club during the lunch 2______, so I could send 3______ to my family and friends back home for 4______. I also had an 5______ French class on Tuesday evenings. Cooking was really 6______ as I learnt how to buy, 7______ and cook food. At the end of term we held a class party and we all had to cook something. I was glad that all my classmates were 8______ of the cake that I made. Students at that school have to study Maths, English and Science, but can stop 9______ some subjects if they do not like them, for example, History and French. They can 10______ other subjects like Art and Computer Science, or 11______ such as Spanish and German. In the Art class that I 12______, I made a small 13______. Though it did not look very beautiful when it was finished, I still liked it very much . I 14______ Chinese food a lot at lunch. British food is very different. British people like eating 15______ at the end of their main meal. After lunch , we usually played on the school 16______. Sometimes I played football with the boys. Sometimes I just 17______ under a tree or sat on the grass. I was very lucky to 18______ this different way of life. I look 19______ on my time in the UK with 20______, and I really hope to go back and study in Manchester again. Twelve science labs are 21______ for different 22______. (P7) Unit 1 Project Starting a new school club We have a radio club in our school. It is great because it is ________ by the students for the school. I am lucky as I am one of the ________. It was ________ two years ago. One day, I just began thinking about music for everyone, so I asked the headmaster if music could be ________ ________ ________ ________. He ________ the idea, and two years later I am ________ ________ ________ the radio club as the oldest student member. Our club is ________ ________ ________ just music. Every morning we tell our schoolmates about the weather, recent news, and some special messages that the teachers want us to ________. During exam time we have a special ________ that tells students the things they should do ________ ________. At the

end of the school year, many students who are ________ use our club to give messages to their close friends and teachers. When parents come to visit the school and talk to the teachers, we often play songs ________ by students, and we also give messages to ________ ________ ________ ________ events such as outings and school plays. I shall miss the radio club ________ ________, but I know that it will continue without me. (Kate Jones) Our school club ‘Poets of the ________ ________’ is a ________ club that was started by our English teacher Mr Owen. We meet on the last Friday of every month to talk about poems and poets that we like. In the club meetings, we first ________ poems that we love, and then read them aloud. We also discuss poems in our meetings. When I ________ the first meeting, I was ________ to write a poem and I had to read it to the club. I was a little ________ at first, but everyone was so nice and friendly that I soon stopped worrying. I once read a poem about nature in the school ________. I chose an old tree and ________ everyone under it before I read. The club members said it was one of the best ________ they had heard. (Bob Shaw) (P9) David Holmes studied at our school from 2001 to 2004. He has recently ________ from his studies in China. David was one of the most _______ students that we ever had. In 2004, he went to Oxford University _______ he became ________ in Chinese culture. After ________ ________ university he went to China to study Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University. Two years later, he was able to speak _______ Chinese. Upon _______ his studies, he started _________ in China. Some of the cities in China which he likes most are Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin and Nanjing. In China he ________ _______ ________ _______ teaching English to Chinese students. Most of the students ________ he taught have become his friends. When he returned to Britain two months ago, he _______ back from China many interesting books, dictionaries, paintings and photos. He _________ most of them _______ our school library. Some of the books were gifts _____ he got from his Chinese friends and students. The paintings that David _______ to the school are _______ ________ in the ________ room. Teachers and students at our school wish to thank David for his _______. Next month we will have our school _____ day. We have _______ David to be one of our guest speakers. He will _______ a speech about his ______ experiences in China. The speech is going to be at 3 p.m. on 9 October. At the ______ of his speech, there will be 30 minutes for questions and _______. So, if you are ________ in knowing more about China, you _______ miss the chance to meet David at the open day. (P11) There are several ________ between high schools in the USA and high schools in China. For one ______, students who study in the USA are in class only about twenty hours per week. The rest of the time that they _______ at school is used for _________ study. With so much _______ time, students who do not ______ _______ _______ ______ their time may not pass their exams. Students whom the teachers ______ may have to take the classes again. For ______ thing, many courses are classes that the students can study just for ______, but _______ they do not have to take. _________, students can often choose their classes and class times. Some courses are ________, but the students can still decide the teacher _______ class they wish to take. They can _______ to take the class of a teacher whom they like or ________. (P14) How are you? When I visited you last time, I read _______ _______ a splendid history book in your school library. Now I want to ______ a copy so I can finish _______ it. However, __________ I can’t remember the _______. I only remember that it had the word ‘__________’ in it. I

________ the price, but I remember it was below 20. I think it was a very ________ book——written after 2007. It was written by a famous ________, but I have forgotten the name. (P16) We regret ________ ________ you that our library will be closed next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the sports meeting. It will open again on Saturday with new ________ ________. Thank you for your kind _______.

Keys: Reading(1) 1. going 2. enjoyable 3. exciting 4. than 5. usual attended 7.earn 8. devote 9. achieve 10.helpful 11. favourite 12. Literature 13.average 14.move 15. struggle 16. heavy 17. what 18. challenging 19.lucky 20.enjoyment Keys: Reading(2) 1. as 2. break 3. e-mails 4. free 5. extra 6. fun 7. prepare 8. fond 9. studying 10. choose 11. languages 12. took 13. sculpture 14. missed 15. dessert 16. field 17. relaxed 18. experience 19. back 20.Satisfaction experiments 23.graduating 24. Upon 25.finishing 26.developed 27.interest 28. donated 29.being 30. exhibition






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