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必修四Unit2 working the land Warming up

Unit 2

Working the land

Words review
statistic n. (常用pl statistics) 数据; 统计;统计数字; 统计资料


To learn some basic knowledge about agriculture. For example, the modern agricultural problems and agricultural scientists.

Enjoy a poem By Li Shen Farmers weeding at noon, Sweat down the field soon.

Who knows food on a tray,
Due to their toiling day.

Do you know the Chinese poem?

Have you ever been to the countryside? What did you see or do there?

Have you ever grown any plants? If so, what did you do to grow them? If not, what kind of plant would you like to try growing? How would you grow it?

What do you know about “farming”?









Do you know the farming steps?

ploughing (犁田)

seeding (播种)

fertilizing (施肥)

irrigating (灌溉)


transplanting (移植)

harvesting (收获)


winnowing (扬谷)


Read the statistics below. Did you know these facts before? What problem do they show? According to the World Health Organization: The world produces enough food for everyone. More than 800 million people go to bed hungry every day.

What is the main food in all East Asian and Southeast Asian countries? Food is the basic need for man. Rice is the main food in all East Asian and Southeast Asian countries. It is said that there are 2.4 billion people to eat rice everyday throughout the world.

Today our world houses more than 7 billion people.

Nearly 870 million people, or one in eight, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2010-2012, according to the new UN hunger report.

Children gather in a poor neighbourhood in the Mawzaa village of the southern Yemeni province of Taiz July 1, 2012.


If you had the chance to do one thing to help end hunger in the world, what would you do? I’ll make a kind of fertilizer to give rice enough nutrition and let them grow quickly and have high product. I would invent a new kind of plant to produce more food.

The only way to solve the food

shortage problem is to increase
the yield of the grain crop per land area through the

advancement of science and

Just at that time, a Chinese scientist declared to the world that China can solve the problem by himself and help to solve the same problem in the world.

A Chinese scientist is helping the hungry people. Who is he?

Yuan Longping --- Father of Hybrid Rice

Father of Hybrid Rice

Do you know anything about him?

Dr Yuan Longping (袁隆平博士) He is father of hybrid rice, who was awarded “the Nobel Prize of Asia”. He received the honor for his great

contributions to hybrid rice research
and the work he did to improve rice

production in developing countries.
He is called a pioneer for all people.

Super Hybrid Rice

the rice that has a high output

hybrid cotton

hybrid pear

super hybrid rice

hybrid pepper

hybrid eggplant

hybrid corn

Homework 1. Look up the new words and expressions of the Reading in the dictionary.

2. Preview the Reading:



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