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无极中学 名词性从句



相当于名词的作用,可以充当主语 宾语 表语 同位语 的从句. (名词性从句) 相当于形容词的作用,可以充当定 语 的从句. (定语从句)

相当于状语的作用,可以充当状语的句 子.(状语从句)

①The book was written in


since when the eduational system has witnessed great changes .

②What makes the shop differe-

ent is that it offers more personal serivces. ③It was just two weeks before

the book was published.
④ Put the book where it is within reach.

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It is certain that we shall go.

主语从句:That the earth turns around the sun is known to us all.

It is known to us all that
the earth turns around the sun. 宾语从句:Please tell me how would like to have your coffee?

The expert insisted that silkworms were raised by a woman in what is now Hubei Province.

I am afraid that I can’t help you .
表语从句:My proposal is that we be

devoted to study.
It seems /as if a typhoon is coming.

同位语从句:There is no doubt that he will succeed. The suggestion that the plan (should) be delayed will be discussed tomorrow. 3. 注意的三个问题:时态(要注意主句)

连接词:that ,whether/if 不做句子 成分
语序:连接词 +主语+谓语(陈述语序)

① The boy insisted that he____ nothing
but do his homework in the classroom.

A has done B had done C did √
②Hello,I____you ____in London. how long have you been here?

A don’t; were B hadn’t known ;are
C haven’t are D didn’t know ;were √

③___should be no longer their academic
performance, but their practical ability.

A What do students aim at
B Which do students aim at C What students aim at √

D Which students aim at

连接词 词义 无 是否

whether/if who(m)

从句中成分 不作成分

其它 省不省 区分


谁(们) 主宾表

定语 which 哪个(些) 定语/主语 选择范围 what …的人/地方/样子/时间/速度… 主宾表定

whose 谁(们)的

when where why

词义 句中成分 转化定语从句
时间状语 the time when 地点状语 the place where 原因状语 the reason why 方式状语 the way that the way in which


的原因 的方式


This is how he treats others.

wh+ever 类连接词: 与定语从句转化


no matter who ; any one who
any that anything that

whichever no matter which;
whatever no matter what;

whoever /whichever/whatever可以引导

让步状语从句=no matter who/which/what
又可以引导名词性从句=any one who…

whenever/wherever/however 只可以引导让步状语从句 : whenever= no matter when wherever=no matter where however+形容词/副词=no matter how


It seems/looks/sounds…+as if /though… That is/was because …(从句中是原因) That is/was why…(从句中是结果) The reason is /was that…


①It worried her a bit ___her hair was turning
gray. A while B if √ that D for C

②The fact ___she works hard is well known to us all . A √ that B what C why D which ③___is a fact that English is accepted as an international language. A There B This C That √ It D

④ ___he doesn’t like them is very clear. A What B That C Which D Where √

⑤The reason ____he is a success is ___he
never gives up.

√ A that why B why why C that that D why that
⑥Difficulty lies _____we have no money .
A that B in that C in the fact √ in the fact D


⑦There is no doubt ___our team will win the game
A what B why C about D that

⑧His suggestion ___the meeting be delayed was
turned down.

A which

B that


D it

⑨There is no possibility /chance ____he will change his mind. A which

B that


D it

⑩. I believe ___you have done your

best and ____things will improved.

A that; /
D / ; that √

B /;/

C what ; that

⑾.We all know the truth____there

is air ,water and sunlight ,there
are living things. D. that wherever √

A .wherever B .where C that

12. Father made a promise___I
passed the exam he would buy

me anew bike.
A that B that if C if D whether

13.____I was at home that evening . A It was happened that

√ B It happened that D That happened
C It is happened that

14.Why don’t you bring ___to his attention
that you are too busy to do it ?

A this B what C that √ it D
15 ___doesn’t matter too much ___you were.

born. However ,____matters too much ___
you live.

A It ;where; it ;how B That ;where; that ;how √
C It ;how; it ;where

16.___the students required was
that they ____more time.

A That ;must be given
B That ;be given C What ; must be given

D What ; be given √

17.Don’t you know _____he has
done is right?

A that what B that C what that √
D that that 18. _____you are the first one here.

A It seems that as if
B It seemed that C It seems as if √

D It seemed as though

`19.It make no difference____he comes today or tomorrow.

A that

√B whether

C either D when

20._____is still unknown. A Whether he can attend the meeting

B Whether can he attend the meeting C If he can the meeting D If can he attend the meeting

21.I doubt ____my friend will

return to China..
A that B when C whether √

22.It is not decided yet ___he will
be sent to Henan.

A if √ whether C that D why B
23.___you succeed in the end will

mainly depend on ___you do and
___you do it .

A If ;what ; why B whether; what; how √
D Whether; how ;why D That; whether; how

24.I am not sure _____to go there
today or tomorrow.

A if √ whether C how D when B
25.______we shall do good to them. has not been decided.

√ Whether or not A
C Who D That

B If or not

26.My first teacher once lived in ___
was called Great Meadow by the

A which B where C the place D what √

27.---Do you think that man will help

---I really don’t know ___a person like
him can help me with.

28.Under ____seemed to be a dust
cloud ,the day grew darker and

A it B that √ what D where C

29.The expert insisted that silkworms

were first raised by a woman in__
is now Hubei Province. A which B where√ what D that C

30.My school is no longer ___. A what it used to be √ B what it used to

C like it used to be
D what it used to like

31.A modern city has been set up
in ___was a wasteland 10 years ago

32.Our income is now double ____ it was 10 years ago. . √ what B that C when D which A

33.After___seemed a long wait ,the
results were announced. A √ what B that C when D which

34.How dangers! He is driving at ____is a dangerous speed.

√ A which B what C that D how
35 . Do ____you think is right . A That B which C what D where √ 36.____his father was ?

√ What did you suppose B You supposed A
what C What you supposed

D What did you suppose that

Perseverance is a kind of quality—and that is ____it takes to do anything well. A √ what B that C which D why

38.Air is to us ____water is to fish.

A what B is that C which D that √
39.—Whose coat is it ? ---Maybe it’s Julia’s .She likes to wear ___is very common in this small country ,a bright overcoat. A √ what B which C it D that

40.It’s generally considered unwise to give a

child ____he or she wants .
A however B whatever C whichever D whenever 41 You may do ___you take interest in. A that B which C whatever D however

42.The old gentleman never fails to help ___is in need of his help. A whom B who C whomever √ whoever D

43.Can you tell me __exercise is the easiest? A .what B .if C. which D. that √ 44.All the books are here .You may borrow ____you like. A which B that C what√D whichever

45.______was lying. A. those who told you that B. Anyone told you C. √ Whoever told you that

46.I remember ___this used to be a quiet village.

√A. when B. how C. where D .what
47.---Doesn’t Helen live on the street ? --- No , this is ___Leon lives . A. which B.where C. who D. that √ 48. --He was late for school.

-That was ____he got up late.
A how B that C why √ because D

49.Please tell me___you would like your
coffee with sugar or not.

A what B where C which D how

50.He is not honest. This is ______I disagree
with him.

A. what

B. √ where

C. that

D. there

51. That is ___the old man makes a a living---- by selling vegetables. A .what B. that √ .how C D. if

?省略;it;虚拟语气;强调句;插入. ? 定语从句与同位语从句/表语从句的区别 与联系.
1. It is no wonder that he looks so hap-

py. He has passed the exam.
He looks as if he would speak.

I don’t know whether I shall go there.

2. It is suggested/ordered/requested

It is natural/necessary/strange…

It is certain/possible …that… …hate/love /see to …it +宾从 Would you see to it that the children get a hot meal after their swim?

3.When I try to understand_____that
prevents so many Americans from

being as happy as before,it seems to
me that there are two reasons.

A Why it does B what it does
C what it is D why it is

It was losing jobs that makes them so upset. What /why/where… was /is it that…

4. ___ do you suppose is waiting
for you?(Who/Whom)

___do you suppose he is doing now?
A What B which C That

5. This is where I disagree with you .
the point ____ I disagree…

6. The news ___he has won the game

soon spread over the whole school.
The news _______you told me yesterday was disappointing. Have you got any explanation the question ___he came here for the day before yesterday? A what B that C which D why


When we are committed to something ,
it means that no matter how painful or how uncomfortable it is ,we will always choose to face it and work it through instead of running away.



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