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高二英语外研版选修6 Module 1 Small Talk

Language Date Bank for Reading

absence, acquaintance, advance, anniversary, anyhow, apologise, apology, application, awkward, brunch, cautious, certain, circumstance, c

lerk, coincidence, confidently, contradict, customer, divorce, embassy, favour, fax, firm, fool, form, function, impolite, informal, interrupt, lack, mature, messy, modest, motto, nod, outspoken, pregnant, prize, psychologist, purpose, reception, reply, saleswoman, serious, shortcoming, sigh, successful, systematic, tease, tidy, typist, violate, visa, yawn


as a consequence, (be) aware of, (be) nervous about,

in addition, leave out, look away from,

body language,
cheer sb. up,

make friends,
put one’s foot in one’s mouth

find out,
human being,

Sentences to learn

1. Have you ever crossed the road to avoid talking to
someone you recognize? 你是否曾经故意过马路以避免和别人说话。 avoid + doing sth. 翻译:

You’d better avoid making the same mistakes next


Sentences to learn

2. And are you nervous about the idea of being at a social
event in another country? 想想在另外一个国家参加社交活动时你会紧张么? be nervous about sth. :因……而紧张 翻译:

When I stand on the platform , I am a bit nervous about


Sentences to learn

3. Small talk is very important and prepares you for more serious conversations. 闲谈很重要,你可以通过它为严肃话题作准备。 prepare sb. for sth.: 使……为……做准备 翻译: 1.老师准备考试(题目)。

Teachers are preparing the exams.

Teachers are preparing the students for the exams.

Sentences to learn 4. Keep good eye contact. 保持一个良好的眼神交流。 keep contact with sb.: 和……保持联系,交流

从上次见面后,我们就没有保持联系了。 I don’t keep contact with him since we met last time.

Sentences to learn 5. I have a favour to ask. 我想请你帮个忙。 ask a favour :请帮个忙 翻译: 我想请你帮个忙。请把自行车借给我好么? I want to ask a favour of you; will you lend me your bicycle.

? 你是否愿意参加聚会并自信地和每位来宾交谈。 ? Would you love to go to a party and talk confidently to

every guest?
? Do you want to make more friends but lack the

? 你是否想结交更多的朋友但又缺乏与陌生人交谈的信心?

confidence to talk to people you don’t know?
? 准备好几句不太会出错的开场白。 ? Have some low-risk conversation openers ready.

? 交流是双向的过程—它涉及说和听两个方面。 ? Communication is a two-way process – it involves

speaking and listening.
? 要永远记住—话太多并不会给人留下怎样的印象。
? Always remember – you won’t impress people if you

talk too much.



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