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unit4wildlife protection warming up and reading

Do you know Top 10 most endangered animals in China? And what are they?

Top 10 most endangered animals in China

Milu deer 麋鹿

Tibetan antelope 藏羚羊

Black-Necked Crane 黑颈鹤

Chinese Alligator 扬子鳄

Brown Eared Pheasant 褐马鸡

Crested Ibis 朱鹮

South China Tiger 华南虎

Golden Snub-nosed Monkey 金丝猴

White-Flag Dolphin 白鳍豚

Giant Panda 大熊猫

Why are they endangered?

People kill the endangered animals for food.

People kill animals for their fur, which can be made into beautiful and expensive fur coat.

Ivory 象牙

rhino horn 犀牛角

People didn’t protect the environment. Therefore, they don’t have enough food.

Climate change has affected the living conditions of the wildlife.

Who is the most dangerous enemy of animals?
Human beings.

Reasons for the endangering of wild animals
a. Many animals have been killed for food ,for fur or for organs . b. The enviromentwhere animals used to live have been destroyed . They don’t have enough food . c. Climate change has affected the
living conditions of the wildlife.

Fast reading for general ideas
? Who is the character of the story? Daisy ? How did she travel? By a flying carpet. ? Which places did she travel to? ? What animals did she visit?
place Tibet Zimbabwe Rainforest animal an antelope an elephant a monkey part Para.1 Para.2 Para.3-4

Q: Now let’s travel with Daisy and find out What’s the passage about ? It’s about Daisy’s wonderful experience with some animals in her dream.

Task1 Fast reading :
Read the passage quickly and try to fill in the table below about Daisy’s journey

Animal she met Places she went
First visit

antelope elephant

Tibet Zimbabwe rain forest

Second visit Third visit


Task 2 Fast
True or False


1.Daisy saw only manyone antelopes in Tibet. 2.Daisy’s sweater was made of sheep wool. antelope 3.In three years the antelope may die out. 4.The elephant used to be well protected in usedn’t Zimbabwe. 5.In Zimbabwe, tourists love to see the rhinos and elephants. 6.The farmers in Zimbabwe get nothing from much money the elephants and rhinos now. 7.This isn’t is a real story in Daisy’s life.

Task 3 Find out the main idea
Read the passage again and try to find out the main idea of each part.

____ Part 1: Daisy flew in a wonderful chair to Tibet
and found that antelopes ________ were in danger. They were _____ killed for the fur to make sweater. Part 2: Daisy flew to _________ Zimbabwe and Para 2-3 found that the wild animals were well protected ________ by paying farmers to visit animals. Part 3:Daisy flew to the rain forest. Talking Para 4-5 monkey she got to know with a _______, that rain forests should be protected, for they are the source of medicines and drugs. many _________
Para 1

Task4 Careful Reading
1. How did the antelope feel? 2. Why are people hunting and killing the Tibetan antelopes? 3. What will happen to Tibetan antelopes in three years? 4. How did the elephant feel?

5. How did life improve for the elephants?
6. How did life improve for the farmers? 7.Why does looking after the rain forest help with wildlife protection?

Paragraph 1

1. How did the antelope feel? The antelope felt sad. 2. Why are people hunting and killing the Tibetan antelopes? In order to get the wool which is used to make sweaters. 3. What will happen to Tibetan antelopes in three years? They may all be gone.

Paragraph 2
1.How did the elephant feel? The elephant felt excited.

2. How did life improve for the elephants? Farmers like them and no longer hunt them. 3. How did life improve for the farmers? The tour companies had to pay for visiting and hunting. Farmers made a lot of money from it.

Paragraph 3-4
why does looking after the rain forest help with wildlife protection?

Because no rain forest, no animals and no drugs.

? Task 5


dreamed strange dream. She flew in ? One day, Daisy _________a antelope a flying _______to ______with an __________in Tibet. talk carpet The antelope told her they were hunted because of fur sweaters their ____which can be used to make ________like hers. extinct Later, she In three years they may become______. flew elephant ______to Zimbabwe where she talked with an ______ and got to know the farmers there no longer hunted ______them. That’s because the government ______ ? decided to help and the farmers finally made a lot money At last shearrived of_______. ______at the thick rain forest _______where a monkey told her “ No rain forest, no drugs Although finally everything animals _______and no______.” gone she had _______so learned much. was_____,


What relationship between people and wildlife should be ?

Wildlife is our friends. They make this world colorful and balanced. Therefore, to protect wildlife is to protect ourselves.

What should we do to protect the wildlife?
Protect the environment.

Never kill endangered animals.
Never buy endangered animals’ products and tell your friends not to do so too!


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