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Part Ⅰ:Public Heroes Part Ⅱ: Outstanding Heroes

Lead In
Let’s see some pictures ,then answer the following questions:
Who is the hero in your heart? Why do you think he (she) is your hero?

What special qualities do heroes have?

Qi Ji guang

National Hero
Zheng Cheng gong

Sun Zhong shan

Lin Ze xu

Picture Ⅱ:

Anti-Japanese Hero

Picture Ⅲ

Historic Hero

Li shimin

Liu bang

Liu che

Ying zheng

Picture Ⅳ

Modern Hero

Bai fangli

Zhu guangya

Wu juping

Ren changxia

Picture Ⅴ

Space Hero

Picture Ⅵ:

Olympic Hero

Picture Ⅶ:


Eternal monument

Think about it…
? In your mind, what kind of people are heroes? soldiers? policemen? sports stares? film stares...... ? Is your hero a she or he? ? Is your he/she a real person or a fiction? ? Is she or he from China? ? Is he/she our contemporary? ? Is he/she still alive? ? ………..

After seeing these pictures ,What’s the feeling in your deep heart?

? Everyone may honor a person deep in their heart. He maybe just an ordinary person who is around you everyday. She maybe a great dancer who is famous both home and abroad. No matter who , We just want to know why she is the outstanding hero in your mind .

? Who is the hero in your heart? ? Why do you think he (she) is your hero? ? What special qualities do heroes have?


Public Heroes


Action Ⅰ:Survey for the teacher

Made by: Bai xiaoyan Tian fenglan

Action Ⅱ:Survey for the student

Made by: Wei Lei Song Rui

Action Ⅲ:Survey for the worker

Made by: Zhang ruimin Lv jiali

Action Ⅳ:Survey on the internet

Made by: Li Tong Zhang Di

survey on the internet

survey on the internet
? Everyone has a hero in their heart, Here are two students, they are talking about their hero. Let’s listen to the video:

Share a song with you
? Hero(Mariah Carey) 的中文歌词 There's a hero 有一位英雄 If you look inside your heart 如果你探寻内心 You don't have to be afraid? 你不必害怕 Of what you are自己是什么 There's an answer 有一种答案 If you reach into your soul 如果你深入自己的灵魂 And the sorrow that you know 你所经历的痛苦 Will melt away将随之消散 And then a hero comes along 会有一位英雄向你走来 With the strength to carry on 带着继续奋斗的力量 And you cast your fears aside 你会把恐惧抛开 And you know you can survive 你知道自己能挺过来 So when you feel like hope is gone 所以当你感到希望似乎破灭 Look inside you and be strong 审视自己,保持坚强 And you'll finally see the truth 最终你将明白 That a hero lies in you 英雄气魄就在你身上 It's a long road 漫漫长路 When you face the world alone 当你独自面对世界 No one reaches out a hand 没有人伸出手 For you to hold 让你握住 You can find love 你一定能找到爱 If you search within yourself 如果能在自己身上找到勇气 And the emptiness you felt 你曾感到的空虚 Will disappear 将会消失 Lord knows 上天知道 Dreams are hard to follow 梦想难以追求 But don't let anyone 但是别让任何人 Tear them away 把它们打消 Hold on坚持住 There will be tomorrow还有明天 In time最终 You'll find the way你会找到自己的路

? I think everyone can be a hero, I also hope that I can become a hero. That does not mean powerful force. But to be a man who is comply with his own commitment. I believe I will succeed.

? Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary。

Outstanding Heroes
Let’s divide it into four parts Please look:

Outstanding Heroes
? Outstanding heroes of ancient China. ? Outstanding heroes of modern China. ? Outstanding heroes in the foreign ancient history. ? Outstanding heroes in the foreign modern society.

The hero in ancient China.
Made by: Wei Lei Song Rui



花 木 兰

Some pictures about Hua MuLan

An Introduction about Hua MuLan

Hua Mulan is a heroine who took the place of her father and joined the army, described in a famous Chinese poem known as the Ballad of Mulan. It is unknown whether the story has any factual basis. The poem was written during the Northern Wei dynasty,and first recorded in the Musical Records of Old and New from Southern and Northern Dynasties. According the description of the Ballad of Mulan, the khan of Northern dynasty ordered to recruit for the army to ward off incursions by the Rouran nomads. Her father need to perform obligation. Howere,her father is so old that he could not bear suffering from the bitterness, and she hasn’t an elder brother to go and fight. So Mulan decided to disguised herself into a man to join the army instead of her father.

Many years later, the battle was over. In view of her military exploit , the Khan of Northern dynasty offered Mulan a high official position, but she turned down the position to return to her family. She made up herself after coming back home. When her former comrades visited her at home, they were shocked to see her dressed as a woman. Hua Mulan has been highly respected as a filial daughter by the Chinese people for hundreds of years, even though her story might be no more than a legend. In 1998, her story was adapted for an animated cartoon in a Disney amusement center in the United States, and in 2009,it was also be made into a movie 《MuLan》,both of them were very popular in the world.

This article is about the 1998 Disney animated film. For the legendary Chinese heroine, see Hua Mulan. For other uses, see Mulan (disambiguation).

Mulan is a 1998 American animated musical comedy-drama film directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook, with story by Robert D. San Souci and screenplay by Rita Hsiao, Philip LaZebnik, Chris Sanders, Eugenia Bostwick-Singer, and Raymond Singer. It was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures on June 19, 1998. Ming-Na, Eddie Murphy, Miguel Ferrer and BD Wong star in the English version, while Jackie Chan provided his voice for the Chinese dubs of the film. The 36th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics, and a part of the Disney Renaissance, the film is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan.

The Film 《MuLan》
Directed by:Ma Chucheng (马楚成) Organized by:Zhang Ting(张 挺) Making by:Song Guacheng(宋 光成) The protagonists:Zhao Wei(赵 薇) Chen Kun (陈昆)

Why We Say MuLan is a hero?
? ? ? ? ? She is filial(孝顺的) She is brave. She is intelligent. She did great contributions to her country. She has the courage to overcome the difficulties.

Qin Shihuang, named Own, eliminate after six countries, the unification of China, said that the first emperor, the founding emperor of the Qin dynasty.

Established a centralized system ———The political Unified currency ———The economy Unified words ———The culture Beat the buns, built the Great wall ———The military

Politicians of the western han dynasty ,Zhu fuyan said , “the qin emperor swallowed up the six countries, unified the whole country , the credit of three generation.(吞并六国,统一天下,功齐三代)

One of the thinkers in the late Qing dynasty Zhang taiyan said ,“although four or three emperors, six or five emperors , also have not enough credit compare with the Qin Shihuang. (虽四 三皇,六五帝,曾不足比隆也)

Alhtough Qin dynasty just stretch 15 years, but his govern mode had been stretch. He is the designer to the Zhong Guo feudal monarchy. He had over come all the emperor of the history of China.

people always compare Qin Shihuang with Napolé onBonaparte、Caesar 。The Roman empire and the Qin dynasty had the nearly the population、land area ,but Qin dynasty had a langer dominate than Roman empire. So in every the world emperor list, the Qin Shihuang have the hightest position.

The Qin Shihuang opened our country a new beginning. If we don’t have Qin Shihuang ,our unification will be delay one、two、or three years or langer. After unified the country , he haven’t enjoy playing every day, but proceed a series of economy 、political and culture .let the Chinese history have a essence change. I think the Qin Shihuang match up this call ‘hero’.

The hero in modern China.
Made by: Li Tong Zhang Di

? Renchangxia is the director of S Dureau in Denfeng ,Henan provience.she is the representatives of justice. she is always against the evil and determined to root out corruption. She cares about whoever is in need and helps them out of hot water. She devotes herself to her work till the end of her life. ? As a result, she gets respect from her citizens.

? Tianshiguo’s mother was

disagnosed with uremia. His heart seemed to be pierced into pieces at the first sight of his sick mother. when he hurried went back home from Guangzhou.As his sister was pregnant, and his father is too old to take care of himself. Tianshiguo decided to donated part of his kidney to his mother. It is so considerate of him to keep his mother from the fact that it was he who donated part of his kidney to her. ? Tianshiguo won the recognition from the nation and moved the nation to tears.

? Xubenyu graduated from Central China Agricultural University in 2003.After graduation,he got the chance for further education abroad.To everyone’s aurprised,he went to the poor area teaching. His behavior touched the government, so, the government supported his living there. However, he set aside half of the money for those children who couldn’t afford the school fees. ? Xubenyu concentrates on voluntary activities. He reminds the government of education in poor areas.

What would we describe as true heroes of modern China?

? A hero should have a brave heart to conquer all the difficult things. ? A hero should be selflessness. ? A hero is a person who is willing to devote himself to the great work. ? A hero is also an ordinary person who make himself out of common.

The hero in the foreign ancient history.
Made by: Zhang ruimin Lv jiali


Shakespeare, the great English Renaissance dramatist, poet, the European Renaissance humanism literature master.

? Although Shakespeare's writing in English, he's a real world famous figures. English is not a world language, but it more than any other languages are closer to the language of the world. And Shakespeare's works have been translated into many kinds of literature, many countries have read his book, put on his plays.


Four tragedies

《哈姆雷特》(Hamlet)《奥 赛罗》(Othello)《麦克白》 (Macbeth)《李尔王》 (King Lear)

Four comedies
《威尼斯商人》(The Merchant of venice)、《仲夏夜之梦》(A Midsummer Night's Dream)、《皆大欢 喜》(As You Like It)、《第十二夜》 (Twelfth Night)


The First Period(1590-1600)
Mainly to writing historical drama, comedy and poetry, his poems were published during his lifetime. There are 9 historical drama,10 comedies and 2 tragedies.
《亨利六世》 《理查三世》《理查二世》《亨利四世》 (上、下篇与《亨利五世》 These historical drama summarized in British history over a hundred years of unrest, created a series of positive, negative image reflects the monarch, Shakespeare against the feudal rule, centralist, condemned the tyrant and tyranny, requirements of enlightened monarch top-down reform, humanism political and moral ideal to establish harmonious social relationships.

The second period(1601-1607)
In tragedy, wrote 3 Rome drama, 5 tragedies and 3 "dark comedy" or "problem play".
Four major tragedy "Hamlett", "Osero", "King Lear", "Macbeth" and "the tragedy Timon of Athens" marks the era, the life of in-depth thinking, to shape the new era of the tragic hero: they woke up from the Middle Ages imprisonment and Meng Mei, in the dawn light, aspiring to develop or improve themselves, but cannot overcome the era and its limitations, and finally in the same environment and inner hostile forces in the power struggle, was the inevitable failure and sacrifice.
四大悲剧《哈姆雷特》、《奥赛罗》、《李尔王》、《麦克白》 和悲剧《雅典的泰门》标志着作者对时代、人生的深入思考,着 力塑造了这样一些新时代的悲剧主人公:他们从中世纪的禁锢和 蒙昧中醒来,在近代黎明照耀下,雄心勃勃地想要发展或完善自 己,但又不能克服时代和自身的局限,终于在同环境和内心敌对 势力的力量悬殊斗争中,遭到不可避免的失败和牺牲。

The third period(1608-1613) Inclined to compromise and fantasy comedy or drama
The main work is the 4 part of tragedy and comedy or drama "Prince Tell with Chris,"《泰尔 亲王配力克里斯》 Xin Bailin 》《辛白林》"the winter's tale", 《冬天的故事》 "the storm"《暴风雨》. These works were reunited, write, framed, redress. Although still adhere to the ideals of humanism, the reality of darkness has been revealed, but resolve the contradictions mainly by magic, fantasy, coincidence and accident, and to promote forgiveness, tolerance, compromise, settlement.

主要作品是4部悲喜剧或传奇剧《泰尔亲王配力克里斯》、《辛白林》、《冬天的故 事》、《暴风雨》。这些作品多写失散、团聚、诬陷、昭雪。尽管仍然坚持人文主义 理想,对黑暗现实有所揭露,但矛盾的解决主要靠魔法、幻想、机缘巧合和偶然事件, 并以宣扬宽恕、容忍、妥协、和解告终。

Shakespeare's sonnet is the main melody writing love, friendship, expression of the poet's life ideal

?True to yourself, don‘t cheat to others.对自

?Cowards before death, he has been dead many times; bravewarrior life only die once, in all strange things, the people‘s fear of death is one of the most strange things.懦夫在死之

前,就已经死了好多次,勇士一生只死一次, 在一切怪事中,人们的贪生怕死就是一件最奇 怪的事情。
?To be or not to be .That is a question.

?Shakespeare is not only a master of language, and of human nature, the power and the people in the pursuit of power interaction caused by conflict, struggle, and in the process of killing and so on, also has a very deep vivid pen and the profound meticulous thinking, and even the understanding of human psychology, and more importantly a passion and dedication, pursuit of art in its limited during understanding. Shakespeare's life, all in the anatomy of the human nature, by its the art creation
莎士比亚不仅是语言大师,且对人性、权力和人在追求权力过程中互动所 产生的冲突、斗争和撕杀等,也有极深刻的认识。 莎翁的一生,都在剖 析人性,通过其生花妙笔和其深远细致的思想,乃至对人类心理学的理解, 和更重要的是一种追求艺术的热情和执着,在其有限的艺术创造期间

?"His work is based on a wide range of life, so his pen at the end of everything made us feel authentic. There have been hinted that he does not belong to is called 'romantic' the category of modern poet, but 'naturalistic' schools, because his work is full of modern real, in addition to his most poignant, rarely touch the passion caused by attempted aspiration." -------Engels
“他的作品是建立在广泛的生活基础上的,因此他笔底产生的每一 样东西都使我们感到真实可信。曾经有人暗示过,他并不属于被 称作‘浪漫主义的’现代诗人的范畴,而属于‘自然主义的’流 派,因为他的作品充满着近代的真实,除了在他最高亢的时候, 很少触及未遂愿望而引起的激情。” --------恩格 斯

?"If we say that one person out of me mind was a solemn scene: tall sitting on top of a rock! He was at the foot of the storm during a thunderstorm and the sea roared; but his head been clear sky shining ! Well, Shakespeare is one such! - but of course have to add that of the throne of his rock bottom, there are a lot of people whispered spoken, they have to explain him, save him, and sentenced to the charges against him for his defense, worship him, slandered him, and translated him, slander him, and he has a bit of their words can not hear! "
- Herder 、“如果说,有一个人使我心里浮现出这样一个庄严场面:高高地坐 在一块岩石顶上!他脚下风暴雷雨交加,海在咆哮;但他的头部却被 明朗的天空照耀着!那么,莎士比亚就是这样!--只是当然还得补 充这一点,他的岩石宝座的最下面,有一大堆人在喃喃细语,他们在 解释他,拯救他,判他的罪名,为他辩护,崇拜他,诬蔑他,翻译他, 诽谤他,而他对他们的话却一点儿也听不见!” ——赫尔德

?Shakespeare is a great miracle in human cultural history, the drama is a huge and amazing art treasure house, is the European theater, the second peak in the history of great representatives. His work published up to now, the all previous dynasties scholars, commentators, writers such as extensive and in-depth research and evaluation.
莎士比亚是人类文化史上的一个伟大奇迹,其戏剧作品是一座巨大而神奇的艺术 宝库,是欧洲戏剧发展史上第二个高峰的伟大代表。他的作品问世至今,获得了 历代学者、评论家、作家等的广泛而深入地研究和评价。

The hero in the foreign modern society.
Made by: Bai xiaoyan Tian fenglan

Barack Obama 44th president of the United States The first black president in American history

Basic Information
Full name:Barack Hussein Obama Jr Parties:Democratic Party Height:186cm Birthday:August 4, 1961 Birthplace:Honolulu, HI Place of residence: Chicago, Illinois


Victory speech
If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time who still questions the power of our democracy tonight is your answer.

Obama's family

Obama's book
Harvard Law Review

The Audacity of Hope
Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

A Story of Race and Inheritance

Dreams from my Father

Margaret Hilda Thatcher

? In October 13, 1925, Margaret Hilda Thatcher was born in England city of Grantham Lincolnshire a grocery store merchant family. she was educated at the local grammar school, and at Oxford, where she obtained a degree in chemistry, and was president of the Conservative Association(保守党协会主席) .

? Take market economy The end of the Cold War

What is on earth a hero?
Brave? Humorous? Energetic? Powerful? Great?....


Then what is the essential elements to make a hero?

? In the first place, a hero should have a brave heart to conquer any frustration he may encounter. It is not about how much difficulties and how hard the tasks are. It means he should always believe in his own brief and believe in himself that someday he will surely over come all the bad things in his life. It means persistence. ? Secondly, a hero should be willing to help others, and determined to change the world into a better place. He should be thoughtful to the people around. And when disadvantaged groups are treated unfair, he will have enough courage to speak for them. In other words, a hero should care for the society. ? Last but not the least, hero would not be afraid to sacrifice his own interests. When he falls into a dilemma, he would preferentially concern about benefits of the majority.



HERO 工艺介绍 HERO 工艺介绍 HERO 专利技术 HERO 高效反渗透技术于 1995 年研发成功。 在过去的十一年里, 广泛用于全世界不同 行业超过 150 多个水处理项目中...

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玛丽亚凯莉 hero歌词翻译

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