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Lost Angles, Let’s Take You Home(英语作文--保护流浪动物)


Lost Angels, Let’s Take You Home

Key Words: Stray animals, responsibility, take action,
adoption, home, harmony

Summary: The strays are the angels who have just lost their way home and it is our duty to take the angels home, helping find a warm home for each of them.

Lost Angels, Let’s Take You Home After having a whole morning’s class, four tired and hungry girls rushed to the cafeteria as fast as they could. Fetching tableware hurriedly, buying meals hurriedly and being seated hurriedly, everything was done in a hurry. Just a few minutes later, two dogs ran towards them and stopped. One of the two appeared to be so excited that he used his forelegs to reach a plate on the table and overturned it. The frightened girls stood up almost at the same time, screaming and avoiding the dogs spontaneously. Having experienced such a terrible thing, they left the cafeteria angrily in spite of their hunger. Although such cases don’t happen very often, stray dogs and cats really have become a serious problem in Anhui Normal University. Once seeing the homeless dogs and cats, most of which have been abandoned by the students and the surrounding residents, most girls choose to detour for fear of being bitten. What’s more, the bark of the dogs makes students suffer a lot. The stray dogs and cats certainly influence the environment and damage the image of the school, leaving a negative impression on the visitors who come to our school. And to a certain extent, it is possible for them to carry a large quantity of viruses and bacteria, even leading to spread diseases as a result. There is no doubt that the stray dogs and cats wandering around the school should be controlled. In conclusion, it is time for us to do something to solve the problem of stray dogs and cats for they interfere with the normal order in the school, pollute the school environment and spread diseases potentially. As the situation is getting worse and worse, it is an ideal measure to establish an association or a student league to organize adoption activities for the stray animals. Only by advocating and promoting such kinds of activities, will the stray animals be taken good care of in the future. At the same time, the adoptions provide an opportunity for the citizens who love little animals to further understand the animals and live with them. Above all, the problem of the strays can be solved thoroughly by doing so. Animals and human can live in harmony with each other as well. In order to implement the solution, a league where many animal lovers assemble together should be set up. What we need to do next is to get the information of all the stray dogs and cats, including the number of the stray animals, the pictures of them and the basic descriptions of them. It is essential for us to get the help of a pet hospital for the vets can gather, examine and immunize the animals. Without their help, the health of the animals and the safety of the adopters can not be guaranteed. The animals won’t be adopted until they have passed the health examinations as we should be responsible not only for the animals, but also the adopters. After ensuring the health of the animals, using all kinds of media to make our activities known by as many people as possible should be the following step. The adoption activities need to be developed regularly. The adopters’

qualification will be checked to see whether they are able to look after the animals persistently. The league members should also register the information of the animals and the adopters. It is another duty for the league members to pay returning visits to the adopters at regular intervals, ensuring the success of the adoption. By encouraging the adoption of the animals, it is my firmly believe that we can find a suitable home for every stray animal and the problem of stray animals on campus will result in a satisfying ending. My proposed solution has been proved feasible by some students in Peking University and Tsinghua University. They hold activities regularly, drawing the public attention to the strays and advocating adoptions, which have reduced the number of stray animals on campus at a large quantity. However, there are also some people who support other ways to solve the problem. In Southwest Jiaotong University and Chongqing University, school documents show that they choose to catch and kill the stray animals as a way to solve the problem. The measure has been supported by many students and teachers there, leading to a controversial discussion on the Internet. It is obvious cruel to do so and the behavior is totally opposed by me. How can people treat animals in this way? How can people ignore the animals’ lives? And how can they support the behavior? It absolutely violates our morality and ethics, challenging our conscience. Another suggestion having been put forward is to send the animals to the rescue centers. Although it’s a good proposal, it is a pity that there are no such organizations in Wuhu. Therefore, it lacks feasibility. From the above discussion, it is clear to see that establishing a student league to organize adoption activities is the most suitable and feasible solution to the problem. In conclusion, the whole school should take immediate action to solve the problem of stray animals. It is not responsible to abandon domestic pets and leave them survive the environment by themselves. The pity animals are innocent. They are the angels who have just lost their way home. It is our duty to take the angels home, helping find a warm home for each of them. There is absolutely no doubt that the proposal of adoption is the best one for it solves the problem completely, gives people opportunities to adopt animals and finds a comfortable home for the stray dogs and cats. By implementing the proposal, it is my sincere hope that there will not be stray animals in the school any more. At the same time, a new life for them starts: one where dogs and cats chase each other happily, where their owners regard them as members of their families and where people and animals live in harmony with each other. References:; the fourth issue of the Feature, a magazine published by Peking University.

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