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新人教版必修五 Unit 4 Making the news-Language points[课件]

? Explanations of Reading

Revision:Fill in blanks
To the reporters,it’s ____________for them to take a unnecessary camera because they have professional photographers ______________________ curious with them. The reporters should be ________ and they nose must have a _____ for a story.They know how to acquire _______the information they need.While interviewing, they won’t be rude they won’t talk too much themselves _______,___________________________, and they listen to the answers carefully __________________________________. They will listen to the _______ facts and ask new questions.There detailed is a trick of the______,that is ,with the permission of the trade interviewer, they would use small recorders which ____________ support could keep the evidence to help __________their story.

Guess the meaning of these expressions on P28: cover a story have a “nose” for a story a trick of the trade get the fact straight get the wrong end of the stick how the story goes a real “scoop”

? cover a story

to report on an important event

? have a “nose” for be able to tell a story whether is a true story ? a trick of the trade clever ways known to experts ? get the fact to present ideas straight fairly

? get the wrong not to understand end of the stick properly ? how the story goes ? a real “scoop”
this is the story a piece of hot news

1.Words and expressions:
1) occupation n 职业

occupation, job, work, profession 辨析 “工作” 工作”
occupation 较为正式,经常用在填写表格上。 较为正式,经常用在填写表格上。 job是可数名词,可指一个单独任务,也可指工作职位 是可数名词, 是可数名词 可指一个单独任务, work是不可数名词,泛指一切工作。 是不可数名词, 是不可数名词 泛指一切工作。 profession一般指需要专门技能,尤指需要较高教育水 一般指需要专门技能, 一般指需要专门技能 受过专门训练的某一行业, 平,受过专门训练的某一行业,如医生或律师等。 受过专门训练的某一行业 如医生或律师等。

Practice: 选词填空 ( occupation, job, profession, work )

occupation a. Please state your name,age and_________ below. jobs b. I have a few _____ to do in the house this morning. work c. Looking after children all day is hard____ d. My husband is at the very top of profession medical____________ .

2) Only when you have seen what he or she does, can you cover a story by yourself.只有等你见习了 只有等你见习了 他们的工作之后,你才能独自去进行新闻采访。 他们的工作之后,你才能独自去进行新闻采访。 cover 和 interview 的辨析: 的辨析: cover 意为“采访”、“报道”,宾语往往为 意为“采访” 报道” 意为“采访” 事。interview 意为“采访”,宾语往往 为人。 为人。 选词填空: interview 选词填空:( cover, interview ) a) I want to ________ him about his research work. cover b) The best reporters were sent to _______ the war.

Only when you have seen what he or she does, can you cover a story by yourself. Only 引导的状语(从句)在句首时,句子要倒装 引导的状语(从句)在句首时,句子要倒装。 Only when they got back home did they find the house had been broken into. Only in this way can we improve our English. Only at the end of the term did they realized how much time they had wasted. Only here can you get what you what.

Multiple choice: 1. Only with him ____ like to talk. A A. would she B. she would C. she D. is she 2. Only by means of repeated practice ____ D improve your oral English. A. you can B. did you C. you D. can you

Complete sentences: can you open the door. 1. Only with a proper key, __________________. (你才能打开门 你才能打开门) 你才能打开门 2. Only when you’ve done your homework, may/can you go to play basketball. ____________________________. (你才可以去玩篮球 (你才可以去玩篮球) 你才可以去玩篮球) 3. Only after he had done some reading, __________________________. did he go to do some washing. (他才去洗衣服 他才去洗衣服) 他才去洗衣服

3) NO need for a camera! 不需要带相机! 不需要带相机! no need…是句型 是句型There is no need …的省略形 是句型 的省略形 后面可以接for sth 或( for sb ) to do 式,need 后面可以接 作后置定语。 作后置定语。 介词填空: 介词填空: for a) There is no need ______ that sort of thing. to b) There is no need ______ hurry; we still have time. for c) There is no need ______ you to worry about the matter.

4) concentrate vt. to give all one’s attention to sth and not to think about anything else.集中 集中 to come or bring together at one place 聚集 专注于( ※ concentrate on (doing) sth 专注于(做)某事 ※concentrate one’s effort/attention on sth 集中 力量/注意力于某事 力量 注意力于某事 专心; ※ concentration n. 专心;聚集


完成句子: 完成句子: a. Stop talking and concentrate on your work . ________________________ ( 专心工作 ) concentrate all my efforts on b. I decided to ________________________ ( 全力 以赴 ) finding somewhere to live.

5. Not only am I interested in photography, but I took a course at university, so it’s actually of special interest to me. = I am not only interested in photography, but also I took a photography class at university, so it’s very interesting to me. be of special interest = be very interesting of + n. = adj. be of great use = be very useful be of great importance = be very important Learning English is of great importance. Learning English is very important.

6) meanwhile, during, while 词义辨析 meanwhile意为“同时”,与at the same time 意为“同时” 与 意为 意思相同。意为“期间” 是副词, 意思相同。意为“期间”时,是副词,在 句中单独做状语。 句中单独做状语。 during 意为“在、、、期间”,是介词,后 意为“ 、、、期间 期间” 是介词, 接名词、代词。 接名词、代词。 while 意为“在、、、期间”,是连词,引导 意为“ 、、、期间 期间” 是连词, 时间状语从句。 时间状语从句。

7. Have you ever had a case where somebody accused your reporters of getting the wrong end of the stick ( not to understand properly)? case, occasion, situation, position, point 等名词后 面的定语从句通常用where 引导。 引导。 面的定语从句通常用 1) We have many cases where patients refused to cooperate. 我们有许多病人拒绝合作的案例。 我们有许多病人拒绝合作的案例。 2)生日晚会是你穿晚礼服的场合。 生日晚会是你穿晚礼服的场合。 生日晚会是你穿晚礼服的场合 The birthday party is the occasion where you wear the evening dress.

accuse sb of sth 指控 控告某人某事 指控/控告某人某事 警察指控他杀人。 警察指控他杀人。 The police accused him of murder. remind sb of sth warn sb of sth rob sb of sth A man robbed her of her mobile phone. 8. A footballer was accused of taking money for deliberately not scoring goals so as to let the other team win. = A footballer was accused because he took money and didn’t scored goals on purpose in order to let the other team win.

Multiple choice: D 1. I don’t think anyone can ____ not being honest. A. accuse of B. accuse me C. accuse D. accuse me of 2. He ____ having broken his word. D A. accuse his father B. accuse of C. accused his father D. accused his father of

Complete sentences: of watching TV 1. A neighbor may accuse a man _____________ (看电视) too loudly. accused of 2. He was ___________(指控) stealing a second hand book. do/so as to do/in order to do 表示目的
? In order to catch up with others, Tom works very hard at English. ? To catch up with others, Tom works very hard at English. ? Tom works very hard at English in order / so as / to catch up with others. ? In order not to fall behind others, Tom works very hard at English. ? Tom works very hard at English in order not to / so as not to fall behind others,

? ____ a good knowledge of English, he gave up his job and went to study in an English school. A. So as to require; B. In order to require; C. In order to acquire D. So as to acquire

Homework: Do the exercises on P.28~29& P63~64


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