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Earthquakes Reading课件(新人教版高中英语必修1unit 4



金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Teaching aims: 1. Learn some detailed information about an earthquake. 2. Improve the students’ reading ability. 3. Train the students’ ability to grasp key information while listening. 4. Train the students’ speaking ability.


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Important points:
1. The new words and expressions. 2. Learn some detailed information about an earthquake.

3. Train the students’ ability to cooperate with others.
4. Train the students’ speaking ability.


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好! Difficult points: 1. Words: shake, burst, rise, destroy, shock, fresh, injure 2. Phrases: right away, at an end 3. Sentence patterns: (1) It seemed/ seems that… (2) The number of sb./sth. Reached/reaches… (3)All hope was not lost. 4. Improve the students’ reading ability. 5. Train the students’ ability to grasp key information while listening


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Say something about these two cities.
Tangshan is a beautiful city with gardens, wide roads.
San Francisco is a city with tall buildings thickly standing on the earth. The two cities are both famous for their earthquakes.


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

1. Where does the city of Tangshan lie?

2. Where does the city of San Francisco
lie? 3. If your home begins to shake one day,

what will you take with? Why?


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

What do you think may happen before an earthquake?

People can see bright lights in the sky. The
sound of planes can be heard outside even

when no planes are in the sky.

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Mice will run out of the

fields looking for places to
hide. Fish will jump out of

the bowls or ponds.

Chickens are flying and dogs are barking.and pigs and cows are too nervous to eat.

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Farmers’ wives will
notice that the well has deep cracks in

it. And the water in
it rises and falls.


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

井水是个宝,前兆来的早。无雨泉水浑,天早井 水冒。

水位升降大,翻花冒汽泡。有的变颜色,有的变 味道。
天变雨要到,水变地要闹。建立宏观网,异常快 报告。


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Imagine there has been a big earthquake, what will happen to the things around us?
cracks, cut across houses, roads and canals, fall down, lie in ruins, destroy, damage
Listen and read after it. (words of this unit)

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Read the passage through and try to get the main idea of each part.


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Sum up the main idea of each part of the passage. (try to use one word to describe first)

Part 1: para 1 Part 2: para 2&3

damage recovery

Part 3: para 4

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Before the earthquake, many strange

things were happening in the countryside in northeast Hebei.

PART 1: para 1

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

During the earthquake, the city was destroyed and people were killed or injured. Shortly after the quake, the disaster lasted.

PART 2: para 2&3

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

After the earthquake, the army came
to help, bringing hope for a new life. And the city began to recover.

PART 3: para 4

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Listen and read the passage carefully again.

Pay attention to the new words and the numbers in it.


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

After reading the passage, answer the questions below.
1. From whose point of view are

events described? How do you know?

The writer uses third-person to describe the earthquake. For example, “Everywhere they looked nearly everything was destroyed.”

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

2. Why do you think the writer choose to express his feelings about the quake rather than report what had happened?

Although the writer was not there, he felt sad for the people of Tangshan. With some feeling, he will make the reading more interesting.

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

3. Why the title is A NIGHT THE EARTH DIDN'T SLEEP?

Night is the time to sleep, and night
should be safe and quiet. But that night

everything changed. It was a terrible
and unusual night.

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

4. How were the people helped? The army organized teams to dig out those who were trapped and to bury the dead. Miners were rescued from the coal mines. Shelters were built for survivors whose homes had been destroyed.

Fresh water was taken to the city.


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Detail reading
In the well

What strange events happened before the earthquake in Tangshan?

In the farmyard

well water, cracks, smelly gas rose and fell, came out of chickens, pigs, mice, fish
nervous to eat, run out to hide, jump

In the sky

bright light, the sound of planes

In the city

water pipes cracked and burst

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!
What do the numbers referred to in the 2nd para?


began to shake below the city, under ground

11 kilometres

20th century

the greatest earthquake of … heard away from Beijing
1/3 nation felt this earthquake

200 kilometres


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好! 8 kilometres

the crack was this long
the crack was this wide

30 metres

15 seconds

the earthquake only last so short
families killed, left without… people were killed or injured

thousands of


金太阳新课标资源网 The numbers in para 3


75% 90%

The factories and buildings were gone.

The homes were gone. Dams fell.
The cows never give milk again. Pigs died.


tens of thousands of

half a million

millions of

Chickens died.

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Filling the blacks with the first given letter Several days before July 28, 1976, many trange s_______things happened in Tangshan. arthquake They were signs for the e____________. But people in the city of Tangshan uch didn’t think m____of these. At 3:42am hake that day, the earth began to s________, estroyed which d__________the city.

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Many people, including workers and rapped escue doctors, came to r______those t_______ under the ruins. Later that afternoon,

another big earthquake struck Tangshan. More people were killed or injured and ell more buildings f____down. Soldiers were called in to help the rescue workers. eams T______were organized to dig out the ury trapped and b____ the dead.

金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Discuss the questions after class and list your answers.

Can you think of some reasons why these signs were not noticed? What events probably made the disaster worse? What situations probably made the disaster worse? Could anything more have been done to help the surviors? Why or why not?


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!

Review the passage and try to retell it. Do the exercises.


金太阳新课标资源网 老师都说好!



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