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2015 届高考高三英语二轮专题练习:完形填空(3)
【英语卷(解析) ·2015 届浙江省温州市十校联合体(温州中学等)高三上学期期初联考 (201408) 】阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21~40 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。 My father was a self-taught mandolin(曼陀林琴)player. He could not read, but if he heard a tune several times, he could play it. Occasionally, he ___21___ play for the local radio station. Dad loved playing the mandolin for his family. He knew we enjoyed his playing. If he could give ___22___ to others, he would, especially for his family. He was always ___23___ his time and efforts to making sure his family had enough in their life. Later, I matured into a man and had my own children. Whenever coming home, I would ask Dad to play the mandolin, for nobody played the mandolin like him. He could ___24___ your soul with tunes coming out of that old mandolin. He seemed to ___25___ when playing, taking pride in his ability to play so well. Unfortunately, in 1977. Dad was ___26___ in an accident, leaving his third finger of his left hand wounded seriously. ___27___ he didn’t lose enough of the finger where it would stop him picking up anything, it did affect his ___28___ to play the mandolin. After the accident, he was ___29___ to play and felt unable to play as well as before. Every time we asked him to play, he would make excuses. ___30___, we could persuade him and he would say “Okay. But I can’t hold down on the strings and play as well as before.” For the family it made no ___31___. When he played the old mandolin, it would carry us back to a cheerful, happier time. In August 1993, Dad was ___32___ with serious disease. He chose not to receive any chemotherapy(化疗)treatments ___33___ he could live out his rest life in dignity(尊严). A week before his death, we asked Dad if he would play the mandolin for his family. First he made the usual ___34___ again but later said “Okay.”, ___35___ it was likely to be the last chance for us to hear him playing. He tuned up the old mandolin and played. ___36___, I found everyone in the family ___37___. We saw before us a quiet humble man with an inner ___38___ that lives with him in his life. Dad would never play the mandolin for us again, but we still ___39___ the most valuable gift we gained from him, ___40___ he had done all his life, giving.

21. A. might 22. A. pleasure 23. A. applying 24. A. touch 25. A. escape 26. A. included 27. A. Although 28. A. courage 29. A. desperate 30. A. Eventually 31. A. sense 32. A. combined 33. A. so that 34. A. plan 35. A. promising 36. A. Looking around 37. A. happy 38. A. preference 39. A. treasure 40. A. anything

B. should B. advice B. paying B. discover B. shine B. absorbed B. If B. faith B. unwilling B. Suddenly B. difference B. burdened B. in case B. apology B. noticing B. Turning up B. tearful B. advantage B. adopt B. everything

C. would C. help C. attaching C. deliver C. exist C. buried C. Whether C. ability C. worthwhile C. Gradually C. contact C. carried C. even if C. reason C. requesting

D. must D. favor D. devoting D. possess D. calm D. involved D. Because D. energy D. sensitive D. Consequently D. progress D. diagnosed D. as though D. excuse D. knowing

C. Looking intoD. Speeding up C. anxious C. strength C. consider C. nothing D. delighted D. courage D. approve D. something

【答案】 【知识点】B1 记叙文 【文章综述】本文讲述父亲虽然不识字但只要听别人弹几遍就能弹奏,当我回家时,喜欢听 父亲弹奏,感觉父亲因为自豪全身都在闪光,后来出了一些变故,不能象以前一样弹奏了, 但我们并不介意好听与否,他对家人的这种奉献的精神一直感动着我们。 【答案解析】 21. C 考查情态动词辨析 A. might 可能;B. should 应该;C. would 将会;D. must 必须;句意: 偶尔他会在火车站进行演出。 Would 在陈述语气中, 表示无意识的行动或单纯将来发生的事或 动作,故选 C 项。 22.A 考查名词辨析 A. pleasure 快乐;B. advice 建议;C. help 帮助;D. favor 支持;句意:如果 他愿意把快乐给别人, 他肯定会, 尤其是对于家人。 根据上方提到 Dad loved playing the mandolin

for his family 可知选 A 项。 23. D 考查动词辨析 A. applying 提供; B. paying 支付; C. attaching 贴上; D. devoting 捐献; devote one’s time to doing ,致力于做某事,故选 D 项。 24. A 考查动词辨析 A. touch 触摸;B. discover 发现;C. deliver 递送;D. possess 拥有;句意: 他能通过韵律来触摸你的灵魂。根据上文提到 Whenever coming home, I would ask Dad to play the mandolin, for nobody played the mandolin like him.每当我回家时,我会要求父亲来给我演 奏,因为没有人象他那样深情的演奏,故选 A 项。 25. B 考查动词辨析 A. escape 逃跑;B. shine 闪光;C. exist 存在;D. calm 平静;句意:当演

奏时,他在全身闪光。根据语境,父亲在演奏时,taking pride in his ability to play so well.非常 的投入,十分有魅力,故选 B 项。 26. D 考查动词辨析 A. included 包括;B. absorbed 吸收;C. buried 埋葬;D. involved 涉及,卷 入;句意:不幸的是,在 1977 年,卷入事故,左手的第三个手指严重受伤。Be involved in 卷 入,故选 D 项。 27.A 考查连词辨析 A. Although 虽然;B. If 如果;C. Whether 是否;D. Because 因为;句意: 虽然他并不影响他手部的活动,但影响他弹曼陀林琴。两个句子之间是转折关系,故选 A 项。 28.C 考查名词辨析 A. courage 勇气;B. faith 信念;C. ability 能力;D. energy 精力;句意:虽 然他并不影响他手部的活动,但影响他弹曼陀林琴。 29.B 考查形容词辨析 A. desperate 渴望;B. unwilling 不愿意;C. worthwhile 值得;D. sensitive 敏感的; 句意: 自从事故之后, 他不在愿意弹琴了, 感觉不能和以前一样好了; 根据 Every time we asked him to play, he would make excuses.可知选 B 项。 30. A 考查副词辨析 A. Eventually 最后地;B. Suddenly 突然地;C. Gradually 逐渐地;D. Consequently 因此;句意:最后,我们说服他,他才说,好吧,但不能弹的跟以前一样好了, 根据语境选 A 项。 31.B 考查名词辨析 A. sense 感觉;B. difference 不同;C. contact 联系;D. progress 进步;句意: 对于家人来说,没有什么不同,make no difference,没有影响,故选 B 项。 32. D 考查动词辨析 A. combined 连接;B. burdened 负担;C. carried 携带;D. diagnosed 诊断; 句意:在 1993 年八月,父新被诊断出严重的疾病。根据下文提到 He chose not to receive any chemotherapy(化疗)treatments 可知选 D 项。 33. A 考查连词辨析 A. so that 因此;B. in case 以防;C. even if 即使;D. as though 好象;句意: 他不想接受化疗,因此他能体面的过完他的余生。两个句子是因果关系,故选 A 项。

34. D 考查名词辨析 A. plan 计划;B. apology 道歉;C. reason 原因;D. excuse 借口;句意:刚 一开始时,他又找借口,但后来说好吧,根据 but later said “Okay.”可知 D 项。 35.D 考查动词辨析 A. promising 许诺;B. noticing 注意;C. requesting 要求;D. knowing 知道; 句意:他同意,好象知道这是最后一次听他弹奏了。Knowing 做伴随状语,故选 D 项。 36. A 考查动词短语辨析 A. Looking around 向四周看;B. Turning up 出现;C. Looking into 调查; D. Speeding up 加速;句意:向四周看看,我发现每个人都眼含热泪。 37. B 考查形容词辨析 A. happy 高兴的;B. tearful 含泪的;C. anxious 焦虑的;D. delighted 高 兴的;句意:向四周看看,我发现每个人都眼含热泪。根据上文提到___35___ it was likely to be the last chance for us to hear him playing 可知选 B 项。 38.C 考查名词辨析 A. preference 爱好;B. advantage 优点;C. strength 力量;D. courage 勇气; 句意:我们看到一个安静谦虚的人,用自己的全部内心力量来爱着我们,支撑着。 39.A 考查动词辨析 A. treasure 珍视;B. adopt 采纳;C. consider 考虑; D. approve 同意; 句意: 父亲再也不能为我们弹奏了,但我们仍然会珍惜他给我们最珍贵的礼物,根据句意选 A 项。 40. D 考查代词辨析 A. anything 任何;B. everything 一切;C. nothing 什么也没有;D. something 一些;句意:父亲做着一生都在做着的事,奉献;根据句意选 D 项。

完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选 项。 Even though it was only October, my students were already whispering about Christmas plans. With each passing day everyone became more anxious, waiting for the final school bell. Upon its everyone would run for their coats and go home, everyone except David David was a small boy in ragged clothes. I had often wondered what kind of home life David had, and what kind of mother could send her son to school dressed so without a coat, boots, or gloves. But something made David always 4 2 for the cold winter months, 1

3. I can still remember he was

a smile and willing to help. He always stayed after school to straighten chairs and 5 just simply smile and ask what else he could do,

mop the floor. We never talked much. He

then thank me for letting him stay and slowly head for home Weeks passed and the 6 over the coming Christmas grew into restlessness until the last day

of school before the holiday break. I smiled in


as the last of them hurried out of the door.

Turning around I saw David quietly standing by my desk. “I have something for you.” he said and 8 from behind his back a small box. 9 it to me, he

said anxiously, “Open it.” I took the box from him, thanked him and slowly unwrapped it. I lifted the lid and to my surprise saw nothing. I looked at David‘s smiling face and back into the box and said, “The box is nice, David, but it’s 10 .”

“Oh no it isn’t” said David. “It’s full of love. My mum told me before she died that love was something you couldn’t see or touch unless you know it’s there.” Tears filled my eyes 11I looked at the proud dirty face that I had rarely given attention to. After 12 the little

that Christmas, David and I became good friends and I never forgot the meaning empty box set on my desk. 1. A. warning 2. A. modestly 3. A. popular 4. A. expressing 5. A. would 6. A. argument 7. A. relief 8. A. searched 9. A. Holding 10. A. cheap 11. A. as 12. A. from B. ringing B. naturally B. upset B. delivering B. should B. excitement B. return B. found B. Handing B. empty B. until B. behind C. calling C. inaccurately C. special C. wearing C. might C. movement C. vain C. raised C. Sending C. useless C. because C. over D. yelling

D. inappropriately D. funny D. sharing D. could D. judgment D. control D. pulled D. Leaving D. improper D. though D. towards

【参考答案】参考答案 1-5BDCCA

6-10 BADBB

11-12 AB

完形填空。请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选 项。 My parents had always prepared for hurricanes. It is what 1 people do in Florida because

“you never know”. For us, that 2 a white metal cabinet (储藏柜) in our utility room (杂用 间) filled with cans of food. We could 3 eat anything out of the cabinet because “you never know” when a hurricane will come. As a kid, I was 4 about the white cabinet. I thought it was kind of strange to have food in the me from opening the door to glance inside. for the northern part of Florida.

utility room. But, one look from my mother 5

One year, Channel 4 reported that Hurricane Dora was 6 Soon the storm got

7 and the wind blew. Then, the tall pine trees started to sway. And, over or crash down on anything in their way”. We were lucky, as

by “sway”, I meant “ 8 the 9

went other directions and didn’t take our power out. I figured it was time to

However, when my mother started cooking, the power was out. 10 crack open that white cabinet. But, Dad thought it was time to 11 where it was raining and windy. To this day, I never 12

up the charcoal grill outside

a man’s love for his grill.

Our power came back for a while. So, my mother began cooking everything she could and 13 it away, to the neighbors, to friends without power, to anyone who was 14 up. I was

hoping that the fried chicken was going to find its way to our

15 . But, it didn’t. And, just as the

last of the food was sent out and she began to work on our dinner, yes, we lost our 16 . It was time for 20 minutes’ eggs on the grill. Oh, the white metal cabinet. No. We never 17 it. And, for years I 18 just the 19 it. We weren’t “that bad off” as I understand

how bad off we would have to be to eat out of that cabinet. Perhaps it was we wanted a can of

of it, the thought that it was there watching our backs 20

beans or some potted meat. I don’t know if that was what was in there. Anyway, I never looked inside. 1. A. brave 2. A. said 3. A. forever 4. A. doubtful 5. A. banned 6. A. reaching 7. A. round 8. A. fall B. serious B. meant B. always B. concerned B. kept B. looking B. down B. trip C. generous C. showed C. never C. anxious C. defended C. heading C. far C. fly D. smart D. presented D. ever D. curious D. protected D. going D. close D. tip

9. A. walls 10. A. Yet 11. A. start 12. A. question 13. A. putting 14. A. full 15. A. cupboard 16. A. food 17. A. opened 18. A. examined 19. A. purpose 20. A. wherever

B. poles B. Otherwise B. use B. mention B. turning B. well B. room B. power B. locked B. analyzed B. problem B. whenever

C. trees C. Nevertheless C. break C. investigate C. giving C. high C. bed C. water C. fixed C. wondered C. thought C. however

D. bushes D. So D. hold D. appreciate D. clearing D. hard D. table D. money D. cleaned D. imagined D. conclusion D. whatever

【参考答案】完形填空 1—10、D B C 11—15、A A D B C D A C D

























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