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wildlife protection warming up and reading

Warming up & Reading

Tibetan antelopes

ivory when the buying stops, the killing can too

Milu deer

Polar bear

South China Tigers

Why are they dying out?

The tale of a paper fox


Food shortage

Reasons for dying out
over-hunting over-fishing destruction of habitats

How Daisy learned to help wildlife

Listening for general ideas
Who took the journey? Daisy. How did she travel ? By a flying carpet. Where did she go ? What animals did she see? part Para.1 Para.2 Para.3-4 place Tibet Zimbabwe Rainforest animal an antelope an elephant a monkey

1.What is the main idea of the passage?
Daisy took ______________ a flying carpet to travel and talked with ______________, some animals which made the importance of the her know ________________ wildlife protection.

2.What is the main idea of each part?
A. a good example of Part 1 (Para.1) wildlife protection B. what we can get Part 2 (Para.2) from wildlife protection Part 3 (Para.3-4) C. why we need wildlife protection

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions.
1.What happens to the Tibetan antelopes and why? 2. Why are elephant numbers increasing in Zimbabwe? 3. How do you understand the sentence "Have you come to take my photo?" 4. How did the monkey protect itself from mosquitoes? 5. Why is it important to protect the rainforest?

1.What happens to the Tibetan antelopes and why? They are being killed for their wool or fur which is being used to make sweaters for people.
2.Why are elephant numbers increasing in Zimbabwe? With the help of the government, the farmers could make money in other ways. So they stopped killing them.

3. How do you understand the sentence "Have you come to take my photo?" Now many more tourists come to take its photos and the elepant thought Daisy was such a tourist. 4. How did the monkey protect itself from mosquitoes? It rubbed the mellipede over its body, because the milipede contains a powerful drug which affects mosquitoes.

5. Why is it important to protect the rainforest?
Potecting the rainforest helps protecting some plants and animals which makes it possible for us to produce drugs.

Summary One day, Daisy woke up and was flying taken to Tibet by a 1_______(fly) carpet. She talked with an antelope there. The antelope told her they were hunted because of their fur 2__________ which/that can be used to make sweaters like hers. As a result, they are now an 3___________(endanger) endangered species.

Later, she flew to Zimbabwe 4_______ where she talked with an elephant and got to know the farmers there used to hunt them 5________ But now without mercy. 6_____ with the help of the government, their numbers are increasing.

at the thick At last she arrived 7____ rainforest where a monkey was rubbing a

millipede. It contains a 8_________ powerful (power) from drug which can protect the monkey 9______
mosquitoes. So Daisy decided to produce this new drug. Although finally everything was gone, she 10___________(learn) had learned so much! And there was always WWF which can help.

The logo

Note: WWF=World Wildlife Fund 世界野生生物基金会 ? An international non-governmental organization ? devoted to protecting the wildlife ? Founded in 1961 with its base in Switzerland Slogan for a living planet

Imagine you work for WWF. Discuss in groups what suggestions you will make to protect wildlife. You can make a list of your suggestions.

government Suggestions




1.Read the passage again and underline the important and difficult phrases and sentences. 2. Find more information about endangered wildlife on the Internet.


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