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Unit 2 Reading A教案

广东实验中学附属天河学校 张加宏

Teaching Plan for Reading A of Unit 2
Teaching class: Class fifteen, Junior One Teacher: Zhang Jiahong Teaching material: Reading A of Unit 2, Oxford English

7B The title of this period: Pollution fighters Teaching date: Feb. 23, 2012

Teaching aims:
1. Knowledge aims: Ss master some new words and expressions; Understanding of an interview 2. Ability aims: Ss understand the interview correctly; Ss improve their reading ability by applying the reading skills; Ss learn some useful words and expressions and improve their spoken English 3. Emotional aims(情感目标): Ss understand the importance of protecting environment.

Teaching key points:
1. Understanding of a interview 2. Reading skills 3. Oral practice

Teaching difficulty:
1. Ss master some usages of words and expressions better. 2. Oral practice

Teaching methods:
Stimulate Ss’ interests and desire to learn the conversation by using PowerPoint and blackboard

广东实验中学附属天河学校 张加宏
Procedures: Steps Step 1 Lead-in (8mins’) Step 2 Pre-reading (4mins’) Teacher’s activities Students’ activities Aims Play the vedio of Earth 2 Ss sing a song: Lead in the topic: song . Earth song. Protecting our environment. Guide Ss to look at the title, the Look at the title, the Ss have a general introduction and the pictures. introduction and the idea of the picture and tell T/F. interview. Ask Ss to read the interview fast Read the passage fast Ss understand the and try to find out T/F: and try to find out the main meaning of 1.Trees are not the largest and whether the statements the interview.
oldest living things on Earth. 2.Many useful things come from trees. 3.Trees cannot cool the air and clean it. 4.Trees can communicate with one another. 5.Trees are in great danger because people don’t plant trees are true or false..

Step 3 First-reading Skimming (4mins’)

Ask Ss to read it carefully again Step 4 Second -reading and answer the questions. (Individual work) (6mins’) 1. Ask Ss to finish A3 and

Step 5 Third-reading (8mins’)

Understand more details of the interview. 1. Finish A3 and check Improve the Ss’ check answers together. answers together. ability of reading 2. Ask two pairs to come to the 2. Two pairs to come and practice their platform to read out the to the platform to oral English
Read it again and answer the questions. (Individual work) conversation 1.Ask Ss to read the interview and write a summary about it with the help of some tips. 2. Summarize what we’ve learned this class. 3. Show the vedio of Earth song again. read out conversation the

Step 6 Post-reading (15mins’)

1. Read the interview and write a summary about it. 2. review what have been learned 3. Watch the vedio.

Know the better and importance protecting environment.

text the of

Homework: 1. 背诵课文; 2. 完成 Summary, 并写在作文本上。


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