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Lesson plan Unit 5 Music
Background information: Student: 40 Junior high school students. Lesson duration: 45mins. Teaching aims: 1. Train the students’ reading ability and help them understand the content and the structure of the passage better. 2. Learn some useful words, expressions and some important sentences. New words: musician, pretend, form, earn, extra, instrument, performance, pub, studio, millionaires, actor, broadcast, humorous, passers-by, in cash, play jokes on, rely on, attach to, to be honest, dream of, get familiar with, break up. Sentences: a. Have you ever dreamed of being in front of thousands of people at a concert, at which everyone is clapping and appreciating your music? b. The musicians were to play jokes on each other as well as play music, most of which was based loosely on the Beatles. 3. Enable the students to sum up the main idea of each paragraph. 4. Express their opinions by answering the questions.

Teaching aids: Tapes, Blackboard, PPT. Type of the lesson: vocabulary, text-teaching, speaking. Teaching procedures: Step1. Lead in (10mins) a. Warm up: play a song of The Monkees. b. Greet the students as usual. c. Introduce the topic of music. Teacher shows some pictures about music. Students write down the famous bands in their mind and what kind of music does they like listening to. Students volunteer to present their opinions. Teacher summarizes, and writes down the key words on blackboard. E.g.: Famous bands: The Beatles, Back Street Boys, The Eagles, West life. Music grouped by occupation, purpose or occasion: Folk, Disco, Punk, Soul, Reggae, Rap, Pop, Art Rock. Step2. Learn the new words and useful expressions. (10mins) a. Students listen to tapes about the text. b. Students learn to read the new words after teacher and get primary knowledge of the words’ meaning. c. Teacher shows the detailed meaning and typical examples about the

new words and useful expressions to students. E.g.: * dream of 向往,梦想 She often dreams of being a teacher. * play jokes on 拿某人开玩笑,与某人开玩笑 Don’t play jokes on the disabled. * earn 赚得,博得 I can learn 10000 yuan a month by being a translator. As a teacher, she earned the respect and admiration of her students. Step3. Understand the text. (15mins) a. Students skim the whole passage and find out the main ideas of each paragraph, then speak out their personal opinions. Suggested answers: Paragraph 1: Dreaming of being famous musician or singer. Paragraph 2: How musicians form bands. Paragraph 3: How the band got their start. Paragraph 4: How“The Monkees”became serious about their business. b. Students scan the text and volunteer to answer the questions related to the text and find out some given statements are true or false. Q: How do bands that are formed by high school students earn some extra money? A: They may play to passers-by in the street or subway so that they can

earn some extra money. Q: Why was “The Monkees’ successful in their work? A: Because they were serious about their work and they also work very hard. (T) Most musicians meet and form a band because they like to write and play music. (F)The TV organizers had looked for five musicians who were lovely and who could make good music. c. Teacher shows useful sentences with the structure and gives detailed expressions. Students learn to make examples and do some typical exercises related to the grammar. E.g.: The musician of whom the band was formed played jokes on each other as well as play music. =The band was formed of the musician. The musician played jokes on each other as well as play music. 介词+关系代词引导定语从句 先行词是物的用介词+which, 先行词是人的用介词+whom. Exercise for making the two sentences into one with the preposition ahead of the relative clause. 1. The guitar was lost. They gave many performances with the guitar. =The guitar with which they gave many performances was lost.

2. The retiring teacher made a speech, in which she thanked the class for the gift. = The retiring teacher made a speech. In the speech, she thanked the class for the gift. 3. This is the reason he dropped out of school. (=why) for which 4. I will show you a store you may buy all that you need. (=where) in which Step4. More practice. (5mins) Discuss the following questions. 1. Do you think the TV organizers were right to call the Monkees a band when they did not write and sing their own songs? Give reasons. 2. In your opinion, what is the most important thing for successful band? Why? After the discussion, students volunteer to report their personal opinions. Step5. Summary and homework (5mins) a. Teacher lead students to go over the lesson and make a comprehensive summary of what we have learned. b. Teacher assign students to do the exercises related to the words and the grammar in order to have a better understanding. Reflections: (to be written immediately after the lesson).


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