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《计算机专业英语》第 07 章在线测试
《计算机专业英语》第 07 章在线测试 剩余时间:59:17

答题须知:1、本卷满分 20 分。 2、答完题后,请一定要单击下面的“交卷”按钮交卷,否则无法记录本试卷的成绩。 3、在交卷之前,不要刷新本网页,否则你的答题结果将会被清空。 第一题、单项选择题(每题 1 分,5 道题共 5 分) 1、ADO.NET is the ________ model for .NET-based applications. (data access) A、data mining C、data process B、data achieve D、data access

2、____________, such as those supplied for OLE DB and ODBC, allow you to use data libraries designed for earli er data access technologies. A、Bridge providers C、 B、Native providers D、

3、 __________, such as the SQL Server and Oracle providers, typically offer performance improvements due, in part, to the fact that there is one less layer of abstraction. A、Native providers C、 B、Bridge providers D、

4、if we want to retrieve data from the database with SQL,we should use the comand of A、sel_ect C、del_ete B、upd_ate D、ins_ert

5、In SQL,______causes an object (a table, for example) to be created within the database. A、ALTER C、create 第二题、多项选择题(每题 2 分,5 道题共 10 分) 1、Database connection ________ allows an application to reuse an existing connection from a pool instead of repeat edly establishing a new connection with the database. A、pooling B、drop D、TRUNCATE

B、pond C、connection D、link 2、Security is usually enforced through __________________. A、data storing B、auditing C、encryption D、access control E、data retrieving 3、ADO.NET relies on the services of .NET data providers.There are A、Connection B、Command C、DataReader D、Data Adapter 4、The core of SQL is formed by a command language that allows the ________ and performing management and administr ative functions. A、retrieval of data B、ins_ertion of data C、updating of data D、deletion of data E、process of data 5、The types (classes, structs, enums, and so on) associated with each .NET data provider are located in their own namespac es are: A、System.Data.SqlClient. Contains the SQL Server .NET Data Provider types. B、System.Data.OracleClient. Contains the Oracle .NET Data Provider

C、System.Data.OleDb. Contains the OLE DB .NET Data Provider types. D、System.Data.Odbc. Contains the ODBC .NET Data Provider types. E、System.Data. Contains provider-independent types such as the DataSet and DataTable. 第三题、判断题(每题 1 分,5 道题共 5 分) 1、A computer database relies upon DBMS to organize the storage of data. 正确 错误

2、All of these databases can not take advantage of indexing to increase their speed. 正确 错误

3、Database security denotes the system, processes, and procedures that protect a database software from unintended activit y. 正确 4、Enforcing security is one of the major tasks of the DBA. 正确 5、a relational database is just only a collection of relations. 正确 错误 错误 错误




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