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Book 1 Unit 3 Travel Journey学案(第2课时)

学习目标 重点难点

Book 1 Unit 3 Travel Journey Period Two Language Study(I)

掌握并能运用下列单词和短语: persuade, finally, schedule, organize, ever since, care about, give in, make up one's mind 重点单词短语的掌握;重点单词短语的运用。

1. 复述课文 2.根据提示完成下列单词或短语 1)________n. & vt. 运输; 运送 3)___________n.不利条件;不便之处 5)__________vi.& n.毕业,大学毕业生 7)____________vt. 组织;成立 2)______ vt. 更喜欢;选择某物(而不选择其他) 4)_______________vt.说服;劝说 6)_______________n.时间表 8)________________n. 旅行;行程

【探究 1】 重点词汇 1. ever since (P18, L1-3) Ever since middle school, my sister Wang Wei and I have dreamed about taking a great bike trip. (译)________________________________________ 【例释】1) Ever since he lost his job, he has spent all his time locked in the basement. 2) Ever since then, he has never stopped searching for new and better ways to do things. 【归纳】ever since __________ ever since then ____________ 【运用】 1) He went to Tibet in 1969 and ______________ (从那时起一直住到现在). 2)自从大学毕业以来我一直和她一起工作。 I have been working with her . 2. persuade ( P18, L3-5) Two years ago, she bought an expensive mountain bike and then she persuaded me to buy one. (译)_______________________________________ 【例释】1) How can you persuade us of your truth? 2) How can I persuade you to change your mind? 【归纳】 persuade v. _________ persuade sb. of sth. ___________ persuade sb to do sth. =persuade sb. into doing sth. ________________ 【拓展】 persuade sb. not to do sth. =persuade sb out of doing sth. ________________ try to persuade sb to do sth. __________ 【运用】 1) He 2) How can I (说服她去上学)even though she did not want to. (使你相信我的故事)?

3. finally (P18, L11-12 ) After graduating from college, we finally got the chance to take a trip. (译)________________________________________ 【例释】1) Finally the man jumped down to safety.

2)They finally persuaded the father to send his daughter to school. 【归纳】finally adv. _____________ final adj.________________ 【运用】试用 finally 或 final 填空: 1) The car wouldn't start, so we _________decided to go on foot. 2) Joe decided to make a ______effort to swim across the river. 4. schedule (P18, L15 ) Now she is planning our schedule for our trip. (译)________________________________________ 【例释】1) I have a full/heavy schedule for tomorrow. 2)The meeting is scheduled for Thursday. 【归纳】schedule n. ____________ vt. ______________ ahead of schedule _______________ 【运用】 1)这项工程提前完工了。 The project was completed . 2) The meeting is scheduled for Thursday. (译)_____________________________ 5. organize (P18, L17-18 ) Although she didn’t know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that she organize the trip properly. (译)__________________________________________________________________________________ 【例释】1)Tom organized the party. 2)They will organize a new political party in the city. 3)The workers organized for better wages. 【归纳】organize vt. ____________ organization n. ___________ organized adj. ____________ 【运用】根据汉语提示完成句子。 1)He (把工人组织起来) into a trade union. 2) In my view, London's not as expensive in price as Tokyo but Tokyo is _______________(更有秩序) in traffic. 6. care about (P18, L19-20) Of course she hadn't; my sister doesn’t care about details. (译)__________________________________。 【例释】1) I care about what people think. 2) They don’t care a bit about clothes. 【归纳】care about ___________ 【联想】care for 照料,照顾;喜欢或喜爱 take care of 照料;照顾 take care 小心;注意 【运用】试用 care about, care for 填空: 1)Would you a cup of coffee? 2)Money is the only thing that she . 7. make up one's mind (P18, L25) Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it. (译)______________________________________ 【例释】1) I can't believe it took you so long to make up your mind! 2)We made up our minds to become a famous doctor. 【归纳】make up one's mind____________

change one's mind ___________ 【注意】如果主语是复数,make up one's mind 中的 mind 要用复数形式,即 make up one's minds. 【拓展】never mind 别介意;没关系,不要紧 【运用】1) I ______________(不能决定)whether to go on vacation or stay here and work. 2)__________________(你的心意已决). Why talk to me? 8. give in (P18, L25) Finally, I had to give in. (译)__________________________________ 【例释】1) Give in and accept help in an impossible situation. 2) Mother kept inviting Mrs. Smith to stay for lunch, and finally she gave in. 【归纳】give in __________ give in to sb. ____________ 【拓展】give out 分发;发出(气味,热等)发表 give away 送掉;分发(奖品等);泄露(秘密);出卖; give off 发出(蒸汽,光等); give back (归)还; 使返回; 恢复 give up 放弃(后跟 pron./n./doing sth)放弃 【运用】1) We asked Mother every day if we could go to the movies, and in the end she _________(答应了). 2) My mother _____________(戒烟了) last week.

I. 完成下列句子: 1.The young should ___________(关爱) the old. 2. We ______________(已经下定决心) to finish the work before dark. 3. My father ________________(毕业于) Shandong University in 1985. 4. They _______________(成立了一个政党) in the city in the 1980's. 5.It was I who _______(说服) him to give up the plan. 6. The mother ___________(妥协) and bought a toy for the child. 7. We waited and waited, and she ___________(终于抵达) at 8:30. 8. Jane came on Monday and ______________(一直在这里) ever since. II.Mini-writing. 请根据下面的提示写一篇 100 词左右的短文。要求:尽量使用本课时学过的词语:final(ly), organize, make up one's mind, give in, care about, ever since, persuade, schedule, prefer 提示:上周我曾下决心在周六下午组织一个晚会(party),但是爸爸极力劝说我在周五晚上再举办。最 后我妥协了,因为我不在乎时间,我更喜欢与朋友们相聚。 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________


新知预习 2. 1)transport 2) prefer 3) disadvantage 4) persuade 5) graduate 6) schedule 7) organize 8) journey 课堂探究 【探究 1】1. 从高中起,我姐姐王薇和我就一直梦想做一次伟大的自行车旅行。 【归纳】从那以后一直到 现在;从那以后 【运用】1) has lived there ever since 2) ever since I graduated from university 2. 两年前她买了一辆价钱不菲的山地自行车,然后她说服我也买了一辆(山地自行车)【归纳】说服; 。 劝说;使某人相信某事;说服某人做某事; 【拓展】说服某人不做某事;尽力劝说某人做某事(不一定说 服) 【运用】1)persuaded her to go to school 2)persuade you of my story 3. 大学毕业以后,我们终于有了机会骑自行车旅行。 【归纳】最后, 终于;最终的, 最后的; 决定性的 【运用】 1)finally 2) final 4. 现在她正在安排我们旅行的行程。 【归纳】时间表,日程表;为某事安排时间;提前 【运用】1) ahead of schedule 2)会议定于星期四举行。 5. 尽管她对去某些地方的最佳路线不是很熟悉,她却坚持要自己把这次旅游安排的尽善尽美。 【归纳】组 织;成立;组织,机构,团体;有组织的,安排有秩序的 【运用】1)organized the workers 2)more/better organized 6. 她当然不会, (因为)我的姐姐是不会考虑细节的。 【归纳】关心;忧虑;惦念; 【运用】1) care for 2) cares about. 7. 她一旦下定了决心, 什么也不能使她改变主意。 【归纳】 打定主意; 决定; 改变主意 【运用】 can't make 1) up my mind 2) Your mind is already made up 8. 最后我只得让步了。 【归纳】投降;屈服;让步;顺从了某人;屈服于某人【运用】1)gave in 2) gave up smoking 达标练习: I. 1. care about 2. (have) made up our minds 3. graduated from 4. organized a political party 5. have persuaded 6. gave in 7. finally arrived 8. has been here II. Last week, I made up my mind to organize a party on Saturday afternoon. But my father tried to persuade me to hold it on Friday evening. Finally, I gave in and held the party ahead of schedule, for I didn't care about the time/when to hold the party. I prefer to be with my close friends, and have fun.



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