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七年级上册英语Unit 3第九课时导学案(段文兵)

上课班级 主备教师 教 学 目 标
知识与 能力 过程与 方法 情感态 度与价 值观

七(2)、七(3) 段文兵 副备教师 叶碧洁

Unit 3 The Earth 的 Writing 部分 2014 年 10 月 29 日星期 四


用本课所学有关地球的词汇和句子写作。 分步骤、图片引导法。 热爱地球,保护环境。 写一篇跟地球有关的小作文 一些重点句子的运用 小黑板 情景描述法 看图写话 教师授课过程(教师活动) 1.Asking “How” question to find out the length of a period time. 2.Using “shall” to make suggestions. 3.Using prepositional phrases to indicate means. 学生学习过程(学生活动) 1. Read the text after the tape. 2. Say something about Route A, B and C. 教学意图

教学重点 教学难点 教具准备 教法运用 学法指导 基本环节

导入 新课

复习旧知,引 出新知。

初 学 新 课

1. Introduce new vocabulary “departure, arrival”. Make sure students know a.m. and p.m. 2. Look, Read and Think (1) Read the air ticket themselves. (2) Listen to the tape. (3) Read after the tape. 3. Read and Think (1) Invite three students to role-play the dialogue. (2) Ask a more able student to act as Mr Li in order to work out the time for leaving home.

Ask and answer (1) Have students work in pairs to read the dialogue. (2) Ask some pairs to make dialogues.

巩固本单元 的词汇及句 型

引 导 释 疑

(1) Distribute a piece of paper to student. (2) Tell students to think about where they would like to spend a holiday and to draw their own air tickets with the relevant information. (3)Circulate in class.

1. Student's book 7A 2. The tape and a recorder. 3. Some drawing papers

师生共同用 英语做事。





拓 展 学 习

(1) Have students work in pairs to read the dialogue. (2) Ask some pairs to make dialogues.

(1) at —— at 7 o'clock / Christmas / Chinese New Year / weekends / night, noon (2) on —— Sunday / July the first / Children's Day / the morning of May 3rd (3) in —— summer / September / 1998 / morning, afternoon, evening


当 堂 检 测

(1) Let students look at the eight signs and read the descriptions in read and match. (2) Ask them to match each sign with the suitable description. (3) Check the answers.

(1) Listen to the tape. (2) Read after the tape. (3) Students practice in groups the target language by role-playing Mr Li, Mrs Li and Grandma.

及时掌握教 学成效

课 堂 小 结

Tell students to imagine they are at the airport. (1) Ask them to think of more signs that they can see at the airport . (2) Tell students to draw signs and write the descriptions under the signs. (3) Discuss with the rest.

Think and Write (1) Have students work in pairs to talk about the checklist. (2) Have them complete the checklist by writing down what they have discussed with their partners. 板书设计(突出重点)



Homework: 1. Read and recite the dialogue. 2. Grammar book page 6, 8.

Writing on the blackboard: Have you … yet? Yes, I have already / just …. No, I haven't … yet.

教 学 反 思


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