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【三维设计】2017版高考英语大一轮复习 Module 6 War and Peace跟踪检测 外研版选修6

Module 6 War and Peace
练(一)第Ⅱ卷强化增分练——练规范 (限时:45 分钟) Ⅰ.语法填空 (2016·济南市教学质量调研考试)Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg __1__ (recent) surprised Chinese students when he spoke to __2__ in Chinese.

In a talk at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Zuckerberg spoke Chinese for about 30 minutes. __3__ his Chinese was far from perfect, students and faculty cheered his effort. Clayton Dube is the head of the U .S.?China Institute at the University of Southern California. He praises Zuckerberg's effort and thinks more American CEOs should learn foreign __4__ (language). “To speak Chinese __5__ (mean) you begin to think as Chinese people do. You begin to understand how Chinese speakers have the world __6__ (organize), and how they understand things. And that is a vital step if you're going to be culturally qualified.” Zuckerberg's talk raises a larger question: Is Chinese the language of the future? Could it replace English __7__ the world's international language? Chinese already has the most native speakers of any language. And, China may soon pass the United States as the world's __8__ (large) economy. The study of __9__ Chinese language is increasing in the United States and around the world. In 2009, about 60,000 __10__ (America) college students were studying Chinese. That is three times as many as in 1990. 语篇解读:本文是一篇记叙文。文章通过 Facebook 创始人用汉语与中国学生对话并得 到南加州大学美中学院院长的赞扬这件事情, 提出了一个问题: 汉语是否会成为未来的世界 性语言? 1.recently 根据句意可知,Facebook 创始人 Mark Zuckerberg 最近用汉语同中国学 生对话,这让他们大吃一惊。句中需要用 recent 的副词形式修饰动词 surprised。故填 recently。 2.them speak to sb.“同某人说话”,为固定短语。根据语境可知,此处应使用代 词指代 Chinese students,且为复数概念。故填 them。 3.Although/Though 根据句意可知,尽管 Mark Zuckerberg 的汉语说得远不够完美, 但是师生们还是为他的努力而感到高兴。 两个分句之间是让步关系, 故填 Although/Though。 4.languages 根据语境可知,Clayton Dube 表扬 Mark Zuckerberg 的努力,他认为 更多的美国 CEO 应该学习外语。此处的“外语”是复数含义。故填 languages。

5.means 根据句中动词“begin”和“do”的时态可判断,此处应用一般现在时。不 定式“To speak Chinese”作主语,谓语动词应使用第三人称单数形式。故填 means。 6. organized 根据句意可知, 此处指学习汉语可以让人开始理解说汉语的人怎样组织 这个世界。have sth. done“让??被做”,为习惯用法。故填 organized。 7 . as 根据句意可知,此处指汉语能否代替英语成为国际性语言。 replace ...

as ...“替代??成为??”,为固定用法。故填 as。 8.largest 根据句意可知,中国可能不久就会超越美国成为世界上最大的经济体。故 填形容词最高级形式 largest。 9.the 名词 language 前有 Chinese 修饰时,需要使用定冠词 the,特指汉语这种语 言。故填 the。 10.American 修饰 college students 用形容词 American(美国的,美国人的)。 Ⅱ.短文改错 (2016·大庆高三第二次质检 )Beijing has lots of famous tourist attractions. Every year many tourist come here to enjoy its beautiful scenery and rich culture. But several years ago, visitors behave badly. Some talked loudly in public and threw litter everywhere. Some picked flowers, cutting down trees and hurt animals. And even better, some painted on the walls and smoked in the woods. Luckily, things has changed. Rubbish is always put into dustbins. People are friendly at animals. Everybody smokes in the woods. All these changes make us happily. As student, I think we should know it's our duty to protect the environment. Let's to change our behavior when we travel. 答案:第二句:tourist→tourists 第三句:behave→behaved 第五句:cutting→cut 第六句:better→worse 第七句:has→have 第九句:at→to/toward(s) 第十句:Everybody→Nobody 第十一句:happily→happy 第十二句:As 后加 a 第十三句:去掉 to Ⅲ.书面表达 (2016·河南三市第二次联考)春天来了,万物复苏,阳光明媚。假如你是高三(1)班班 长李华,请你发一份书面倡议,鼓励大家多进行户外活动,愉悦身心,调整状态,以迎接紧

张的学习。 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 Boys and girls, Spring has come.____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Yours, Li Hua 参考范文: Boys and girls, Spring has come. It brings us warm sunshine, green grass, colorful flowers as well as sweet taste of air. It is the very time to refresh us from tiredness. In order to gain the best physical and spiritual state for further study, I propose all of us go outdoors to take part in more activities, such as spring outing, jogging, mountain?climbing, cycling and so on, which can rest our body and mind. With these activities, we can enjoy the country life, away from city noise and dust. We can also feel physical and mental pleasure. Thus we are sure to be more energetic and obtain high learning efficiency. So for the benefit of ourselves, go out and jump in the fresh right now. Yours, Li Hua 练(二)英语知识运用组合练——练准度 (限时:30 分钟) Ⅰ.完形填空 (2016· 河 南 省 普 通 高 中 毕 业 班 高 考 适 应 性 测 试 )Sometimes the people who are noticed the least can do the most to lift us up. On Thanksgiving__1 , I took part in a local running activity. It was barely above freezing that morning so every runner was walking or jumping around trying to stay__2__. On the side of the road was a(n) __3__ man and as usual, most people pretended not to __4__ him. I went over and talked with him for a few minutes__5__ the race. He told me that he was a veteran (老兵) and had hoped he might be able to do

some work to __6__ a few dollars for a Thanksgiving dinner. It was time for the race so I told him I'd like to talk to him__7__.I thought about this man during most of the __8__.He hadn't asked me for anything,__9__ I wanted to do something for him. However,I only had a couple of dollars, certainly not __10__ for a Thanksgiving dinner for the man. After the race I went back and talked to him, which got me several__11__ looks from other runners. During our conversation I offered him the__12__ I had. He didn't want to accept it but I__13__.Then he said something that I didn't __14 .He said, “This has been so nice. Thank you. I haven't really__15__ anybody in a real long time.” “Wow,” I thought.“This man is __16__ me for just talking to him.” After I said goodbye, I asked other__17__ if they had a couple of dollars for a homeless veteran who just__18__ to buy a hot Thanksgiving dinner. I think he ended up getting enough for a good __19__ that night. From him, I learned how to smile through the rough times and I was __20__ not to take for granted the many blessings I have. 语篇解读: 本文是一篇记叙文。 作者在感恩节那天帮助一位无家可归的老兵筹集到足够 的钱买了一份节日晚餐。 作者从这位老兵身上学习到了如何笑对苦难, 并且意识到不要把自 己所拥有的幸福当成理所当然的事。 1.A.morning C.afternoon B.noon D.evening

解析:选 A 下句中的“that morning”提示了本题答案。 C.healthy B.calm D.warm

解析:选 D 根据本句中的“It was barely above freezing”可知,当时气温很低, 所以参加跑步的人走来走去或者跳来跳去都是为了保“暖(warm)”。 3.A.old C.homeless B.ugly D.hopeless

解析:选 C 最后一段中的“a homeless veteran”提示了本题答案。 4.A.recognize C.find B.see D.observe

解析:选 B 人们通常都假装没有“看见(see)”这些无家可归的人。 5.A.before C.about 解析:选 A B.after D.despite 根据下段中的“It was time for the race”可知,作者在开跑“前

(before)”跟那位老兵聊了几分钟。 6.A.earn C.spare B.borrow D.raise

解析:选 A 根据上文中的“do some work”可推测,这位老兵希望通过自己的劳动能 “挣(earn)”一些钱来买一份感恩节晚餐。 last C.once again usual D.for ever

解析:选 C 根据下段中的“After the race I went back and talked to him”可知, 作者跑完步以后还想跟那位老兵“再(once again)”谈谈。 8.A.practice B.conversation D.race

解析:选 D 根据本段开头的“It was time for the race”可知,在“赛跑(race)” 的大部分时间里,作者都在想那位老兵。 C.and 解析:选 D but。 10.A.normal C.necessary B.enough D.suitable B.or D.but “他什么都没跟我要”和“我想为他做些什么”之间是转折关系,故选

解析: 选 B 根据本句开头的“However”可推测, 作者身上只带着几元钱, 肯定不“够 (enough)”买份感恩节晚餐。 11.A.anxious C.strange B.guilty D.serious

解析:选 C 大家都忽视这位无家可归的老兵,作者却跟他坐在一起聊天,因此其他参 加跑步的人都用“奇怪的(strange)”眼神看着作者。 B.opportunity D.suggestion

解析:选 A 根据上段中的“a couple of dollars”可推测,这里是指作者给那位老 兵“现金(cash)”。 13.A.agreed C.hesitated B.insisted D.regretted

解析:选 B 根据“but”可知,老兵拒绝要作者的钱,但是作者“坚持(insisted)” 要给。 14.A.believe B.admit



解析:选 C 根据下文老兵说的话及下段中的 “‘Wow,’ I thought.”可推测,他 说了一些作者没有“预料到(expect)”的话。 15.A.worried about C.turned to B.cared about D.talked to

解析:选 D 根据下段中的“for just talking to him”可知,老兵已经很久没有真 正地跟别人“交谈(talked to)”过了。 16.A.punishing C.forgiving B.thanking D.blaming

解析:选 B 上段中的“Thank you”.提示了本题答案。 17.A.organizers C.runners 解析:选 C B.walkers D.jumpers 根据第一段中的“a local running activity”及第四段中的“other

runners”可知,作者向其他“参加跑步的人(runners)”要钱。 18.A.wanted C.stopped B.decided D.remembered

解析:选 A 根据第二段中的“had hoped ...for a Thanksgiving dinner”可知,那 位老兵“想要(wanted)”买一份热乎乎的感恩节晚餐。 19.A.present C.sleep B.dinner

解析:选 B 文中多处出现的“a Thanksgiving dinner”提示了本题答案。 20.A.demanded C.persuaded B.encouraged D.reminded

解析:选 D 作者从老兵身上学习到了如何笑对苦难,并且被“提醒(reminded)”不要 把自己所拥有的幸福当成理所当然的事。 Ⅱ.语法填空 (2016·河南天一大联考)I was visiting the Cape Verde Islands with some friends. Although it was a __1__ (wind) day, the water was clear and my friends were out on the reef. Going out to snorkel (潜泳), I __2__ (notice) that an ocean current had spread to the bay, pushing me towards rocks __3__ (cover) in sea urchins (海胆). Since I wasn't close to the shore, __4__ would have been a tiring exercise to swim against it, so, using the current, I made it back to shore in about an hour. __5__ (lie) on the beach and out of breath, I heard a voice. A man, __6__ was one of the guys I had just met, was getting pushed past the rocks and would be quickly

carried out to sea. No one else was close, __7__ I jumped into the water. Keeping a mark on all of the submerged rocks and sand bars (沙洲), I swam out to him. “Get hold of my arm and when you reach a sand bar, grip it with your feet,” I said over the roar of the waves. With one hand, I held onto the man, and with __8__ other, I was using all of my remaining __9__ (strong) to reach the sand bars. Again, I used the current to get across the bay, towards the shallows. __10__ (final), we crawled up the sand and lay there watching the sun. 语篇解读:本文介绍了作者去佛得角群岛旅游时在海上潜泳时救人的故事。 1.windy 设空处前为冠词后为名词,由此可判断设空处应为形容词。wind 的形容词 形式是 windy。 2.noticed 根据上下文可知设空处应该用一般过去时。 3. covered 被修饰词 rocks 与 cover 之间为被动关系且表示完成, 故用过去分词作定 语。 it 在句中作形式主语,to swim against it 作真正的主语。 5.Lying 句子主语 I 与 lie 为逻辑上的主动关系,且此处表示伴随,故用现在分词作 状语。 6.who 先行词为 A man,关系词在定语从句中作主语且指“人”,故用 who 引导。 句意: 附近没有其他人, 因此我跳进水里。前后两句为因果关系, 故用 so 连接。 8.the 根据前面的 one hand 可知设空处应为 the。the other 表示两者中的另一个。 9.strength 设空处前面是形容词,故填名词形式 strength(力气)。 10.Finally 句意:最后,我们爬到了沙滩上, 躺在那里看着太阳。finally“最后”。


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