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外研版必修二Module3 Cultural corner

Cultural corner




Ye Xiaogang What do you know about Ye Xiaogang?

叶小钢 作曲家,男,汉族,1955年9月出生, 广东南雄人。现任中央音乐学院教授、博 士生导师、作曲系副主任,中国音乐家协会 副主席,第十届全国政协委员。 他创作了大量的作品并在世界范围内 演出,其中:1990年,《悲歌》;1991年 《冬》;1993年《地平线》;2001年交响 乐《春天的故事》,其主要影视作品有 《湘女潇潇》、《洗澡》、《玉观音》

Careful reading Note making: Make notes about Ye xiaogang.
In 1955: ______ born When he was four years old: began studying piano __________________ From 1978 till 1983: studied at the ____________ Central Conservatory of Music of China ___________________________________ After graduation: __________________ worked as a lecturer

held a concert of his symphonies In 1985: __________________________

in Beijing ________
His album Horizon appeared. In 1986: ___________________________

His music was played at the First ___________________________________
Contemporary Chinese Composers’ ___________________________________

Festival in HongKong. ____________________

In November 1996: _________________ The group played
with Italian musician at the Beijing ______________________________ International Jazz Festival. __________________________ Since1993:______________________ work part of the time in _________________________________ Beijing and part of the time in the US.

Read the text carefully and decide if these state-ments are True (T) or False (F). 1. Ye Xiaogang is one of a group of international composers known as the New Tide. 2. Ye studied at the Central Conservatory of Music of China for five years. 3. Ye is a director at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

1. He showed musical ability at an early age and began studying piano when he was four years old. show musical ability =show musical talent 表现出音乐才能 ? Many famous musicians in the world showed their musical abilities at an early age.

2. After graduation, he worked there as a lecturer. work as 相当于act as, “从事…… 工作” ? Before making a success of his writing, he worked as a taxi driver, a newspaper seller, a miner and a railway man. ? Andrew, can you act as our photographer this week? Our photographer will be away on a holiday.

3. 写出下列名词:
? 中央音乐学院 the Central Conservatory of Music of China ? 叶小钢交响音乐会 a concert of Ye Xiaogang’s symphonies ? 第一届中国现代作曲家节 the First Contemporary Chinese Composers’ Festival ? 上海交响管弦乐团 the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

1. Are there any similarities between Ye Xiaogang and the European composers

you have read about in this module?
2. Do you think it is a good idea to mix

Chinese and western music?

Write a short passage about a composer you like, using the following questions as a guide.

1. When did he/she live? 2. What type of music did he/she composed? 3. What famous music did he/she write? 4. What do you think of him/her?

1. 人物传记的内容包括: date when he or she was born and died Place where he or she was born and died
Specific things that he did in his life Information about why he did something People or things that influenced him or her

2. 人物传记的顺序: 介绍人物的基本情况---介绍人物 的生平事迹---总结性评价 3. 人物传记的人称:一般为第三人称 4. 人物传记的时态: 记叙已故的人, 以过去时为主,

描写现在的人或事, 以现在时态为主。

请根据下列材料,以“ Nie Er---a great Chinese composer”为题,为我国著名的 音乐家聂耳写一篇传记。 1. 他出生于1912年出生在云南。他自幼 酷爱音乐,小小年纪就学会了二胡、 笛子等民族乐器。 2. 1933年,他加入了中国共产党,并创 作了大量的爱国歌曲。其中,他创作 的《义勇军进行曲》,后来成为中华 人民共和国国歌。

3. 1935年7月,聂耳在日本游泳时,不 幸溺水去世。

4. 他被认为是中国历史上最有天赋的音



2.词数:100左右; 3.参考词汇:国歌 national anthem爱国 歌曲patriotic songs《义勇军进行曲》 March of Volunteers

成长经历常用表达 be born in; when he /she was young; as a boy; have musical talent; have a gift/genius for; be crazy about; develop an interest in; learn…by oneself; work as; serve as

概括性评价常用表达 be considered as; be remembered as/for; be well-known as/for; make great contributions to; one of the greatest leaders/artists/musicians…in the history of; of all time, think highly of 功绩成就常用表达 receive a doctor’s degree; win the Nobel Prize; devote oneself to/one’s energy/one’s life to


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