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高中英语外研社必修1Module MODULE 3

Module 3 My First Ride on a Train

The Maglev – the Fastest Train in the World
? New

adj. 地磁的;有磁性的 adv. 有磁力地;有吸引力地 adj . n. n. adj. n.
悬浮的. 升空;飘浮 磁悬浮 超速的

magnetic magnetically levitated levitation Maglev transrapid chancellor

n. 磁悬浮列车


? Read

& Answer:

1.What are the main differences between a

magnetically levitated train and an ordinary
It’s faster, less noisy and use less energy.

2.What are advantages of travelling on a Maglev train?
You can travel very quickly and quietly.

The train uses less energy.


at a/ the speed of … 以……的速度
at (a) high /low speed speed 以全/ 最高速 以高/低速

at full / top speed =with great/all speed up
100 mph. They drove to the hospital at top speed.


Eg. The train travels at a speed of


out of date是介词短语,意为“过时;过期。” out of+名词,表示“不处于…… ”,注意名词前无冠词。 以out of为中心的一些短语:


? ? ? ? ? ? ?

out of order
out of danger


out of condition
out of count out of control out of balance out of shape out of place

不计其数 失控 失去平衡 变形 不合时宜 不适当的

The –ed form 过去分词(作定语)

1. 单个分词作定语通常做前置定语。及物动 词表示完成和被动意义。少数表示位置移动 和状态改变的不及物动词不表被动,而表主 动和完成意义。 We saw abandoned farms which were more than a hundred years ago.(被动) There are so many fallen leaves on the ground. (主动)



2. 过去分词短语通常作后置定语,相当 This is the house built last year.


=This is the house built which was built last year.

3.动词的过去分词作定语说明被修饰人或物 所处的状态时,转化为形容词,不表被动。 The surprised look on his face suggested that he hadn’t expected that.



4.有些单个的过去分词,如:left(剩余的), given(所给的),concerned(有关的)等,习惯 上用作后置定语。
After the robbery there was nothing left for the man. 遭到抢劫之后,这个人身无分文。 People concerned have been invited here to discuss what to do next. 邀请有关人士讨论一下下一步干什么。


Past Tense (一般过去时)


况,常用的时间状语有:just now,at that
time,last night,a week ago,in the old days, the other day,then,during his middle school years等。

2.过去的形式指的是现在的事情,这种情况下, 前面一般用:thought,didn’t know, forgot等。 I didn’t know you were so busy.





Mrs. Smith always carried an

umbrella. ? 注意:一般过去式可以与for+段时间连用。 注意与现在完成时的区别。

I studied English in Dalian for four years. (动作发生在过去) I have studied English in Dalian

for four years. (动作到现在已经完成)

1.Most of the artists ________ to the party were from South Africa. A.invited invite

C.being invited

D.had been invited

2.The computer centre _____ last year is very popular among the students in this school. B.opening

C.having opened


3.Prices of daily goods ____ through a computer can be lower than store prices. A.are bought B.bought C.been bought D.buying 4.“Things ___ never come again!”I couldn’t help talking to myself. A.lost B.losing lose D.have lost

5.It is one of the funniest things ____ on the Internet so far this year. A.finding find

B.being found

6.Judy is going to marry the sailor she___
in Rome last year. A.meets C.has met B.met D.would meet

7. After he had broken the world record,
Rod ____ to a restaurant to celebrate with

his friends.
A.went B.had gone

C.would go

D.has gone

8. —Have you known Dr. Jack for a long time?

—Yes,since she ____the Chinese Society.
A.has joined B.joins

C.had joined


9.—Has your father returned from Africa yet?
—Yes,but he ___ here for only three days

before his company sent him to Australia.
A.was B.has been

C.will be

D.would be

10.The play had already been on for quite some

time when we ___ at the New Theatre.
A.have arrived B.arrived

C.had arrived




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