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【金版学案】2014-2015学年高中英语 Unit 5 第二学时 Learning about Language练习 新人教版必修3

第二学时 Learning about Language Ⅰ.根据所给的中文填上有关的单词或短语 1.My son spent hours________(闲谈)on the phone to their friends last night. 答案:chatting 2.As a child I was________(包围) by love and kindness. 答案:surrounded 3.We must take preventive________(措施) to reduce crime. 答案:measures 4.Is it________(在……之内) walking distance? 答案:within 5.The large garden is________(毗邻) by a stream. 答案:bordered 6.How many________(洲) are there on the earth? -1- 答案:continents 7.The nurse weighed me and________(量度) my height. 答案:measured 8.The________(风景) was beautiful beyond description. 答案:scenery 9.All the passengers________(在船上)fell into the river. 答案:aboard 10.The final score of the match was 93∶94.We were________(稍微)beaten. 答案:slightly 11.我们设法及时赶到机场。 We________________to the airport in time. 答案:managed to get 12.与其说她美不如说她迷人。 She is charming____________beautiful. 答案:rather than 13.他发现阴暗处有一个黑影。 He________________a dark figure in the shadow. -2- 答案:caught sight of 14.他们终于定下心来开始讨论主要问题。 They finally____________to a discussion of the main issue. 答案:settled down 15.她对音乐有天赋。 She____________________music. 答案:has a gift for Ⅱ.用括号给出的单词的适当形式填空 1.When asked, she________(confirmation) that she was going to retire. 答案:confirmed 2.He left as a poor, working-class boy and returned as a________(wealth) man. 答案:wealthy 3.Instead of stopping to speak, she passed by with only a________(distance) nod. 答案:distant -3- 4.The population of Canada is________(slight)over thirty million. 答案:sli

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