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1. ________ that knife before you hurt somebody!(5 分) (A) Put down (B) Put off (C) Put on (D) Put out 参考答案:A 2. The girl _________ on the ground _________ to me just now.(5 分) (A) lying, lay (B) lying, lied (C) lie, lied (D) lay, lied 参考答案:B 3. By the end of last year, they _________ English for more than 3 years. (5 分) (A) have learnt (B) learnt (C) had learnt (D) had been learning 参考答案:C 4. The years _________ the appearance of my grandmother.(5 分) (A) obscured (B) forgot (C) remembered (D) passed 参考答案:A 5. Six months had _________, and we still had no news of them.(5 分) (A) past (B) passed (C) last (D) lasted 参考答案:B 6. The young man came into the classroom _______ flowers in his hand. (5 分) (A) of (B) with

(C) in (D) to 参考答案:B 7. The old man used to _________ early in the morning(5 分) (A) wake up (B) waking up (C) woke up (D) waken up 参考答案:A 8. He finished writing the novel _________ of last month (5 分) (A) at the end (B) in the end (C) by the end (D) on the end 参考答案:A 9. He is not a child _____________(5 分) (A) no more (B) no longer (C) any much (D) any more 参考答案:D 10. He _________ poor all his life as he was not healthy enough.(5 分) (A) was remaining (B) was remained (C) remained (D) has remained 参考答案:C

11. 1. His eyes to the telephone. cancer? of my future. 2. When will scientist 4. My father 5. The teacher 6. I will 7. She was

3. Your encouragement made me more

me with the importance of hard work. her students to speak more English in and out of class.

the days we were together for ever. of her children's (bad) behavior.

8. When I walk down again the king of my old school life.

routes on campus, I couldn’t help thin .

9. If you can't sign your name, make a cross 10. Her boyfriend is her (A) confident (B) confident (C) familiar (D) cherish (E) encourages (F) conquer (G) shifted (H) impresses (I) senior (J) instead by six years.(50 分)


1. This dress is too long. I want one of ______ length(3 分) (A) medium (B) modest (C) average (D) middle 参考答案:C 2. Would you come and have dinner with us?_______(3 分) (A) No, I think I don’t. (B) No, never mind. (C) Yes, please. (D) Yes, I think I will. 参考答案:D 3. Newton was one of the greatest scientists ______ ever lived.(3 分) (A) whom (B) which (C) what (D) that 参考答案:D 4. By the time he reached to the dentist, his toothache______.(3 分) (A) stopped

(B) had stopped (C) has stopped (D) as been stopped 参考答案:B 5. Sorry to have kept you waiting.________(3 分) (A) That’s Ok (B) What are you doing? (C) What’s wrong with you? (D) Where have you been? 参考答案:A 6. Modern education is ______ because of its failure to meet the practical needs of the society.(3 分) (A) on attack (B) in attack (C) for attack (D) under attack 参考答案:D 7. Can you help me?_______(3 分) (A) No, I don’t know. (B) Sure, what is it? (C) Don’t mention it. (D) We don’t have books here. 参考答案:B 8. He recited ______ much of the poem as he could remember.(3 分) (A) with (B) as (C) so (D) such 参考答案:B 9. The company made efforts ______ their products.(3 分) (A) promoting (B) to promote (C) promoted (D) to promoting 参考答案:B 10. This dress is too long. I want one of ______ length(3 分)

(A) medium (B) modest (C) average (D) middle 参考答案:C 11. Not until last night ______ the news.(3 分) (A) do I get (B) can I get (C) I got (D) did I get 参考答案:D 12. The rescue team rushed the injured ______ the hospital.(3 分) (A) (B) (D) to in of

(C) from

参考答案:A 13. It’s been a wonderful evening. Thank you very much._______ (3 分) (A) My pleasure (B) It doesn’t matter. (C) No thanks (D) It’s OK 参考答案:A 14. I prefer the red dress. _______(3 分) (A) You have a very good taste. (B) I respect your work. (C) You have a very successful business. (D) your wife is very charming. 参考答案:A 15. You haven’t paid for it yet._______(3 分) (A) Oh, I’m really very sorry. (B) Thank you. (C) Not at all (D) Of course, I know. 参考答案:A

16. The president tried every means to protect his ______ in the political world.(3 分) (A) image (B) imagine (C) imagination (D) Imaginable 参考答案:A 17. It’s ______ difficult for young people to imagine how their grandparen ts managed to live without internet decades ago.(3 分) (A) desperately (B) absolutely (C) unfortunately (D) terribly 参考答案:B 18. Hello, Peter, what do you do?_______(3 分) (A) I am fine. (B) I am not sick. (C) I am a student from Bonne University. (D) I come from Bonne University. 参考答案:C 19. I have bought two pens, ______ writes well(3 分) (A) neither of them (B) neither of which (C) none of which (D) both of which

参考答案:B 20. Don’t leave her______ outside in the rain.(3 分) (A) waiting (B) (C) wait to wait

(D) waited 参考答案:A 21. Hi, is Thomas there? _______(4 分) (A) Who are you? (B) Sorry, I’ll call him. (C) Hold on, I’ll get him. (D) Yes, it’s me.

参考答案:C 22. I am terribly sorry I broke the vase._______(4 分) (A) I don’t want it. (B) Don’t worry. (C) You meant to do it. (D) You buy one for me.

参考答案:B 23. More than one car ______ destroyed in the accident.(4 分) (A) is (B) was (C) are (D) were 参考答案:B 24. What’s the weather like today? _______(4 分) (A) What’s the weather like today? (B) It’s Saturday and cold. (C) It’s 5th July. (D) It’s very serious.

参考答案:A 25. Have you any oranges and apples?_______(4 分) (A) Yes, madam, on the second shelf over there (B) The oranges are very cheap. (C) You like apples, don’t you? (D) Of course, we have some fruits. 参考答案:A 26. I did laundry ______ you were having the dinner.(4 分) (A) because (B) if (C) while (D) and 参考答案:C 27. That’s a challenging job. Who wants it? _______(4 分) (A) I’ll take it. (B) It’s a good idea (C) You bet. (D) No sweat

参考答案:A 28. Can I borrow your English dictionary?_______(4 分) (A) Thank you very much (B) No. I’m not available. (C) I’m sorry. It’s not at hand now (D) It’s very kind of you. 参考答案:C 29. How much is this blue tablecloth?_______(4 分) (A) The green one is better (B) Ten dollars and 30 cents. (C) It’s cheap (D) Yes, it’s beautiful. 参考答案:B 30. Parents of young children have to learn something about ______ in ca se their children get hurt.(4 分) (A) first help (B) first save (C) first treat (D) first aid


1. Can you imagine how you would feel if you feel serious ill and could n ot communicate your need for a doctor? Millions of people throughout the world are in this unfortunate . They live in distant places there ar e no railways, proper roads or telephones; far from means of communicati on that we take for grated. Many thousands of are lost every year, many of the ountry has p which could have been saved if medical attention had been provided in ti me. Even today help could be brought quickly and easily se people lane than any full advantage was taken of the airplane. roved this more than Australia. The Australians

greater use of the airp

people in the world. The total number of miles flown b peop

y the average person living in Australia is higher than any other country i n the world. It has been said that Australians jumps into planes ot surprising, le in other countries jump into their automobiles or trains or buses. It is n , that Australia should have been the first country to ini tiate a Flying Doctor Service.(50 分)

1. (A) society (B) world (C) 2. (A) which (B) because (C) although (D) where 3. (A) people (B) children (C) 4. (A) from (B) to (C) in (D) with 5. (A) if only (B) but (C) and (D) useless 6. (A) No (B) Any (C) Not (D) One 7. (A) made (B) did (C) make (D) were making 8. (A) of (B) else lives (D) families position (D) way

(C) Japanese (D) other 9. (A) when (B) while (C) as (D) 10. (A) in a way (B) therefore (C) perhaps (D) accordingly 参考答案:(1)C(2)D(3)C(4)B(5)A(6)A(7)C(8)D(9)C(10)B 2. In Britain, winter is the season not only for visits to the theatre, opera, concerts and ballet, but also for shopping or sightseeing. London, one of the h, h cities in the world, has plenty to offer during the winter mont in the way of entertainment and the shops act like a magnet wit array of presents for the Christmas , followed by large scale b value sho but

argains in the January sales. But it is not only London that offer to the shopper. Even if you’re based

pping—most of our suburban and provincial centers have just as much to London, you don’t ha what else ve to spend all your time there. Take a train or coach and mong the great country houses

Britain has to offer; there are many excursions, even in the winter, and a keep their stately front doors open th roughout the year are Longleaf and Woburn Abbey. Rent a car drive into the beauty of the winter landscape—the scenery will be ever b eautiful—and the people will have more time to chat to you at this time of the year.(50 分) 1. (A) coldest (B) hottest (C) busiest (D) noisiest 2. (A) normally (B) especially (C) occasionally (D) generally

3. (A) its (B) which (C) (D) 4. (A) shoppers (B) visitors (C) callers (D) spenders 5. (A) opens (B) presents (C) grants (D) offers 6. (A) lonely (B) eager (C) lazy (D) nervous 7. (A) in (B) at (C) on (D) outside 8. (A) see (B) watch (C) look (D) view 9. (A) where (B) which (C) what (D) who 10. (A) out (B) back that their

(C) on (D) across 参考答案:(1)C(2)B(3)D(4)A(5)D(6)B(7)A(8)A(9)B(10)A

1. A young man who lived in London was in love with a beautiful girl. Soo n she became his fiancé e (未婚妻). The man was very poor while the girl was rich. The young man wanted to make her a present on her birthday. He wanted to buy something beautiful for her, but he had no idea how to do it, as he had very little money. The next morning he went to a shop. T here were many fine things there: gold watches, diamond… but all these t hings were too expensive. There was one thing he could not take his eyes off. It was a beautiful vase. That was a suitable present for his fiancé e. He had been looking at the vase for half an hour when the manager of th e shop noticed him. The young man looked so pale, sad and unhappy that the manager asked what had happened to him. The young man told him everything. The manager felt sorry for him and d ecided to help him. A bright idea struck him. The manager pointed to the corner of the shop. To his great surprise the young man saw a vase broke n into many pieces. The manager said: "When the servant enters the roo m, he will drop it." On the birthday of his fiancé e the young man was very excited. Everything happened as had been planned. The servant brought in the vas e, and as he entered the room, he dropped it. There was horror on every body's face. When the box was opened, the guests saw that each piece w as packed separately.(30 分) 1.1). The story took place in the United States.(6 分) (A) T (B) F

参考答案:B 1.2). The young man's family was poor while the beautiful girl is rich, acc ording to the passage.(6 分) (A) T (B) F 参考答案:A 1.3). The young man wanted to buy a present as a Christmas gift for the girl.(6 分) (A) T

(B) F 参考答案:B 1.4). The shop manager came to talk to the young man, because he was poorly dressed.(6 分) (A) T (B) F 参考答案:B 1.5). On the birthday of his fiancé e, the young man was excited because t he girl was in love with him.(6 分) (A) T (B) F 参考答案:B 2. Great changes have been made in family life because of science and in dustry. In the past, when more Americans lived on farms, the typical family had many children. In a farm family, parents and their children often lived wit h grandparents. Often, too, uncles and aunts lived nearby. But when indus try became more important than agriculture in American life, families beca me smaller because industry requires workers who are ready and able to move off the land and to move again whenever necessary. And large famil ies can not be moved from place to place as smaller families can. So, at p resent people tend to have smaller families. In the future, because of industrialization, a typical family will be required to move even more often than now, so families will be even smaller. The typical family may remain childless and consists only of a man and a wom an. A small number of families may take child raising as their chief work. At the same time they may also raise other people's children, leaving thos e families free to move from job to job. (30 分) 2.1). The passage discusses influence of science and industry on American families.(6 分) (A) T (B) F 参考答案:A 2.2). Families of the past, the present and the future are described in the passage.(6 分) (A) T (B) F

参考答案:A 2.3). People no longer want to have children.(6 分) (A) T (B) F 参考答案:B 2.4). Grandparents will take the chief responsibility of raising children in th e future. (6 分) (A) T (B) F 参考答案:B 2.5). Large families cannot fit in with a highly industrialized society. (6 分) (A) T (B) F 参考答案:A 3. Peter arrived home and discovered that he had forgotten his door key. He rang the bell, but nobody came to open the door. He rang again, and waited, but still there was no answer. He walked around the house to see if he could find an open window. But they were all closed. It was he did not know where she had gone, or when she would return. He waited for h alf an hour. Still nobody came. Finally feeling wet and could be angry, he picked up a big stone and threw it through the kitchen window and was cl imbing through it. When he heard the front door open, his wife came back. (40 分) 3.1). What happened to Peter one day?_______(8 分) (A) He didn’t take his door key with him. (B) He lost his key. (C) He took the wrong key with his key. (D) He could not open the door with his key. 参考答案:A 3.2). What was the weather like?_______(8 分) (A) (B) It was sunny. It was clear.

(C) It was raining. (D) It was windy. 参考答案:C 3.3). What did he do at last to get into his house?_______(8 分)

(A) He threw a big stone through a window. (B) He returned to his office for the door key. (C) He had to wait for his wife. (D) He phoned his wife.

参考答案:A 3.4). When did his wife come back?_______(8 分) (A) His wife came back when he was standing in the rain. (B) His wife came back after he had broken the kitchen window. (C) His wife came back when he was walking around the house. (D) His wife came back when he was going to his office. 参考答案:B 3.5). Peter walked around the house to see if he could find that _______. (8 分) (A) a window was open (B) his wife came out (C) someone came to open the door (D) somebody could help him 参考答案:A



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