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Style is more important than substance

Style is more important than substance Nowdays we can often see two same things have completely different value.The look,prices and color maybe are the reasons for differences.Some people think substance is more important than style,but I think style is more important than substance.

What is substance?It is the thing that you always can not only judge by its look.What is style? It is the way that makes produce popular.

Businessman are very smart.They always use their advantages to start high to get much more money.For example,there are two buckets of popcorn.Which one that in a fashion bucket sells in the cinema is far more expensive than the one that in a poor bucket on the curbsides.They have the same quality but were sold on different places and put in different buckets so that they have price gap.If things have the same substance,how to let them look nice and where to sell them is very important.If you make them appear at a suitable place,they will worth more.So style is important.

One day I hung out with my mom,we went into a delicate store.I saw so many cute things such as dolls.I found that my mom stopped in front of the rings’ counter.Those rings were very glittering and many

imitation diamonds were inlaid into them.My mom was interested in trying them one by one.I whispered to my mom with pointing to the shining things:”These are not real diamonds.””It is no doubt that I knew.But don’t you think these rings are very beautiful?No matter I wear which one of them,I will feel confident.”This story let me know that if a produce’s look is nice enough,its substance is not very important.

As we can see,many people can’t help buying something look good but not things which have good substance.People all like beautiful things.

In conclusion,I think style is more important than substance.

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