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-高中英语语法强化训练(非谓语动词续) ( )1.European football is played in 80 countries ,______it the most popular sport in the world A. making B, makes C. made D to make ( )2The managers discussed the plan tha

t they would like to see ______the next year . A. carry out B. carrying out C. carried out D. to carry out ( )3.The purpose of new technologies is to make life easier, _______it more difficult. A. not make B. not to make C. not making D. don’t make ( )4.When I got back home I saw a message pinned to the door ______,Sorry to miss you; will call later. A. read B. reads C. to read D. reading D. expects D. having it done ( )5.I’v worked with children before ,so I know what ______in my new job. A. expected B. to expect C. to be expecting A. have it do B. have it done C. have done it A. his not allowing ( )6.A computer does only what thinking people _______. ( )7.What worried the child most was ____to visit his mother in the hospital . B. his not being allowed C. his being not allowed D. having not been allowed ( ) 8.Cleaning woman in big cities usually get ______by the hour. A. pay B. paying C. paid D. to pay ( )9.They are not very good, but we like_______. A. anyway to play basketball with them B. to play basketball with them anyway C. to play with them basketball anyway D. with them to play basketball anyway ( )10 He sent me an e-mail ,_______to get further information. A. hoped B hoping C. to hope D. hope ( )11._____in 1636, Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States. A. Being rounded B it was founded C. Founded D. Founding ( )12,The ____boy was last seen ______near the East Lake. A. missing, playing B. missing, play C missed ,played D missed ,to play ( )13.Tony was very unhappy for _______ to the party. A. having not been invited B. not having invited C. having not invited D not having been invited ( )14.-Does your brother intend to study German? Yes ,he intends ________. A. / B. to C. so D. that B. treating badly C. to be treated badly D. to have been badly treated

( )15.He claimed _______in the supermarket when he was doing shopping yesterday. A. being badly treated

( )16.To fetch water before breakfast seemed to me a rule________. A. to never A. only to realize A. to have studied A. ( B never to be broken B. realizing B. to study C. never to have broken D. never to be breaking D. realized ( )17.She asked me to help her, _____that she couldn’t move the heavy suitcase alone C. having been realized ( )18.Robert is said _______abroad, but I don’t know which country he studied in . C. to be study D to have been studying ( )19.-Let me tell you something about the journalists. Don’t you remember ______me the story yesterday? told B. telling C .to tell A. to be chosen D. to have told C. to choose D. for choosing )20,There are five pairs ______,but I’m at a loss which to buy. B. to choose from

( )21-Mum ,why do you always make me eat an egg every day? -______enough protein A. Get B Getting and nutrition as you are growing up. C To get D. To be going B. 20 dollars to remain D. remaining20 dollars

( )22 .The lady said she would buy a gift for her daughter with the_____. A.20 dollars remained C. remained 20 dollars

( )23.Will those ____the children from abroad come to the headmaster’s office? A. teaching B. teach C. who teaches D. who teaching ( )24.While building a tunnel through the mountains,________. A. an underground lake was discovered B. there was an underground lake discovered C. a lake was discovered underground D. the workers discovered an underground lake ( ) 25.I meant ____,but when I was leaving I couldn’t find her anywhere. A. to do B. to C. doing D doing to ( )26._____more time, he’ll make a first-class tennis player. A. Having given B. To give C. Giving D. Given ( )27. Do you have any letters ______ today? -I had my son _______it this morning .Thank you anyway. A. post , to post B. posting ,post C. being posting , posted D. to be post ,post D. to learn ,to travel ( )28.He went to American _____some English as well as ____. A. learning ,to travel A. to invite A. to send B. learning, traveling C. to learn, travel C. to have invited D. to be invited C. to send it to D. for sending it to ( )29.The party was a success ,but we thought it a pity not ______you. B. to be inviting B. for sending it ( )30.When I handed the report to John , he said that George was the person______. ( )31Once your business becomes international, _____constantly will be part of your life. A. your fly B. your flight C. fight D. flying

( )32― Can you read ?‖Mary said ____to the notice. A. angrily pointing A. to take ,having A. to be painted ( ( B. and point angrily C. angrily pointed D. and angrily pointing B. taking, to have B. painted C. to paint D. such, as to C. to have been lived D. to live C. to take, to have D. taking, having ( )33. At first he didn’t mean _______ part, but he couldn’t resist ______a try. ( )34.The walls of the rooms are said ___white in no time. D. having been painted )35.We are not _____fools _____believe what he says. A. such, as B. so, to C. such, who are A. to be living B. to have lived )36.The old man seems ______here for more than twenty years.

( )37The explosion sent us ______in all directions. A. run B. running C to run D. ran ( )38.I regret _____you that we are unable to offer you employment . A. to have inform A. questioned A. Taken A. having A. is B. having inform C. to inform D. informing ( )39.Did you see that boy _______by the police over there. B. to be questioned C. being questioned D. questioning ( )40.______everything into consideration ,they ought to be given another chance. B. Taking C. To take D. Having taken B. to hurry C. to be hurried D being hurried ( )41.There’s no need _______.We have got plenty of time. ( )42.-What’s the chance of there _____an election this year?- I have no idea. B .to be C. being D. be C. carefully done D. doing carefully ( )43.If _____,the experiment will be successful. A. carefully doing B . it done carefully ( )44.Good care must ______babies particularly while they are ill. A. take B. taken of C. be taken D. be taken of ( )45.Little Franz thought of nothing but ______football . A. play B. to play C. played ( ( ( ( D. playing )46._____a reply he decided to write again. A. Not receiving B. Receiving C. Not having received D. Having not received )47.____to someone , a British person often shakes hands with the stranger. A. Introducing B. To introduce A. having planted B. Planted C. To be introduced D. On being introduced )48.With lots of trees and flowers _____here and there, the city looks very beautiful. C. have been planted D. to be planted )49.Paul can’t attend the party ____at Tom’s house at present because he is preparing for the speech at the party _______at Mary’s house tomorrow. A.being held, to be held B. to be held ,held C. held ,being held D. to be held ,to be held ( )50.-Car 17 won the race.- Yes ,but its driver came close to ________. A. having been killed B. have been killed

C. be killed

D. being killed

( )51.The detective,_____to read a newspaper ,glanced at the man ______next to a woman. A. pretending ,seat B. pretending ,seated C. pretended, seating D. pretended, seated ( )52.-What made you so angry?-_______. A. Tom having been late again C.Tom’s being late again A. to change B.Tom to be late again D.Tom was late again D. it changed

( )53.-Shall we go swimming? –Ok, I’ll just go and get _______. B. changing C. changed ( )54.The way he had the problem _____his ability. A. setting showed A. When asked A. passing B. pass A. to go ,to go today. B. settled showing C. settled showed D. settled showing B. On asking C. On being asked C. was passed D passed D. going ,to go. C. traveling D. his traveling D .When he was asked ( )55.______,his eyes fill with tears again. ( )56The proposal I objected to ________finally last night and I did not feel happy about it . ( )57.There are only 30 seconds ___and we can’t but ____without him. B. to go ,go C. going ,go B. to travel ( )58.John planned _____around Europe on horseback, but his ambition has not been achieved till A. to have traveled ( )59.Tom drank up the whole bottle of milk, _____even a drop to his little brother. A. not leave B. leaving C. not leaving D. not to leave ( )60. When ____behind , the little girl always cries for Mum. A. leaving B. being left C. t leave D. left ( )61 .There _____no buses. we had no choice but _______at a small hotel for the night. A. were ,to stay B. being , to stay C. being ,stay D. were ,stay ( )62._____used to be her job ,but she has now turned_______. A. To teaching ,to advertising B. Teaching, t advertise C. Teaching ,to advertising D. To teach , an advertising ( )63.Rather than _____on a crowed bus, I prefer ____to work every day. A. to ride ,to walk B. riding ,walking C. ride ,to walk A. cut B to be cut C. being cut D. cutting D. to ride, walking ( )64. When I passed the park I saw the grass ______by some workers with lawn movers. ( )65-The project _____for housing development is very important.-I see , but he is sure to work it out on time. A. made B to be made C. making D. having been made ( )66.The boy with leg ______needs ___. A. broken , being looked after C. broken, looking after A. crossed B. breaking, to look after D.breaking ,to be looked after

( )67.I saw him stop off the pavement, ______the road ,and disappear into the post office B. crossing C. cross D. to cross

( )68.Why do you stand and watch the milk _______over.

A. boiling B. boiled C to boil D. being boiled ( )69.-Do you feel like ________there or shall we take a bus. -I’d like to walk . But since there isn’t much time left ,I’d rather you _______a taxi. A. walking, hire A. to shade A. sail B. to walk , hire C. walking ,hired D. to walk. hired D. being shaded ( )70.Do you know the man, with his hand _______his eyes ? B. shading C. Shaded ( )71.I can hardly imagine Peter ______across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. B. to sail C. sailing D. to have sailed B. to be first played C. first playing D. to be first playing ( )72.The Olympic Games, _______in 776 B.C ,did not include women players until 1912. A. first played ( )73. In the past , people used _____that the moon was too far away ________.But now it is possible for man ____there by spaceship. A. to think ,not to reach ,to get think ,to reach ,to get thinking ,to reach ,will get A. staying ,to cry D. thought ,to reach , to get to ( )74.Her son promised _____in the bedroom until the baby stopped_______. B . to stay ,crying C. for staying , to cry D. to stay, to cry B.apologize, that he would call ( )75.I hadn’t expected Robert _____,but I had hoped____. A. to apologize, that he could call apologize, him call me A. very, to see B. well, seeing to apologize ,him to call me C. very ,beginning D. well , to be seen

( )76.I wondered whether the film was _____worth____. ( )77.The man managed to make himself ____with his _____French. A. understood, breaking B. understand ,broken B. C. understand ,breaking D. understood ,broken ( )78.I forbid ____here, Who has permitted you ___ here? A. smoking, to make A. never to drive ( B. smoke ,smoking B . to never drive C. smoking, smoking D. to smoke , smoking D. never drive D. who learns ,to forget ( )79.Mrs Smith warned her daughter ______after drinking. C. never driving C. using ,but )80.A person _____a foreign language most is able to use the language ______all his own. A. learning ,forgetting B. to learn, to forget a ―blue ball‖ A. See ,covered

( ) 81._____from the moon ,our earth ,with water ______seventy percent of its surface, appear as B. Seeing ,covering C. Seen ,covering D. To see, to cover ( )82.As she is looking forward to ______from me ,please remember _______this letter on your way to school. A. hear ,post ( ( B. hearing ,to post C. be heard ,posting D. be hearing, to posting )83.The sentence needs ______. improve B. improve C. improvingD .improved )84.The lecture began with _____us where the island was and went on _____about its history. A. telling ,talking B. to tell ,to talk C. telling , to talk

D. be told ,talking

( )85.After seeing the movie.____.

A.the book was read by him C.he wanted t read the book ( ( ( (

B the book made him want to read it D. the reading of the book interested him C. to have been dead D. dead

)86.He is said _____for five have died B. to die )87.I don’t think it advisable_______. )88 It is foolish ______such a mistake. A. for me to make B. for me making ) 89.-Shall we go skating or stay at home? A. do you rather A. so not as to B. would you rather

A.your studying math B. you to study math C. for you to study math D. of you to study math. C. of me to make D. of me making -Which _______do yourself? C. will you rather D. should you rather D. not so as to

( )90.Tom kept quiet about the accident ___lose his job. B. so as not to C. so as to not ( ( )91.She reached the top the hill and stopped ______on a big rock by the side of the path. A. to have rested B. resting C. to rest D. rest )92.What’s the language ______in Germany? A. speaking B. spoken C. be spoken D. to speak ( )93.-I usually go there by train.-Why not ____by boat for a change? A. to try going B. trying ( C. to try and go D. try going )94.The next morning she found the man ____in bed ,dead. lying B, lie C. lay D. laying A. invited B. to inviting C being invited D. inviting ( )96. – Good morning . Can I help you? -I’d like to have this package ______,madam. A. be weighed A. followed ( B to be weighed C. to weigh B .following D weighed of light ( )97.There was a terrible noise _______the sudden burst

( )95Most of the people _______to the party were famous scientists.

C. to be followed D. being followed B.After my quickly eating dinner -Oh ,I forget____.

)98.____ ,I went to the railway station to see my friend off. A. After eating quickly my dinner C. After eating my dinner quickly D.After eating my quickly dinner


)99.- The light in the office is still on. A. turning it off A. to wash B. turn it off

C. to turn it off D. having turned it off

( )100.John was made ______the truck for a week as a punishment. B. washing C. wash D. to be washing have gone D.having gone C.Being surprised D.To be surprising 1. All the staff in our company are considering __to the city centre for the fashion show. go B.going 2.________ and happy,Tony stood up and accepted the prize. A.Surprising things. argue B.Surprised 3.We often provide our children with toys,footballs or basketballs,___ that all children like these A.thinking B.think B.arguing think D.thought D.having argued

4.Eugene’s never willing to alter any of his opinions.It’s no use ________ with him. C.argued

5.(2006 辽宁,25)I was told that there were about 50 foreign students ________ Chinese in the school,most ____ were from Germany.;of whom;of them C.studying;of them D.studying;of whom 6.If you think that treating a woman well means always ______ her permission for things,think again. A.gets get D.getting 7._____ and I’ll get the work finished. A.Have one more hour B.One more hour C.Given one more hour D.If I have one more hour 8.My cousin came to see me from the country,___ me a full basket of fresh fruits. A.brought trip. B.bringing bring D.had brought 9.he parents suggested ____ in the hotel room but their kids were anxious to camp out during the A.sleep sleep C.sleeping D.having slept A.waited wait C.waiting C.Have C.explain D.wait 10.There are hundreds of visitors ___ in front of the Art Gallery to have a look at Van Gogh’s paintings. 11.It’s necessary to be prepared for a job interview._____ the answers ready will be of great help. A.To have had B.Having had A.explaining explain D.Having D.explained 12.You should understand the traffic rule by now.You’ve had it ____ often enough. 13.He got well-prepared for the job interview,for he couldn’t risk ___ the good opportunity. lose B.losing be lost D.being lost 14.All these gifts must be mailed immediately _____ in time for Christmas. order to have received order to receive as to be received as to be receiving 15.__ in the mountains for a week,the two students were finally saved by the local police. A.Having lost B.Lost find B.finding C.Being lost D.Losing C.found have found make herself hear C.making herself heard make herself heard C.looked D.having looked tell D.telling 16.He hurried to the station only _______ that the train had left. 17.Helen had to shout ____ above the sound of the music. A.making herself hear A.looking look A.having told watch B.tells 18.―We can’t go out in this weather,‖said Bob,________ out of the window. 19.Alice returned from the manager’s office _____ me that the boss wanted to see me at once. 20.According to a recent U.S.survey,children spend up to 25 hours a week ___ TV. watching C.watching C. to hear D. to have heard C. To be attracted D. Having attracted D. having worked 21.I don’t know whether you happen ____,but I’m going to study in the U.S.A. this September. A. to be heard B. to be bearing 22.____ by the beauty of nature,the girl from London decided to spend another two days on the farm. A. Attracting A. to work B. Attracted 23. The old man, ___ abroad for twenty years,is on the way back to his motherland. B. working C. to have worked

24.The news reporters hurried to the airport,only ____ the film stars had left. A. to tell B. to be told C. telling D. told C. Comparing D. When compared 25.___ with the size of the whole earth,the biggest ocean does not seem big at all. A. Compare B. When comparing A. Not completing 26.___ the program,they have to stay there for another two weeks. B. Not completed B.forgot C. Not having completed D. Having not completed C.forgetting forget 27.If you are planning to spend your money having fun this week,better __ it—you’ve got some big bills coming.A. forget B.seating 28. The pilot asked all the passengers on board to remain ______ as the plane was making a C.seated be seating 29. Victor apologized for ________ to inform me of the change in the plan. A.his being not able B.him not to be able C.his not being able D.him to be not able 30. A cook will be immediately fired if he is found ________ in the kitchen. A.smoke B.smoking A.don’t make smoke D.smoked C.not making D.not to make C.Giving D.Given 31.The teacher asked us ________ so much noise. B.not make 32. __ time,he’ll make a first-class tennis player. A.Having given B.To give 33.—How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers? —The key ___ the problem is to meet the demand ___ by the customers. solving;making solving;made solve;making solve;made 34. In some parts of London,missing a bus means ____for another hour. A.waiting wait C.wait be waiting 35. With a lot of difficult problems __,the newly-elected president is having a hard time. A.settled B.settling A.To sleep B.Sleeping A.admit B.admitted A.set up settle D.being settled C.Sleep D.Having sleep C.admitting admit C.have set up D.having set up be expecting D.expects C.Founded D.Founding being hung 36. __ late in the afternoon,Bob turned off the alarm. 37. Sandy could do nothing but ___ to his teacher that he was wrong. 38. Mr Reed made up his mind to devote all he had to ____ some schools for poor children. B.setting up 39. I’ve worked with children before,so I know what ___ in my new job. A.expected expect A.Being founded B. 40. __ in 1636,Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States. It was founded C.hangs D. 41. The picture ___ on the wall is painted by my nephew. A.having hung B.hanging A.making B.makes 42. European football is played in 80 countries, __ it the most popular sport in the world. C.made make

1-5 ACBDB 6-10 ABCBB 11-15 CADBD 16-20 BBABB 21-25 CDADB 26-30DDDCC 31-35 DAAAD36-40 BBCCB 41-45 BCCDD 46-50 CDBAA51-55 BCCCD 56-60 CBACD 61-65 BCCCB66-70 CCACB 71-75 CABBA 76-80 BDAAA81-85CBCCC 86-90 CCCBB91-95 CBCAA 96-100 ADBCCA 1.B B A B D 6.DB B 16.:A 26.:C 37.A 17.:D 27.A 38.B 39.B 18.A 40.C 28.C 9.:C 29.C 10. C 20.C 42.A 11.D 32.D 12.D 33.B 13B 22.B 23.D 34.A 14.:C 24.:B 35.C 36.A 15.B 25.D

19.:D 41.B


30.B 31.D




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