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2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:选修7 unit3

选修 7
Unit 3 Under the sea 能力演练
一、语法填空? 语法填空 More than 220 people were killed in the fire 1 ? destroyedthe Capital

Building on February 4th,1974.The building was finished only a few months 2 the fire;it was Sao Paulo ? s newest building.All the 25 3 of theofficebuilding were completely destroyed. 4 fire also destroyed cars which belonged to people who worked in the building.? Over 500 people were working in the building when the fire broke 5 on the 11th floor. 6 knows how the fire started.Perhaps it was started by an 7 (electricity)fire in the ceiling of one of the offices.Office 8 it was impossible to control

workers tried to put out the fire, 9

.Soon the whole floor was on fire and it was impossible for people on (escape).?

the floors above 10 二、 完形填空

阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? Chinese scientists are again becoming excited about the fact that a large hairy animal may live in central China.Now they hope it won ? t be too long before they are able to 1 its existence.Their confidence is the

2 of a new discovery of the mystery animal in Hubei Province.?

Ten Chinese


,enjoying a holiday in a National Forest Park,were

driving down a road.As their bus turned a corner,the men were suddenly 4 by what they saw.Three 5 animals,covered with long dark

hair,were crossing the road.On seeing the animals,the engineers immediately stopped and 6 them. 7 ,when they saw how the

animals moved through the forest with great 8 and strength,they did not dare to follow any further.? The men did not take any 9 .However,scientists are 10 by the

discovery,because the engineers were all very educated people and scientists feel they can 11 what they described.? After the discovery,scientists returned to the forest and 12 some hair and measured footprints.About 20 inches appears to be the length of the animal,s foot!Chinese scientists have now set up a special group to exchange information and make a 13 of the forest.But in the

meantime,some people 14 to believe that this half ? man,half ? monkey exists.They will not believe that it is animals has been caught.? 1.A.prove C.protect 2.A.basis C.result 3.A.travellers B.analyze ? D.check ? B.requirement ? D.preparation ? B.engineers ? 15 until one of the

C.scientists 4.A.frightened C.upset 5.A.trained C.tall 6.A.shot at C.fought with 7.A.However C.Meanwhile 8.A.difficulty 9.A.bullets C.medicines 10.A.surprised C.disturbed 11.A.rely on C.write down 12.A.cut C.collected C.choice 14.A.come

D.explorers ? B.amazed ? D.inspired ? B.rejected ? D.violent ? B.looked at ? D.ran after ? B.Indeed ? D.Anyway ? B.speed ? D.pleasure ? ? D.photographs ? B.delighted ? D.supported ? with ? D.pass on ? B.pulled ? D.tore ? B.tour ? ? B.refuse ?

C.prefer 15.A.wrong C.real 三、阅读理解? 阅读理解?

D.have ? B.alive ? D.correct ?

专题训练(八 说明文的阅读( ) 专题训练 八) 说明文的阅读(2) Short people,studies have shown,are more likely to have a stroke(中 风),suffer from high blood pressures and heart disease and be bullied in school.? Now,researchers report that short people—at least in the past—were also more likely to die at a younger age than their taller peers.? Their study,published in the Journal of Epidemiology(流行病学)and Community Health,found that short bones have something to do with short life for more than 1,000 years.The conclusion was based on 490 sets of adult skeletal( 骨 架 的 )remains from an archaeological site in northeastern England,dating from the 9th century to about 1850.? About 55% of men and 73% of women died before the age of 45,and 39% of men and 56% of women died before age 30.The risk of death before age 30 declined as bone length increased.? “This study provides evidence from an archaeological sample that long bone length is connected with age at death-those with smaller bones tend to die younger,” according to Dr.D.J.Gunnell of the university of Bristol in the UK and colleagues.?

While it is not clear why short stature(身材)might be linked to earlier death,the researchers point out that height is 〖ZZ(Z〗an indicator〖ZZ)〗 of childhood nutrition,which may have a long ? lasting effect on health. “Mechanism(身体结构)for height ? mortality(死亡)associations in the past may differ from those today,for example,short stature may have increased the risk of death in childbirth and this may explain the higher risk of premature( 未 成 熟 的 )mortality in women, ” Gunnell and colleagues write.? “However,short bones,it would appear,have always been a marker of a short life,” the authors conclude.? 根据所读短文,选择最佳答案。? 1.The title of the passage should be ___________.? A.Short people and their taller peers ? B.Short stature and short life ? C.Men and women ? D.Long life and short life ? 2. “An indicator” in Paragraph 6 means ___________.? A.a study C.a marker B.a risk ? age ?

3.Which of the following statements is Not true according to the passage?? A.Most people were more likely to die at the age of 30 in the past.?

B.Women were more likely to die at a young age.? C.Women with smaller bones were more likely to die younger.? D.People with smaller bones were more likely to die younger.? 4.Short stature may be caused by ___________.? A.high blood pressure ? B.heart disease ? C.some illnesses ? D.less childhood nutrition ? 5.The topic in this passage is probably connected with ___________.? medicine C.sports medicine medicine ? D.industrial medicine ?

一、? 1.解析:which/that 是关系代词,引导定语从句。? 答案:which/that 2.解析:在火灾发生前。? 答案:before 3.解析:整个大楼的 25 层。? 答案:floors 4.解析:定冠词特指前面的大火。? 答案:The 5.解析:break out 是固定词组,指火灾爆发。?

答案:out 6.解析:没有人知道是如何起火的。? 答案:No one 7.解析:fire 是名词,前面用名词修饰。? 答案:electrical 8.解析:但是很难控制火灾。? 答案:but 9.解析:control 后缺宾语,从上下文可知,代词 it 指代。? 答案:it 10.解析:It is impossible for do sth.是固定句型,意思是不可能做 某事。? 答案:to escape 二、? 1.解析:第一句交待语篇中心。科学家需证据来证明这个事情。? 答案:A 2.解析:科学家的信心来自于在湖北发现了这种动物的结果。? 答案:C 3.解析:第二段讲述了十个中国工程师的度假经历。? 答案:B 4.解析:行进途中,偶遇动物而感到惊讶。? 答案:B 5.解析:动物的体形在第一段就交待了。?

答案:C 6.解析:最后一句话“they did not dare to follow any further”意为“他 们不敢再跟着动物” 。因此,此处应为“他们停车去追赶动物” 。? 答案:D 7.解析:把握住语篇的行文逻辑,此处含有转折意味。? 答案:A 8.解析:动物穿过森林的方式为“with great...and strength” 。? 答案:B 9.解析:第三段最后一句“...what they described”意为“他们描述的 事” ,暗示他们无证据。? 答案:D 10.解析:第一段第一句已说科学家对此事很感兴趣。? 答案:B 11.解析:工程师是受过良好教育的,他们有能力把所见描述清楚。 答案:A 12.解析:第三段讲述科学家去森林取证研究。? 答案:C 13.D 14.解析:But 有转折意义。? 答案:B 15.解析:他们不相信动物真的存在。? 答案:C

三、? 1.解析:整篇文章讲的是身材矮小跟寿命的关系。? 答案:B 2.解析:从前后句判断可知。? 答案:C 3.解析:A 选项跟第四段最后一句话相反。? 答案:A 4.解析:从倒数第三段可知答案。? 答案:D 5.解析: 从整篇文章来看,作者是从社会的角度去分析身材矮小跟寿命 关系的。? 答案:B



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