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Unit 4 A charity show welcome to the unit 课件(1)

microphone (mike)

Listen to the tape and answer the questions 1. What is Hobo going to be? He is going to be a host of a charity .

? What is Eddie’s wish?
He wish

es he could be the host .

? What does Hobo think about Eddie’s wish? He thinks Eddie should sleep less and practise a lot during the day .

olding Hobo is h_______a microphone. Eddie is urpried very s________ at this. He wants to know hy w_____ Hobo is holding that. Hobo tells Eddie that he will be a h_______ of a ost harity c_______ show. Eddie admires Hobo very much. So he says; “ How I w_______ I ish could be a host!” Hobo tells Eddie if he wants to be a host, he must p________ a lot. ractise Eddie says he is s______ he can be a good ure host. But Hobo doesn’t b_______ it because believe leeps Eddie s______ a lot. Now Hobo says to nly Eddie: “ You can be a good host o____ if you sleep l_____ d_______ the day.” How ess uring lazy Eddie is!

What do these charities do to help people?

Do you know the names of charities in China?

Spring Bud Project


Save China’s Tigers

拯救中国虎 Project


Project Green Hope

the charity


give a fashion show They want to raise money for Project Hope.

give a concert

People donate things or money to the poor.

Group Work Suppose you are members of one of these charities. Introduce the name of your charity, why you found this charity, what you can do , what activities you are going to do to raise money and so on.

The useful expressions

How to express suggestions:
1. Why not…? 2. Let’s… 3. Shall we…?

4. Would you like…?
5. What about…?

Learn some new words
microphone (mike)

big cat


? 义演最好别在白天举行。 ? 我们每年读募集钱和衣服来帮助 贫困地区的孩子们。 ? 我相信你能成为一个好主持人。 ? 只有你跟我一起走,我才回家。




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