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103班必修一Unit2 Warming Up,Pre-reading and Reading[教案]

Unit 2 English around the World Warming-up & Reading
Step 1 Warming-up and lead-in Act1.Enjoy a short video and answer the following questions. 1. What did Xiaoxin want to buy?

2. What does the shop sell?

Act2 .Ask students several questions 1. How many years have you learnt English? 2. Do you know the countries where people speak English? 3. What are the two main groups of English? 4. Do you know the differences between British English and American English? Step 2 fast reading Act1.Read the passage in 3 minutes 1. What does the passage mainly talk about?

2. Which country may have the largest number of English speakers in the world?

Step3 listening Act1. Listen to the tape of our text and then answer the following exercises. 1. What was the English spoken between AD 450 and 800 close to? A. French B. Danish C. German D. Spanish

2. Why do more people speak English? A. Because it is an international language. B. Because it has the largest number of speakers. C. Because it is easy to learn. D. Because it always stays the same 3. How long did Britain rule India?

A. About 100 years.

B. About 50 years C .About 350years D. About 200 years

Act2.Read quickly to find the topic sentence for each paragraph. Paragraphs Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Paragraph4 Paragraph 5 Step 4. Careful reading Act1. Read the passage carefully and decide whether the statements are true or false and explain why. 1. English had the most speakers in the 17th century. 2. English developed when new settlers and rulers came to Britain. 3. Languages frequently change. 4. The language of the government is always the language of the country. 5. English is one of the official languages used in India. 6. This reading describes the development of the English language. Act2.Fill in the chart with the information in the text Time At the end of the 16th century Between AD450--1150 Between AD800 and 1150 In the 1600’s Shakespeare made use of a wider 4. a big 5. In the 18th century In English usage. ,which caused English became less like 3. Because of the rulers Events About five to seven million people spoke English and nearly all of them lived in 1. It was 2. More on German Topic sentences

English was taken to 6.

From 1765 to 1947

English became the language for 7. 8. in India China has the largest number of English 9. Chinese English may develop its own 10.


At present In the future

Step 5. Post-Reading From the passage we can see English is widely accepted as a native, second or third language. No wonder the number of people learning English in China is increasing rapidly. Will Chinese English become one of the world Englishes? ---------- “only time will tell”. 1. How do you understand this sentence?

2. What can you infer from this sentence about the development of English in China?

Step6. Discussion Work in groups and discuss the question Why do you think people all over the world want to learn English?

Step7. Homework 1. Read the passage as fluently as you can. 2. Find out some words and sentences you think are beautiful and recite them. 3. EX2.3.4 on page 11


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