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how to make a good first impression

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? Have you ever met someone and walked away with "freak" or "loser" in mind? Are you afraid of being that someone and having others not like or understand you? Well, let your worries and fears fade by learning how to make a great and lasting first impression on people using these amazing following steps

? freak n. 怪人,怪事;畸形人; 反复无常 adj. 奇异的,反常的

Be Confident And Outgoing
? When a person realizes someone has those qualities, they find them easier to talk with and much more welcoming. Maybe if you are in junior high, shaking hands may not be the thing to do, but for anyone else, shake hands. If you are culturally aware that some groups do not touch the opposite sex, you may opt out of shaking hands, but in China, most people shake hands.

? Culturally adv. 从文化角度,文化意

义上;在人文学方面 ? opt out of决定不参加...;决定(从...) 退出

? Posture is very important, but you don't want to look like a robot, either. Sit up straight, but don't be so rigid that you'd fall over if pushed. People can tell if you're nervous. Just be yourself. Don't try to impress someone, let your real personality do the work. ? rigid adj. 严格的;僵硬的,死板的;坚硬 的

? Especially when first meeting someone. It's not necessary to show your teeth, just a meaningful grin will do. Be careful not to transition from a smile to a straight face too quickly, or people will sense you're being fake or that you don't like them.
? grin n. 露齿笑 ? transition from 过渡;转变 ? fake vt. 捏造;假装…的样子

Have A Sense Of Humor
? People who try to be funny are NOT funny. Truly funny people are just themselves and the wittiness shows. Don't use lame jokes or lines. ? wittiness n. 机智 ? lame adj. 跛足的;僵 痛的;不完全的;无说 服力的

? Try to improve your personality without changing who you are. ? Stay genuine and unique ? Use proper grammer and never use offensive language. ? Never frown or roll your eyes even if you're talking to a friend in the room. ? Pay attention to the other person's body language It can tell you a lot. ? frown vi. 皱眉;不同意 vt. 皱眉,蹙额 n. 皱眉,蹙额


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