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一、语法和词汇知识(共 50 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 25 分)
( ( )1. What do you think ______solve the problem ? A .you can do B. can you do C. you can do to D. can you do to )2. In the past he often made his sister____, but now he is often made ___by his sister. A. to cry; to cry B .cry; cry C. to cry; cry D. cry; to cry )3. He lives in a village _____there are a lot of trees. A. there B .where C .that D. which )4. Jenny_____ a rich man. She has____ him for 5 years. A. married with; married with B. married; married C. married to; been married D. married; been married to )5. Is this factory ______you visited last week? A. that B. where C. the one D. in which )6. The reason ____he was absent from the meeting was ____his car broke down on the way. A. that; because B. why; that C. that; that D. for; that )7. The teacher told me that the students I wanted to see were seen___ football on the playground just now. A. playing B. to be playing C. play D. to play )8. I prefer________ at home to ______outside. A. staying, playing B. to stay, play C. staying, play D. to stay, playing )9. The pen _______she writes letters is broken. A. which B. that C. with which D. by which )10. Would you like to ______us in our discussion. A. take part in B. join C. taking part in D. joining )11. I’m sure the red team will ______the game . A. win B. beat C. defeat D. succeed )12. Ahead of me I saw a woman ____I thought was my aunt. A. who B. whom C. of whom D. whose )13. _____your help, everything in the room is in good order now. A. Since B. Because C. Thanks for D. Thanks to )14. He is known to the world and has a lot of friends_______ A. in and out of abroad B. at home and abroad C. at home and at abroad D. in home and out of abroad )15. ---Are you going there with them ? ----If you go,__________. A. I also go B. so do I C. so I will D. so will I

( (

( (


( ( ( ( ( ( (



)16. The number of people invited ____fifty, but a number of them _____absent for different reasons. A. were; was B. was ; was C. was; were D. were; were )17. If a man ______succeed, he must work as hard as he can. A will B should C is going to D is to )18. The best way to make sure that you can keep fit is to ____healthy eating habits. A. find B. create C. develop D. prepare )19. We have spent _____money on English books . A. a great deal of B. a good many C. a plenty of D. a number of )20. _______met, it won’t be easily forgotten. A. If only B. When if C. Once )21.----What’s ______population of China ? ----China has_____ population of 1.2 billion. D. Once you were

( (

( ( (


( ( ( (

A. a; the B. the; a C. / ; / D. the; the )22. This task is _____difficult for us. We need ______people. A. much too; another three B. too much; other three C. much too; more three D. too much; three more )23. _______terrible weather we’ve been having these days! A. How a B. What a C. How D. What )24. Train services are now back to ______after three days of typhoon. A. usual B. common C. ordinary D. normal )25. He is the best ____English in our class. A. at B. in C. for D. to )26. Betty doesn’t have enough money to buy that coat. It’s very ___. The price is too_____. A. high, high B. expensive, expensive C. expensive, high D. high, expensive )27. This kind of glasses manufactured by experienced craftsmen ______comfortably. A. wearing B. wear C. wears D. is worn )28. The diamond is _________. A. very valuable B. of great value C. great value D. A or B )29. Behind the dancer there was a woman _______a large diamond ring. A. carrying B. dressing C. wearing D. having )30. I _______ by his story that he made up. A. was taken on B. was taken out C .was taken in D. am taken in )31. My mother _____classical music while I am ____rock music. A. is fond of, in B. likes, like C. is interested in; into D. interests; enjoy


( ( ( (


)32. We each _____ strong points and each of us on the other hand _____weak points. A. have, have B. has, have C. has, has D. have, has )33. He is one of the students who, I am sure, always do ____ best. A. his B. one’s C. my D. their )34. It was at the very beginning____ Mr.Smith made a decision ___we should send for a doctor. A. what, that B. that, which C. which, that D. that, that )35. On the way back home from the ball, she suddenly found her necklace____. A. missed B. losing C. gone D. be stolen )36. The teacher gave me a piece of paper________. A. to write on B. to be written on C. to write in )37. I can’t believe he could jump _____high. A. very much B. such C. that D. to be written D. this

( (

( ( ( (

( ( (

)38. -----The boys are not doing a good job at all, are they? ------_____________. A. I guess not so B. I don’t guess so C. I don’t guess D. I guess not )39. She is on a special _____to lose _____weight. A. food; her B. food;/ D. diet; her D. diet;/ )40. I am _____hungry. Give me _______of milk. A. a bit; a little B. not a little; a bit C. little; a lit D. not a little; a little )41. Which sentence is incorrect? _______ A. He devoted himself to the work of children’s health care. B. He is devoted to his work. C. He devoted all his life to work hard in people’s interests. D. He is determined to make more money for his family. )42.Please remain until the plane has come to a complete stop. seal be seated C.seating D.seated )43.I can’t say which wine is beat—it’s a (n) of personal taste. A.affair B.event C.matter D.variety )44.I have offered to point the house a week’s accommodation. exchange for B.with regard to means of place of )45.---Where did you get to know her? ---It was on the farm we worked. A.that B.there C.which D.where )46.They two free tickets to Canada, otherwise they’d never have been able to afford to go. A.had got C.have got D.get

( ( ( (



)47.The book was written in 1946,

the education system has

( (


witnessed great charges. A.when B.during which C.since then D.since when )48. _____ was most important to her, she told me, was her family. A. It B. This C. What D. As )49. By the time he realizes he ____ into a trap, it’ll be too late for him to do anything about it. A. walks B. walked C. has walked D. had walked )50. Occasions are quite rare ____ I have the time to spend a day with my kids. A. who B. which C. why D. when

二、语言知识及应用 (共两节,满分 20 分)
第一节 完形填空 (共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)
Tales of the supernatural are common in all parts of Britain. In particular, there was (and perhaps still is) a belief in fairies. Not all of these 51 are the friendly, people-loving characters that appear in Disney films, and in some folktales they are 52 and cause much human suffering. This is true in the tales about the Changeling. These tell the story of a mother whose baby grows 53 and pale and has changed so much that it is almost 54 to the parents. It was then 55 that the fairies had come and stolen the baby away and 56 the human baby with a fairy Changeling. There were many ways to prevent this from happening: hanging a knife over the baby’s head while he slept or covering him with some of his father’s clothes were just two of the recommended 57 . However, hope was not lost even if the baby had been 58 . In those cases there was often a way to get the 59 baby back. You could 60 the Changeling on the fire--then it would rise up the chimney, and you would hear the sound of fairies’ laughter and soon after you would find your own child safe and sound nearby. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )51. A. babies )52. A. powerful )53. A. sick B. believers B. cruel B. slim C. fairies C. frightened C. short B. unbelievable D. unrecognizable C. heard C. replaced C. steps C. found C. sad C. place

D. supermen D. extraordinary D. small

)54. A. uncomfortable C. unacceptable )55. A. feared B. predicted )56. A. covered B. changed )57. A. cases B. tools )58. A. missed B. stolen )59. A.1ittle B. pale )60. A. seize B. burn

D. reported D. terrified D. methods D. lost D. real D. hold

第二节 语法填空 (共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)
Chinese proverbs are rich and they are still widely used in Chinese people’s daily life. 61 these proverbs there are often interesting stories. For example, the proverb, “plucking up a crop 62 (help) it grow”, is based on the following story. It is said that a short—tempered man in the Song Dynasty (960—1279) was very anxious to help 63 rice crop grow up quickly. He was thinking about 64 day and night. But the crop was growing much slower than he expected. One day, he came up with an idea 65 he would pluck up all of his crop a few inches. He did so the next day. He was very tired 66 doing this for a whole day, 67 he felt very happy since the crop did “grow” 68 (high). His son heard about this and went to see the crop. Unfortunately the leaves of the crop began to wither. This proverb is saying we have to let things go in their 69 (nature) course. Being too anxious to help an event develop often 70 (result) in the contrary to our intention. 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70

三、阅读理解 (共 20 小题,每小题 2 分,共 40 分)
People often say that the Englishman’s home is his castle.They mean that the home is very important and personal to him.Most people in Britain live in houses rather than flats,and many people own their homes.This means that they can make them individual;they can paint them,and change them in any way they like.Most house have a garden,even if it is a very small one,and the garden is usually loved.The house and the garden are the private space of the individual. People usually like to mark their space.Are you sitting now in your home or on a train?have you marked the space around yourself as your?If you are on the train you may put your coat or small bag on the seat beside you.If you share a flat you may have one corner or chair which is your own. Once I was travelling on a train to London.I was in a section for four people and there was a table between us .The man on the space on my side of the table at all. I was angry.Maybe he thought that he owned the whole table.I had read a book about non-verbal communication,so I took various papers out of my bag and put them on his briefcase!When I did this he stiffened and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.I had

invaded his space!A few minutes later I took my papers off his case in order to read them.He immediately moved his case to his side of the table.Of course,it is possible that he just wanted to be helpful to me! If you are visiting another country you may feel that you don’t have any private space.Hotel rooms look much the same in every country in the world.All day long ,you share public spaces with o ther pople.You see the local people in their private spaces and you feel lonely and “outside”.Local people can create their private spaces by talking about things you don’t know about .And you even feel that they like you to be outside them so that they will enjoy being inside even more!This is one of the difficulties of being a traveler!But if you understand it then it helps you .Haven’t you enjoyed being part of a group and “owning”a bit of space? ( )71.The writer was angry as he was travelling on a train to London because______. A.he had no place to sit B.someone had invaded his “space” C.too many people shared a section with him D.some other people talked about things he didn’t know about )72. “… you feel lonely and ?outside?”in paragraph 4 means that_______. are alone outside the house feel lonely because you travel on your own are alone and therefore you go outside to have some fun feel lonely and you don’t belong to that place or that group of people )73.In Paragraph 4 ,the pronoun “them?refers to “___________”. A.public spaces B.private spaces C.local people D.other countries )74.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? _______ A.British people dislike marking their space. B.You always feel at home in another country. C.Most British people prefer living in houses to flats. D.You can’t mark your private space in a foreign country. )75.Tha main purpose of the passage is to tell readers to _______. A.own private spaces by living in houses B.have one corner of their own in public places C.realize the importance of “space”in communication D.create their private spaces by talking with local people


( (


More and more people like bicycling and it is no surprise. It is fun, healthy and good for the environment. Maybe that’s why there are 1.4 billion bicycles and only

400 million cars on roads worldwide today. Bikes can take you almost anywhere, and there is no oil cost! Get on a bicycle and ride around your neighbourhood. You may discover something new all around you. Stopping and getting off a bike is easier than stopping and getting out of your car. You can bike to work and benefit from the enjoyable exercise without polluting the environment. You don’ even have to t ride all the way. Folding bikes work well for people who ride the train. Just fold the bike and take it with you. You can do the same on an airplane. A folding bike can be packed in a suitcase. You can also take a common bike with you when you fly. But be sure to look for information by getting on airline websites. Not all airlines are bicycle-friendly to travellers. Health Benefits of Bicycling: ? It helps to prevent heart diseases. ? Bicycling helps to control your weight. A 15-minute bike ride to and from work three times a week burns off five kilos of fat in a year. ? Bicycling can improve your mood . Exercise like bicycling has been shown to make people feel better, more relaxed and self-confident. ? Bicycling is healthier than driving. ( ( )76. From the passage, we know that bicycling is becoming very _______. A. surprising B. exciting C. expensive D. popular )77. When you are riding your bicycle around your neighbourhood, you may _______. A. pollute the environment around B. find something you didn’t notice C. go everywhere and use a little oil D. get off your bike and begin to work )78. If you travel with a folding bike, you can fold it and ________ . A. get out of the car B. take it onto a train C. put it in your purse D. go on airline websites )79. One of the benefits from bicycling is that_______ . A. you can fold the bicycle B. you will be friendly to others C. you will be more relaxed D. you may get fatter and fatter )80. Which is TRUE according to the passage? _______ A. Bicycling is enjoyable exercise for people. B. Driving cars is healthier than riding bikes. C. Riding a bike pollutes your neighbourhood.




D. Common bikes are welcomed by all airlines.

Stress is everywhere in our everyday life. Not only men have it, but also women and young people. The most important reasons of stress are: death, diseases, exams, making money, getting married, moving houses, changing jobs, ending friendships and so on . How do you know whether you have stress? Could you give your answers to the following questions? Yes No Do you easily get angry? Do you often sleep badly? Do you get headaches a lot? Do you take sleeping pills? Do you find it difficult to relax? Do you usually hide your feelings? Do you smoke and drink a lot to keep quiet? Do you find it difficult to put your heart into something? If you answer “Yes” to more than two of these questions, you are one of those people with stress. So what can you do about it? Doing relaxing exercises, talking with friends and listening to light music are all usual ways of relieving stress. However, doctors now say that there are easier ways—people should laugh and smile more often. When you laugh and smile, your body relaxes. They also say that people, especially men, should cry more often, because crying is the natural way of relieving stress. ( ( )81. Who has got stress in everyday life? A. Men and women. B. Young people. C. Both A and B. )82. If you have over problems listed in the table, you are the person with stress. A. two B. three C. eight )83. Which of the followings is NOT the reason of stress? A.Taking exams. B. Taking sleeping pills. C. Making money. )84. What?s the easier way to relax your body? A. Talking with friends. B Doing relaxing exercises. C. Laughing, smiling and crying.

( (


)85. The main idea of the passage is


A.about stress and how to relieve your stress B. that there are many reasons for having stress C.that laughing and smiling more can help relieve your stress

(D) 第二节 根据短文内容, 从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最 佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。
86 When a person does a certain thing again, he is impelled by some unseen

force to do the same thing repeatedly; thus a habit is formed. Once a habit is formed, it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to get rid of. 87 Children often form bad habits, some of which remain with them as long as they live. Older persons also form bad habits as long as they live. Older persons also form bad habits, and sometimes become ruined by them. 88 Many successful men say that much of their success has something to do with certain habits in early life, such as early rising, honesty and thoroughness. Among the habits which children should not form are laziness, lying, stealing and so on. 89 Unfortunately older persons often form habits which ought to have been avoided. 90 . A. There are other habits which, when formed in early life, are of great help. B. Whether good or not habit are, they are easy to get rid of. C. We ought to keep from all these bad habits, and try to form such habits as will prove good for ourselves and others. D. Habits, whether good or bad, are gradually formed. E. It is very important for us to know why we should get used to good habits. F. These are all easily formed habits. G. It is therefore very important that we should pay great attention to the formation of habits.






四、书面表达(满分 15 分)


你肯定经历过多次考试,体验过成功,也遭受过失败。请你根据下面的提示 内容,简要概述人们普遍存在的对考试失败的两种态度,并结合自身实际,说明 你的观点。

态度一 当考试结果不尽人 意时,情绪低落,丧失信 心,不再继续努力。

态度二 当考试失败时, 分析并 找出失败的原因,鼓励自 己,增强自信,避免再犯同 样的错误。



凉山州某县 2012 初中教师考调试卷 英语试题
参 考 答 案
一、单项选择(50 题,每题 0.5 分,共 25 分)
1—--5 CDBDC 6—10 BAACB 11—15 AADBD 16—20 CDCAC 21—25 BADDB 26--30 CCDCC 31—35 CDDDC 36—40 ACDDB 41—45 CDCAD 46—50 BDCCD

二、完形填空(20 题,每题 1 分,共 20 分)
第一节 41—45 CBADA 46—50 CDBDC

第二节 51 Behind / In 52 to help 53 his 54 this / it 55 that 56 after / from 57 but / yet 58 higher 59 natural 60 results

三、阅读理解(20 题,每题 2 分,共 40 分)
61-65 BDCCC 66-70 DBBCA 71-75 CABCA 76-80 DGAFC

四、书面表达(1 题,共 15 分)

We have many tests or exams. We have both achieved success and suffered from failure. Different students have different attitudes to failure. Some fall in low spirits when they don’t do well in the exams. They often lose heart and no longer study as hard as before. But most people take an active attitude towards failure. They encourage themselves to be self-confident . They find out and analyze the causes so that they will no longer make similar mistakes . I agree with those with active attitudes. As we all know, failure is the mother of success. Even great men may have failed many times before they succeeded. So we must deal with our failure correctly.




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