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高一英语必修四复习练习 Unit 1
一.重点单词 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 二.重点短语 1 3 5 7 9 三.单词拼写 1. I’ve a_________ only half of what I’d hoped to do. 2. You can go out on c__________ that you wear an overcoat. 3. She d__________ all her efforts to her task. 4. The police o__________ the man enter the bank. 5. We a_________ with the waiter about the price of the meal. 6. Will you __________ (支持) me in my campaign for election? 7. He’s involved in the ___________ (组织)of a new club. 8. She was ashamed of her children’s bad ___________ (举止). 9. He fell in the water, much to the ____________ (开心) of the children. 10. Did you __________ (传递) my message to my father? 四.翻译句子 1)_____________________________________________________________. 努力改善这个工厂工人们的劳动条件是值得做的事。(worthwhile; condition) 2)____________________________________________________________. 她的精神鼓舞了许多人将他们一生都奉献给自己的事业。(inspire, devote… to…; career) 3) 只有这样;我们才能学好英语。

n.成就,功绩→ n.专家,专业工作者→ n.连接,关系→ v.举止,表现 n.阴凉处 v.遮住光线 7 v.观察,观测,遵守 v./n.尊敬,尊重,敬意→10 n.人群,观众 v.挤满,使拥挤→ v.鼓舞,激发 adj.鼓舞人的→ v& n .支持,拥护→ v.计划,打算 adj.考虑周到的→

v.达到,完成,实现 adj.特殊的,专门的 v.连接 n.行为,举止 adj.值得的,值得做的 n.观察,观测 .v.争论,辩论 adj.受到鼓舞的,有灵感的→ n.鼓舞,灵感 n.支持者,拥护者 n.打算,目的,意图 v.考虑,认为→ n 考虑, n.争论,辩论 adj.拥挤的

n.运动,战役 v.作战,参加运动

v.递送,生(小孩) ,接生,发表(演讲等) … 把……奉献给 离开,启程,出发 涌上心头,涌入脑海 查阅,参考,谈到 偶遇,碰见 2 4 6 8 10 / / / / 人类 过着……的生活 蔑视,瞧不起 碰巧,凑巧 继续,坚持


4) 我打算这个周末带孩子去观察昆虫(insect) 。 五.单项选择


1. Gun control is a subject ________Americans have argued for a long time. A.of which A.bringing up difficult to understand. A.are;are afternoon. turn A.doing;on host. A.enjoy A.she realized ten years. A.came across A.strength B.came about C.came to D.came up 10. The government has lost a great deal of ________ because of the large increase in house price. C.agreement 11. Jay Chou is an ________ singer and his ________ songs spread through all the country. A.inspired;inspired B.inspiring;inspired C.inspired;inspiring D.inspiring;inspiring 12. Heads from Asia and Europe attended the conference and President Xi________ a speech on the first day. A.stated A.worth A.relied on B.issued B.worthy B.carried on C.addressed C.worthwhile C.spied on D.delivered D.worthless D.put on 13. It is ________ to pay more attention to the education for the children than their clothes. 14. After only half an hour's rest,the woman scientist ________ her research. 15. —Can I help you? —I want to buy an English story book that is ________ for the senior middle school students. A.used C.devoted D.intended B.make D.behave D.had she realized 8. Only then________ she had made a mistake.. B.did she realize C.she had realized 9. I ________ one of my old friends while doing shopping in a supermarket,whom I hadn't seen for B.are C.was turning B.leading;by C to turned C.taking;of D.were be turned;to 5.To his disappointment,the opinion he had referred________ out wrong. 6. He has been ________ a happy life since he got the job ________ chance. 7. If you have no idea how to ________ yourself at table in an English family, you should follow the;is C.are;is;are 4. A poet and artist ________ coming to speak to us about Chinese literature and painting tomorrow B.with which C.about which B.referring to D.into which D.trying on 2. The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hour without ________ his notes. C.looking for 3. Such poets as Shakespeare ________ widely read,of whose works,however,some ________


高一英语必修四复习练习 Unit2
一.重点单词: 根据提示,写出下面单词的适当形式 1. 3. 5.. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 二.重点短语 1. 3. 5. 7. 三.单词拼写 1. The company in Nanjing e______ about 20,000 boxes of wine to the UK last year. 2. The bad weather r______ grain harvests in the last couple of years. 3. In order to keep your body healthy, you should take the advice on diet and n______ 4. We should make a s______ of the results of the exam briefly and report to the headmaster. 5. Yuan Long ping has devoted himself to finding ways to raise rice o______ . 6. We had a______ (努力)to stop the criminal. 7. They couldn’t afford to ______ (装备) their laboratories properly because of lack of money. 8. People are ______ (困惑的) about all the different labels on food these days. 9. A ________ (化学的) change takes place in paper when it burns. 10. We must ________ (摆脱)ourselves of these old ideas. 四.单项选择 1.Dr Sun Yatsen had ________ for the independence of the country and happiness of the people in all his life. A.asked A.explore A.over;struggle B.longed C.struggled D.waited D.explain;bring 2.Everything is good with your composition except that it is a little bit short. Please ________ it. C.expand 3.The baby fell________a rock in his walk but he managed to________to his feet.;run C.over;stand 4.—Robert is indeed a wise man.

vt.& vi.斗争;拼搏;努力 2. adv. 因此;所以;4. n. 评论;议论 vi.& vt. n.饥饿;欲望→ vt.& vi.使变大;伸展→ n.总结;摘要;概要→ vt.& vi.配备;装备→ vt.& vi.输出;出口→ n.国籍→ adj.国家的;国有的 n.工作;职业;占领→ vt.使迷惑;使为难→ adj.感到迷惑的→ adj.化学的;关于化学的→ vt.减少;缩减→ 幸亏;由于;因为 2. 宁愿;宁可 4. 使……免受(影响、伤害等 6. 对……感到满意 8.

n. 产量;输出 n. 焦点;中心点;vt.集中; adj.饥饿的;有欲望的 n.扩大;增加 vt.总结 n.设备 vt.& vi.输入;入口;进口 n.国家;民族 vt.占领 adj.令人迷惑的 n.迷惑 n 化学 n.缩小;减少 摆脱;除去 逐渐增强;建立;开发 导致;造成(后果) 集中(注意力、精力等)于

—Oh,yes. How often I have regretted ________ his advice! take A.reducing A.impressions can________failure. A.results from;lie in C.results in;lie in culture. A.focus A.Followed A.cut cut B.focused C.would focus D.had focused D.Being followed 9.________these suggestions will help you become more cooperative and achieve more. B.Following C.To follow C.cutting D.being cut D.picked up 10. Your hair wants ________.You'd better have it done now. 11.With the help of his friends,he has ________ a good business over the years. A.built up B.made up C.grown up 12. The government provided coats,quilts,carpets to the school to help ________ the students ________ cold. A.rid;of export B.add;up B. exported C.set;down D.suffer;from 13. As we all know,people in Brazil produce a large quantity of coffee ________. C.for export D.exporting 14. —Do you think an advertisement is a help when you look for a job? —Well,it depends.________,it gives me more of a chance to try. A.However B.Anyway C.Therefore D.Though 15. .—Would you rather ________ there tomorrow? —No,I'd rather he ________ there instead of me. go;will go 五.句子翻译 1 _______________________________________________. 你必须改掉那个坏习惯。 2._______________________________________________. 接受这项工作意味着住在国外。 3. 我对现状根本不满意。(satisfied; condition) 4. 抽烟可能导致肺癌。(lead; cancer) 5. 人人都不喜欢被瞧不起。 6. 他宁愿走路而不愿乘公共汽车


C.not to take

D.not taking D.reduce D.opinions while laziness

5.That is the only way ________ the overuse of water in students' bathrooms. reduce C.reduced 6. Have you got any ________ to make on the recent developments? B.comments C.reactions 7.As is known to us all , success usually________diligence ( 勤 奋 ) B.results in;lead to D.results from;lead to

8. George is going to talk about the geography of his country,but I'd rather he ________ more on its

B.go;went C.go;will go

D.going;shall go


高一英语必修四复习练习 Unit1 参考答案
一.重点单词答案 1 achievement n.成就,功绩→achieve v.达到,完成,实现 2 specialist n.专家,专业工作者→special adj.特殊的,专门的→specialize vi.专攻,专门从事 3 connection n.连接,关系→connect v.连接 4 campaign n.运动,战役 v.作战,参加运动 5 behave v.举止,表现→behavior n.行为,举止 6 shade n.阴凉处 v.遮住光线 7 worthwhile adj.值得的,值得做的→worth adj.值……,值得……→worthy adj.值得做的,可尊 敬的 8 observe v.观察,观测,遵守→observation n.观察,观测 9 respect v./n.尊敬,尊重,敬意→respectable adj.值得尊敬的,正派的,体面地→respectful adj. 有礼貌的,恭敬的 10 argue .v.争论,辩论→argument n.争论,辩论 11 crowd n.人群,观众 v.挤满,使拥挤→crowded adj.拥挤的 12 inspire v.鼓舞, 激发→inspired adj.受到鼓舞的, 有灵感的→inspiring adj.鼓舞人的→inspiration n.鼓舞,灵感 13 support v.支持,拥护→supporter n.支持者,拥护者 14 intend v.计划,打算→intention n.打算,目的,意图 15 considerate adj.考虑周到的→consider v.考虑, 认为→consideration n 考虑, 体谅→considering prep 考虑到 16 deliver v.递送,生(小孩) ,接生,发表(演讲等)→delivery n.投递,交货,分娩 二.重点短语梳理 1 devote…to 把……奉献给 3 move off 离开,启程,出发 5 crowd in 涌上心头,涌入脑海 7 refer to 查阅,参考,谈到 9 come across 偶遇,碰见 2 human beings 人类 4 lead a…life 过着……的生活 6 look down on/ upon 蔑视,瞧不起 8 by chance 碰巧,凑巧 10 carry on 继续,坚持


1. achieved 2. condition 3. devoted

4. observed 5. argued 6. support 7. organization

8. behaviour 9. entertainment 10. deliver 四.翻译句子【答案】 1)It is worthwhile to improve the working conditions for the workers of this factory. 2)Her spirit inspired many people to devote themselves to their own career. 3)Only in this way can we learn English better 4)I intend to take my kid to observe insects this weekend. 五.单项选择答案 1-5 CBAAC 6-10.BDBAB 11-15.CDCBD 高一英语必修四复习练习 Unit2 参考答案 一(略) 二.重点短语答案 1 thanks to 幸亏,由于,因为 3 would rather 宁愿,宁可 2 rid…of… 摆脱,除去 4 build up 逐渐增强,建立,开发

5 keep…from/of 使……免受(影响、伤害等) ;使……不含(有害物) 6 lead to 导致,造成 8.focus on 集中(注意力、精力等)于 三.单词拼写【答案】 1. exported 6. struggle 2. reduced 7. equip 3. nutrition 8. confused 4. summary 9.chemical 5 output 7 be satisfied with 对……感到满意

10. rid

四.单项选择答案 1-5 CCADB 五.句子翻译答案 3 You must rid yourself of that bad habit. 5 Accepting the job means living abroad. 6. I am not satisfied with my present condition. 7. Smoking can lead to lung cancer. 6-10 BDBBC 11-15 AAABB

9. Everyone dislikes being looked down upon
10. He would rather walk than take a bus



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