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2014届高考英语一轮复习全方位配套训练人教版必修一Unit 1 Friendship本单元写作指导

2014 届高考英语一轮复习全方位配套训练人教版必修一 Unit 1 Friendship 本单元写 作指导 如何写劝说性建议信 【单元写作呈现】 Miss Wang has received a letter from Xiao Dong.He is also asking for some advice.Read the following letter carefully

and help Miss Wang answer it. Dear Miss Wang, I’m a student from Huzhou Senior High School.I have a problem.I’m not very good at communicating with people.Although I try to talk to my classmates,I still find it hard to make good friends with them.So I feel quite lonely sometimes.I do want to change this situation,but I don’t know how.I would be grateful if you could give me some advice. Y ours, X iao Dong 【写作分析】 本单元的写作要求是根据 Xiao Dong 的一封来信,假借 Miss Wang 的口气写一封回信。 体裁属于劝说性写作(persuasive writing)范畴中的“建议信(letter of advice)。话 ” 题“无法融入班集体及交友的苦恼”是中学生成长过程中经常遇到并感到困惑的问题,题材 贴近学生生活,属于开放性的话题,思维空间相对较大,有利于学生自由发挥,运用自己的 思维方式去解决问题。这符合书面表达的要求,即能够正确运用英语进行交际。 【审题要素】 写作时应注意下面几点: 1.确定文体:这是一篇应用文,是学生熟悉的书信,写作中应注意书信的常规格式。 2.主体时态:文章应以一般现在时为主。 3.主体人称:由于是给别人提出建议,所以应该以第二人称为主。 4.内容要点:①问题介绍;②建议一;③建议二;④建议三;⑤我的愿望。 5.注意恰当使用连接词,使各个要点之间衔接紧密,语言连贯、通顺。 【思路引导】
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本题要求写一封回信,谋篇布局时应注意以下几个步骤: 首先,回应来信中提出的问题并分析原因。 其次,针对该问题,提出 2~3 条合理的建议并说明理由。 Ideas ask people their likes and dislikes join in discussions and show interest in other people’s ideas 3.... get to know different people and let them see you are friendly 3.... Why find classmates with the same interests

最后,写一两句结束语,如:希望我的建议对你有所帮助等等。 【语言积累】 1.Introduction: I’m sorry (that) you are having trouble/difficulty/problems in making friends. I know you are now having trouble communicating with others,and you may often feel lonely. I’m glad to receive your letter asking for my advice on... However,the situation is easy to change if you take my advice.Here are some tips to help you./Here are a few suggestions. I think you can make it if you follow the advice below. 2.Ideas & Reasons: First(ly),why not...?If you do this... Second(ly),you should/can...Then/That way... Third(ly),it would be a good idea if...By doing this... Last but not least (最后但并不是最不重要的)... 3.Conclusion: I hope you will find these ideas useful. As time goes on,people will know you better and will like to make friends with you if you can follow the above. I hope what’s mentioned above might be helpful...

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I believe that if you follow my advice,you ’ ll get along well with your classmates. I believe,with your determination,you can manage to overcome these

difficulties. 【参考范文】 Dear Xiao Dong, I’m sorry you are having trouble in making friends.However,the situation is easy to change if you take my advice.Here are some tips to help you. Firstly,why not take an active part in discussions?If you do this,you can express your own opinions,and at the same time,learn to listen to other people’s views. Secondly,you should learn about your classmates’ likes and dislikes.Then you can find common interests with them.In this way,you can get to know more different people and show them that you are friendly. Last but not least,I’m always here ready to help.We can take part in some activities together and I can introduce you to others. I hope you will find these ideas useful. Yours sincerely, M iss Wang 通过学习这篇写作指导, 你掌握了如何写劝说性建议信的方法了吗?试着写一下吧, 然 后与范文加以对照,找出其中的不足并加以改进。

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