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ving做定语和状语 (自动保存的)

Module 4 Unit4 Body language---Grammar 学案
Time:2013/11/6 CLASS:_____________ NAME:_______________ 一、复习导入 判断 V-ing 形式在句子中所做的成分 1. Coming late for school is a bad habit. ( ) 2.We should avoid coming late for school. ( ) 3.The bad weather keeps the flight coming late. ( ) 4.They are exciting. ( ) 5.After half an hour of waiting for their flight to arrive, I saw several young people enter the waiting area looking around curiously. ( ) 6.When Darlene Coulon from France came dashing through the door, she recognized Tony Garcia’s smiling face. ( ) 二、动词--ing 形式作定语和状语 v-ing 形式作定语,相当于形容词 前置定语: ving(一个单词)+ n a listening child = a child who is listening a walking stick= a stick for walking. ( an interesting book ( ) 1.表示正在进行 2.表示功能用途

后置定语: n + ving 短语(大于一个单词) ( ) 3.表示性质 )

V-ing 形式作状语 I.v-ing 形式作状语,相当于副词 1. 现在分词作状语时, ving 的主语必须为 e. g. Hearing the bell, the students began to enter the classroom. 听见铃声, 学生们开始走进教室。 (hear 的主语为 the students) 2.现在分词在句中作状语, 修饰谓语动词或整个句子, 表示动作发生的原因、 时间、 方式、 结果、 条件、伴随状况等。现在分词一般不用作表目的地状语(通常用不定式表目的地状语)。 1)表时间状语 When I was walking in the street, I came across an old friend of mine. = (When) walking in the street, I came across an old friend of mine. While he was waiting for the bus,he read a copy of China Daily. =_______________________________________________, he read a copy of China Daily. 2) 表原因状语 As he was ill, he didn’t go to school. =Being ill, he didn’t go to school. Since you are a student, you should study hard.=__________________________, you should study hard. Because I thought he might be at home, I called him.=_________________________________, I called him. 3)表方式、伴随情况的状语: He sat on the sofa, and watched TV.=He sat on the sofa, watching TV. 他们笑着谈着走进了教室。_____________________ , they went into the classroom. 他斜靠(lean)着墙站着。He stood______(lean)against the wall.=He stood and _______ against the wall. 4) 表结果 Her mother died in 1990, and left her with her younger brother. =Her mother died in 1990, leaving her with her younger brother. 全国到处在传唱这首歌曲, 使它成了一首最受欢迎的歌曲。 The song is sung all over the country,________________________________.

5) 表条件 If you use your head, you will find a way. =Using your head, you will find a way. 一直往前走, 你就会看到一座白色地房子。______________, you will see a white house. 6) 与逻辑主语构成独立主格: I waiting for the bus, a bird fell on my heard.我等汽车时,一只鸟落到我头上。 All the tickets having been sold out, they went away disappointedly. 所有的票已经卖光了,他们失望地离开了。 Time permitting, we'll do another two exercises.如果时间允许, 我们将做另两个练习。 有时也可用 with (without) +名词(代词宾格) +分词形式。 With the lights burning, he fell asleep. 他点着灯睡着了。 ________________________(水流着), he turned back and just walked away. 7)作独立成分: 与全句没有语法关系的句子成分叫做句子的独立成分。 Judging from (by) his appearance, he must be an actor. 从外表看, 他一定是个演员。 Practice: 1)Multiple choice 1. It rained heavily in the south,__________ serious flooding in several provinces. A. caused B. having caused C. causing D. to cause 2._________ at my classmates' faces, I read the same excitement in their eyes. A. Looking B. Look C. To look D. Looked 3. The retired man donated most of his savings to the school damaged by the earthquake in Yushu ,________the students to return to their classrooms. A. enabling B. having enabled C. to enable D. to have enabled 4 The lady walked around the shops, _______ an eye out for bargains. A keep B kept C keeping D to keep 5. Lots of rescue workers were working around the clock,_________ supplies to Yushu, Qinghai province after the earthquake. A. sending B. to send C. having sent D. to have sent 6. He had a wonderful childhood, _______with his mother to all corners of the world. A. travel travel. C. traveled D. traveling 7. Dina,________ for months to find a job as a waitress, finally took a position at a local advertising agency. A. struggling B. struggled C. having struggled D. to struggle 8. The lawyer listened with full attention,_______ to miss any point. A.not trying B.trying not try not D.not to try 9. The news shocked the public, _______to great concern about students’ safety at school. A. having led B. led C. leading D. to lead 10. —Come on, please give me some ideas about the project. —Sorry. With so much work __________ my mind, I almost break down. A. filled B. filling C. to fill D. being filled 2) Proofreading 1. Having not seen the film, I can’t tell you what I think of it. 2. The men worked for extra hours got an extra pay. 3. Seen from the top of the hill, we find the city more beautiful. 4. Generally speak, facial expressions are helpful communications, too. 5. “Can’t you read?” the man said, angrily pointed to the notice on the wall. 6. Knocking at the door before entering, please. 7. European football is played in 80 countries, made it the most popular sport in the world.



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