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Unit 8 Adventure学案

Unit 8


(四)巩固练习 1、The book ____ _____ ______ children. 这本书适合孩子看。 2、The color of this pair of shoes _______ me very well, but it doesn’t ______ me. 这双鞋的颜色很适合我,但是大小不合适。 3、------How about 8 o’clock outside the cinema? ------That ______ me fine. A. suits B. fits C. compares D. matches

一、学习目标:牢记重要词汇、短语、句型,并能学以至用。 二、学习重点:fit, anxious, differ, risk, seat, although, quantity, shock, fail 等词的用
法;turn up, get across, break down, run out 等短语及其相关短语; have difficulty (in) doing sth;too…to…句型。

三、学习难点:fit, suit, match 的辨析,seat 的用法。 四、教学过程:
(一)复习重点词汇,短语。 1、行李 3、作者 5、不同于,有区别 7、运输,运送 9、团体,组织,机构 11、break down 13、in turn _____________________ 15、stand by ____________________ 17、turn up _____________________ 19、back out ____________________ 2、较喜欢的东西,偏爱 4、特别的,额外的 6、奇遇,冒险的经历 8、志向,报负 10、运转,起作用 12、run out ______ ___ ___ __ ______

4、He _______ ________ ______ her safety. 他担心她的安全。 5、他渴望见到你。 (汉泽英) _______________________________。 6、The customs here ________ ________ those of the South. 这里的风俗习惯和南方不一样 7、My brother and I _______ _________ many ways. 我的哥哥和我在很多方面都不一样。 8、That would mean putting other children ________ _________. 那就意味着把其他孩子置于危险之中。 9、I couldn’t _________ _________ _________ _______ leaving him alone even for a short time.我不能冒险把他一个人留在家里,即使是很短的时间。 10、I can’t hear the radio very well; could you turn it up a bit? (英泽汉) ___________________________________________________

14、break out ___________________ 16、take off ____________________ 18、get across __________________ 20、have difficulty (in) doing sth.______

(二)小组合作,选出资料中需要讲解的知识点,并作详细讨论。 (三)由小组长上台展示讨论内容,教师点拨。

11、He’s still hoping a job or a piece of good luck will turn up.( 英泽汉) ____________________________________________________

12、It is very important that we ______ _______ ______ ________ _______ voters. 我们应当把这个信息给选民们讲清楚,这很重要。 13、这辆公共汽车能载 42 位乘客。 (汉泽英) ______________________________________________________ 14、He then asked me to be seated. (英泽汉) _________________________________ 15、The box is ______ heavy _______ carry. 这个盒子太重了搬不动。 16、活到老,学到老。 (汉泽英) ______________________________________ 17、He is too wise not to understand it. (英泽汉) _________________________________________ 18、听到自己是获胜者他特别高兴。 (汉泽英) ______________________________________ 19、Large quantities of money ______ needed when you want to study abroad. A. have B. are C. is D. has

25、The dog was _______ ______ a rabbit. 那条狗在追赶一只兔子。 26、Our supplies soon ran out. (用 run out of 改写) ________________________________________ 27、Lily ______ _______ _______ the exam, thus, she was sad. 莉莉考试没及格,因此,她很难过。 (五)能力提升 1、 2010.上海卷) ( Lucy has a great sense of humour and always keeps her colleagues ____ with her stories. A. amused B. amusing C. to amuse D. to be amused

2、(2008. 福建卷) -----Can those ______ at the back of the classroom hear me? ------- No problem. A. seat B. sit C. seated D. sat

3、 (2011.四川卷) Frank insisted that he was not asleep ______ I had great difficulty in waking him up. A. whether B. although C. for D. so

4、 (2011.新课标卷) Try ____ she might, Sue couldn’t get the door open. A. if B. when C. since D. as

20、There was a ______ expression on her face, for she doesn’t like rock music. A. boring B. shocking C. bored D. shocked

5、 (2011.新课标卷)William found it increasingly difficult to read, for his eyesight was beginning to _______. A. disappear B. fall C. fail D. damage

21、My car broke down on the way to work. (英泽汉) ___________________________________________ 22、The peace talks have broken down. (英泽汉) __________________________________________ 23、A fire ______ during the midnight. A. broke out B. broke up C. broke down D. broke into

五、作业:Unit 8 adventure 课时跟踪检测

24、I ______ _______ my old friend Tom in Paris last week. 上周我在巴黎偶遇我的老朋友汤姆。



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