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reading 2 getting the scoop

Using language: Getting The Scoop

Step 1 Fast reading
1 What was Zhou Yang’s first task?

His first task was to write a famous film star story. 2. How many people r

ead his article before it was ready to be processed into the film negative ?

Five people.

3 .Who read his article before it was ready to be processed into the film negative ? They are an editor from his department,the copy-editor,the native speaker,the chief editor and the news desk editor.

an editor from his department


native speaker

chief editor

news desk editor

Step 2 Detailed Reading
1.What’s the main idea of the text ?

It introduces the process of writing and printing for a newspaper article.

2 Work out the writing and printing process for an article

Zhou Yang interview and get the information native speaker
polish the style chief editor read& approve /get the facts straight

research for the truth copy-editor design the main headline and smaller heading news desk editor set the pages, process into film negatives

write an article an editor from his department check the evidence & the article

one last check & print


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