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【积极备考】2012高二英语专题综合演练:Unit 5 Travelling abroad 备选习题 (新人教版选修7全国通用))

1. ( 2010 ·全国Ⅰ) As a child, Jack studied in a village school,________is named after his grandfather. A.which B.whereC.what D.that

2. (2009· 浙 江)The doctor recommended that you________swim after eating a large meal. A.wouldn’t B.couldn’tC.needn’t D.shouldn’t 【解析】考查虚拟语气。句意为:医生建议你在饱餐之后不要游泳。recommend 后需接虚拟语气。从句谓 语动词用 should+动词原形,故答案为 D 项。 【答案】D 3.(2009·宁夏·海南)She brought with her three friends, none ofI had ever met before. A.them B.whoC.whom D.these

4.(2009 · 陕西)This is the first time we________a film in the cinema together as a family. A.see B.had seenC.saw D.have seen 【解析】考查动词时态。the+序数词+time 引导的时间状语从句中动词时态用完成时,有参照动词 is 可知 此处用现在完成时,选 D 项。 【答案】D 5 2008·陕西)The man pulled out a gold watch, were made of small diamonds. A the hands of whomB whom the hands of C which the hands ofD the hands of which 【解析】考查定语从句的用法。句意为:那位男士拿出一块金表,表的指针是由小钻石制成的。which 引 导非限制性定语从句,指代先行词 watch;the hands of which 相当于 whose hands。A 项中的 whom 只能 指代人;B、C 两项不符合定语从句语法:结构。故正确答案为 D。 【答案】D 6 2008·山东)I began to feel________in the new school when I saw some familiar faces. home will sight

模拟质检 1.—Dad, I have won the first prize in the English competition. —Congratulations.________and get prepared for studying abroad. A.All the best B.Keep it up C.Never mind D.Take it easy 【解析】句意为:——爸爸,我英语竞赛得了一等奖。——祝贺你。继续努力,为出国学习做准备。keep it up“保持优秀成绩;继续干下去” ,符合句意。all the best“ (祝你)一切顺利” ;never mind“不必 担心” ;take it easy“放松,别紧张” 。 【答案】B 2.It is widely________that the government should take the effective measures to reduce the poor-rich gap, which is approaching alarming line. A.appointed B.concluded C.announced D.acknowledged

3.The___ _____resources and stable policy provide them with the advantages of developing their business. A.generous B.limitedC.narrow D.abundant 【解析】考查形容词词义辨析。句意为:丰富的资源及稳定的政策有利于他们发展经济。generous“慷慨 的” ;limited“有限的” ;narrow“窄的” ;abundant“丰富的” 。 【答案】D 4.Fully________in looking after three children at home, she no longer has time to enjoy the various activities in the club. A.occupied B.contributed C.hesitated D.devoted 【解析】 句意为: 忙于在家照顾这三个孩子, 她再也没有时间去参加俱乐部的各种活动了。 be occupied (in) doing sth.“忙于做某事” ,符合题意。 【答案】A 5.As soon as they________a village in the southwest of China stricken by the drought, they started their voluntary work. A.filled in B.took in

C.settled in D.broke in

6.I don’t like drinking milk. Please________coffee for milk. A.replace B.provide C.serve D.substitute 【解析】substitute sth. for sth.“用??代替??” 。句意为:我不想喝牛奶,请给我用咖啡来替换 它。 【答案】D 7.We should pay great attention to safety in schools because of frequent reports about accidents________students got injured or killed while in school. which B.for which C.which D.that

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