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考点二:推理判断型 一.推断隐含意义 如何推断隐含意义? 问题形式: 1.It can be inferred from the text that . 2.The writer suggests that . 3.The story implies that . 4.We can conclude from the passage that . 技巧点拨: ①全面分析 ②忠实原文 ③不要选择表层信息 练习一: Did you ever hear a strange sound coming from the wall? Did it sound like a clock? If so, it may have been made by a beetle. Long ago people thought the ticking meant that someone was about to die. Thus the beetle is called "the deathwatch beetle." 问题:The sound of this beetle ________. A. pleased people B. surprised people C. frightened people D. excited people 解析: 练习二: It is fun to turn over a big rock on the beach. Make sure you turn the rock back to the position it was in after you moved it. If you don’t turn it back over, all the sea animals under it or clingingto(依 附)the underside will die. 问题:The passage implies that the rock______. A. hurts sea animals B. won’t be found on beaches C. can’t be found on beaches D. protect sea animals 解析: 真题再现:While there are no plans to take lampbrella into produ-ction, Belyacv says he recently introduced his creation to one Moscow Department, and insists this creation could be inst-alled on any street where a lot of people walk but there are no canopies to provide shelter. 【2013.山东卷】 问题:What can be inferred from the last paragraph? A. The designer will open a company to promote his product B. The lampbrella could be put into immediate production C. The designer is confident that his creation is practical D. The lampbrella would be put on show in Moscow 解析:

二、如何推断作者的观点或态度 问题形式:1.The writer’s attitude towards… is _____ 2.The writer thought that ______. 3.According to the author_____. 点拨技巧: 注意作者表达感情色彩的形容词、副词、动词及所举的例子,才能推断出作者的弦 外之音。 练习一: Just as crying can be healthy, not crying-holding back tears of anger, pain or suffering—can be bad for physical health. Studies have shown that too much control of emotions can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems and some otherillnesses. If you have a health problem, doctors will certainly not ask you to cry. But when you feel like crying, don’t fight it. It’s a natural-and healthy-emotional response 问题:According to the author, which of the following statements is true? A. Crying is the best way to get help from others. B. Fighting back tears may cause some health problems. C. We will never know our deep feelings unless we cry. D. We must cry if we want to reduce pressure. 解析: 真题再现: There was a time when some people’s lives were devoted simply to the cultivation of the land or the care of cattle. No multi-tasking there; their lives went on at a much gentler pace, and in a familiar pattern. There is much that we might envy about a way of life like this. Yet before we do so, we must think of the hard tasks our ancestors faced; they farmed with bare hands, often lived close to hunger, and had to fashion tools from wood and stone. Modern machinery has freed people from that primitive existence. 【2010.江西】 问题:What is the author’s attitude towards the modern technology? A. Critical B. Objective. C. Optimistic. D. Negative. 解析: 三:如何推断写作目的 问题形式:1.考查整篇文章的写作目的 The writer’s purpose of writing this passage is to ____. What is the purpose of writing this article? In writing the passage, the author intends to _____. 2.考查某处细节的写作意图 The writer uses the example of…to show that____.


山西:冯瑞 2014.4.22

The writer uses the two questions at the beginning of the passage to ______. …are mentioned in the first paragraph to ____. 常见写作目的归纳 to entertain readers(娱乐读者,让人发笑) to persuade readers(说服读者接受某种观点) 常见于科普类﹑新闻类﹑文化类或社会类的文章. 技巧点拨: 根据文体类别推断写作目的。 从写作手法来推断写作目的。 练习: ―Have you ever been out on a boat and felt it lifted up by a wave? Or have you jumped in the water and felt the rush of energy as waves came over you?” asked Jamie Taylor of the Wave Energy Group at the University of Edinburgh. ―There is certainly a lot of energy in waves,‖ he said. 问题:The writer uses the two questions at the beginning of the passage to ______. A. test the readers’ knowledge about waves B. draw the readers’ attention to the topic C. show Jamie Taylor’s importance D. invite the readers to answer them 解析: 真题再现:You can take steps to save water in your home .To start with ,use the same glass for your drinking water all day .Wash it only once a day .Run your dishwasher (洗碗机)only when it is full 。 Help your parents fix any leaks in your home . You can even help to keep our water supply clean by recycling batteries instead of throwing them away .【2013.安徽卷】 问题:The last paragraph is intended to ____. A. show us how to fix leaks at home B. tell us how to run a dishwasher C. prove what drinking glass is best for us D. suggest what we do to save water at home 解析: 四:如何推断文章的出处: 问题形式:1.The passage is most likely to be taken from____. 2.Where would this passage most probably appear? 3.The passage is most likely a part of ___. 技巧点拨: 这类问题应从文章的内容或结构来判断其出处:①报纸 ②广告 ③产品说明 练习: Don’t wander aimlessly through life. Get confused on your goals, start helping others in need, and live life to the fullest! Life is too short to be anything but happy. Visit my blog and find what you’ve been missing. Sigh up for my newsletter and get seven free ebooks, too! Read hundreds of articles while you’re there in the article section, which is updated daily.

问题:This text must be taken from ___________ A a radio program B. a website C. a newspaper D. a TV program 解析: The Healthy Habits Survey(调查) shows that only about one third of American seniors have correct habits. Here are some findings and expert advice. 1.How many times did you brush your teeth yesterday? - Finding : A full 33% of seniors brush their teeth only once a day. - Step: Remove the 300 type bacteria in your mouth each morning with a battery-operated toothbrush. Brush for 2 minutes at least twice a day.…. 【2013.安徽卷】 问题:The text probably comes from_____. A. a guide book B. a popular magazine C. a book review D. an official document 解析: 真题再现:… Speaking more than one language allows people to communicate with others; it teaches people about other cultures and other places– something very basic and obviously lacking in the ―educator‖ I met in New Jersey. 【2013. 陕西卷】 问题:This text is likely to be selected from a book of _____. A. medicine B. education C. geography D. history 解析: So much for this period See you next time! 心得体会:




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