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2012 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(重庆卷)
二、英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21. --John, when shall we meet again, Thursday or Friday? --___________. I’ll be off to London then. A.

Either B. Neither C. Both D. None 22.--Kevin, you look worried. Anything wrong? --Well, I____a test and I’m waiting for the result. A. will take B. took C. had taken D. take 23.______to work overtime that evening, I missed a wonderful film. A. Having been asked B. To ask C. Having asked D. To be asked 24. Sam has been appointed _______ manager of the engineering department to take ____ place of George. A. /, / B. the, / C. the, the D. /, the 25.--____you interrupt now? Can’t you see I’m on the phone? --Sorry Sir, but it’s urgent. A. Can B. Should C. Must D. Would 26.-The Modern Art Exhibition in the City Museum has been cancelled. -Oh, no! ______. A. It’s a pity B. It doesn’t matter C. I knew it already D. It’s not interesting at all 27. Food supplies in the flood-stricken area______. We must act immediately before there’s none left. A. have run out B. are running out C. have been run out D. are being run out 28. We’re having a meeting in half an hour. The decision______at the meeting will influence the future of our company. A. to be made B. being made C. made D. having been made 29. Sales director is a position______commuincation ability is just as importane as sales skills. A. which B. that C. when D. where 30.—Coach, can I continue with the training? --Sorry, you can’t you haven’t recovered from the knee injury. A. unitil B. before C. as D. unless 31.Before you quit your job, ______how your family would feel about your decision. A. consider B. considering C. to consider D. considered 32. It was 80 years before Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic______Zheng He had sailed to East Africa A. when B. that C. after D. since 33. The headmaster will not permit the change in the course, nor______it a thought. A. does he even give B. he even gives C. will he even give D. he will even give 34.Evidence has been found through years of study______children’s early sleeping problems are likely to continue when they grow up. A. why B. how C. whether D. that 35.—Look, here comes your dream girl. Invite her to dance. —______What if she refuses me? A.I don’t know B. Why me? C. With pleasure D. So what? 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) I became a gardener when I was twelve. My early__36___of gardening may not have originated from my love for nature. It was to ___37____my parents.

At that time, we had a big yard in which a beautiful maple tree stood. But my mother often looked with __38___at this work of natural art. Those golden leaves seemed like tons of rubbish to her, “something else to ___39___!” Seeing the neighbors busy with gardening, my father even thought it a waste of time. At that age, I always did something___40_____to whatever my parents did! If gardening were something they found____41___, I would plant a garden! I planted some lily (百合花) seeds in the yard. But they failed to ___42___.I continued to plant sunflower seeds and roses. Wild ____43_____joy, I found the first rose bloom(开花). One by one, the flowers bloomed their heads off. __44___, I was touched by this land of wonder. ___45___, my parents showed no interest in my garden. My father even___46_____at me because he found it was ___47____to move around my garden to the driveway. To my mother’s ___48__, I put in her vase my real roses which, in her eyes, were simply weeds____49___flowers. Regardless of their ____50___, I kept on planting my garden and ____51___to enjoy the pleasure of gardening. Plants make such good companions: they breathe, they bloom, they____52____to care and love. It has been many years since I made my first garden out of my desire to ____53___my parents. Today I become known as Mrs. Greenthumbs, teaching gardening and hosting a gardening show, which makes my parents feel very____54_. And now I could say it is my affection for____55___that makes me a real gardener. 36. A. memory B. dream C. intention D. design 37. A. please B. change C. help D. annoy 38. A. doubt B. appreciation C. surprise D. excitement 39. A. collect up B. care about C. clean up D. come in 40. A. equal B. similar C. superior D. opposite 41. A. painful B. valuable C. upsetting D. interesting 42. A. come up B. break out C. hold on D. get through 43. A. to B. with C. in D. by 44. A. Luckily B. Cheerfully C. Regularly D. Eventually 45. A. Instead B. However C. Therefore D. Besides 46. A. shouted B. laughed C. glanced D. jumped 47. A. convenient B. troublesome C. enjoyable D. dangerous 48. A. sadness B. displeasure C. delight D. relief 49. A. other than B. more than C. rather than D. less than 50. A. dislike B. encouragement C. threat D. suggestion 51. A. decided B. stopped C. continued D. struggled 52. A. devote B. turn C. respond D. lead 53. A. defeat B. satisfy C. respect D. challenge 54. A. proud B. comfortable C. strange D. disappointed 55. A. freedom B. life C. growth D. nature 三、阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) A One of my wonderful memories is about a Christmas gift. Unlike other gifts, it came without wrap(包装). On September 11th, 1958, Mum gave birth to Richard. After she brought him home from hospital, she put him in my lap, saying, “I promised you a gift, and here it is.” What an honor! I turned four a month earlier and none of my friends had such a baby doll of their won. I played with it day and night. I sang to it. I told it stories. I told it over and over how much I loved it! One morning, however, I found its bed empty. My doll was gone! I cried for it. Mum wept and told me that

the poor little thing had been sent to a hospital. It had a fever. For several days, I heard Mum and Dan whispering such words as “hopeless”, “pitiful”, and ”dying”, which sounded ominous. Christmas was coming. “Don’t expect any presents this year,” Dad said, pointing at the socks I hung in the living room. “If your baby brother lives, that’ll be Christmas enough.” As he spoke, his eyes filled with tears. I’d never seen him cry before. The phone rang early on Christmas morning. Dad jumped out of bed to answer it. From my bedroom I heard him say, ”What? He’s all right?” He hung up and shouted upstairs. “The hospital said we can bring Richard home!” “Thank God!” I heard Mum cry. From the upstairs window, I watched my parents rush out to the car. I had never seen them so happy. And I was also full of joy. What a wonderful day! My baby doll would be home. I ran downstairs. My socks still hung there flat. But I knew they were not empty; they were filled with love! 56. What happened to the author on September 11th, 1958? A. He got a baby brother. B. He got a Christmas gift. C. He became four years old. D. He received a doll. 57. What does the underlined word “ominous” in Paragraph 3 probably mean? A. Impossible. B. Boring. C. Difficult. D. Fearful. 58. Which word can best describe the feeling of the father when Christmas was coming? A. Excitement. B. Happiness. C. Sadness. D. Disappointment. 59. What is the passage mainly about? A. A sad Christmas day. B. Life with a lovely baby. C. A special Christmas gift. D. Memories of a happy family. B Top lists are lecturing people on everything from “100 places to visit” to “100 books to read”. Aren’t you just tired of being told what to do with your time? Now you have a list to end all lists! Take a look at the following two examples from the list of “101 things not to do”: Swim with Dolphins(海豚)? Swimming with dolphins is one of the world’s most profitable tourist activities. However, not every dolphin will welcome having their busy, tiring day interrupted by tourists screaming and pushing around them in the water. Worse yet, when dolphins get too near to the boats loaded with tourists, they could get caught up in ropes and killed by propellers(螺旋桨). Here’s a little secret. Dolphins look like smiling at you, but actually they’re just opening their mouths. Go to See the Mona Lisa? There must be something about the mysterious(神秘的)smile. The 6 million people who visit the lady in the Louvre every year can’t all be wrong, after all. But they can be quite annoying, standing in front of you, holding up their cameras to prevent you from seeing anything. In fact, it is hard for you to see the painting clearly because you have to stay away from it for security reasons. After queuing for hours, many visitors can remain in front of the painting only for 15 seconds at most. If the mysterious lady in the picture knew her fate, she wouldn’t just be smiling, she’d be laughing. So, still long to see the Mona Lisa? If you want to find out more about the list, read 101 Things NOT to Do Before You Die. Visit and buy the book at a 20% discount. 60. According to the passage, swimming with dolphins ___. A. is the world’s most popular tourist activity B. gives fun to both tourists and dolphins

C. will make tourists busy and tired D. can cause danger to dolphins 61. What does the author think about going to see the Mona Lisa? A. It is wrong to go and see the mysterious smile. B. It is not as satisfying as expected. C. Fifteen seconds in front of the painting is enough. D. Queuing for hours is worthwhile. 62. The list of“101 things not to do” is made most probably because its author ___. A. thinks it boring to do the things suggested by other lists B. believes other lists are not humorous enough C. intends to persuade people to read more lists D. wants to provide a list different from other lists 63. What is the main purpose of the passage? A. To advertise a book. B. To introduce a website. C. To comment on popular lists. D. To recommend tourist activities. C There is no better way to enjoy Scottish traditions than going fishing and tasting a little bit of whisky(威士忌)at a quiet place like the I