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人教版 高中英语选修六 第二单元 阅读二 导学案

Where there is a will, there is a way. 编号:gswhyyxx6u2…..003 Unit 2 Poem Period 3 Language Points

编制人: 审核人:高二英语组 学习目标

时间: 2015. 10. 9.

能掌握阅读者部分的重点词汇,重点句子及它们的用法。 学习方法 快读
2. 4. 6. 8. n. 交换,v. 调换 n. 黑暗, 漆黑 偶然,碰巧 别挂断,坚持

Step 1. 课前预习 知识链接 1. adj. 适当的 3. n. 负荷物 词汇:5. 测验,实验 7. 发出,放走

Step 2. 自主学习
Circle the word that rhyme in this poem.

Step 3.合作探究
1.Match the beginning of each sentence with the appropriate ending. 给每个句子的开头配上合适的结尾。 Appropriate adj. 合适的 适当的 Appropriately adv. 合适地 适当地 Be appropriate to/for 适当, 合适 It’s appropriate that sb. (should) do sth. 某人作某事是恰当的 Eg :1.) You should do it at time. 你应该在适当的时间做这 件事。 (appropriate) 2.) Your clothes a job interview. 你的衣服不适合 在求职面试时穿. (not, appropriate) 3.) you (should) set out early.你及早出发时适当的。 2.If there had not been an exchange programme, he would not have found a sponsor to help him study abroad. 要是没有交换学生项目,她就不会找到一个帮助他出国留学的赞助者了。 Exchange n/v 交换,交流 Exchange sth. with sb. 同某人交换某物 Exchange A for B 用 A 来交换 B In exchange for 作为…..的交换 exchange students 交换生 1.)You can your currency dollars in the hotel. 你可以在这个旅馆把你的货币兑换成美元。 (exchange)

2.)--- What would you give me my recorder? --- An MP4. A. in exchange for B. with regard to C. by means of D. in place of 3. To hold on winter mornings, when the snow is new. 花儿初降时,让冬天的早晨停住。 Hold on 抓住不放,坚持住,别挂断,等一下 Hold back 阻止 hold down 压抑,压低 Hold up 拿起,使延误 1.)If he can just a little longer, we can get help to him.(坚持)(hold) 2.) I had to tears as he left.他离开时,我不得不抑制住泪水。(hold) 3.)We on our way to the airport in a traffic jam.(hold) 我们在前往机场的路上因为堵车而延误了。 4.)If, by chance, he won, he would spend the prize money on a computer. By chance =by accident 偶然,碰巧,意外 Miss a chance of doing /to do sth 错过作某事的机会 Take a chance on sth 冒险 Take one’s chance 碰运气 The chances are that………. 可能……… 汉译英:1.)我碰巧在大街上遇到他。 。 2.)我错过了一个成功的机会。 。 5.)Slowly the blackbird lets out a cry. Let out 发出,放走,泄露 let in 让….进来,放进 Let alone 更不用说 let down 使失望 1.)Someone the news. (泄露) (let) 2.) Open the window and some fresh air.( 让…进来)(let) Step 4.当堂检测 短文改错 Nearly five years before, and with the help by our father, my sister and I planted some cherry tomatoes in our back garden. Since then, for all these years, we had been allowing tomatoes to self-seed where they please. As result, the plants are growing somewhere. The fruits are small in size, but juicy and taste. There are so much that we often share them with our neighbors. Although we allow tomato plants to grow in the same place year after year , but we have never had any disease or insect attack problems. We are growing wonderfully tomatoes at no cost!

Step 5.课后反思


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