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广州英语七年级下册 unit4 综合复习

一、用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 1、On April 1st, many foreigners like 2、Who knows the English 3、The two towns are 4、Some (foolish) others. (explain) of this word? (connect) by a railway. (chemical) are harmful. (battery).

5、This calculator needs two 二、根据句意和首字母提示写出单词。

1、I can’t turn on the light. Maybe there is something wrong with the light b 2、Most rivers f into the sea. .


3、Mr. Lin is too busy to do the housework. So he is going to look for a s 4、Electricity is a f 5、We will move to a new f 三、单项选择。 ( )1. Tony is very happy today. I can see a big smile A. in ( B. with C. on Guangzhou. C. cross a power station? D. by his face. D. at of energy. on the eighth floor soon.

)2. The Pearl River flows A. across B. through the cables



A. Do; connected to B. Are; connected to C. Do; connect to ( )4. — . — A dragon.

D. Are; connected to

A. What does the mountain like

B. How is the mountain

C. How do you think about the mountain D. What does the mountain look like ( )5. My father looked A. angry ( )6 B. angrily because I broke his glasses. C. foolish D. fool a way.

the way to the dancing hall of our school, Amy said she danced wonderfully, B. On; in C. In; in rice. C. cooked D. to cook D. On; on

A. In; on (

)7. Rice cookers free people from A. cook B. cooking



)8. A. Eat

too much meat is bad for your health. B. Ate C. Eats English well. C. learn D. learns D. Eating


)9. A dictionary can help me A. learning B. learned


)10. We should keep A. quiet

in the library. B. quietly C. more quietly for me? D. more quiet — Of course. D. turn it off


)11. —I want to watch TV. Would you please A. turn on it B. turn it on C. turn off it

四、用下列短语的适当形式填空。 come from 1、The cloud be able to for example look like a packet of

a horse in the sky. biscuits.

2、Mother is going shopping. You can ask her to buy 3、Sally

Canada, but she likes Chinese food very much. swim across the river when he was young. , I like listening to music.

4、He used to be a good swimmer. He 5、I have many hobbies. 五、完成句子。 1、 从某种程度上说,这是一本有用的书。 , this is a useful book. 2、 当我问她意见时,她摇了摇头。 When I asked for opinion, she 3、 故事里巫婆把王子变成了青蛙。 In the story, the witch 4、 冰箱接上电源没有? the fridge 5、 课后我们有各种各样的活动。 We have 6、 小心那条狗,它可能会咬你。 the dog. It may bite you. 7、 植物使我们的世界更美丽。 Plants our world . the prince


a frog.

the electricity supply?

activities after class.


8、 当你出去时,别让空调开着。 Don’t the air conditioner when you go out.

9、 确定你的消息属实后再告诉别人。 your news is true before telling others. 10、 她出去时带了把伞以防万一。 .

When she went out, she took an umbrella to be 11、 制造模型飞机是他的工作。 model plane 六、语法选择。 Electricity is very useful. It helps make our 2 3 1 his job.

easier. For example, it’s simple and cheap

a rice cooker. And we use a washing machine very often. It frees workers and housewives from clothes by hand. And a lot of people use a microwave. However, to use it 4 , you should

stand 3 to 4 feet away from the microwave when it is on, just to be on the safe side. Before you use any glass or plastic containers in a microwave, ( ( ( ( ( )1.A. living )2.A. use )3.A. wash )4.A. save )5.A. make B. alive B. to use B. washes B. safe B. making 5 sure they are “microwave safe.” C. lives C. uses C. washed C. safely C. makes D. life D. used D. washing D. safety D. made

Listening-More Practice 一、 找出划线部分与其它三个不同的单词。 ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. here )2. A. hare )3. A. sure )4. A. dear )5. A. fire B. near B. pair B. hour B. their B. diary C. bear C. chair C. tour C. hair C. repair D. clear D. are D. poor D. care D. buyer

二、 根据句意和首字母提示补充单词。 1、Don’t touch the k 2、I forgot to take the i of hot water! You’ll get burnt. off the dress. It burnt a hole in the dress.

3、Three years ago, Mr. Green m

here and became our neighbor. for a long time.

4、It is bad for your eyes to keep looking at the computer s 5、Everyone wants to buy things of the best q 三、 单项选择。 ( )1. Make sure to A. switch off ( )2. Only A. one-three ( )3. After A. series of ( all the lights when you leave the lab. B. switch on C. put off

with the lowest price.

D. put on

of the students agree to have a barbecue this weekend. B. one-third C. two-three D. two-third

storms and floods in that summer, the villagers’ life became very difficult. B. a series C. a series of pressing this button. C. of D. by D. series

)4. You can switch the radio on A. with B. for


)5. You seem A. being

ill because your face looks very pale. B. to be C. to Yes, you D. to being . D. should


)6. Must I hand in the homework tomorrow? A. can B. must

C. may


)7. We A. can

be late for school. It’s against the school rules. B. can’t I try on the sweater? B. Many C. must Yes, if you like. C. Must D. Mustn’t D. mustn’t


)8. A. Many not


)9. Sally A. may

play the piano very well. She won a famous piano competition last week. B. may not C. can D. can’t


)10. This maths problem is quite hard. A. Cam B. Must

you explain it to me? C. Need D. Should


)11. She is leaving for New York. She A. come B. will come do you think he’ll get here? B. How far

back in one week. C. comes D. came


)12. A. How long

Maybe in five minutes. C. How soon D. How many

四、 完成句子。


1、你姐姐会开车吗? your sister a car?

2、我可以用你的电话吗? 可以。 I your telephone? Yes, you .

3、蛋糕未熟你不要打开烤箱的门。 You the oven’s door before the cake is ready. 是的,必须这么早。 .

4、你一定得这么早就走吗? you go so early? 五、 情态动词专练。 ( )1. Susan sings well. She A. can ( )2. You A. needn’t ( )3. Who A. may ( B. may

Yes, I

also sing many foreign songs. C. must

take a pet on a bus. It’s against the law. B. may not C. mustn’t

run 100 metres in ten seconds? He will get a chance to take part in the game. B. must C. can .

)4. Can you help me to take down the old picture, Jack? A. Yes, please. B. Certainly C. Sorry, I mustn’t No, you C. may not Oh, no. I .


)5. May I fed the pandas in the zoo? A. can’t B. mustn’t


)6. How about going swimming with us, Jane? A. can’t B. may not


C. mustn’t No, you C. needn’t Yes, just a little. C. Must OK. You come again tomorrow. .


)7. Must I clean my room this morning? A. may not B. mustn’t you speak French, Sally? B. Can go now. B. may, must I use your bike? B. May, must


)8. A. May


)9.It’s late. I A. can, may

C. must, may Certainly. But you C. Must, can give it back this afternoon.


)10. A. Can, may


六、句子翻译。 1、很难想像没有了电的生活。





Unit4 综合能力测试题 一、 单项选择。 ( )1. —What do you think of Tony? —He is as sly as a fox, but A. by the way ( B. on the way , he’s quite nice. And he would often help others. C. in this way D. in a way . D. open

)2. It’s a little hot in the room. Please keep the windows A. closed B. opened C. close


)3. How’s your report on electricity? A. finish; after B. will finish; in


it C. finished; after

a few days. D. am finishing; in


)4. How did you tell him about this? A. Last Thursday B. In our school library C. Very fast D. By sending him a message a


)5. More and more old people are interested in computers. However, they think computer A. use; is hard. B. using; is C. use; are D. using; are


)6. Mother asked Li Hong to A. show up B. take away

all the plates and cups on the table after dinner. C. pick up D. put away .


)7. It was very late in the evening. We were still working when all the lights suddenly A. switched off B. went out C. switched on when I left. C. were already off D. already turned off D. went off


)8. The lights in the classroom A. were still on B. still turned on


)9. You must A. look around

everything is ready before you interview Doctor Ray. B. care about C. make sure No, you D. know about hand it in next week. D. Must; may


)10. A. Can; can’t

I finish this project this week? B. Must; needn’t

C. May; may not

二、 完形填空。 Mrs. Brown was about seventy. Her son Ken wanted to give the old lady a nice birthday. Mrs. Brown liked making tea very much, could 3 2 1 for her

Ken decided to buy an electric kettle. People

music from the kettle when the water was boiling. Ken brought it to his mother on her 4 it. 5 it.” He explained to his mother 6 . “Don’t 8

birthday and showed her how to

“Before you go to bed, put tea and water forget to 7

the electricity and set the time. When the water boils in the morning, the kettle can

and your tea will be ready, he added. A few days later, Mrs. Brown telephoned her son and said, “Ken, the kettle is 10 ( ( ( I don’t understand. Why do I have to go to be when I want to make tea?” )1.A. kettle )2.A. and )3.A. feel B. dress B. so B. play C. present C. or C. find D. animal D. but D. hear


. But there is

( ( ( ( ( ( (

)4.A. use )5.A. our of )6.A. impatiently )7.A. turn up

B. enjoy B. on B. carefully B. turn down

C. find C. in C. carelessly C. turn on

D. heat D. beside D. angrily D. turn off

)8.A. make you angry B. wake you up )9.A. useless )10.A. something B. useful B. anything

C. drive you crazy D. phone you up C. noisy C. nothing D. dangerous D. everything

三、 阅读理解。 A Thomas Edison was born in 1847. Even as a child, he was always trying new ideas. He invented over 3,000 useful things all his life with his hard work. Among them electric light is one of the most important inventions. His other inventions are the microphone, the phonograph, the movie projector, the storage battery, etc. It always took a long time for Edison to make these machines. He let people know his ideas all over the world, so it was not long before many other businessmen joined together, and mass-produced(大规 模生产) electrical machines with his standards. As a result, Edison couldn’t run his companies well and he wasn’t as rich as he could be. Edison received many prizes for his great inventions. The US government gave him its highest award, the Congressional Medal of Honors. He died in 1931. People will always remember him as one of the greatest inventors in the world. ( )1. Thomas Edison died at the age of A. 84 ( B. 74 . C. 64 D. 48 .

)2. The following are all inventions of Edison’s except A. the electric light B. the microphone

C. the phonograph D. the telephone


)3. Edison told his ideas to people all over the world. This made the following results .


A. many other businessmen mass-produced the electrical machines. B. Edison made a lot of money from it. C. Edison couldn’t run his companies well D. Edison failed as a businessman


)4. What is the Chinese meaning of the underlined word “award” in the passage? A. 贡献 B. 奖项 C. 要求 D. 收入 .


)5. According to the passage, the writer may disagree that Edison A. was one of the greatest inventors in the world. C. was really a successful businessman

B .won a great award

D. made mass-production possible B

A… It can boil 1 quart(夸脱) of water for coffee and tea. It makes no noise. It is useful in the office or home. It never spills(溢出). It shuts off itself when the water boils. B…It is made of iron. It cooks fast and is easy to clean and can cook everything with little oil or no oil. It can save a lot of time and money. C…It can easily get under furniture and in hard-to-reach areas. It can free you from heavy dirty work. It is ideal for stairs with carpets(地毯) D…It is the best choice for home and auto(自动的) cleaning projects. It has amazing cleaning power. E…It itself turns on at dark and off at dawn. It needs neither electricity nor batteries. Solar lighting saves money and energy by using power from the sun. F… It is good at cooling and air circulation(流通). It provides different power. You can hang it on the wall to save floor space. A- F 文段摘自电器产品说明书,请根据以下消费者的信息,为他们选择需要要购买电器。 ( )1. The final exam is coming, but the hot weather makes it difficult for Michael to focus on his

study. Now he wants something to cool himself while he is doing his lessons. ( )2. It is only a few days before Christmas Day. Mrs. Wang has some trouble with her health, but

she wants to do some house cleaning on her own. She is looking for an instrument. ( )3. Harry has to stay up late for his project. He often feels tired and sleepy. “Why not take some

coffee to cheer yourself up?” His mother said and then he got an idea… ( )4. Simon and his friends hope to have a picnic by cooking in the open air. They need something to

cook with. ( )5. Peter’s job is to get clean kinds of floors, including carpets. The boring and heavy work often

makes him very tired. He wants to buy an easy-to-use machine to help him. 四、 词汇知识。 1、Plants need a lot of e from sunlight to help themselves grow.

2、Martin often gives me some a 3、You should be c

on my studies and it helps me a lot.

of your spelling when you write. . It runs slowly or suddenly goes dead.

4、My computer doesn’t seem to work p 5、C 6、Many

are waiting in line for the new store to open. They hear things in it are very cheap. like going shopping at supermarkets. (housewife) for how to use this machine. (explain) in your radio. (battery)

7、I don’t quite understand your 8、I think you need to change the two 9、The Beijiang River 10、

through the city of Qingyuan. (flow) slowly out of the station. (move)

When we arrived, we saw the train

五、 完成句子。 1、 昨晚下雨了,为了安全起见,莉莉今天没有骑自行车上学。 It rained last night. To be 2、 这条导线与扬声器连接。 This wire the loudspeaker. , Lily didn’t go to school by bike today.

3、 坐火车时把身子探出窗外是很危险的。 It is dangerous to the window when you are on a train.

4、 老师应当尽力使学生从繁重的功课中解脱出来。 Teachers should do their best to 5、 你不看电视时就不要让它开着。 When you don’t watch TV, don’t 六、 写作。 请你根据下面的提示,谈谈如何安全用电。字数 60 左右,开头与结尾已给出,不计入总数内。 提示:1、对电器要小心。 2、保持电器干燥。 3、手湿不要碰电器。 4、离开前要确保关掉所有电器。 5、不用的电器不要让它开着,可能会引起火灾。 Electricity is useful in our daily life, but it can also be very dangerous. Here is some advice on how to use it safely. Firstly, . the students too much homework.




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