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A 1.●abandon v. 放弃,遗弃,抛弃 abandon the baby/ child/ friend abandon the plan/ idea/ effort/ hope abandon oneself to 陷入,沉湎于 2. ◎ability n. 能力; 才能 to the best of one’s ability 竭尽全力 反义词:normal 4. ◎aboard prep. adv.在船(飞机,火车)上,上船(飞机,轮船) all the people aboard 机上的人 5. about prep 关于,ad 大约,到处 a) be about to do sth…(when) b) look about/around/round 6 . above prep 在…上面 7. abroad ad.到(在)国外 外 8. ●absence n. 不在,缺席 absence from work/ school in the absence of 在缺少…条件下 9. ◎absent adj. 缺席的, 不在的 The decision was made in my absence. The case was dismissed in the absence of proof. be absent from absent-minded adj. 心不在焉的 I was about to go out when it began to rain. c) How/What about…询问情况或建议 above all 首先;尤其 a) go /study /live abroad b) at home and abroad 在国内 He abandoned himself to despair. the ability to walk 行走的能力 He completed the job to the best of his ability. They thought his behavior was abnormal.

3.●abnormal adj.不正常的,畸形的,反常的

10. ◎absorb vt. 1) 吸收,吸进(液体,气体等) 2) 理解,掌握 absorb ink/ water/ neat/ light/ oxygen/ sound/ energy absorb information/ knowledge 11.●abuse v / n. 滥用,谩骂 12. accept vt. accept the gift /invitation /plan 13.●access n.方法,通路,机会 The only access to the farm was a narrow bridge. Only high officials have access to the emperor. We students have access to the school library. accessible adj. 可进入的,可接近的,可使用的 Such information is not easily accessible to the public. 14. accident n.事故,意外的事 by accident/chance 偶然,无意中;不小心 15. ●accompany v. 陪伴,伴随,伴奏 accompany sb. to the school/ supermarket accept sb/sth as… be absorbed in 专注于,聚精会神于… abuse alcohol/ drugs 酗酒 /嗜毒

abuse power/ position/ privilege 滥用权力/职权/特权


accompany the singer on / at the piano 16. ●accomplish v. 完成,到达,实现 accomplish the task/ purpose/ goal 17. according to 根据

Lightening usually accompanies thunder. accomplishment n. 成就,成绩

According to the law, he should be sentenced to death. accuse sb of (doing ) sth 控告… He was soon accustomed to getting up

18. ◎accuse vt. 指控,指责

19.● accustomed adj. 习惯的,适应的,惯常的 be/ get/ become accustomed to doing early. 20. ache vi./n headache / toothache 21. achieve vt 达到;取得 22.◎achievement achieve success/victory/one’s goal; n. 成就,业绩;完成(任务等) make great achievements 23.●acknowledge v. 承认,致谢 It is generally acknowledged that global warming is caused by greenhouse gases. Yaoming is acknowledged as/ to be the best player in China. I acknowledged financial support from the local government. 24. across prep across 碰到 25. act n.法令,条例 act as 充当;扮演 26. action n. 行动 28.◎activity n. 活动 29.actual a.实际的 vt.表演,扮演,行动,做事 act out 把…表演出来 take action to do sth outdoor activities 户外运动 actually adv. vt. 使适应 in (actual) fact 实际上 adaptation n. 适 adapt to change /the city life put sth into action 把…付诸实施 take an active part in /be active in 积极参加 cross v. I walked across the street.; cross a street; come/run My back aches so much. achievement n 成就

27. active adj. 积极的;主动的

30●adapt vi. 适应,适合,改编 应 31. add

adapt oneself to the new surroundings vt 添加,增加,补充说(that)

adapt the novel for a film

add(…)to 添加

add up 把…加在一起 add up to 总计为; 总数为 b) He added that he would come again. d) These numbers add up to 100.

a) His illness added to our trouble. c) Please add these figures up. e) He added some salt to the water. 32. address n.地址


address the letter to sb. 给某人寄信 The letter was wrongly addressed. The president addressed the public. 33.●adjust vt. 调整,调节,适应 adjust to the dark/ the single life adjust your speed /the volume/ the camera adjust yourself to the student life adjustment n. 调


整,调节 34. admire v 钦佩.;羡慕 admire sb for sth I admire John for his courage. admit doing/having done 35. admit vt (admitted ,admitted) 1) 承认 admit one’s mistakes; He admitted having stolen the money. 2) 准许(入场,入学,入会) admit sb to /into→sb be admitted to He has been admitted to Beijing University. 36.●adopt v. 收养,采用,采纳 adopt a child the adopted son/ daughter adj. advanced 先进的/ 高级的 an advanced worker to sb’s advantage 对 (某人) adopt a new policy/ a suggestion/ a plan/ an attitude 37. advance vi 推进,促进;前进 in advance 预先,事先

38. advantage n. 优点,好处(可数名词) 反:disadvantage take advantage of 利用 have an advantage over 优于… 有利 39. ◎advertise vt. 为…做广告 1)为…做广告 advertise a product / things 2)登广告征求/寻找… advertise for a new sales manager 40. advice n/u. advise vt. 忠告,劝告,建议 建议 ask sb for advice 向某人寻求建议 give sb some advice on sth advise sb (not) to do; advise doing; advise that …(should)+do Our teacher advised that we should study hard. 41. ●affect vt. 影响, 深深打动,使悲伤等 Smoking affects health. People were deeply affected by the death of Jin Zhengri. I can’t afford a book/to buy the book be afraid of doing 害怕… She was afraid of waking him up. 42. afford vt. 负担得起,抽得出(时间); 提供 can/could/be able to afford sth/to do sth 43. afraid a. 害怕的;担心 be afraid to do 因为害怕不敢做…; She was afraid to go out alone at night. 44. against a piece of advice 一条建议 take/follow/ accept one’s advice 接受某人的

prep 对着,反对, 靠着,迎着,衬着 The pine tree were black against the morning sky. for ages 多年; at an early age; at the age of … ; After his wife’s death he aged quickly.

stand against the wall (靠墙站着) go against nature; be against sth 反对 They are strongly against the plan. 45. age n.年龄;时代 of the same age=of an age vi. 变老


46. agree vi. 同意;应允 1)agree with ① agree with sb / what you say/your opinion. ②表示一致;― (食物、天气、工作等)对…适宜‖: The weather does not agree with me. 这种天气对我不适宜。 A verb must agree with its subject in person and number. What he does does not agree with what he says. 他言行不一致。 2)agree to the plan/ the arrangement/ the suggestion . 3)agree on /upon 主要指双/多方通过协商而取得一致意见或达成协议: We agreed on the price. 我们就价格达成了一致意见。 Both sides agreed on these terms. 双方都同意这些条件。 4) agree to do sth He agreed to go with us. 他同意同我们去。 6) I can’t/couldn’t agree more. 5) reach/arrive at/come to an agreement 48.◎aid n. 援助;救护;辅助工具 first aid 急救 by ( the) aid of 借助于,通过…的帮助 v. 帮助,促进 49. aim at ① 瞄准,对准 He aimed the gun at the enemy officer. ② (向某方面)努力 She's aiming at ( trying to win) a scholarship. ③ 针对某人 My words were not aimed at you. 50.◎alike adj. 相像,十分相似 We are alike in many ways. adv. 相似的,相同的 They tried to treat their children alike. 51. alive a. 活着的,存在的 of The lake was alive with fish. 52. allow allow for 把 考虑进去 53. almost adv 几乎,差不多 Almost no one/nobody came to the party. 54. alone adj/adv 单独的 孤独的 1) 形容词 She is alone at home. (她独自一人在家。) 2) 副词 I like to work alone. (我喜欢独自一人工作。) 3) ―只有,仅仅‖, The shoes alone cost $200. ※ let /leave sb /sth alone 别打扰 let alone 更不用说 ? lonely 1) 定语, ―孤单的,无伴侣的,无人烟的,荒凉的,偏僻的‖ a lonely man / island. There was almost no snow that winter. Who is the greatest man alive.(后置定语) Has everything been allowed for in your plan? v 准许,允许 allow doing/ sb to do catch …alive 活捉 keep…alive be alive with= be full in aid of 支持 come/ go to one’s aid 帮助某人 aid (sb/ sth) in/ with ( doing) sth 帮助某人做…

47. ahead ad. 在前,向前 ahead of time 提前 go ahead 前进,干吧,说吧


2) 表语, ―孤寂的, 寂寞的‖ 55. aloud

feel lonely

※ He lives alone but he doesn’t feel lonely.

ad.大声地 read aloud/ think aloud

56. ◎amaze vt. 使惊奇,惊叹;震惊 What amazes me is how long she managed to hide it from us. It amazed me that he could be so calm at such a time. amazed adj. 惊奇的,惊讶的 amazing adj.令人惊奇的,惊叹的;震惊的 I’ m ___ that you have never heard of the Rolling Stones. It’s ____ how often you see drivers using mobile phones. 57. ◎ amount n. 数额(尤指数量,大小等) a large amount of +u/n large amounts of +u/n v. (数量,意义等) 等同,相当于 amount to 1) (数量上)达到,总计 Time lost through illness amounts to 1,357 working days.因疾病而损失的时间总共为 2)等于,意味着 Ultimately, their ideas amount to the same thing. 58. ● amuse vt. 使快乐, 逗乐 amuse sb. 使…高兴 the kids. be amused by/at/ with 被…逗乐 59. ◎amusement n. 1) 娱乐,乐趣 amuse oneself 自娱自乐 amusement n. to one’s amusement to one’s amusement 让某人发笑 The boys amused themselves by drawing. 归根结底,他们想的都是一回事。 The funny drawings amused

They were dancing and singing in the car, much to the amusement of passers-by. 他们在车里跳舞,唱歌,让路人感到十分有趣。 2) 娱乐活动,消遣活动 amusements 笑 amused / amusing 情 an amusing story/ film 有趣的,好笑的,逗人发笑的故事/ 电影 60. angry adj 生气的,愤怒的 (angrily /angrier ) be angry at (about) 因为…而生气 be angry with sb 生某人的气 61. announce vt. 宣布,宣告,公布 announce a decision / plan/ intention make an announcement 62.◎announcement n. 通告,通知 63.◎annoy vt. (使)烦恼 be annoyed with sb.for (at) sth. annoying adj. 讨厌的,令人烦恼的 What annoyed him most was that he had received no apology. annoyed adj. 略感烦恼(生气)的 It’s _____that we didn’t know about this before.令人恼火的事,我们事先并不知道这一切 announce sth to sb announce that At the end of the meeting , it was announced that an agreement had been reached. adj. an amused smile / look/ expression 愉快的微笑/ 神情/ 表 amuse vt. amuse sb/ oneself 使开心,逗


Mr Davies was ____that the books were missing.戴维斯先生生气了,因为那些书不见了。 64. answer n. the answer to the question 65. ◎anxiety n. 忧虑,焦急,担心 anxious adj. 焦虑的,不安的;担心的 be anxious about sth for sb 渴望的,急切的 be anxious to do sth 67. ◎apologize n. 道歉,歉意 apology n. make an apology/ apologies to sb for sth 68. ●appeal v. n. 吸引,呼吁,恳求 The design has appealed to people of all ages. environment. have/ hold appeal for sb. 对某人有吸引力 69. appear 1) vi. 出现,露面 2) 系动词 似乎,好像 It appears (to sb) that /as if It appears to me that he will win It appears that all the files have been deleted.档案好像都已经被删除了。 Police say there appear to be signs of a break-in.警方称似乎有破门而入的迹象。 70. ◎appearance n. 出现,露面;容貌 71.◎application n.申请 72. apply v. 申请 apply sth to …运用,应用 judge by appearances 以貌取人 make an application for apply for 申请;请求,接洽 apply oneself to 致力于,集中精力做某事 lose one’s appeal 失去吸引力 The man suddenly ______ from behind the tree scared me. appear+ (to be) + n/adj 似乎 He appeared to be happy in the news. I appeal to you to protect the apologise to sb for sth v. answer a question/the door/the phone; answer for 对… 负责 You will have to answer for your wrong doing one day.

73. ●appoint vt. 任命,委派,安排,确定 1) 任命,委派 A committee was appointed to consider the plan. 一个委员会被指定去研 究这些计划。 2). 约定,确定 74. appointment n. make an appointment 约定、会 75. ◎appreciate vt. 欣赏;感激 job. 76. ◎approach 1). v. 接近;靠近;走进 The winter vacation is approaching. As they approached the wood, a rabbit ran out of the trees. I find him difficult to approach. 2). n. 接近;方法;途径;通路 He decided to adopt a different approach and teach the Bible through story-telling. his appointment as president 他担任总统的任命 appreciate your concern appreciate doing sth I’d appreciate it if you let me get on with my He was appointed as chairman. Everyone got there at the appointed time.

In the evening he made his way to the appointed meeting place.

appreciate your abilities/ fine works of art


His approach to the problem are wrong. troops. 77. ●approve vi. 赞成 idea He doesn’t approve of my leaving this year. approval n. 79. argue vi. 争辩,争论 n. argument vt. 同意,批准

All the approach to the palace were guarded by approve of 赞成,同意 approve of one’s

approve the plan/ proposal 通过计划/ 提议 1) argue for /against 赞成/反对

2) argue sb into/out of doing sth 说服某人做/不做某事 3) argue with sb about sth 与某人争论某事 80. ◎arise arose arisen vi. 现。 2)起床,起身,起立 He arose at dawn. 他黎明即起。 81.◎argument n. over sth 82. arm n. 手臂,支架 武器(复) vt. 以…装备,武装起来 副武装 83. around 在周围; 在附近; 大约 around the corner 在拐角处,即将到来 84.◎arrange vt. 安排,布置 arrange an appointment 安排预约 weekend? We had arranged that I would go for the weekend.我们商量好了,这个周末我去。 He arrived as arranged. 他如约而至。 The company will arrange for a taxi to meet you at the airport. Dave arranged for someone to drive him home. arrangement n. 安排,布置 85.◎arrest vt. 逮捕,拘捕 n. 86. arrive v arrival 87. article n. 文章;东西;物品;冠词 88. ashamed 89. asleep adj 惭愧,害臊 (表语形容词) fall asleep 入睡 He seems to be fast adj 睡着的,熟睡 an article of clothing 一件衣服 make arrangements for… He got arrested for careless driving. arrive at Guests receive dinner on/upon their Have you arranged to meet Mark this around the clock 昼夜不停地 arm in arm arm…with… be armed to the teeth 全 手挽手 take up arms 拿起武器 1)争论,辩论 have an argument with sb about / over sth argue v. argue with sb about / 2) 论点,论据 a powerful argument against smoking 1) 出现,发生,产生 A new crisis has arisen. 新危机出

Armed with the new equipment, the explorers entered the cave.

put / place sb under arrest 逮捕某人 arrival n. 到来; 达到


asleep. 90. ●assist v. 帮助,协助 assist sb. in dong /with sth. we’ll assist you in finding a place to live. She employed a woman to assist her with the housework. assistance n. technical/ military assistance 技术/军事援助 91. ●assume v. 假定,假设 It is assumed that…普遍认为 assuming (that)… 假设,假如

I had assumed him to be a teacher. 我本以为他是老师。 He assumed an air of concern. 他装出关心的样子。 92. assumption n. a) be ashamed of 以为是耻辱 b) be ashamed of oneself for 为…而害羞 ※ ashamed & shameful c) feel ashamed for sb 替某人感到羞愧

ashamed 指事物使人感到羞耻、惭愧、害臊; shameful 指事物或本身可耻不道德。 He is ashamed of his shameful conduct. 93. astonish v 使惊讶 94. attach attach …to attempt to do attempt sth He was charged with attempting to kill his wife. The plane crashed while attempting an emergency landing. attend a meeting/ school/ church/ the concert astonished /astonishing an astonished look be/look astonished at 对…感到大吃一惊 95. attempt v. 试图,尝试

n. make an attempt to do /at doing 试图做某事 96. attend v. 看护, 照料, 服侍; 出席, 参加 attend to sth 处理,注意 attend to sb 看护 97. attention n. 注意,关心 pay ( much/no/little) attention to fix one’s attention/mind/eyes on; 98. attract v. 吸引,引起 99. available 100. average adj 平均的;普通的 n. 平均数 101. avoid doing 102. awake 悟到 It took her some time to awake to the dangers of her situation. 103. award n. v. 104. aware 105. away be aware of adv 离开;远离 keep away from 保持距离; far away 在远处 adj 醒着的 be wide awake v. 唤醒;(awoke/ awoken) Is he awake or asleep? awake to sth 意识到 醒 on (the)average 按平均 I was just an average sort of student. 我只是一个普通学生。 draw one’s attention to attract one’s attention attend to a baby I have a few other things to attend to.

Like attracts like 物以类聚


right away 立刻,马上; 106. awful

give away 泄露,赠送 B

1. back adv.回(原处);向后 adj.后面的 n. 背后,后部;背 back and forth 来回,往返; behind one’s back 背后; put back 放回去; 2. ◎backward adv. 3. baggage n.行李 4. ◎balance back to back 背靠背 look back 回顾 turn one’s back on 避开,不理睬 backward and forward a piece of/an article of baggage lose one’s balance 来来回回

bend /lean over backward to do 竭尽全力去做… 1) n. ① 平衡 keep a balance (between A and B) disturb the balance of one’s mind ② 余额 (常用单数) check your bank balance ③ 欠款(常用单数)The balance of 500 yuan must be paid within 90 days. 短语 来说 2)v.①保持平衡 ~(sth)on sth He balanced the cup on her knee. ②同等重视 balance A with/ and B balance home life with career ③比较权衡 balance A against B balanced 5. ●ban adj. be on a balanced diet a ban on smoking 禁烟令 ban sb. from sth./ doing 禁止某人做 障碍 Being a woman was a bar to n.禁令 v. 禁止,取缔 balance the cost against its benefit balance on one leg be/ hang in the balance 不明朗的,未定的, 悬而未决的 catch / throw sb. off balance 使…失去平衡; 使…不知所措 on balance 总的

place… under ban 对…加以禁止 6. ◎bar 1) n. 条,块 promotion. 2) vt. 封堵 7. bargain /over sth 8. base n. 根据地,基地 2)

a bar of chocolate / soap

All the doors and windows were barred. bar players from drinking bargain with sb about

阻止 bar sb. from ...

n. (经讨价还价之后)成交的商品;廉价货

Those shoes are a real bargain at such a low price.v. 讨价还价 v.以...为基地, 把基地设在

1) base sth on/upon sth 以…为基础 be based in 以 ... 为 基地 , 把 基地设在 Guangzhou. basic adj 基本的 basic knowledge/skills form the basis of…

His book is based on a true story. The toy company is based in basically adv.

9. ◎basis (复数 bases ) 1)基础,要素 2) 基准,原则 3) 原因,缘由 violence. on a regular /permanent basis 以定期的/永久的方式 on the basis of… Some videos were banned on the basis of


10. bath

n.洗澡;浴室;澡盆; have/take a bath bathroom n.浴室

bathe v. 洗澡,游泳 be bathed in …沉浸在,沐浴着(光线) 11. bear (bore, born/borne) v. 1)承受 (重量) The ice is too thin to bear your weight. 2) 负担, 承担 bear the cost/ burden/responsibility 3)忍受;容忍 (常用于疑问句、否定句,与 can, could 连用) 4) bear…in mind 记住 12. beat v (beat ,beaten) 连续有节奏的敲击 Waves are beating the shore. knock 13. before It will be +段时间+before+ do/does…要过多久才… beg—begged—begged—begging It was +段时间+before+ did…没过多久就… 14. beg 乞求,请求 某事

bear to do/doing

My heart is beating faster than usual. ※ beat & hit &strike &

击败: He beat me in the game.

beg sb. to do 请求、乞求某人做

I beg your pardon. 对不起、请原谅(降调) 请再讲一遍(降调) 15. begin—began—begun—beginning begin with=start with 以…开始 to begin with=to start with (插入语)首先、第一 I don’t like living here. To begin with, the room is far too small. 16. beginning n.开始,开端 表现 at the beginning of… in the beginning= at first 17. ◎behave v. He behaved as if nothing had happened. well / badly behaved children good/ bad behavior leave sb./sth. behind 遗落、忘带 I admire his belief in what he is

behave badly/well/like a true gentleman behave oneself 表现得体,有礼貌 18. ◎ behavior n. 不可数 19. behind 20. ◎belief doing. 2) 看法,信念 (不可数) He acted in the belief that he was doing good. There is a general belief that things will soon get better. 3) 信仰 (可数 beliefs) religious/ political beliefs 短语 beyond belief 难以置信 21. believe 22. belong 23. bend to the best of one’s belief 尽其所知 believe it or not (插入语)信不信由你 It is believed that he is a good teacher. =He is believed to be a good teacher. belong to 属于(无被动) The house belonging to her is under repair. v. 弯曲、弯腰、伏案 bend—bent—bent be on your best behavior 尽量表现得体 drop/ fall behind 落后 n. (不可数) 1)相信,信心 belief in

She was bent over her desk writing a letter. 她正伏案写信。 24. ◎benefit 1) n. 优势,益处(不可数)She didn’t get much benefit from her staying abroad. 短语: be of benefit to...=be beneficial to ... 2) vt./ vi. benefit sb./ sth to one’s benefit 对某人有利 for one’s benefit = for the benefit of sb. 为了帮助.../为了某人的利益 benefit from/ by... beneficial adj. 有益的,有用的 be beneficial to ...


25. best 26. better

do/ try one’s best to do 尽全力做

make the best of…尽量利用

all the best (书信结语)一切顺利、万事如意 had better do…最好做… 否定:had better not do be better worth reading 更值得读 27. beyond 超出、超过 28. ●bid –bid- bid- bidding beyond one’s power 超出能力范围 be better known 更著名的 beyond one’s imagination/description 难以想象/描述 beyond my wildest dreams 做梦也没想到 bid for sth. v. 出价,投标 n 投标

I bid 2000 dollars for the painting. 我出价 20000 美元买这幅画。 The highest bid for the picture was 20000. 这幅画的最高出价是两万 29. birth n.出生、诞生 31. bit 毫不 32. blame 1)be to blame blamed for … 33.◎blank 1) n. 空白处,空格 fill in the blanks (记忆中的)空白,遗忘 My mind was a blank and I couldn’t remember her name. 2) adj. 空白的,无装饰的,无图画的 a blank form/ wall 不理解的,没表情的,空虚的 35. blow v. (blew blown) 吹、刮 n. 打击 火车 37. book c/n 39. ◎bother 书 vt./vi. v. 预定(车、船)票 book a room/ ticket boring adj. a boring job /book/man 38. ◎bored adj. be bored with... / to death. ① bother with/ about sth ② bother to do ③ bother doing a blank expression blow down 吹倒 Suddenly my mind went blank. blow up 爆炸、炸毁 board a train 上 34. be blind to 对…视而不见、熟视无睹 =turn a blind eye to give sb. a blow 给某人打击 v. 登上 on board 在船(车、飞机) 应该受到责备(主动表被动) 2) blame sb. for doing→sb. be at birth 出生时 give birth to 生下、孕育了 He can speak a bit of French. 3) not a bit=not at all 一点儿也不、 30. biscuit 饼干 c/n some chocolate biscuits 1) a bit of+不可数 n.= a little +不可数 n. 2) a bit/a little +比较级 a bit more slowly

36. board n. 木板、布告牌

1) 花费时间精力做某事(常用于否定句,疑问句中) ---Shall I wait? ---No, don’t bother.

It’s not worth bothering with an umbrella. He didn’t even bother to let me know he was coming. Why bother asking if you are not really interested?

2) 给...造成麻烦,痛苦 使...烦恼,担忧 ① bother sb with/ about... I don’t want to bother her with my problems. ---I’m sorry he was rude to you. --- It doesn’t bother me. ② bother sb. that... ③ bother sb. to do... 3) 打扰 插话 Does it bother you that she earns more than you? It bothers me to think of her alone at home. Sorry to bother you, but... ---Thanks for your help. --- it was no bother.

bother sb

be bothered about sb./ sth 认为...重要 关心... I’m not bothered about what he thinks. n. 麻烦 困难(不可数)


put sb. to bother 40. bottom 41. break—broke –broken break in 42. breath n. 43. bring 44. broken 拮据 vt.

get sb. /oneself into bother 给某人添麻烦 at the bottom of… break out from the bottom of one’s heart (战争、火灾、疾病等)爆发

break down (车、机器等)坏掉、出故障;分解; (身体)垮掉; 打断;闯入 hold one’s breath bring up break up 破碎; (关系)破裂 take a deep breath bring about out of breath bring in on a (tight) budget 缺少钱 breathe v. break away from 摆脱、脱离 bring down

adj. speak in broken English a broken marriage within / over budget 在预算内/超出预算 ~ sth for ... 将...编入预算

45. ◎budget n.

~$1,000,000 for education spending build up 夷为平地 增进、增强 burn down 烧毁 get burnt 被晒伤

vi. ~ for 存钱 编预算 46. build—built—built v. 建筑;建造

~ for a holiday abroad

47. burn—burned—burned/--burnt—burnt 燃烧;晒黑、伤 burn…to the ground= completely destroyed a burning candle 燃烧的蜡烛 48. burst v. 突然发生 burst—burst—burst burst out laughing/ crying = burst into laughter/ tears


49. bury v. 埋葬 bury—buried—buried—burying bury one’s face in the hands 手捂着脸 50. business n. 生意;职责; (本分)工作 do business with sb. Business is business. mind your own business 管好你自己的事 busily adv be busy with sth. be busy (in) doing 忙于做 It’s none of your business. 与你无关。 51. busy adj. 忙的;忙碌的 52. but conj.但是 prep.除了 not…but… 不是…而是 we have no choice but to wait. 除了等待别无选择。 We can do nothing but wait. 除了等待什么也不能做。 but for 要不是、若没有(引导含虚拟语气的句子)But for your help, I would have failed. 53. by by bus/car/plane/air/train/ship… 乘汽车/小汽车/飞机/火车/船 C 1.●calculate v. 计算, 核算 (be) calculated to do sth. 2. call v. 叫;喊;打电话 call on call in 3. calm adj. 镇静的、沉着的 calm down 4. camp n.营 v.野营;宿营 5. can 否定:cannot= can’t v.使镇静 keep calm go camping 去野营 summer camp 夏令营 call at sp. It has been calculated that … eg. The speech was calculated to win votes. a girl called Mary call for a girl calling herself Mary call up call off eg. It has been calculated that at least 47000 jobs were lost last year. bury oneself in… = be buried in… on business


can’t help doing = can’t help but do 禁不住 can not…too… = can never…too… 越…越好/再…也不为过 You can never be too careful when crossing the street. 6. care n. 照料;保管 v. 在乎;介意 care for take care of 照顾、保管 take care (that)…当心 I don’t care. 我不在乎/我不放在心上。 care about 关心;在乎 be careful of… 当心,小心 listen carefully carry on 继续、进行 carry out 实施、执行 in case +句子/in case of +名词 万一 in no case 绝不 eg: As is often the case, women live longer than


7. careful adj. 仔细的;小心的 8. carry v. 拿;搬;运;背 9. case n. 情况;案件;病例

in this/that case 如果这样/那样的话 as is often the case 事实往往如此 man.

There are some cases where this method won’t work. 10. ◎cash n. 现金 pay in cash /by check vt. 兑现 ~ a check cash in on…从...获得利润 11.●cast v. 扔,抛,撒 cast your net wide cast sb./ sth aside 12. catch—caught—caught catch sight of 看见 cast about/ around for sth be cast away be cast down catch up with 赶上 catch sb. doing 撞见/捉住某人做某事 引起某人注意;引人注目 cast sb./ sth out cast sth off The shop are cashing in on temporary shortage by raising prices.

catch one’s eye= attract one’s attention

13.●cater v. 提供(承办)酒席,满足需求 cater for sth/sb : The class caters for all ability ranges. cater to sth/ sb: It catered for all tastes. 14. cattle n. 牛(总称)单复同形 15. cause n. 原因、起因 v. 引起;促使 caution n. 谨慎 小心 vt. 警告...小心... The cattle are in the shed. 牛在牛棚里。 cause and effect 因果 The storm left, ____ a lot of damage to this area. with caution 小心地 caution sb. to do caution sb. against... 警告某人警惕 celebrate Christmas 在…起着主导作用。

the cause of fire/cancer 火灾/癌症的起因 16. ◎cautious adj. 谨慎的 小心的 be cautious of/ about...

We were cautioned not to drive too fast. 17. celebrate v. 庆祝 celebrate one’s birthday 18.◎central adj. 中心的,中央的 central bank/government

1) 主要的,首要的 play a central role in… centre n. in the centre of the room

v. centre on /upon/ round /around…把…当中心 使…成为中心


19.◎ceremony n. 典礼,仪式 20. certain adj. 确定的;无疑的

1) attend a wedding ceremony without ceremony 粗鲁无礼,不拘礼节 certainly adv. be certain to do =be sure to do 一定会、必然 * It is certain that… 面对/接收挑战 a challenging job give sb. a chance 给…一次机会; by chance/accident 偶然;

2) stand on ceremony 拘于礼节 be certain of= be sure of 对…确信的 make sure/certain of… 保证、弄清楚 21.◎challenge face/ take up a challenge challenging adj 具有挑战性的 22. chance n. 机会;可能性 take a chance/chances 冒险;碰运气

There is a/no chance that… 有可能/不可能… 23. change v. 改变、变化; n. 变化;零钱(不可数) change…into… 把……变成; Great changes have taken place in China. There is no time to get changed before the party. you ? 24.●characteristic adj. 独特的 25. charge n./vt n. 特征 特点 a key characteristic of… charge…for… 收/要价多少; get the phone charged 手机被充电; Do you have any change on/with change one’s mind 改变主意

charge sb. with sth/doing 指控某人做了 take charge of 26. chat v./n. 负责、管理 聊天;闲谈

The soldiers were charging forward bravely.战士们勇敢地向前冲。 in charge of 负责; free of charge 免费 chat room 聊天室 in the charge of 被/由… 负责; have a chat with sb. 与某人聊天; 辨析: check examine check 指核对某事物是否正确, examine 表检查、调查、审查等 check the answers examine your body/eyes cheer sb on check the mailbox 核实邮箱(看有没有信) examine the machine cheer up 振作起来;高兴起来 Cheers ! 共同举杯


27. check v./ n. 检查;核对;批改; 支票 by check 用支票支付

28. cheer n./vi. 欢呼;喝彩 A great cheer went up from the crowd. 为某人加油 29. ◎cheerful adj 兴高采烈的,高兴地 a cheerful smile 30. cheque= check(美) 支票 31. chicken 样? Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. 不要在还没孵出小鸡之前先数鸡。 (别指望过早;别打如意算盘) 32. chief adj. 主要的;首要的 n. 首领;领导人 chiefs (复数) c/n. 小鸡 in cash 付现金 by check/cheque 用支票支付 来点鸡肉怎么 u/n. 鸡肉 Would you like some chicken?


33. choice c/n. 选择; We chose Bill as chairman. 34. Christmas 35. church

choose v. 选择 choose—chose—chosen have no choice but to do on Christmas Eve; on Christmas 在圣诞节这天 除了…别无选择 There are a lot of books to choose from.

make a choice /make choices 做选择 Merry Christmas! at Christmas 圣诞节期间 go to church; 36. cinema 电影院 go to the cinema 37. circle n. 圆圈 vi 环绕,盘旋 38.●circulate v. 循环,流传,传阅 circulate sth (to sb.) clarification n. 40. class

attend church 去教堂做礼拜 The plane circled over the airport before landing.

The document will be circulated to all members. clarify a situation/ problem/ issue seek clarification of

39.●clarify v.澄清,阐明,使…..纯净

after class; have classes; the first class 头等; the working class 工人阶级 Only eleven of these accidents were classified as major. adj. 清洁的 clearly adv.

41.●classify 把……分类为 classify…into… classify sb./ sth as … 42. clean v. 打扫;弄干净 clean up;clean the table/the room v 清除,放晴

43. clear adj. 清晰的 clear water; clear glass; a clear explanation; make oneself clear clear away 雾烟等消散;clear up (天气)放晴; watch closely 密切注视;仔细观察 close down 关闭、倒闭 a table cloth; an article of clothing clothes(pl.) 44. close vt. 关闭 adj. 近的;亲密的 adv. 近地 closely adv. 密切地;仔细地 a close friend; close the door/eyes; be/stand/get close to; with his eyes closed/open a piece of clothing;

45. cloth u/c 布料,抹布; a piece of cloth; clothing u/n (总称) 衣服 衣服; 46. coast 海岸 47. coffee 48. coin c/n

on/along the coast 在岸上/沿岸

off the coast 离海岸不远的地方

a cup of coffee; a coffee/two coffees Every coin has two sides. 事物皆有两面性 what a coincidence a stamp collection a strange/ remarkable coincidence 集邮

49.●coincidence n.共同发生,巧合 by coincidence 50. collect vt. 收集;搜集 51.●collection 收藏品 53. come 52.●combine 使联合,使结合 came-came-come collect stamps/stamp collecting combine A with/ and B come up with 提出;想出 come on 加油;快点;得啦

have a large collection of books

come across 偶遇; come about 产生,发生; come true 实现; 54. comfort v. 安慰 u/n 舒适

come up 走近;被提出;想起;发芽 come out 出来;出版 live in comfort 生活安逸; a comfort 令人安慰的


人或事 comfortable adj. live a comfortable life 55.●command n.&v 命令,指挥,支配 get command of command sb. to do sth. make a comment on /about sth comment on/ upon sth commit murder/ suicide commit sb/ yourself to sth/ doing common sense You don’t have to commit yourself now, just think about it. common practice 惯例; under one’s command at /by one’s command have a good command of command that clause (should do) 56. ◎comment n. vi 57.●commit 犯, 干(坏事)等 commit yourself (to sth): 58. common 常识 have much/a lot/ little/nothing in common; 59. ◎communicate in common with… 和……一样 vt 传达,传递(想法,感情,思想等) communication n He was eager to communicate his ideas to the group. vi 与某人交流(信息或消息,意见等) ,沟通 60. company 61. compare u/n. 交往;陪伴 c/n. 公司 compare…with… 把…和…比较 ; compensate for sth competition n. communicate with sb keep sb. company 陪伴某人 compare…to… 把…比作… compensate sb for sth compete with / against sb in sth for sth 彻底毁坏 评论 comfortably adv. live comfortably

a common mistake 常见错误;

compared with/to (作状语) 与…相比 62.●compensate 补偿,赔偿,弥补 63. ◎compete vi 比赛,竞赛 64. complete adj. 完整的 complete the project agree on a compromise 66.●compulsory 强制的,义务的 schooling compulsory purchase

Compared with/to other people, he is fortunate.

v. 完成、结束

a complete story 完整的故事

completely adv. be completely destroyed make a compromise with It is compulsory for sb to do

65. ●compromise 妥协;折中,互让;和解 by compromise reach/ come to/ arrive at/ work out a compromise It is compulsory for all motorcyclists to wear helmets. compulsory education/

67. ◎concentrate v. 集中(思想等) concentration


I can’t concentrate with that noise going on. concentrate (sth) on (doing) sth 集中…做… I decided to concentrate all my efforts on finding somewhere to live 68. ◎concern v 1) 让某人担忧 2) 与…有关 What concerns me is our lack of preparation for the change. be concerned with


3) 关心,挂念 4) 就…而言

be concerned about as far as sb is concerned n. show a /no concern about

concerning prep. 关系到, 涉及 He asked me several questions concerning the future of the company. 69. concert 音乐会;演奏会 70. ◎conclude v 1) 结束 conclude (sth)(with sth) He concluded by wishing everyone a safe trip home. 2) 推断出 conclude sth from sth in conclusion 71.●concrete,明确的,具体的 condemn sb/ sth for… 73. condition 状况;条件 in good/excellent/bad/poor condition 处于良好/极佳/糟糕的状况 out of condition 不在状况; living conditions 生活条件 * on condition that (连词) 如果;条件是 They agreed to lend us the car on condition that (only if) we returned it before the weekend. 74. ◎conduct vt. 1) 引导,带领 conduct sb around sp 3) 指挥 conduct a concert 5) 举止,表现 conduct oneself confidence n. 2) 实施,执行 conduct an experiment 4) 传导 n. 行为,举止 2) have confidence in sb/sth conduct electricity What do you conclude from that? In conclusion, I would like to thank you. concrete evidence be condemned/ sentenced to… conclusion n. draw /reach /come to a conclusion 得出结论 总之,最后 concrete floor condemn sb. to go to a concert a live concert 现场演奏的音乐会

72.●condemn vt. 谴责;判刑;宣告……有罪(与 to 连用) 迫使…接受(困境),使…注定

75. ◎confident adj. be confident about/of sth 1) gain/lose confidence 3) be in sb’s confidence 受某人信任,是某人的心腹 4) take sb into your confidence 向某人吐露内心秘密 76. ◎confirm vt. 证实,批准,确认 confirm sth/ that/whCan you confirm what happened? Rumours of job losses were later confirmed. Has everyone confirmed (that) they are coming? 77.●conflict : in conflict with 78. ◎confuse vt 1)使糊涂,使迷惑 Be careful not to confuse quality with quantity. They confused me with conflicting accounts of what happened. 2) 混淆 confuse A with/and B confusion n. 1) confusion about/over sth 困惑

There is a confusion about what the correct procedure should be. 2) confusion between A and B 混淆 confusion between letters like ―o‖ or ―a‖ 79. congratulation n 祝贺名词常用复数 Congratulations to you !


congratulate v congratulate sb. on sth. 祝贺某人在某方面…… 80. connect v. 1) connect A to/with/ and B 使连接,联结 First connect the printer to the computer. The towns are connected by trains and bus services. 2) connect sth (to sth) 接通,使…连接 3) connect sb / sth (with sb / sth) , be connected with 与…有联系/关联 Theory is closely connected with practice. 4)为某人接通电话 Hold on, please, I’m trying to connect you. 81. ◎connection n. 连接物,接触,联系 in connection with sb/ sth 与…有关 A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of the manager. 82. ◎consequence n. 结果,后果;重要性,重大 as a consequence /result as a consequence /result of in consequence 结果 in consequence of 由于 We are considering buying a new car. This award is considered (to be ) a great honor.

83. consider 1) 认为;把……看做; 2) 考虑 1) consider sth/doing sth/wh- 考虑 He was considering what to do next. 2) consider sb/sth (as /to be) sth 认为 3) sb be considered to have done sth 认为某人已经做了某事 Bell is considered to have invented the telephone. 4) all things considered 从各方面看来,总而言之 84.●considerate : It is considerate of him to wait. 85. ◎consideration n. 考虑 considering prep. take sth into consideration 考虑到

Taking everything into consideration, the event was a great success. All things _______ into consideration, I think his plan is practical. 86. ◎consist vi 包含,组成,构成 members. 2) consist in 在于,存在于 The beauty of the city consists in its magnificent buildings. consistent adj 一致的 construct vt 86. ◎consult 88. contain v. salt. 3)容纳、装有 The envelope contained 500 dollars. 89. content adj. 甘愿的,满意的;n.内容 be content with 满足于; be content to do 甘愿做某事 vt be consistent with 与…一致 be under construction 正在修建中 2) 创建 construct a theory 87. ◎construction n. 建造,建设 1) consist of 由…组成 The committee consists of ten

1)建造,修建 construct a bridge

1) 咨询,请教 consult sb (about) sth 3) 查阅,查询 consult a dictionary container n. 容器,集装箱 2)含有物质/成分 Sea water contains a lot of

2) 与某人商量 consult (with) sb about/on sth 1) 包含/括 The book contains 12 units.


the content of the article 文章内容; read the contents of the book 读目录 90. continue v. 继续 continue doing / to do / with Contrary to popular belief, many cats dislike milk. 91. ◎contrary adj. 相反的 92.●contribute v.

n. 相反,反而 on the contrary 相反,反之 1) contribute (sth) (to/ towards sth) 捐献,捐赠 We contributed 5000 yuan to the earthquake fund. 2) contribute to 导致,有助于 Smoking contributes to lung cancer. 3) contribute (sth) (to sth) 撰稿,在会议或会谈期间讲话,发表意见 She contributed (a number of articles )to the magazine. We hope everyone will contribute to the discussion. 93. ◎ contribution n. 贡献,奉献 make a contribution to sth 对…做贡献 94. ◎ convenience n. 便利 convenient adj at one’s convenience It is convenient to sb 95.●convey 传送,传达,表达 96.●convince 使确信,使信服 convince sb to do convinced convey sth to sb convince sb/ yourself of sth I am convinced that she is innocent. There is a hotel on / at the corner of the street. round / around the corner 很近,在附近 I spent all evening correcting essays. the high / low cost of housing for one’s convenience If (it is ) convenient convey sb/sth from …to… It is convenient for sb to do sth

I have been trying to convince him to see a doctor. I am convinced of her innocence.

adj. be convinced of/ that:

97. corner n. 街角; 困境; vt 使…落入圈套 drive / force sb into a corner 把某人逼入困境

98.correct adj 正确的,恰当的; vt 纠正,批改 I think you’ve made the correct decision. correctly adv. Have you spelled it correctly?

99. cost n 花费;代价,损失;vt 需付费;使损失 she saved him from the fire but at the cost of her own life. at all costs 不惜任何代价

You must stop the press from finding out at all costs.

The hospital will cost 2 million dollars to build. That one mistake almost cost him his life. 100. count v 数数;重要 count down 倒计时 I saw a couple of men get out . 101. courage n. courageous adj take courage (from sth) 因某事而鼓起勇气; lose courage 102.course n.课程;航线;进程;一道菜 take a course in art and design The plane was on/ off course. Every point in this game counts. count on sb/sth 依赖 I’m counting on you to help me. a young / an elderly couple

112.couple n.两人、物;几个人、物;一对夫妻

We went there a couple of years ago.


an event that changed the course of history in course of sth 在…的过程中 She covered her face with her hands. Much of the country is covered by forest. The survey covers all aspects of the company.

The main course was roast duck.

in / over the course of 在…期间

103.cover v.遮盖;覆盖;涉及,处理;足以支付;行走一段路程;占一片面积;报道

Your parents will have to cover your tuition fees. $ 100 should cover your expenses. By sunset we had covered thirty miles. The park covers an area of 1000 square kilometers. She is covering the conference. 104.crazy adj 疯狂的,愚蠢的,非常气愤的;热衷于 She must be crazy to lend him money. Rick is crazy about football. like crazy/ mad 拼命地,疯狂地 105. ◎credit n. 1) on credit 信用卡 3) credit card We worked like crazy to get it done on time. 赊购,赊欠 2) three credits 三个学分 4) to one’s credit 值得赞扬,使受尊重 That noise is driving me crazy.

( Much/ Greatly) to his credit, Jack refused to accept the gift. 106. cross v.穿越,横过;交叉,交叠;adj 生气的,愤怒的 cross the mountains 翻过高山 I was cross with him for being late. 107. crowd n.人群; v.挤满,使拥挤 Crowds of people poured into the street. streets. crowded adj 拥挤的 In the spring the place is crowded with skiers. be cruel to… 108. cruel adj 残忍的; 引起痛苦的 Her father’s death was a cruel blow. cruelly adv. 109.●cure 110.curious adj curiously adv. cruelty n be curious about … curiousity n. be curious to do… cure sb of sth; find a cure for… She sat with her legs crossed. across prep. run across the road Police had to break up the crowd. Thousands of people crowded the narrow

111.custom n.风俗,习俗;个人习惯 It is the custom in that country for women to marry young. It was her custom to rise early. 112.cut v. have one’s hair cut 他的薪金减少了 10%。 His salary has been cut by ten percent . cut through 抄近路穿过;走近路


cut down 砍倒;削减,缩小 cut in 插嘴;打断

We need to cut the article down to 1000 words.

She kept cutting in on our conversation.

cut off 停止,中断;割掉,砍掉; 切断…的去路,以外界隔绝 Our water supply has been cut off. He had his finger cut off in an accident at work. The army was cut off from its base. cut up 切碎 He cut up the meat on his plate. cut sth out of sth 裁剪 1.daily n. adj. adv. 2.damage v. 3.danger n. dangerous adj 4.dare v. How dare you 5. date n. v. 6.dawn n. She cut the dress out of some old materials. D a daily visit be visited daily The story was in all the dailies. The storm did / caused great damage to the country. How many workers are in danger of losing their jobs? Police said the man was a danger to the public. It would be dangerous for you to stay here. He didn’t dare (to) say what he thought. 你竟敢 How dare you talk to me like that? We need to fix a date for the next meeting . a law dating from the 17th century. make a date They start work at dawn. He works from dawn till dusk. deal with 对付,应付;解决,处理;涉及,关于 Smoking seriously damages your health. Doctors said she is now out of danger.

I dare say 我想,很可能 I dare say you know about it already. date back to / date from

We arrived in Sydney as dawn broke. dealt dealt v.

She is used to dealing with all kinds of people in her job. Have you dealt with these letters yet? Her poems often deal with the subject of death. a good/great deal of They spent a great deal of money. 8.◎debt n. 债务,欠款 9.decision n. make a decision go/get/run/slip into debt 陷入债务之中 10.declare v.公布,宣布;声明,断言 The government has declared a state of emergency. Germany declared war on France on 1 August 1914. He declared that he was in love with her. declare for 声明支持 declare against 声明反对 It is a deal. 就这么办吧! be in debt 欠债 pay off/clear/repay the debts


11.● decline 拒绝,谢绝,下降 The number of tourists declined by 10%. 12.◎decorate v. 装饰修饰 Her health was declining rapidly. I offered to give them a lift but they declined with thanks. decoration n. 装饰,装饰品,奖章 decrease (sth.) to 1000 decrease (sth.) by 10% decorate A with B 装点,布置 decorate sb. for bravery 因为勇敢授予奖章 13.◎decrease v. (使) 减少,变小 14.deed n. 15.defeat v. n. 16.defend v. do a good deed a narrow defeat 惜败 a heavy defeat 惨败 admit defeat We are trained to defend themselves against knife attacks.

He defeated the champion. 我们都接受过自卫训练,能够对付持刀袭击。 Troops have been sent to defend the borders. 已派出部队去守卫边疆。 He defended his wife against rumours and allegations. 针对谣言和指控他为妻子进行了辩护。 defence n. Soldiers who died in defence of their country n.度数(角) ; 度数(温度) ;程度; 学位 Water freezes at zero degree. 18.delay v. a delay of two hours He has a master’s degree from Harvard. a two-hour delay report it to the police without delay Thousands of passengers were delayed for over an hour. delay doing:He delayed telling her news,waiting for the right moment. 19. ● delight 快乐,乐事 The guitar is a delight to play. to the delight of sb with delight delight in sth/ doing sth take(great)delight in doing: He takes great delight in proving others wrong. delighted: be delighted to do/ that/ by/at/ with He was delighted at the news of the wedding. 20. ● deliver deliver a baby Do you have your milk delivered? She is due to deliver a lecture. 安排她做一个演讲。 21.demand v. in demand 22. depend v. 23.describe/ description 24. design v. meet / satisfy one’s demands Good secretaries are always in demand. I demand to see the manager. an angle of ninety degrees I agree with you to a certain degree.

I demand that all the books be sent to Tibet. depend on He was the sort of person you could depend on . It / That depends. a brief / general description Can you describe him to me? design a car/ a kitchen Depend upon it we won’t give up. 请相信我们绝不会放弃。

a badly designed kitchen


be designed for be designed to do 25.desire n. v. 27.determine v. determination

The film is designed for children. The programme is designed to help poor people. we all desire health and happiness. a strong desire for power

26. destroy v. The building was completely destroyed by fire. determine to do They determined to start early. He fought the illness with courage and determination. I had the film developed. develop a habit with the development of science and be determined to do I am determined to succeed. 28.develop v.发展,壮大; 疾病开始侵袭;冲洗 She developed the company from nothing. Her son developed asthma when he was two. developed / developing/ technology 29.◎devotion n. 奉献,奉献精神 one’s devotion to his job be devoted to sth/doing sth 30.diary 日记 n. keep a diary 31. dictation 听写 n. have a dictation 32.◎diet n. 饮食 go/be on a diet 节食 33.different adj. 不同的 A be different from B in sth difference n. 区别 tell the difference between A and B in sth The rain didn’t make much difference to the game. 34.difficult adj. /difficulty n. 35.dig (dug ,dug ,digging) dig a hole 36.direction n. 方向, 指导 have difficulty (in) doing sth have difficulty with 名词 v.挖;挖掘 in the direction of…朝….方向 in all directions 朝四面八方 The disabled were sent to the hospital. take advantage of make a / no / some difference to sb/sth devote v. 奉献,贡献 devote oneself/ one’s time /one’s energy to sth. /doing sth. development

dig sth up 掘地,平整土地;挖掘出

under sb’s direction 在……指导下 37.◎disabled a. 残废的,残疾的 have an advantage over 优于… 39.◎disagree vi. 意见不一致,持不同意见 disagree with what sb. said 40.disappoint disagree on/about sth 就某事达成一致意见 sth disagree with sb 食物天气等使某人身体不适 v. 使…..失望 The movie disappointed me. be disappointed to see/hear/find disappointing news disappointed / disappointing be disappointed with /in about /at a disappointed expression disappointment 38.◎disadvantage advantages and disadvantages

n. 失望 much to one’s disappointment


be a disappointment to sb 41.◎discount n. 折扣 discount price at a discount 以折扣价 42.● discourage 使气馁 discourage sb from doing sth discouraged 44.discuss v. discouraging discuss sth with sb have/ hold a discussion 1) dislike doing 2) dislike it + 从句 discouragement make a discovery v. / discovery n.

discussion n. under discussion 46.◎dislike v. 不喜欢,厌恶

n.盘子,餐具 I’ll do the dishes. 我来洗碗。 1) 拒绝考虑 dismiss sth as

47. ◎dismiss v.

He just laughed and dismissed my suggestion as unrealistic. 他只是笑笑,就以不实际为由拒绝了我的建议。 2)解雇 dismiss sb for sth 3) 打发走,解散 48.distance at a distance of 数字 n. 距离 distant dismiss sb. from the post adj. 远的 in the distance 在远处 The teacher will dismiss the class early today because of the snow . 隔….距离 2)the distinction between A and B 4) have the distinction of doing sth 有荣誉殊荣做某事 distinguish between A and B =distinguishA from B divide sth up into 把…..分成…..份 Nine divided by three is three. divorce rate 2) v. get divorced

49.distinction n. 区别,差别;卓越,优秀 1)make/draw a distinction 区别对待 3) of great distinction 卓越的 50. distinguish v.区别,辨别 51.divide v. 划分;分配;除 ;

divide sth up between / among sb 在….. 之间均分 The food was divided among all the people。 Opinions are divided on the problem. 52.◎divorce 离婚,离异 donation: organ donation 54.doubt n./ v. 怀疑 1) n. get a divorce 53.●donate 捐赠,捐献 donate sth to sb/sth make a donation to I never doubted that she would come. without / beyond doubt 毫无疑问

I doubted whether / if she would come. there is no doubt about sth 55.downstairs 56.downtown 57.dozen n. 打

adv.到楼下,在楼下 go downstairs adj. 市中心的; adv.往市中心区 2 dozen eggs a downtown office go downtown 2 dozen of these eggs 1) drag a leg dozens of eggs

sell eggs by the dozen. 58.drag-dragged-dragged 拖,拽 59.draw-drew-drawn draw sb’s attention to sth 2) drag sb down 使某人感到不愉快 draw the curtains v.画; 拉,拖;吸引;

draw a conclusion 得出结论


……draw near 临近,接近 60.dream 61.dress n. v. 做梦 n. 衣服 v.穿衣服

Christmas is drawing near. dream a good dream She dressed the child in a coat. be dressed in 状态 get dressed in 动作

dream of/about + n/doing

She dressed well / badly. dress up 打扮 62.drink-drank-drunk

dress up as Father Christmas n.饮料 v. 喝

drink to 为……干杯 Let’s drink to the friendship between us. drunk 喝醉的 drunken 喝醉了的 63. drive 64.drop v.驾驶, 开车; 驱逐; 迫使 n.滴 v. 落下; 降低; 倒下 drive a car / taxi drive sb mad The fruit dropped down from the tree. drop behind 落在后面

The price of sugar will drop soon. drop in on sb/ at sp 顺便拜访人、地

drop off 下降,减退; 睡着了,打盹 drop out of sth 从…..退出,不再参加…… 65.drown 66.drug 67.dry 68.due v. 淹死; (声音)掩盖 n. 药;毒品 adj.到期的,预期的 The noise of the train drowned his voice. take drugs 吸毒 drug addict 吸毒上瘾的人 adj.干的 v.弄干 dry up 干涸 ;枯竭,耗尽 He dropped out of politics. a drowning man/ a drowned man

be due to sb/sth 因为,由于 The team’s success was largely due to her efforts. be due to do 预期干某事 The next train is due to arrive in five minutes. The homework is due. E----F 1. eager adj. 渴望的 be eager for sth be eager to do she earns the respect of her students. Take it easy 别急,放松 an educated person Easier said than done 说时容易做时难 educated receive a good education cause and effect 因果 bring sth into effect 使生效 take effect 开始起作用,见效 New controls come into effect next month. 2. earn v. 挣; 赢得; arn a living /earn one’s living 3. easy adj. 4. ◎educate v. 教育, 培养 education n. 教育 5. effect n. 影响,效果 come into effect 生效

a. 受过教育的

have a … effect on sb/sth 对某人、某物有….影响 The medicine soon took effect. v. affect 6.effort Does television affect children’s behaviour? Does television have an effect an children’s behaviour? n. 努力 make an effort /make every effort/ make efforts 做出努力 spare no effort(s) 不遗余力 7. elder n 长者;长辈;adj 年纪较长的(只做定语)elder sister 大姐


Children have no respect for their elders nowadays. 8. ●elect (投票)选举 n. election v. elect sb.(as)… an elected leader/representative run for election 参加竞选 win/lose a election

9. ◎ 1)electrical a. 电的,电器的 lectrical equipment/engineer 2)electric 用电的,电动的 electric current 电流 electric shock 电击 electric blanket 3) electronic 电子的 electronic calendar 10. else adj 别的/其他的(做后置定语)or else 否则 You can use somebody else’s car. embarrass sb. 12. ◎emergency n. 紧急情况 encourage sb to do sth 14. end n.末尾;终点;结束 v.结束;终止 bring sth to an end end up doing end up with be full of energy old enough to go to school enter for …报名 end up in failure put an end to sth come to an end energy n. 精力 Who else can do it? feel embarrassed about in case of (an) emergency 11. ◎embarrass v. 使尴尬 embarrassed -embarrassing –embarrassment

13. ◎encouragement n. 鼓励-encourage-encouraged-encouraging

15. ◎ energetic a. 精力旺盛的,精力充沛的 energetically adv. 16. enough n 足够 adj 足够的/充分的 ad 足够地/充分地 I can’t thank you enough.=I can’t thank you too much. There are enough chairs for the guests. 17. enter vt 进入 ,参加 参加… enter the competition the entrance to the hall enthusiastically adv. be enthusiastic about the college entrance exanimation 大学入学考试 18. ◎ enthusiastic a. 热情的,热心的 19. ●entry 进入 20. ◎environment n. 环境 21. envy vt/ n 嫉妒/羡慕 Countries seeking entry into the European Union. protect the environment the envy of sb be equal to sth/doing equal the world record environmentally friendly envy sb sth entrance 入口,入学 enter a room

22. equal adj 平等的,相同的 vt 等于 equip …with in nursing. be fully equipped

23. ●equip vt.提供设备;装备;配备 ________,_________ The course is designed to equip students for a career

equipment (不可数)装备/设备 a piece of equipment 24.escape v / n 逃跑,逃脱 escape +n/doing 逃避… a narrow escape 26. every other day= every second day= every two days 每隔一天、每两天 escape from …逃离(地点)


every few days 每几天 27.exact adj 精确的 he needs. 28.examine vt 检查/诊察 have one’s eyes examined 29.example n 榜样 example 30. except prep 除…之外 His composition is good except for some spelling mistakes. I didn’t tell him anything except that I needed the money. 31. ◎ exchange 交换,调换,交流 2) in exchange 作为交换 n.1)fair exchange 公平的交换 He gave me a book and I gave him a pen in exchange exchange greetings in an excited voice be in existence 存在 set an example to/for sb take sth for example follow sb’s to be exact 确切的说 exactly adv 精确地 This is exactly what

3) in exchange for sth 和…交换 I took his watch in exchange in exchange for camera v. exchange A for B =exchange B with A 32. excite vt 使兴奋/使激动 33.exist vi 存在 We are excited to hear the exciting news. If the loud noise excites the lion, he may attack you.

There exists no life on the moon.(有…)

◎existence n. 存在 come into existence 开始存在,成立 35. ●expect 预料;盼望;认为,预料,预期,预计 You can’t expect to learn a foreign language in a few months. expect sth of/from sb. ----Will you be late? expect too much of sb

I except so/ I don’t except so

----I expect so. ( I guess / think so)

As expected, they finished the work ahead of time. ◎expectation n. 预料,期望 beyond (all) expectation(s) 出乎意料 in expectation of 准备(有某种情况) contrary to (all) expectations 和预料相反 He closed the windows in ~ of rain. come up tpo one’s expectations 达到期望水平 fall short of one’s expectations 没达到期望 36. experience n 经历(cn) 经验(un) v 经历,体验 experience a different culture be experienced in sth/doing = have experience in sth/ doing 37. experiment n 实验 make/ do/perform/carry out an experiment 38. ◎expert adj. 有经验的 40. ◎exploit n. 专家 be ~ at vt. He is an ~ cook. He is ~ at playing the piano. explanation n 解释 exploitation n. n. In the past, farmers were ~ by landlords. exploration oil exploration

39. explain v 解释 explain sth to sb 利用, 剥削

开采,开发We must ~ the country s mineral resources 41. ●explore vt./vi 勘探 explore sth for sth My job as a journalist is to expose the truth.

43. ●expose 揭露 陈述,揭露(尤指对令人震惊的或故意保密的事实)


露出 He smiled ,exposing a set of amazingly white teeth. Don’t expose a baby to strong sunlight. 44. express v, 表达; adj, 快的 45. eye n 眼睛/眼力 留意 catch one’s eye 吸引注意力 46. face n 脸, 表情 对,遇到 47. ●fade vt./vi 褪色, (颜色)消退 The curtains had faded in the sun. fade away (to disappear gradually) her smile /laughter /voice faded away 48. fail v.失败,不及格,衰退,未发生 fail to do sth fail ( in ) sth fail in doing If rain fails, the farmers will suffer. I fail to see why you won’t give it a try. ◎failure. n. 失败 Failure is the mother of success The party was a ~ fairly pretty 失败的人或事 The man is a ~. a fair price/ fair skin/ a fair day /fair hair 50.fall (fell fallen) n 秋季,跌倒; fall ill/asleep/silent fall over fall down from../fall off… 51. ◎fantastic. adj. 极好的 巨大的 ~dream 52. far adj /adv 远的,远地 farther, further ( further 表抽象含义 further study) His work is far from satisfactory. far from:离…远; 远远不… 53. fault n 缺点,毛病 find fault with sb 54. favor n 恩惠,好处,帮忙 Could you do me a favor? We are all in favor of the plan. Can I ask a favor? 请帮个忙好吗? fall behind fall to the ground A sudden silence fell. That s an ~idea. a ~ amount of money 荒诞的 a failure n, 失败 power failure words failed me. My eyesight failed. The sun had faded the curtains. v 面对,面向,正视 face sth 面朝,面对 be faced with …面 expression n 表达/词句/表情/神色 have a worried expression on one’s face keep an eye on sb/sth 照看/ You are free to express yourselves in class.

have an eye for sth 对…有鉴赏力

49. fair adj 公平的,相当大的,白皙的,晴朗的, 金黄的:n.博览会 v 降落,突然到来; 系动词 v 进入…状态

My birthday falls on a Monday this year.

As/so far as I can see= In my opinion=Personally 依我看…. Why should I say sorry when it’s not my fault?


55. ●feast 盛会,宴会 56. feed v 喂养,饲养

v. feast your eyes

n. a wedding feast

The evening was a real feast for music lovers. They have a large family to feed. We feed horses on grass.(We feed grass to horses.) 57.feel (felt,felt) vt, link.v 发觉,意识到,感觉 She couldn’t feel her legs.他的双腿失去了知觉。 You will feel better after a good night’s sleep. I am not quite feeling myself today. The blind man felt his way along the road. 58.few n,adj 不多,少数,少数的, only a few/quite a few/a good few/every few days I have a few friends here./I have few friends here. The few friends I made here are all teachers. 59.figure n,v 数字,图形,身形,人物 身材好 figure out a problem 算出一道题 谁。 60.fill vt vi 填满,装满 A big crowd filled the hall. fill in the blank/fill in the hole/fill up n v 电影,影片,拍摄 develop a film Everything was covered in a film of dust. 62.find (found,found) 找到,发现,感到 I find it necessary to find a good map. When she came to, she found herself lying in bed. The teacher found herself surrounded by her students. I wanted to talk to him but he was nowhere to be found. n 火 v 射击,开火,解雇,点燃 be on fire for /fire sb n 合适的衣服 adj 合适的,胜任的 v 适合 a good fit/be fit for/be fit to do/keep fit/fit sb well/ 65.fix v.修理,安装,确定,决定 The car can’t start—can you fix it? All the students are listening to the teacher with their eyes fixed on the blackboard. This is a fixed phrase. 66. flash n 闪光,转瞬间 v 闪光 Memories flashed through my mind.往事历历在目。 69. ◎flesh. n. 肉 a flash of lightning/in a flash your own ~ and blood 你自己的亲骨肉 think(see) fit to do 认为合适 Has the date of the meeting been fixed? find one’s way Fill the glass with water. Her eyes suddenly filled with tears. I couldn’t figure out who he was.我想不出他是 be round in figure 呈圆形 have a good figure We teachers feel strongly that … feel like sth/doing sth


in the flesh 亲自,本人 70. flood n 洪水,一大阵 v 淹没 What a flood of rain.好大一阵雨。 71.floor n 地板, (议会的)发言权 live on the third floor 72. ◎fluent fluently adv. The river is in flood.河水泛滥。 Letters flooded the office.信件大量涌入办事处。 take the floor 发言 He speaks ~ English

Warmth flooded my heart.我心里热乎乎的。 have/get the floor 取得发言权 fluency n. A flag flies in the wind. The door flew open.门突然开了。 Eyes were ~ed on him

adj. 流利的 He is ~ in English.

73. fly(flew, flown) v 飞,飞行,放,飘,突然开 n 飞行,苍蝇 Birds fly in the sky. How time flies.时间飞逝。 74. ◎focus. vt. 集中 ~ one s eyes /attention n. 焦点,引人注目的中心 75. follow v 跟随,效仿,跟得上 follow sb up the stairs/follow one’s example/follow this road in the following years 76.fool n 傻子 v 愚弄 77.for Their requirements are as follows. Do you follow me? make a fool of sb fool sb into doing sth All(April)Fools’ Day The teacher came in, followed by some students./following some students. ten for a dollar/take sb for a fool/So much for today/ a ticket for tomorrow forbid sb. from doing force sb to do sth 82. forget v 忘记 Forget about sth 别再想… 83. ●fortune u/n 财产;运气 84. free v 自由的,空闲的,免费的 free of charge/for free/free sb from(of) 85. freeze vi vt 结冰 I am freezing.我快冻僵了。 be frozen/freeze to death 86. fresh adj 新鲜的 87. friend n 朋友 friendly adj 友好的 n 有趣的事,娱乐,玩笑 It is great fun to swim in a pool in summer. He is tall for his age forbid do forbid doing force one’s way the Forbidden City force a smile

78. ●forbid 禁止;不许 ________,_________ 79. force v 强迫,迫使 n 外力 force sb into doing forget to do sth/forget doing You must do it before you forget it. Forget it. seek one’s fortune make one’s fortune be free from/of a tax-free shop/a smoke-free room

Don’t forget me to your mother.

Water freezes at zero degrees centigrade. Smiles froze on her face.笑容在她脸上僵住了。 freezing cold/burning hot fresh air/water/color/news a friend of Mary’s / a friend of mine

make friends with sb


have fun doing 89. ◎ function. official ~s n.

just for fun

make fun of sb 聚会,集会

功能,作用,职责 the ~ of a chairman.

v. 起作用,正常工作 The machine functions well. G 1.gain n.收益,获利 v 获得,赚得,赢得 The clock gains. 2. ●gather vt vi 聚集,采集 gain knowledge No pains, no gains. She gathered a crowed around her. The train was gathering speed. be ~ to sb 对某人慷慨 generosity n. He gained 10kg in weight. gathering n.

gather breath/gather courage/gather strength A crowed of people gathered around her. 丰盛的 4.get v 成为,得到,到达 a ~ meal.

3.◎generous adj. 慷慨大方的 It s ~ of you to lend me the car.

Mother often gets me to wash the dishes. You got it. get down to doing get on a man of many gifts have a gift for get rid of

The machine broke down. Can you get it working? I am going to get my bike repaired. Hard work can get you somewhere. get sth across to sb get round n 赠品,礼 get along with a birthday gift get away with get away from a ~ student give out/up/away/in/off It s a great glory to die for our country. All the money he got went in books. There is five minutes to go./There is a long way to go. have a go 试试 be on the go 忙碌 as good as 和…一样好,几乎 be good to sb 理解,领会 He ~ d what I a good few books

◎gifted = talented 有天赋的 7. give v 递给,付出,给予

8. ◎glory n. 荣誉,光荣,赞美 glorious adj. 9. go v 去,走,到 n 尝试 Where does the book go? 10. good adj n

The story goes that there was a mean landlord named ZhouBapi. go hungry/thirsty/mad/bad/wrong a good many books be good at English do good to sb=do sb good 11. ◎grasp vt. said. 12. ●grateful 感激的,感谢的 be grateful for/that 13. ◎greedy adj. 贪婪的 I’m so grateful for all your help. She was grateful that he helped him a lot. It’s ~ for you to take so money. 贪图权利 be ~ for

have a good time doing give sb a good beating be good for one’s health It is no good doing

抓牢,抓紧 He suddenly ~ my arm.


power 14. greet v 招呼,迎接,入(耳) ,触(目) ,扑(鼻) greet sb with a nod 点头示意 15.grow vt vi link.v 成长,变得 16. ●guarantee 保证 guarantee sb./sth guarantee to do guarantee that … 17. guess v 猜测 You have guessed it. 18. ◎guidance n. 引导,指导,建议 under one’ ~ guide 19. ◎guilty ~. I feel ~ of what I did. 32.guitar. H 1.habit n 习惯 form/develop the(a) habit of have a hand in from hand to hand the ~ of the door vt. 处理,应付 I have no idea how to ~ the be in the(a )habit of give/lend sb a hand fall/get into the(a) habit of 2.hand v 传递 n 手,指针 hand in /out/down 3.◎handle children. 4.●handy 便利的,顺手的 5.hang vt vi 绞刑,上吊,悬挂 hang curtains 6.happen v 发生,碰巧 It’s quite a handy little tool. hang one’s head in shame 含羞低头 What happened to her? I always keep my gun handy just in case. hang out/up n. 把手 v/n. 引导,导游 adj. 有罪的 He was ~ of murder. He was found with one’s help I ~ you a wonderful film. I can’t ~ to work for more than a year. I ~ that you’ll love this film. What do you guess has happened to him? I guess so./I guess not. greet the New Year 迎接新年 He grew tall./old. a growing number of people A sweet smell greets the nose.香气扑鼻 I grew to like the dog.(grow to do=come to do)

on the one hand…on the other hand…

It so happened that I had no money with me. I happened to have no money with me. 7.hardly 几乎不 8.◎harm 危害 n Hardly does she go home. do (no) ~ to sb/sth v ~ sb/sth Hardly had he got home when it began to rain. 9. harvest n. A heavy snow promises a good harvest. 瑞雪兆丰年 get in the harvest 收庄稼


10.hate v. 11. have v.

hate to do/ doing ○ 1 have (got) to

I hate it when people cry. ○ 2 have on 穿着(表状态,无进行时态) She had her bag stolen. Who do you have type the letter? ○ 3 have sth done 让别人做某事/ 主语遭受…

He had a red jacket on. ○ 4 have sb do 让某人去做某事

Is this the watch you have repaired?

○ 5 have something / nothing to do with…与..有/没有关系 ○ 6 have sb doing…使某人做某事/ 与 cannot/won’t 连用表示不能容忍… I have my students listening attentively. 12. head 我使学生们听得入神. ○ 2 hold one’s head high 趾高气扬 I can’t have people arriving late all the time. 我不能忍受人们总是迟到. 1) n. ○ 1 use your head 动动脑筋 ○ 3 from head to foot/ toe 从头到脚 ○ 4 hit sb. on the head 击中某人的头 2) v. head for sp.朝某处走去 13. health n. 14. hear v. 15. heart n. healthy adj. in good / bad health keep healthy ~ diet ○ 1 hear about / of 听说 ○ 1 learn sth. by heart 记住 ○ 2 hear from 收到某人的来信 ○ 2 lose heart 灰心,泄气

○ 3 hear sb. do/ doing 听到某人做了某事/听到某人正在做某事 ○ 3 lose one’s heart to sb.倾心于某人 ○ 4 heart and soul 全心全意 ○ 5 from the bottom of one’s heart 由衷的 16. heavy adj. 17. height n. 18. help n. / v. heavily adv. ○ 1 a heavy smoker 烟瘾极大的人 ○ 3 rain heavily ○ 2 It’s about 2 meters high/ in height. ○ 2 help sb out of 帮助..摆脱… ○ 2 heavy rain/ traffic 大雨/交通繁忙

○ 1 at a height of 30,000 meters ○ 1 help sb. (to) do/with sth. ○ 6 with one’s help

○ 3 can’t help doing 禁不住做… ○ 4 can not help but do 不得不做某事 ○ 5 help oneself to sth. 随便用… 19.◎helpful 20.◎hesitate 21.high jump high ○ 2 highly 表示的是抽象的含义 ― 高度地 ‖ speak highly of 22. history n. 史 ○ 3 have a long history / have a history of… 23. hit (hit , hit) ○ 2 袭击 An earthquake hit there. It suddenly hit me that……. ○ 4 make history 创造历史 1) v. ○ 1 撞 击打 hit sb. on the head ○ 1 in history 在历史上 ○ 2 the history of America 美国的历 a highly developed country think / adj. vt. ~ to do sth be very ~ = be of great help hesitation n. in a high voice without hesitation in high spirits

1) adj. at a high / low price

2) adv. 与 highly 的区别

○ 1 high 表示具体的含义 ―高高地 ‖ fly high in the sky/

○ 3 突然想起 An idea hit/ strike/occur to me.


2) n.受欢迎的/引起轰动的人或物 24. hold- held-held ○ 2 hold a meeting 举行会议 hold office/ the position 任职 hold one’s head high 趾高气扬

He is a real hit. hold one’s breath


a hit song

○ 1 catch / get / take hold of 抓住 拿着 屏住呼吸 hold sb. prisoner 监禁某人 hold together (使…)团结一致

○ 3 hold on 别挂断;稍等,等着; 坚持住,挺住 hold up 支撑; 延误,耽搁;抢劫;举出例子,提出…作为榜样 An accident is holding up traffic. She’s always holding up her children as models of good behavior. hold on to 抓住不放; 保住…不出卖 hold back 拦阻;向某人隐瞒(from sb.);抑制,控制 She managed to hold back her anger/ tears. hold out 坚持,维持;伸出手,递出东西; hold out my hands ○ 4 容纳 The plane holds about 300 passengers. 25. honor 1) n.荣誉,光荣 ○ 1 in honor of 为了纪念 向某人表达敬意 The president honored us with a personal visit. I was honored to have been mentioned in his speech. ○ 2 It’s an honor for sb. to do sth. 2) v. honor sb.给某人荣耀 26. hope sb. be honored… 感到荣幸

1) n. in (the) hope of…/ that clause. 抱着…的希望 ② hope so/ I hope not.

He went abroad in the hope of earning a lot of money. 2) v. ○ 1 hope to do sth. ○ 3 hope for… 期待着… Hope for the best, prepare for the worst ○ 4 I hope that you are well./ I wish that I were a bird. 27 ◎host games 28.hostess n. host waiter waitress 29.◎hug v. hugged hugged They put their arms around each other and hugged. The track hugs the coast for a mile. (有一段距离紧挨某物) n. He stopped to receive hugs and kisses from the fans. He gave her mother a big hug. 30.◎humor n. ----humourous adj. n. I can’t stand people with no sense of humor. They failed to see the humor of the situation. v. she thought it best to humor him rather than get into an argument. actor actress god goddess n。 主人 hostess 东道主 ~ country 主持人 ~ of the TV show vt. 主持,主办 ~ the party/meeting/Olympic


31. ◎hunt v. hunt sb down 32.hurry 33.hurt vi./ vt. My leg hurts. 1.idea n.

a. lions sometimes hunt alone. / whales are being hunted and killed. c. police are hunting for an escaped criminal. hurry up 快点,赶快 hunt out 1) v. hurry sb. /sth. up 催促某人

b. she is hunting for a new job.

2)n. in a hurry 赶快 hurt one’s feelings/ leg; be badly hurt Where does it hurt? 你哪疼? I-J-K have some/ no idea + 从句 / of … The police are trying to discover the identity of the killer. identity card=ID card He was ill/ sick. a sick mother 1) ill 与 sick 的区别 I have no idea why she left. / I have no idea of his address. 2. ◎identity n 4.ill adj 2) = bad illegally 6. imagine v. 7.◎immediately The thief used a false identity.

have a bad/ an ill effect on…影响不好 speak/ think ill of sb. 说某人的坏话 It is illegal to drive through a red light. He entered the country illegally. I can’t imagine life without the children now. adv.

5. ◎illegal / legal adj.

imagine sth. / doing sth. adv.

I can’t imagine his becoming a teacher. He answered almost immediately. Turn right immediately after the church. conj. Immediately he had gone,I remembered her name. immediate adj. an immediate reaction / response 8. ●import 进口,输入 9. ◎ impression impression b) My words made no impression on her. His trip to India makes a strong impression on him. c) be under the impression that I was under the impression that the work had already been completed. impress v. impress sb with sth / sb He impressed us with his sincerity. impress sth on / upon sb prep. ○ 2 in all 总共 ○ 4 be measured in tons 用吨来衡量 She was lucky in that she had friends to help her . He impressed on us the need for immediate action. Her words impressed themselves on my memory. n. n. the import of electrical goods. a) get a good / bad impression of sb a general / an overall v. All the meat is imported from France. take immediate action

impress sth / itself on / upon sth ○ 1 in a word 一句话说 ○ 3 in modern times ○ 5 in that… 因为


○ 6 in the eighteenth century/ in the1990s

○ 7 in one’s twenties ○ 9 pay sth in cash

○ 8 in pencil/ English/ ink 用铅笔/英语/墨水 12.include v. 13. increase

1 ○ 0 The wall is 3meters in height/high. / The rope is 3 meters in length/long. Everyone laughed, including me. (me included.) 1) v. increase to / by 增加到/了

2) n Great demands lead to a large increase in supply. increasingly adv. 越来越多的,不断增加的 increasingly difficult/ important/ popular 15. ◎indicate A red sky at night often indicated fine weather the next day. In his letter, he indicated to us that he was willing to cooperate. indication n. indication of sth / doing sth They gave no indication of how the work should be done . 16. ◎ industry n.------ industrial adj. 17. influence ~over sb / sth under the ~ of sb / sth 18.● inform 告诉,通知 keep sb. informed of 19.◎ injure v. injury n. 20. ◎ insert v. ~ sth into sth 21. insist v. free. ○ 2 insist on doing sth. 22. ◎inspect v. inspection n. inspector n. adv. ~coffee / noodles At the very~, the door opened. The teacher walked around inspecting their work. 23. ◎instant n/ adj. ------ instantly adj. The show was an ~success. n. I will be back in an ~. I recognized her the ~ I saw her. 24.instead adv. Lee was ill, so I went instead. / He didn’t reply. Instead, he left. heavy / light industry n. have a strong… ~ on/ upon sb / sth His parents no longer have any ~ over her. He committed the crime under the ~ of the drugs. v. His writings have ~d the lives of millions. inform sb. of /that make informed decision He ~d his knee playing football. injuries There were no injuries in the crash.

Those friends are a bad ~ on her.

We regret to inform you that your application has been rejected.

This could seriously ~the company’s reputation. The players are out of the team because of injury. ~ sth in / into/ between sth He ~ed a paragraph into his will. They ~a tube in his mouth to help him breathe. 1 The man insisted that he hadn’t stolen anything and that he (should) be set ○


instead of: 25.◎instruct v.

Now I can walk to work instead of going by car. ~ sb to do She arrived at 10 o’ clock as ~ed. carry out / ignore one’s ~s I intend to spend the night there.

The letter ~him to report to headquarters immediately. instruction n. follow one’s instructions 27.●intend 想要,打算 intend that be intended for sb./sth 28.◎ intention n intend (sb.)to do 26.● insure 给…保险 vt. Have you insured the contents of your home? It is intended that these meetings will become a regular event. The book, intended for children aged 5-7,sells well. ~ of doing sth / to do sth I have no ~ of going to the wedding. She is full of good ~s.

I had every~ of paying her back what I owe her. He left England with the ~ of traveling in Africa. 29.interest

1) v. interest sb. I bought the book that interested me most. I watched the game with interest.

2) n. ○ 1 兴趣(U) show /have / feel/ express (an) interest in… lose interest in… ○ 2 利益(C) 常用复数形式 protect customers’ interests ○ 3 a place of interest/ places of interest 30.◎ interpreter n. ~ sth as~ ~ for sb 31. ◎ interview v. get the job. interviewee / interviewer 32. introduce v. sailing。 ○ 3 introduce new technology 33.jam n. traffic jam 34.the Japanese language 35.join v. ○ 1 join the party/ army ○ 2 join sb. in sth. / doing sth. ○ 4 join hands with sb. The island is joined to the mainland by a bridge. ○ 2 have/ make a joke with sb. ○ 2 light up with joy ○ 3 join in the game ○ 5 连接 join A to B./ join A and B 36.joke n. ○ 1 play a joke on sb. n. 38.judge ○ 1 (much) to one’s joy n. 裁判;法官 ○ 2 judge by / from ○ 4 an introduction to English grammar introduction n. n. ○ 1 introduce sb. to sb./ oneself interpret v. ~ the poem I didn’t know whether to ~ her silence as acceptance or refusal. Her children ~for her. n. a television / newspaper / radio ~ If you don’t ~well , you are unlikely to

Which post are you being ~ed for?

○ 2 introduce sb. to sth.使初次了解 It was she who first introduced me to the pleasures of

The judge sentenced him to five years in prison. 1) v. ○ 1 Don’t judge a book by its cover. 不要以貌取人


Judging by his letter, they are having a wonderful time. judgement n. 判决 pass judgement on sb/ sth 通过对…的判决 39.keep v. ○ 1 keep (on)doing 一直做… Why do you keep laughing all the time? 你为什么一直在笑? He is always keeping (on ) asking me the same question. ○ 2 keep a secret/ one’s word/ a record ○ 5 keep calm/ healthy/ left ○ 7 keep up with 跟上 keep back 抑制, ,忍住 keep away from 远离 41.kind 2) n. ○ 3 keep sb / sth from doing ○ 6 keep sheep 养羊 keep up (天气)持续不变 keep off 不接触 The rain kept up all afternoon. keep sth back from sb. 向某人隐瞒 Keep off grass! ○ 4 keep the door open/ her waiting/ sb. in bed/ sb. informed of…

40.the key to success 成功的关键 adj . be kind to sb. 对某人友好 a kind of / all kinds of kind of 稍微 有点儿 That made me feel kind of stupid. 42. go / get down on one’s knees 43.knock v. 44.know 渐了解… 45.knowledge n. ○ 1 Knowledge is power. 2. lack 1) v. lack (for) sth 乏… 2. last 1) adj. the last person/ thing 最不可能的、最想不到的 The last thing I want to do is homework. He’s the last person I’d trust. 2) adv. last but not least 最后但是同样重要的是 3)n. He was the last to arrive. 3. late 1) adj. ○ 1 be late for… 2) adv. ○ 1 get up late 4) vi.持续 The war lasted (for) 3 years. ○ 2 in the late 1970s ○ 2 late in the afternoon 傍晚 ○ 2 have a good knowledge of… L lack courage/money 3) be lacking in 缺 2) n. ○ 1 a lack of money ○ 2 for lack of …因为缺乏… ○ 1 knock at the door 敲门 ○ 2 knock around/ about 漫游/ 虐待 ○ 3 knock down 撞到/拆掉 knock over 撞翻

v. ○ 1 know of/ about 知道 获悉 了解 ○ 2 be known for/ as ○ 3 get to know sb. 逐

3) ○ 1 better late than never 迟到总比不到好 ○ 2 It’s never too late to mend 亡羊补牢 ○ 3 of late = lately/ recently 4. lately = recently 5. later adv. ○ 1 sooner or later ○ 2 no later than…不迟于 I haven’t seen him of late.


○ 3 later on 后来 Much later on, she realizes what he had meant. 6. laugh v. ○ 1 laugh at… ○ 2 laugh your head off 大笑不止 ○ 2 by law 依据法律 ○ 2 lay eggs 下蛋 放下 ○ 2 lead to sth. / doing ○ 3 burst out laughing/ burst into laughter 7. law n. ○ 1 break/ obey/ keep the law 8. lay – laid- laid ○ 5 lay off 解雇 9.lead-led-led 10. learn- learnt-learnt 11. least adj. 12. leave ○ 3 lay aside 把…放在一边 ○ 1 lay the table 放桌子 ○ 4 lay down (laid-off 下岗的) 1 lead a happy life ○ ○ 1 learn from 从…中学习,向…学习 ○ 3 learn… by heart 记住 ○ 2 not in the least 一点儿也不 ○ 2 leave + 宾语+宾补

○ 2 learn about/ of 听说 得知 ○ 1 at (the) least

She didn’t have the least idea what to do about it. 1) v. ○ 1 leave sp. for sp 离开…去… leave the door open leave him out ○ 4 leave out 遗漏 leave alone,不打扰,不碰 13. lecture n. attend a lecture 14. left adj. adv. n. leave her waiting for 2 hours leave him an orphan 使他成为孤儿 leave the key on the bus leave behind 把…丢在后边 leave off 不包括,不把…列入 give / deliver a lecture to sb. on… turn left/ turn to the left

○ 3 丢下 leave sth. +介词短语

2) n. 假期 ask for a two-week leave ○ 1 make a left turn

○ 2 the money left / the remaining money 15. lend a hand to sb. / lend sb. a hand 16. length n. 17. less than… 说 No explanation was offered, still less an apology. 18. lesson n. ○ 1 take/ have lessons 上课 ○ 3 teach/ give sb. a lesson 给某人一个教训 ○ 4 draw/ take a lesson from … 从…吸取教训 19. let-let-let 爆炸 ○ 5 let sb. down 使失望 ○ 6 let… be 别理某人 lie to sb n. 说谎 tell a lie/ tell lies vi. 位于 ; 存在 (lay-lain-lying) lie lie on your back/side 20. lie vt. 说谎 (lied-lied-lying) vi. 平躺 (lay-lain-lying) in/on/to ○ 1 let sb. in/ out ○ 2 let sb(sth.) go \ let go of sb(sth.) 放手…放弃... ○ 4 let out 发出(叫声) let off 使… ○ 3 let alone 不打扰/不碰/更不用说 ○ 2 give lessons 授课 ○ 1 The road was 32 miles in length / long ○ 1 no less than… ○ 2 more or less ○ 2 at length 最后,终于/ 详细地 ○ 3 even/ much/ still less 更不用


The book lay open on the desk. lie in 在于… Success lies in hard work.

There lies…

21. life n.1)生命 (pl. lives) lose/save one’s life; lay down one’s life for sb. 为…牺牲生命 2)生活 everyday life 日常生活; 3)bring…back to life 使…更有趣; live/ lead a …life come back to life 变得活跃,苏醒过来

22. lift 1) n. take the lift 乘电梯; give sb. a lift 让某人搭便车 Passing the exam gave him a real lift. 他通过了考试,情绪好多了。 2)vt.举起:lift one’s eyes 抬起眼睛; He stood there with his hands lifted above his head. 高兴起来:The news lifted our spirits. 23. light 1) n.光线 by the light of the moon; throw light on/ upon(把…阐述清楚) 灯 turn on/ off the lights; The light went out.灯熄灭了 2)adj. 明亮的, 浅色的,轻的 a light classroom;light blue eyes;as light as a feather;a light / sound sleep 3) vt. (lighted- lighted/ lit- lit) light a candle; a lighted candle; light up 24. like vt. I like it when you do that. would like (sb.) to do; How do you like(find) …/ What do you think of/ about… 1) prep. I, like everyone else, have read these stories. 2) feel like doing 25. ◎likely adj. more ~ worth. b. a ~ story 好像真有这回似的 26. limit n. 界限,限度 vt. 限制 a) b) 短信 The line is busy. 电话占线。 Hold the line, please. 别挂电话 28. ◎link n. a) There may be a ~ between the 2 murders. b.) to establish trade ~s with Asia v. a.) ~ A to/ with B c). a video / satellite ~ d.) a ~ in the chain ~ A and B(together) ~ to…;without limit 无限地 lines 台词 There is a limit to the amount of pain I can bear. on line 在线的,上网的;drop sb a line 给…写封 ~ sb. to sth /doing sth:My parents limit my pocket money to 300 yuan. most ~ a. be ~ to do / that It is more than ~ that the thieves don’t know how much it is Tickets are ~ to be expensive.

27. line n. 线, 线路

The video cameras are ~d to a powerful computer. The English Tunnel links Britain with the rest of Europe. B). The 2 factors are directly~ed. Exposure to ultraviolet (紫外线) light is closely ~ed to skin cancer. c.) ~ up (with sb / sth) The bands have ~ed up for a charity concert.


29. list n. v. make a list of… 列一个…的清单; list our ten favorite songs (列举) 30. ◎litter n. a.) There will be fines to people who drop~. v. a.) Piles of books and newspapers ~ed the floor. b). be ~ed with sth 31. little-less-least b). ~ of sth Broken glass ~ed the street. The floor was covered with a ~ of newspapers, clothes and empty cups, Your article is ~ed with spelling mistakes.

not a little 非常; more than a little 非常

She felt tired and more than a little worried. Little did I know about him. 我一点也不了解他。 32. live 1) v. 居住,生活 /liv/ 做…为生 live life to the fullest 充实地生活; live with 与..住在一起;忍受 2) adj./adv. /laiv/ 活着的,现场直播 live 区分 living/alive/ live / lively When I reached the hospital, he was alive. keep our culture alive a lively discussion/lecture 33. load 1) n. bear the load of bringing up her family alone 2) vt. 装载 load… with…: 34. long 1) adj./adv. a car loaded with goods He had left long before I arrived here. long before 很久以前 catch sb alive; He is the greatest musician living in the world live up to 符合,不辜负 broadcast live through 经历过…而活着 a live fish; a live football match; live/ lead a … life; live on 以…为生; live by doing 靠

before long 不久以后 We’ll come back before long. in the long run 从长远看 as long as 只要 2) v. 渴望 long for sb. /sth 35. look 1) n. 看;神情;外貌 eyes. 2) link-v. ~ + adj. / n. You made me look a complete fool. look like look as if That looks like an interesting book. It looks as if it is going to rain. Lucy has longed for a brother. no longer/ not any longer 不再 So long = Byebye 再见 long to do I’m longing to see you again. He didn’t like the look in her have / take a close look at;

3) v. look yourself 常用于否定句,―气色不像往常好‖ You’re not looking yourself today. 4) 其它短语: look one’s age look after look down upon/on look around look forward to look back on look into


look on…as look up 36. ◎ loose

look out look up

look through look up to

adj. a.) She usually wears her hair ~. c.) a ~ shirt hang / stay ~ d. )~ soil

The potatoes were sold ~ not in bags. b.) The sheep were ~ on the road. He cuts himself ~ from his family. let sb / sth ~ Let her hair ~ a lost /missing boy e.) a ~ alliance/ coalition / federation f.) break / tear / cut sb / sth ~ from sb / sth

37.lose –lost-lost v. 丢失 失去 输掉 (钟表)走慢 be lost/gone/missing lose the game;lose weight;lose one’s way; lose oneself in/ be lost in Lost in thought, he didn’t notice me. This clock loses/gains(走快)two minutes a day. loss n. be at a loss 不知所措; suffer much /great loss The loss of his only son made him sad. 38. lot n. a lot of = lots of a lot adv. 很,非常 39. 区分 loud/aloud/ loudly loud adj. in a loud voice louder. aloud adv. read aloud. Don’t read it silently. loudly adv. She screamed as loudly as she could. 40. ◎lucky adj. be ~ to do / (for sb)that He is ~ to be alive. She was ~enough to be chosen for the team. You were ~ that you spotted the danger in time. It was ~for us that we were able to go. You will be lucky. 但愿你走运。 M 1. mad adj. 发疯的;生气的; drive sb. mad/crazy; go mad/crazy; be mad at/ with sb. about …因…和…生气 2. mail n./ vt. 3. main adj. send a letter by mail /post; mainly adv. mail sth to sb/ mail sb sth the main road / course Lucky you .你真走运。 adv. To make us hear more clearly, the teacher spoke parking lot 停车场 Thanks a lot 修饰比较级 I’m feeling a lot better now.

4. major 1) adj. 较大的 主要的 a major road 2) n. 主修课程;专业课 主修某专业的学生 When I was at university, English was my major. In other words, I was an English major. 3) vi. 主修… I majored in English. 5. majority n. the / a majority of … The / A majority of people interviewed prefer TV to radio.


6. make v. 1) 制造 做 make sth. into…把…制成… be made into make sth. (out) of… --- be make of… made from… 2) make coffee/tea 煮咖啡/沏茶; make the bed 铺床 3) make yourself heard/ understand (使你自己被听到/理解) make sb do sth----sb be made to do (使某人做某事) She made him her assistant. (任命) This room would make a nice office. 4)link-v 成为 She will make a good mother. 5) make money/ a fortune/ a living 6) make it 获得成功;幸免于难,渡过难关;准时到达;能够出席到场 He will never really make it as an actor. 作为演员他永远不会真正的成功. The doctors think he’s going to make it. 7) make the most of… 充分利用 医生们认为他能挺过去. 8) make out 辨别清楚; 理解,明白 I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it on Sunday. 很抱歉, 星期天我不能到场. I could just made out a figure in the darkness. I can’t make out what she wants. 9) make up 组成; 编造; 补上(for);化妆; 和好 Can I leave early this afternoon and make up the time tomorrow? 我今天下午早点儿走,明天补上这段时间,可以吗? Has he made up with her yet? 他跟她和好了吗? 7.manage v. 经营,管理;设法完成 management manage a factory; manager manage to do = succeed in doing make sth. from… --- be

8. manner n. 1)方式,方法;态度,举止 in a friendly manner 友好的态度 2)礼貌,礼仪 (常用复数形式) table manners 餐桌礼仪 It’s good /bad manners to do sth 做某事有礼貌/没礼貌 9.march 10. mark 1) vt./vi. 行军,行进 march on Washington DC 向华盛顿进军 2) n. on the march 在行军中 1) v. 标记; 打分,评成绩; 纪念, 庆贺, 标志着 the goods marked with prices;

I hate marking exam papers

a ceremony to mark the 60 anniversary of the foundation of China. His death marked the end of an era(时代). 2)n. 成绩,分数;记号; get a low/high mark 11. marry v.结婚 某人 get/be married to sb 与某人结婚; 12. mass n. 团,块,大量 13. master has/have been married for 2 years. the masses 群众 the master of one’s own future 自己未来 a mass of / masses of; marry sb 娶/嫁给某人 get full marks make a mark marry sb. to sb 把某人嫁给

a mass of cloud 一朵云彩/ masses of clouds 朵朵云彩 1)n. 主人;能手; 硕士学位


的主人; get one’s master’s degree 2)vt. 精通,掌握,控制 14. match –matches 1) 比赛;火柴;匹敌的人,对手;匹配的人/物 一盒火柴 I was no match for him at tennis. 打网球我不是他的对手 I’m his match at tennis. 打网球我跟他难分伯仲 The curtains and carpet are a good match.窗帘和地毯非常相配。 2) vt.配对,匹配;匹敌 区分 fit / match /suit 15. material n. c/u 材料;布料 a piece of material 一块布料; reading/building materials 阅读/ 建筑材料 16. matter 1) v. 要紧,有关系 It is the ability to do the job that matters not where you come from or what you are. The children matter more to her than anything else in the world. 2)物质 (U) Air is matter。 问题,毛病 What’s the matter with… It’s a matter of money. as a matter of fact be meant to do/for The chairs are meant for guests. What do you mean by that? 你说那个是什 2) n. in the meanwhile 同时 The main bedroom measuring 12m by 15m is 情况,事态(matters)to make matters worse=what’s worse / worse still 更糟糕的是 关键;关乎…的事情 It’s a matter of… 17. mean vt. 1) 打算,意欲 mean to do adj. 小气的,刻薄的 be mean with money 花钱吝啬 be mean to sb 对某人刻薄 mean sb to do His mother meant him to be an engineer. 2) 意味着,意思是… mean (doing) sth Money means nothing for him. 么意思? 18. meanwhile 1) adv. 同时=at the same time 19. measure 1) vt. 测量; 有…长/宽 The main bedroom measures 12m by 15m. mine. 2) n. 尺寸;措施 20. make sth to one’s measure 量体裁衣; take measures to do…采取措施 practice medicine 行医 have a medical examination take/ have some medicine; He has gone to be measured for a new suit. match A with B No one can match him in maths. strike a match 划火柴 a box of matches master a foreign language; master her temper

Good medicine is better in the mouth.良药苦口 1) n. 体育比赛 a sports meet That’s where the river meets the sea. meet with sb 与…相遇 2)v. 相遇;连接;会面;迎接;满足 meet one’s needs/ demands make ends meet 收支相抵 in memory of…作为对…的纪念

22. memory n. 记忆力 have a good /bad memory;


回忆,记忆 bring back my childhood memories 23.mention v ---Thank you. ---Don’t mention it. not to mention …更不用说 24. ◎mercy n.怜悯,宽恕 throw oneself on one’s mercy 请求某人的宽恕

show mercy to sb/have mercy to sb 对某人怜悯 The boat is at the mercy of the wild waves. 在…掌握中;任…摆布 25. merely=only adv. 仅仅,只不过 26. ●mess messy 凌乱,杂乱,不整洁 2).The kids made a mess in the kitchen. 3).There’s a mess of fish down there.= a lot of 5).The divorce was painful and messy.(纠结不清) 27. ●message 消息, 口信, 要旨, 明白, 理解 film? 4).When he started looking at his watch, I got the message and left. 5).He can’t get his message across. 28. method n. 方法 29. mind v./n. change one’s mind with the method=in this way=by the means 用这种方法 改变主意 Out of sight, out of mind. 记在心里 have… in mind mind doing… 当心,注意 Never mind. 没关系,无所谓 …你介意吗? 介意,烦恼… 眼不见,心不烦。 make up one’s mind to do … 下定决心做; 1). I left a message on your answering phone. 3).What’s the message of the 2).Jenny isn’t here at the moment. Can I take a message ? 4).You are messing my hair.(弄乱) 1).The room was in a mess.

keep/bear…in mind=remember have…on one’s mind sth. come/spring to mind

担心,挂念 突然想起

Mind your steps!= watch=be careful of… Mind your own business! 别管闲事 —Yes, but I do/you’d better not. 30. mirror n. 镜子 31. miss v./n. 错过, 想念

—Do you mind if I do…/Would you mind if I did…? look into the mirror 照镜子

No, of course not/not at all.

Dickens’s novels are a mirror of his times. 写照 She threw a plate at him and only narrowly missed. My mind wasn’t on what he was doing, so I’m afraid I missed half of it. The hotel is the only white building on the road—you can’t miss it. miss the point 不懂 be missing/gone/lost miss doing…= avoid sth. unpleasant 避开(坏事) adj. 找不见的,失踪的 make a mistake 犯错误; 错误地 比较:It is not my fault. 这不是我的错。 by mistake The gun fired but the bird missed being killed. 32.mistake (mistook, mistaken) n./v. 错误,犯错 mistake A for B 误将 A 当成 B 33. mix v./n. 混合 mixture n. be mistaken (about…) 错误的(常作表语)



mix up 34. moment 时

弄错,弄乱 n.

mixed feelings


mixed doubles 请稍候。

混合双打 目前,暂


One moment, please. 现在,那时(正) 一会儿

at the(very) moment=now/then for a moment/a few moments 一…就… 35. more,most 36. ●mourn

for the moment/present

the moment=as soon as=immediately=directly at (the) most 至多,不超过

more or less 或多或少,几乎

what’s more=besides=in addition=moreover vt/vi 哀痛;哀悼


1). He was still mourning his brother’s death.

2).Today, we mourn for those who lost their lives in the two world wars. 37. must n. 必须的事 n. 名字,名气 盛名 by name 叫…的 in God’s/Heaven’s name=in the name of God/Heaven 究竟,到底,看在上帝的份上 in the name of… 为… ,再…名下 名叫 be named after 取名 任命 险胜 狭 a boy named…/naming himself… 2.narrow/narrowly adj./adv. be beaten narrowly 隘的 She escaped injury narrowly. The tiger is native to India. 4.nearly/almost adv. almost everyone 绝不是 There isn’t nearly enough time to get there now. 5. necessary adj. 6. neck n. 必要的,必须的 It is necessary for sb. to do… It is necessary that …(should)… If (it is) necessary, you can call on me. 颈,脖子 需要 a round-necked sweater 一件圆领毛衣 7. need v./n. They badly need a change. There is no need for sb. to do/have no need to do… 没有必要做… 险些 原产于 in the narrow/broad sense a native of London 当地人 远非, 狭义/广义上 母语 3. native adj. 出生的,当地的 n. 当地人 几乎,差不多 my native language-mother tongue I have worked here for nearly 10 years. not nearly=much less than=not at all=far from name him (as) captain 用名字 She asked for you by name. by the name of=named… 名 A knowledge of English is a must in international trade and meetings. N v. 命名 enjoy a good name 享有 She first made her name as a writer of children’s books. 出名

namely =that is… 即,也就是说… 狭窄的,勉强的, v. 缩小 a narrow victory 差点儿,以毫厘之差 She has a very narrow view of the world.


neck and neck (with…) 比赛中势均力敌,不分上下


There is no need for you to get up early tomorrow. I have no need to open the letter. if need be=if necessary in need of 需要 I am in need of some fresh air. 如果有必要/需要

There is always food in the freezer if need be. 8. neither pron. 两者都不

They produced two reports, neither of which contained any useful suggestions. neither…nor… 9. noise voice n. 嗓音 既不…也不… either…or… 或…或… noisy adj. n. 噪音 We had to shout above the noise of traffic.

in a low/high voice 高声地/低声的; She has a good voice.

sound n. 声音 Light travels much faster than sound. 10.normal adj. 正常的 n. 正常 normally adv. It’s normal to feel tired after such a long trip. normal temperature above /below normal common 常见的,共同的 return to normal/get back to normal 恢复正常 ordinary 普通的(average) usual 通常的 11. nose 12. nothing 与…无关 nothing but=just 仅仅,只不过 I want nothing but the best for my children. anything but 绝不 The hotel was anything but cheap. There is nothing in what he said. 容易 13. notice n. 注意 v. 注意到 come to my notice 让我看到 14. now (that) =since 既然 15. nowhere adv. 无处 take notice of=pay attention to put up a notice 公告,通知 另行通知 notice sb/sth. do/doing/done It is now or never. 机不可失 Now that the guests left ,we’ve got a lot of extra space. go/get no where/get sb. nowhere 毫无进展 My ticket is nowhere to be found. 注意 Don’t take any notice of what you read in the papers. The bar is closed until further notice. 不可靠, 不真实 There is nothing to it.=It’s very easy. 很 n. 鼻子

a common mistake 常见错误;common sense 常识;common practice 习惯做法 ordinary-looking 相貌平平的 as usual 和往常一样 than usual 比往常更 a running/runny nose 流鼻涕的鼻子 for nothing=for free 免费的 have nothing to do with

pron. 没有什么

(every) now and then/again=from time to time 不时地 The discussion got nowhere this morning. nowhere to be found/seen/in sight 不可能找到 O 1. object n. 物品,宾语 v. 不同意 everyday objects

Nowhere in the world other than Britain can you experience four seasons in a single day. 日常物品

her object in life=aim 目标

object to n./doing… 反对;不同意


Many local people objected to building the new airport. 2. ◎ observe v.观察,监视,观测

objective adj. 客观的

observe sb do sth 观察某人做某事; observe sb doing sth 观察某人在做某事 observe sth done 观察某事被做 observe the law 遵守… 3. ●obtain vt/vi 获得;得到;存在 2).These customs no longer obtain. 4. ◎ occupy v.居住;占有,占用(时,空) ;占领 The bathroom is occupied. …有人用 Many anxieties occupied his mind. The house is occupied. …有人住 The dinner occupied 2 hours. 1).obtain advice/information/permission observed Christmas Day/one’s birthday 庆祝…

occupy oneself with sth/in doing sth 忙于某事 5. ●occur vi (occurred, occurred) - happen 发生 1).When exactly did the accident occur? 2). Sth occurred to/hit/struck sb. 出现在头脑中,被想到 dream. 3).It occurred to me that I had left my keys in the room. help. 6. offer n./v. 主动提议 He offered 5000 dollars for the car. 出价 offer to do… 提出做 provide sb. with sth./provide sth. for sb. offer sb. sth./sth. to sb. 主动给 It didn’t occur to her to ask for The idea occurred to him in a

supply sb. with sth./supply sth. to sb. Thanks for your kind offer of help. 7. office n. 办公室,办公楼 office building/block 政

officer n. 警官,军官 hold office 占据要职 The present government took office in 1997. 开始执


in office/out of office 任职/离职

8. official adj. 官方的,正式的 n. 高级官员 the official language 官方语言 9. once adv. 一次 conj. 一旦 an official affair 公务 all at once=suddenly 突然 at once 立即,同时

(just) for once/just this once 仅此一次 Once bitten, twice shy. 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳。 once more=once again 再一次 once upon a time 从前,很久以前 10. one 11. oneself one by one 逐个的 of oneself 自动地 (every) once in a while 偶尔,间或 one after another 一个接一个 one another 相互 for oneself 亲自 (all) by oneself 独自 Help yourself to some fish. 随便吃 独生子

talk to oneself=think aloud 自言自语 enjoy oneself 玩得开心 I am not myself today. 身体不舒服 12. only adv./adj 仅仅 not only … but (also) … I am an only child.

only to do… (意想不到的)结果...


13. ●opening




d). 开始,开端


1).There are several openings in the sales department .

2).The movie has an exciting opening . 3).Have you attended the opening of the Olympic Games ? 4).We could see the stars through an opening in the roof . flower . Opening hours/time(营业时间) his opening remarks (他的开场白) 14. operate v. 操作,手术 作系统 operate on a patient 给病人手术 operation n. 操作,手术 operating table 手术台 in operation 工作中 operate a computer 操作电脑 operating system (计算机)操 5).It’s nice to see the opening of a

The new rules will come into operation from next week. 开始工作,生效 put sth. into operation/practice 实施 15. ●oppose 这项法律。 3).be opposed to sth/doing sth abroad. 4).200 attended, as opposed to 300 the previous year .(相对于) 16. opposite adj. adv. 相反的/地,相对的/地 have the opposite opinion 持相反的观点 the opposite of heavy 反义词 There is a shop opposite our school. 17. ◎ optimistic about… 18. or conj. 或者 or=or else=otherwise 否则 either…or…或…或… Hurry, or you will be late.(-otherwise) in/out of order 有序/有毛病 or so 大约 Hurry or else we will be late. 19. order n. 安排,顺序 v. 命令 in order of time 按时间顺序 order that…(should)… 命令 place an order for 订购 May I take your order? a well-organised trip 点菜 organisation n. 组织 有组织的,有系统的 20. organise/organize v. 组织 a.乐观的 take an optimistic view 抱有乐观的想法 be optimistic She was/remained bitterly opposed to the idea of moving 1).oppose sth 他反对我出国的计划。 2).oppose doing sth 我反对改变

whether…or/or not… 无论…还是(不)…

order to do/for sb. to do… 命令,指挥 in order to do …/that… 为了 order a dish/a car

21. other/another/the other/others/the others other than=except (for)=besides 除了 We’re going away in June but other than that I will be here all summer. the other day/week 前几天,前几周 another day/time 改天,下次


22. otherwise=or (else) Do it otherwise, please. = in another way 以另一种方式 or otherwise 或其他情况 23.out adv. 外 之一 run out 用尽 outdoor activities 户外运动 eat outdoors 野餐 24. over prep. adv. 重新 over and again 反复地 间 25. ◎ overcome v.战胜,克服 overcome the enemy overcome financial problems/a bad habit be overcome with (anger/sorrow) 极其/非常(生气/悲伤) 26. ●overlook 不注意,没注意到,俯瞰,监督指导 1).He seems to have overlooked one important fact . 2).This is a restaurant ________the lake. 3).She has been overlooked for promotion several times. 27. ●owe 3).owe it to sb that 我的成功归功于你的帮助。_______________________________________________. 4).owing to =because of 28. own adj. 自己的 v. 拥有 owner n. ownership n. I don’t own anything of any value. P 1. ◎ pack n.包,捆; (猎犬、野兽等的)一群 a pack of cigarettes/clothes 包 pack sth away 收拾起来放好 pack sth (up) 将…包/捆起来 pack sth/sb into sth 使…挤进… The room was packed with people. They packed into a tiny car. 2. pain n. 疼痛 left foot. pleasures and pains 苦与乐 3. pale: go pale. 4. ●panic n/v panicked panicking 1).There’s no panic. No pains, no gains. 不劳不获。 pains n. 苦功, 大力气 His neck is in pain. 、 He has a bad pain in his a pack of thieves v. (为运输或储存而)打 a car of my own/my own car 我自己的车 He did it on his own 独立地,单独地 1).owe sb sth =owe sth to sb 我认为你还欠我一个解释/道歉/答复。 2).他把自己的成功归功于努力的结果。_________________________________________. over=more than 超过 over dinner/a coffee 在…期 take over 接管 get over 克服 (all ) over again We’ll get there by train or otherwise. 四分 out of luck 不走运 out of sight 看不见 one out of four


2).They were in a state of panic. horse .

3).There’s no point getting into panic about the exams .

4).I panicked when I saw smoke coming out of my house. 5).The gunfire panicked my 5. paper n (u) /(c) 纸;报纸;论文;试卷 papers 6. park n (c) 公园 lot 停车场 7. part n 部分;成分;角色;零件 play/act a part in 8. ●participate v 参加,参与 9. ●particular adj 特殊的 adj. 部分的 a part-time teacher Participant 参与者 particularly adv in particular 特别 尤其 1). We must pay particular attention to the point . vt/vi 分开;分离 2) They two parted at the gate. participation 参与 vt. 停放(车辆 飞机等) 1) Can we park the car here? 2) a parking a sheet /piece of paper go through the

1) He tried to part the two men who were fighting. (vt.) She didn’t participate in the discussion. be particular about 对…..挑剔 He stressed the point in particular.

2).She is very particular ______her clothes .(对….挑剔) 3).He loves science fiction ______particular .(尤其) 4).The nurse asked me for my particulars .(个人资料) 10. ●partly adv 部分地, 在一定程度上 1).The road is partly finished. 2).I didn’t enjoy the trip very much , partly because of the weather. 3).He was only partly responsible for the accident. 11. pass vt. 传递 经过 通过 n. 过去 prep. 过 in the past He is past sixty pass away 去世 adv. 经过 pass by 经过 路过 12. past adj 过去的; 前任的 a past president (前任总统) run/ walk past

13. ◎patience n.容忍;耐心 have (no) patience with sb (不)能宽恕 lose one’s patience with sb; be out of patience with sb 对某人失去耐心 14. patient 3) pay back month. 16. people n. (c) 人们;民族;人民 1)people of all walks of life 各界人士 2) The Chinese are a hard –working people. 3) He lived for the people and died for the people. 17. percent n. 百分之….. 70 percent of the students are… 18. ●perform v. 表演,履行,行动,运作 1).She performs an important role in our organization. n.病人 adj.耐心的 be patient with n. 工资 4) pay a visit to 1)pay (sb) … for sth 5) get paid 2) pay off The workers get paid by the 15. pay (paid, paid) v. 支付


2).This operation has never been performed in this country. 3).A computer can perform many tasks at once . 4).The play was first performed in 1987. 5).The company has been performing poorly over the past year . performer 19. ◎permission 人许可 20. permit (permitted, permitting) permit sth/doing sth office. 3).I’ll come tomorrow, if weather _______. 4).She took my bike without ___________. I’ll come tomorrow, weather _________. 5). Do you have a parking ___________?(执照) vt. 许可,允许 n. 许可证 permit sb to do 2).We don’t permit _______(smoke) in the performance n.允许,许可,同意 ask/request/apply for permission 申请许可 with/without one’s permission (未)经某

get/obtain/receive permission 获得批准

1).Cell phones are not ______in our school.

21. ◎ personal a. (belonging or relating to one particular person, rather than to other people) one's personal view/opinion 个人观点 personal possessions/property/belongings 私人物品/财 产/所有物 for personal use 供个人使用 personal experience 亲身经历 22. ◎ persuade v.说服,劝说 persuade sb to sth=persuade sb into doing sth persuade sb not to do sth=persuade sb out of doing 使相信 I persuaded him of the truth.=I persuaded him that it was true. I am persuaded of his innocence.=I am persuaded that he is innocent. 23. ◎ physical 身体训练 a physical examination 体检 the physical world 物质世界 24. pick v. 采集,挑选 pick out 选出,辨认出 physical labor 体力劳动 a physical change 物理变化 pick up a.身体的,物理的 physical education 体育 physical training take a personal interest in sth 私下对某物感兴趣

pick apples 短语:pick on sb. 找某人的茬儿

1) She soon picked up some French while she was staying in Paris. 2) My radio can pick up VOA very clearly. 3) He picked up many bad habits while in prison. 4) At the next corner, the bus stopped and picked up three more people. 5) Her health soon picked up after a few days’ rest. 25. ●pin n/v pinned pinning v. n.(c) 别针 2).A message had been pinned to the notice board. 1).a diamond pin 一枚钻石胸针 a note pinned to the door


26. pity n. 怜悯,同情;可惜 pity

1)have /take pity on

2) What a pity!

3) out of 3) make

27. plan (planned, planning) vt. /n 计划 1) plan to do sth 2) plan for the future a plan for 28. please v. 请;使 高兴;喜欢 愿意 pleasure n. ________. 3) We are ________ with his work. 5) a pleasant surprise 29. point n, 点;分数;要点;特征;意义 3) That’s the point _____ I want to make. /at /out ※ off the point 离题 1) be poor /rich in natural resources 3) a poor memory to the point 切题 2) a poor fellow 4) be poor in health 30. poor (poorer, poorest) adj 贫穷的;贫瘠的;可怜的;差的 1) the boiling /freezing point 2) He reached a point in his career _____ she needed to decide what to do. 4) There was a _______ look on his face. 高兴 愉快 pleased adj. 高兴的 满意的 pleasant adj. 令人愉快的

1) The performance ________ the audience.

2) Come and stay as long as you

4) one’s stront points and weak points v. 指,指向 point to

5) There is no point (in) doing sth. 这样做毫无意义。

31. popular adj. 流行的;受欢迎的;大众的;通俗的 The book is popular with children.受某人欢迎 They sell the computers at popular prices 32. population n. 人口;数量 The population of the city is increasing. have a population of 数字… 有……人口 33. ● possess vt license. 2).I’m afraid he doesn’t possess a sense of humor . 4).The gang was caught in _____of stolen goods. 5).On his father’s death, she came into possession of a vast fortune. take possession of Tom personal possessions 个人财产 34. ◎possibility There is no possibility that she will make a full recovery. He refused to rule out the possibility of a tax increase. All prices include postage and packing. 35. possible adj. possibly adv. as 形容词/副词 as possible 尽可能… Tom is in possession of the house.= The house is in the possession of 3).A terrible fear possessed her. possession 1).He was charged with possessing a shotgun without a Popular songs/science Seventy percent of the population are workers. have a large /small population 人口多、少


Please write to me as soon as possible. if possible. 36. potato n. 土豆 37. pour potatoes

if (it is )possible 如果可能 heroes)

I’ll go with you


v. 倒 ;倾泻;不断流出;大量涌来

The rain is pouring down.

Reports of successes keep pouring in. 捷报频传 The students poured out of / into the dinning hall.涌入/涌出 38. power n. 能力, 动力, 权利,电力 in power 执政 come into power 上台执政 power failure 停电 beyond one’s power 超出能力范围 power station 发电站 39. practice n. 实践;练习;惯例 according to the international practice 根据国际惯例 40. practise v. (美 practice) 练习;实践;从事 practise doing sth 41. ●pray v. prayer practise medicine/law 行医/当律师 n 祷告,祈祷的内容 1).They knelt down and prayed . Practice makes perfect。熟能生巧

2).She prayed to God for an ending to her sufferings. 3).We prayed that she would recover from her illness. 4).We are praying for good weather on Saturday. 5).My prayer is that one day he will walk again. 42. ●predict v 预言,预见 1).Nobody can predict the outcome. 2).It is impossible to predict what will happen. 3).She predicted that the election result would be close. 43. ●preference n 1).Many people expressed a strong preference for the original plan. 2).give (a) preference to sb/sth 给….以优惠或优待 Preference should be given to graduates of this university. She was chosen in preference to her sister. 44. prepare vt. 准备,使…做准备 prepare to do sth 准备干 prepare a piece of paper for the diction 为…准备… make preparations for 为…做准备 The teacher prepared the students for the n.礼物 v. 呈现;介绍;赠送 prepare sb for sth 使某人为…做准备 3). in preference to 而不是

be (well) prepared for sth/to do sth (表状态) in preparation for 为…做准备 (作状语) exam. 45. present adj. 现在的;出席的;在场的 be present at the meeting

He presented the report to the headmaster.

46. ●preserve v 保持,保存,保护,维持,维护,保养,保鲜 1).He was anxious to preserve his reputation. 2).Efforts to preserve the peace have failed. 3).This is a perfectly preserved 14th-century house. 4).Is she really 60? She’s remarkably well preserved.


5).The vegetables should be preserved in the fridge. 6).The society was set up to preserve endangered species from extinction. 47. ●press v/n 压,按,贴,催促 新闻界,出版社 1).The story was reported in the press and on television. 2).The press was/were not allowed to attend the trial. 3).The dictionary was published in Oxford University Press. 4).She pressed her face against the window. 5).They are pressing us to make a quick decision. 48.◎pressure 压力;心理压力;紧张;承受着某事的压力 She was unable to attend because of the pressure of the work. pressure sb into sth/doing sth Don’t let yourself be pressured into making a hasty decision. 不要勉强自己仓促做决定。 under pressure 被迫 这个队在压力下表现良好。 The director is under increasing pressure to resign. The team performs well under pressure. 49. pretend v. pretend to do 1). Prevent sb/sth from doing 50. ●prevent vt 预防,阻止 air / water pressure

Nothing would prevent him from speaking out against injustice. 2).Prevention is better than cure. 3).We should take some preventive action to avoid the diseases. 51. price n. 价格;代价 at any price 52. prison n. prisoner n. mental processes 思维过程 正常现象。 manufacturing processes 制造方法 加工过 processed cheese 加工好的奶酪 I sent three rolls of film away to be processed. 我送了三个胶卷去冲印。 It will take a week for your application to be processed .审核你的申请需要一周的时间。 54.◎product 产品,制品;结果,产物 The child is the product of a broken home. car production meat product 这孩子是一个破裂家庭的产儿。 Most of the food we buy is processed in some way. at a high /low price at a price of two dollars per kilo 不惜一切代价 take sb prisoner 俘虏某人 We’re in the process of selling our house. 正在

53.◎process 过程;步骤,流程;工序,工艺流程;加工,处理;冲印 the ageing process 老化过程 It’s a normal part of the learning process. 那是学习过程中的

Production 生产,制造;产量;上映,上演,播出,制作 a decline / an increase in production a new production of ―King Lear‖


He wants a career in film production.他想从事电影制作。 55. ◎profit make a profit 获利 The company made a health profit on the deal. at a profit 可以获利 We should be able to sell the house at a profit.

profit by / from sth 获益,得到好处;对某人有益 Farmers are profiting from the new law. Many local people believe the development will profit them. 56. progress n. 进步;进展 in progress 在进行中 57. ●prohibit vt 禁止,阻止 prohibition 禁令 =ban 58. promise c/n 诺言 v. 许诺;有…可能 1) make /keep/ carry out / break a promise 2) This year promises to be another good one for harvests.(有望成为) 3) a promising pianist (有前途的) 1).policies to promote economic growth promotion n 4) A heavy snow promises a good harvest.瑞雪兆丰年 59. ●promote vt 促进,宣传,提升 60. protect v.保护 2).The band has gone on tour to promote their new album. protect sb/sth from (against) … (不可数) v. 进展;进行 make much/ great/ rapid / progress in sth 在某方面取得很大进步 Work on the new road is progressing slowly. prohibit sth prohibit sb from doing sth

In the past, the citizens were prohibited from traveling abroad.

We wear sunglasses in summer to protect our eyes from the sunlight. under one’s protection 在某人的保护下 61. proud pride 62. prove adj.骄傲的,自豪的,傲气的 n.骄傲,自豪, 自尊心 link.v 证明是(无被动) be proud of take pride in vt. 证明

1) The task proved (to be) more difficult than we’d thought. 2) He proved himself (to be) a better driver. 63. provide 64. pull vt. 提 供 provide sth for sb /provide sb with sth n. 拉力,引力 1).They purchased the car for 1 million dollars. 收藏起来 put aside 把… 放在一边; 储存 Providing/provided that… v. 拉,拖,吸引 pull down 拆毁 pull in (火车等)进站 pull out 拔出,出站 65. ●purchase v/n 购买/购买的东西 66. put vt. (put, put ) put forward 提出 灭 put up 张贴,举起,搭起 put up with 忍受 put away 把 2).If you are not satisfied with your purchases , we’ll give you a full refund .(全额退款) put off 推迟 put on 穿上; 上演 (戏剧等) put out 扑


67. ◎puzzle

What puzzles me is why he left the country without telling anyone. puzzling/ puzzled Q

puzzle over / about sth 苦苦思索,仔细琢磨 1. quality n. 质量;品质;性格

a watch of high quality

2. quantity n. 数量

a large quantity of = large quantities of+ 可数名词、不可数名词

Large quantities of water are polluted in that area. A large quantity of water is badly needed here. 3. question 能 4. ●quit quit quit quitted quitted 1).If I don’t get more money, I’ll quit . 3).I’ve quit smoking. 2).He quit the show last year because of bad health. 4).We decided it was time to quit the city. R 1. raise vt. 使升高,提高,举起,筹措,饲养,抚养 2) raise money 筹集钱 1) raise one’s hand/ voice 举起手、抬高声音 3) I was raised by my aunt on the farm. 2. ●range n/v 1).We offer a full range of activities for children. 2).It’s difficult to find a house in our price range. 3).She has had a number of different jobs, _______(range)from cook to teacher. 3. ◎rank 把什么分等级;等级,级别;军衔 top-ranked players 一流的选手 在她事业的顶峰时期,她排名 He was ranked second in his age group. 他在他的年龄段排名第二。 At the height of her career, she ranked second in the world. 世界第二。 She was not used to mixing with people of high social rank. 她不习惯和社会地位很高的人搅 合在一起。 officers of junior/ senior rank 有低级/高级军衔的军官 画家 4. reach vt. 到达;伸手(脚等)够; (声音)传到 n. 得出结论 beyond (out of ) reach 在够不着的地方 within one’s reach 在够得着的地方 reach (one’s hand) for 伸手够… 5. read v. 读,理解,写有,读数为 2) I can’t read his mind/eyes.读懂 为 30 度。 6. realise vt. 实现;意识到 7. reason 做) n. 理由, 原因 v. realise one’s dream 劝说, 评理 reason sb into /out of doing 说服某人做 (不 reach a conclusion 1) The sign on the wall reads ―No Smoking‖. 3) The themometer reads 30 degrees. 温度计读数 a painter of the first rank 一流的 vt. 提问,询问,质问 n. 问题,疑问 out of question 没问题 out of the question 不可 He was questioned by the police.


reason with sb 和某人理论 8. receive vt 收到

the reason for sth receive a letter

The reason why……. is that….. 受到好评

receive a good education/ a warm welcome 9. recognize /recognise vt. 认出,承认 recognize sb/sth as (to be) 承认….是

The play was well received. recognize sb./one’s voice

10.●recommend 推荐;劝告,建议 recommend somebody/something Can you recommend a good hotel? lawyer. recommend somebody to do something . recommend (somebody) doing something He recommended reading the book before seeing the movie. 11. recover vt 找回;痊愈;恢复 ~ his lost bike 12. reduce vt /vi 减少, 缩小, 使成…状态 13. refer (referred-referred-referring) ~ to a dictionary 14.●.reflect 反映;映出;反射 Hunger ~d him to stealing.饥饿使他开始偷东西。 refer to 提及;参考,查阅;涉及 reflect somebody/something (in something) reflect something The man referred to is a famous writer. ~ one’s health it is recommended that… ~ from one’s illness It is strongly recommended that the machines should be checked every year ~ the price by 10 percent.价格降低了 10percent。 We'd recommend you to book your flight early recommend (that)… I recommend (that) he see a

She could see herself reflected in his eyes. His music reflects his interest in African culture reflect on/upon something 认真思考,反思

This material absorbs the sound, and doesn't reflect it.

She was left to reflect on the implications of her decision. On the way home he reflected that the interview had gone well. 15. refuse vt&vi 拒绝 16. regard vt 认为;把…看作 ~ sth/ to do n 尊重;问候(常用复数)

reflect that…

~ sb/sth as n/adj. 认为某人、某物是…… Please give my best ~s to your family. 代我向你家人问好 17.●regardless ~ one’s mistakes 是….. 19. regular adj 有规则的;有规律的;经常的;定期的;固定的 regularly adv a ~ meeting 定期的会议 20.●reject suggestion reject somebody 不录用, 拒绝接纳 I've been rejected by all the universities I applied to. He visited me regularly. reject something 拒绝接受 reject an argument/a claim/a decision/an offer/a The weather was terrible but we carried on regardless. vt&n 后悔; 抱歉;惋惜 ~ doing/ ~ to do to one’s ~ 让某人遗憾的 18. regret (regretted-regretted-regretting)


21.●relate 联系;把……联系起来 relate to something/somebody 理解 Scotland. Many adults can't relate to children. 22. relation n. 关系;亲戚

relate A to B The second paragraph relates to the situation in

In the future, pay increases will be related to productivity.

relative adj.有关的;相对的; n.亲戚 A be relative to B A 与 B 有关 You have been working too hard. You need to relax

the ~ between cause and effect 因果之间的关系 23. ◎ relax 放松,轻松;放心,宽慰 yourself. I’ll relax when I know you are safe. 24. ◎ reliable a reliable friend

Our information comes from a reliable source. 消息来源可靠 We are looking for someone who is reliable and hard-working. 25. ◎relief 济难民 26. ◎rely rely on These days we rely heavily on computers to organize our work. rely on it that… Much food remained. Much ~s to be done. He ~s a doctor / young / standing there. You can rely on me to keep your secret. remain adj/ adv/ n/ prep/分词/to be done It ~s to be seen whether he will win the game. The work ~s undone. 28. remember vt. 想起;记住 29.◎remove a sense of relief breathe a sigh of relief 如释重负松了口气 provide relief for refugees 救 much to one’s relief the relief of suffering 痛苦的消除

27. remain vi. 剩下,留下;仍然是(无被动)

remaining adj. 剩余的 the remaining time remember to do / doing

Please ~ me to your mother.代我向你母亲问好 He removed his hand from her shoulder. 拿开,移走 把家搬到。 。 。 remove one’s shoes/ coat 脱下 remove one’s doubt 打消某人的疑虑 remove one’s eyes from the picture 把目光从画上移开 remove the family to remove the dirt from the door 清除,去掉 30.◎rent 32. reply

remove a student from school 将一个学生开除出学校 The house rents at/ for 5 dollars a week. under ~ 正在修理 ~ to a question a reply to my letter v & n 回复,答复 31. repair vt&n. 修理

33. report v.汇报;报告;报道 n.报告,报告单 What you ~ed differs from the facts. 34.●represent 代表 It is ~ed that a young girl was robbed yesterday. A girl is reported to have been robbed yesterday. represent somebody/something The President was represented at the ceremony by the Vice-President


The association was formed to represent the interests of women artists. 35. request vt&n 请求(比 ask 正式,比 demand 礼貌) He came at my ~. 在我的要求下 He ~ed that his guests (should) sit down. 3 6. require vt 要求;需要 They ~ that I (should) appear. ~s 37. research n. 研究;v. 研究 38.●reserve 预留 ;预定 do/ carry out some ~ on cancer reserve something for somebody/something requirement n 要求,条件 The floor ~s washing/to be washed. meet your make a request 提出要求

I'd like to reserve a table for three for eight o'clock. These seats are reserved for special guests 39.●resign 辞职,辞去 resign (from something) sale. 40. respect vt.尊敬; 尊重 n.尊敬; 方面 have ~ for sb=show ~ to sb 在各方面 41. rest n&v 休息,停止;the ~其余的,剩余的 The ~ of the money was given away to the poor. 42. result accident. The accident ~ed from the driver’s carelessness. 43. return vi. 返回 vt. 归还,回报 n. 归来,回报 ~ sth to sb= return sb sth 44. review 书评 45. ◎reward 报酬,报答;酬金,奖赏 reward sb for sth / doing sth She was rewarded for her efforts with a cash bonus. 一笔奖金 She started singing to the baby and was rewarded with a smile. You deserve a reward for being so helpful. 你帮了这么大忙,应受到奖励。 A $100 reward has been offered for the return of the necklace. 46. rich adj. 富的,丰富的,富饶的 47.●rid 摆脱 Our country is rich in natural resources. rid somebody/something of somebody/something vt./n Many happy ~s of the day! (生日祝福语)生日快乐! 回顾,复习,检查;评论 ~ one’s lessons book review ~ to China from abroad I gave him an apple and he gave me a peach in ~. n.结果,成绩 vi. He was late as a ~ of the snow. 由于、因为… The driver’s carelessness ~ed in the It snowed heavily. As a ~, he was late. 因此 take / have a ~ in all ~s=in every ~ resign (as something) He resigned as manager after eight years Two members resigned from the board in protest.

resign doing something 听任,只好接受 We had to resign ourselves to making a loss on the

Further measures will be taken to rid our streets of crime. rid oneself of somebody/something


He wanted to rid himself of the burden of the secret get rid of somebody/something 48. ride v&n 乘,骑,搭载 搭车 It is two hours’ ride from here. 49. right adj. 正当的;正确的;右边的 adv 正确地 n. 公正,正确;权利;右边 all right 好吧 have the ~ to do sth 有权利干 on the ~在右边 ~ the bell 按铃 ~ up a doctor 打电话给 a wedding ~ 婚戒 The sun ~s in the east. give sb a rise 给某人涨工资 52. ◎risk That’s all right. 回答道歉 turn to the ~=turn right 向右转, keep to the ~靠右边走 n. 环;环状物;年轮 ring off 挂断电话 ~ back 回电话 the ~s of a tree n. 增加;加薪 He ~s at 6:00 every day. on the ~ 在增长 risk one’s life We got rid of all the old furniture. ~ (on) a horse/train 骑马/坐车 give sb a ~ 让某人

50. ring vi 响;按铃; (耳朵)嗡嗡作响;打电话

51. rise vi(rose-risen)上升;上涨;起床;站起

She took many photos at the risk of her life.

He took the risk of losing his life to save the child. There is the risk of your catching a cold. 你可能会伤风。 53.●rob 抢劫;掠夺 54. rock n.岩石 rob somebody/something (of something) The tomb had been robbed of its treasures. v.摇,使摇动

The town was ~ed by an earthquake. n. 滚动;卷 The clouds are ~ing away. He ~ed himself (up) in a blanket. Stop ~ing your eyes at me, girl.

He sat ~ing in his chair. 55. roll vi/vt 滚动;卷;转动 The ball ~ed into the hole. The moon ~s about the earth. ~ the wool into a ball He ~ed up the window of the car. 56. room n. 房屋(可数) ; 57. rough 58. round 空间(不可数) takes up too much room. 占据太多的空间 make room for…为…腾地方 adj. 粗糙的;崎岖的;粗鲁的;粗略的;汹涌的 adj, adv, prep,v 圆的;环绕; 在…周围 v. 划船 a girl with a ~ face in a row 成一排,连 be ~ to sb ~paper/ road/words/ weather/sea The earth moves ~ the earth. 59. row n. 一排,一行;划船 续地 60. rude adj(-rudely adv-rudeness n.) 粗鲁的;无礼的 Round our mouths to pronounce the word. a ~ of trees


61. ruin v. 毁坏 n. 毁坏;废墟【多用复数】 The country was ruined by the war.

ruin somebody/something The bad weather ruined our trip.

That one mistake ruined his chances of getting the job. Years of fighting have left the area in ~s. 成为废墟 62. rule n. 规则,规章;习惯 v. 统治,支配 follow/obey /break the ~s He makes it a ~ never to borrow money. 63. run v(ran-run-running)跑;创办;管理;运转,操作;流动;掉色;变成 The college ~s summer courses for foreign students. Could you ~ the engine for a moment? The color of the clothes runs easily. run across sb/sth 偶遇 come running 跑过来 ~ out /~ out of sth 用完,耗尽 64. rush vi. 冲 ,匆忙 n. (上下班/交通)高峰期 to ~. The injured were ~ed to the hospital. S 1. safe adj 安全的 n. 保险箱 safely 安全地 safety n. 安全 for ~ 待售; on ~ 出售 I have the same bike as He came back safe and sound.安然无恙 2. sale. n 出售,销售; 销售量/额(多用复数) 3. same. adj. 相同的,同样的 you. -Happy Christmas to you! -I like black tea and white coffee. 4. satisfaction 足需要 satisfied adj. be satisfied with sth/sb 对…满意 satisfying adj. 5. save vt.挽救;节省;保留;避免,省得 6. say. vt. 说,写有(said-said) 7. ◎schedule 1) n. 时间表,日程表 I am saving for a new bike. n. 满意 -The same to you. –It is the same with me. 让某人满意的是 vt. ~ one’s need/desire/demand 满 to one’s ~ Don’t speak at the same time. during the ~ hour The tears ran down her cheeks. We have run short of milk. ~ after 追赶,追求 ~ into sb / sth 碰到, ~ over 压过去 We’ve got plenty of time; there is no need

express one’s ~ with sth 对某事表示满意 satisfy

Thanks for sending that letter for me—it saved me a trip. ~ sth to sb a train schedule ahead of schedule The sign says ― No Smoking‖. 牌子上写着 2) v. 安排,排定 We have scheduled the meeting for Monday.

8. scold vt. 责骂,训斥 ~ sb for n/ doing 9. score. v. 得分,打分 n. 得分,分数;20 个 two score of books He won the game with a score of 2:1.


scores of books 10. search v& n. 搜寻,搜查 11. season. n. 季节,赛季,旺季 12. seat. n. 座位 take a ~ = sit down

~ a point search…for …. in ~ 旺季 out of ~ 在淡季 能坐…人 vt. 使…就座 in search of sb/sth

seat oneself in the chair= be seated in the chair We want to rent a bus which can seat 40 people. 13. secret adj. 秘密的 14. ◎secure adj. n. 秘密 in ~秘密地 2)牢靠的,a secure job 4)有把握的 be secure of ~ sb do sth ~ sb off 送行 ~ to sb/sth/doing 照看,负责 seek something/somebody seek for something/somebody ~ through 看穿,看 keep sth (a )~ from sb 把某事对某人保密 1)安全的 3)无忧无虑的,a secure old age 5) security n. 透 ~ sb doing sth ~ sth done 16. ●seek 寻找 寻求 neighbor seek one’s fortune 外出闯荡 17. seem. v. 好像,似乎 He ~s (to be) happy/a good man. He ~s to have said it. It ~s to me that…在我看来… 18.●seize 抓住 There ~s(ed) to be… 好像有… seize a chance/ an opportunity sell sb sth =sell sth to sb 15. see v. (saw, seen) 看见,领会,明白

a sense of security

You see to it that the windows are all closed. seek something from somebody She managed to calm him down and seek help from a

Aftre what ~ed several hours, he left. He seized her by the arm. 19. sell v.(sold-sold) 卖,售出; 【喻】出卖 These books sell well . be sold out 被卖光

He sold the book for $5. = He sold the book at the price of $5. 20. send v.(sent-sent) 寄,送,用无线电波发送信号;打发,派遣;使变得 ~ a message / ~ him a telegram / sent their children to school. This noise is ~ing me mad. / A telegram sent him hurrying home. ~ sb away 解雇某人 ~ out 派去,打发,散发出 ~ for sb 派人去叫某人 ~ up 发射 ~ off 发出,寄出 send sb./ sth doing

21. sense n. 感官;感觉;…感;情理,道理;意义 vt. (隐约)感到,领会 a ~ of sight/touch/smell/humor/ duty /direction/language/music/business common sense There is no ~ in waiting here. What’s the ~ of doing that? The sentence doesn’t make sense. She fully ~d the danger of her position. Can you make sense of the poem.


22. separate v. 分开,隔开 adj. 分开的,不相连的;单独的,独立的 Separate the good ones from the bad. seriously 24. serve vt. 为…服务;接待;对…有用;供应,上(饭菜等) ;vi. 服务,服役;接待,招 待;适用 ~ the country/the people/~ dinner/wine/the soup to the guests He has served in the army for three years. ~ as I am at your ~. service n. 服务(行为) ;服侍,招待;公共设施,业务;使用 树立,出(题) an example to sb ~ about (doing) sth / ~ aside 留出,拨出 / ~ back(the clock one hour)往回拨 ~ off 动身,出发;燃放,使爆炸 /~ out 动身,出发/~ out to do 开始,着手 ~ up 建立,开办 26.settle 停留;稳定下来 A bird ~d on the branch. in the ~ of a tree / ~ hands with sb The sun has ~.(vi. 落,下沉) vi. 安定,定居;停息, ~ a question / ~(down) in New York vt. 解决,调停;整理;使平静;安放;支付,结账 The children sleep in ~ beds. take sth 23. serious adj. 严肃的,认真的,严重的 Please be ~ about your work.

25. set vt.(set-set-setting)放, 摆; 指定,规定; 装置,调整; 使处于某种状态; 使…做某事; ~ foot on… / ~ a standard / ~ a clock/watch / ~ …free / ~

Wait until the excitement has ~d down.

27. shade n. 阴(影) ,阴凉处【u】 ; (色彩的)浓淡【c】 various ~s of green 各种深浅不同的绿色 vi. 震动,发抖 He was ~ing with cold. What a ~ it is to lie. 28. shake (shook-shaken) vt. 摇动,抖动;使发抖

29. shame n. 羞愧(感) ,羞耻(心) 【u】 ;[a ~] 一种耻辱,遗憾的事,可耻的人/事物 He is a ~ to his school/family. 30. shape n. 样子,形状,形态;体现,具体形式 in good ~ 完整无损,状态良好/ out of ~ 走形 v. (使)形成,塑造,具体化 It is ~d like a bell. / Our plan is shaping well. I will take my ~ of the 31. share vt. 分配;分享;分担;n. (一)份儿;份额;股份 ~ apples among the children / ~ joys and sorrows with sb money. 32. sharp adj. 锐利的;敏锐的,灵敏的;尖酸的,刻薄的;剧烈的 a ~ knife/~ eyes/ears, a ~ sense of smell, a ~ boy/~ words/a ~ pain/ a ~turn sharpen v. 33. sheet paper/water/ice 34. shock vt&n(使)震惊,打击,震动,电击 I was ~ed by/at the news ./ The news was a ~ to me. sharply adv. put clean ~s on the beds/ a ~ of n. 被单,床单;薄片/板, (一)片/块


He got ~ed when he touched the wire. / If you touch the wire, you’ll get a ~. He couldn’t recover from the ~ of his son’s death. 35. shoe n. 鞋 a pair of/two pairs of ~s / put on (take off)one’s ~s be in one’s ~s 处于某人的位置/处境 36. shoot v.(shot-shot)发射,射击,射中,投掷;拍摄 n. 射击;投篮;嫩芽 ~ a person dead / ~ sb in the head /~ the ball in / ~ a scene 拍一场戏 击 37. short adj. 短的,短期的,近的;矮的;缺少的, 不足的 in a ~ time be ~ of …缺少 be ~ for…是…的缩写 in short 简言之 shorten v. 38. shoulder n. 肩(膀)vt. 肩负,扛;用肩膀挤 ~ a task He looked over his ~. …回过头看 ~ sb sth=~ sth to sb ~ off 卖弄,炫耀 40. shower n. 阵雨,淋浴 41. shut v(shut-shut-shutting) ~ one’s mouth/ eyes ~down He has broad ~s. / ~ to ~ Show me how to do it. ~ up 露出,揭露 be caught in a ~ 关,闭,合拢 The door won’t ~. ~ up 关闭,闭嘴 n. show sb around on ~ 39. show v. 给看,展示,显示,出示;展出;指示;引导,带领 ~ at…向…射

have / take a ~

放下来关住;关闭,停业 a ~ man, be ~/ill in bed /fall ~/ill

46. sick adj. 患病的;恶心的【只作表语】 ;渴望的,向往的 homesick 47. side n. 边,旁边,侧面;一方,一派 on? on all ~s=on every ~ catch ~ of… at first ~ She is excellent on all sides . I have good/bad ~. out of ~ at the sight of lose ~ of… 48. sight n.视力,视觉;望见;视野[u];景象[c] There is not a boat in ~. A dark cloud is a ~ of rain. Please ~ (your name)on the paper. 50. silence n. 寂静;沉默 keep silence/silent 51. similar to 52. simple adj. 简单的;朴素的;单纯的 She is not ~ clever, she even studies hard. 53. since prep. 自从… adv.从那以后 conj. …以来; 既然 live a ~ life=live simply He is as ~ as a child. simply adv. 简单地;朴素地;仅仅,只不过;简直,完全 Every coin has two ~s. Which ~ are you

the beautiful ~s of Beijing There were ~s that they would succeed. The policeman ~ed them to stop. silent adj. 寂静的;沉默的,无声的 listen in silence similarly adv. in a ~ way be similar

49. sign n. 符号;预兆,迹象;牌子,招牌,标记;手势 v.签字,签名,示意

adj. 类似的,相似的


He has lived here ~ then/1949. It is/has been 3 years ~ we parted. Not a ~ tree could be seen. This room has two ~ beds. The ship sank into the river. sank.

He left the town in 1980 and I haven’t seen him (ever) ~. Since you are all here, let’s make a decision. a ~ man men’s/women’s ~s

54. single adj. 单一的,单个的,单程的;单身的,独身的;单人的 a ~ ticket n. 单打比赛

55. sink v. (sank-sunk)使下沉,沉没,下沉,低沉 ~ into a chair 一屁股坐下 Hearing the news, his heart ~ down/ ~ at the desk / ~ at table 就席,进餐 the ~ of a town 位置 the international ~

56. sit vi(sat-sat-sitting) 坐, (鸟等)栖息 57. situation n. 位置, 形势,局面,境遇, 处境 58. size n. 大小,尺寸,号码 59. sky n.天空 60.sleep 睡觉 v. slept/slept in the sky

I am in a very difficult situation ____ I don’t know what to do. be of a / the same size a blue sky fall into sleep have a sound sleep The two houses are of a ~.=The two houses are of the same size . n. I didn’t get much sleep last night. sleep well / deeply / soundly / badly The drawers slide in and out easily

I feel better after a good night’s sleep. 61 slide (slid, slid) 滑行;悄悄的移动 She slid out while no one was looking. slide sth. + adv. / prep.

The man slid the money quickly into his pocket. a slight fever 2) 小的, 微不足道的 a slight mistake a young girl of slight build 身材瘦小的少女 The man was slightly hurt. slowly adv. ---Are you worried? ---Only

62. ◎slight adj.1) 轻微的, 少量 3)纤细的, 瘦的 slightly adv.略微的 轻微的 slightly. 63. slow adj. 慢的;笨的;迟钝的 v. slow down

not in the slightest/ not at all 一点也不,毫不

slowness n. He was the slowest student in the class.

Progress was slower than expected. 64. smell smelled/smelled; Dinner smells good. v. 闻; 嗅; 觉察到 smell. 65. smile v./ n.微笑 66. snake n. 蛇 v smelt/smelt

You must slow down, or you will be ill. link-v. 闻起来 What does the perfume(香水)smell like? Can you smell something burning? n. 气味;嗅觉 Dogs have a very good sense of He smiled with relief.

He smelt danger / trouble.

She smiled at him and he smiled back. The road snaked away into the distance.

He is wearing a big/forced/cold smile. The soldiers snaked their way through the narrow street.


67. ◎social adj. 1) 社会的 ,有关社会的 social reforms 社会改革 2) 社交的,交际的 society n. 社会 in society 68. soon adv. 马上; 很快; 不久 How soon will we be back? no sooner…than … sort (out) the letters Please send it as soon as possible. the sooner…. the better; 69. sort n. 种类 类别 品种 sooner or later; There are all sorts of jobs you could do. 3)群居的 Man is a social animal.

v. 整理 把…分类 ; 处理 安排 It is our problem. We will get it sorted. sort of = kind of 有点儿 70. sound n. 声音 声响 He is sort of nervous.

Rubbish can be easily separated and sorted into the plastics, glass and paper.


He crept(爬) into the house trying not to make a sound. Sound travels more slowly than light. v. 听起来… His voice sounded strange on the phone. It sounded like a train running under the ground. I hope I don’t sound as if / as though I am criticizing(批评) you. 71. space n. 空间 空地;太空 The desk takes up too much space. in outer space, Can we make space/room for an extra chair?

72. spare adj. 不用的 闲置的;备用的;空闲的 多余的 We have a spare bedroom, if you like to stay. Take some spare clothes in case you get wet. a spare key / tyre; in one’s spare time We can only spare one room for you. There is just a few minutes to spare. speak in public / on the radio. v. 尽力 破费;抽出 匀出(时间、金钱等) ;饶命(spare one’s life) He spared no effort to make her happy. Surely you can spare me a few minutes. He speaks with a strange accent(口音). speech give / make / deliver a speech

73. speak spoke spoken v. 说话;提起,讲述 ;发表讲话,演讲 n.演讲 讲话 发言;说话的能力;戏剧中的台词 the power of speech

I seem to have lost the power of speech. She has the longest speech in the play. 74. special adj. 特殊的 不寻常的;重要的,特别关注的;有专门目的的 There is something special about this place. What are your special interests? These teachers need special training. from. specially adv. 专门地 特意地 a special moment n. 特价产品;特价 The menu changes regularly and there are daily specials to choose


75. speed v. sped sped / speeded speeded; The car sped along the road. n.(运动的)速度 76. spell at a speed of…;

speed up The drug will sped her recovery. with great /all speed; at top / full speed

He reduced the speed and turned sharp left. spelt spelt / spelled spelled Can you spell out that name? spend time / money on sth./ in doing the power of human spirit to overcome difficulties 2)地点,场所 How do you spell your name? spell out 拼写出 77. spend

You know what I mean---I am sure I don’t need to spell it out v. spent spent We spent the weekend in Paris. 78. spirit n. 精神 心灵 in high / low spirits 情绪 心境 79 ◎spot n. 1)点;斑点;污点,瑕疵; (太阳的)黑点 on the spot 80. spread v. spread spread 当场,立即,在现场 The night sky is spotted with stars. Spread a piece of cloth on the table. 铺开 展开 Spread butter on the bread. 涂抹 a spy plane spy on 暗中注视,偷偷的 v.点缀,弄脏,使有污点

She spread her arms and the children ran towards her. 张开(双臂) The disease spread quickly. 传播 流传 散布 n. prevent the spread of disease 81. ◎spy n. (pl.spies) 间谍,密探,特务 瞧 82. stand v. stood stood Stand still while I take a photo of you. 站立 直立 The house stood empty for a long time. 位于(某处)某种状态 Modern plastics can stand very high and very low temperatures. 承受; 忍受 stand out n. 态度 观点 货摊 台 83. starve v. (使)挨饿 饿死 84. state n. 状态,状况;州 starvation n. The animals were left to starve to death. in a good state/in good condition the southern states of the US The facts are stated in the report. raise the status of workers n. 停留 逗留 作客 stay away/ in / out / up We are making slow but steady progress. have a high social stand by stand for a police spy v. 从事间谍活动 spies spying spied spied

She was in a state of shock. v. 陈述 声明;公布 85. ◎status n.身份,地位 ,名望 status

You must arrive at the time stated.

86. stay v.停留;保持 持续是 ;暂留 逗留 Stay there and don’t move. I stayed 3 nights at my cousin’s house. 87. ●steady 稳步的;持续的;稳固的

He never stays angry for long.


Such fine work requires a good eye and a steady hand. 88.stress n.压力;强调 89. steal v. stole stolen Things can easily go wrong when people are under stress. My wallet was stolen last night. The hotel is only a short step from the beach. We are taking steps to prevent pollution. She lays great stress on punctuality 90. step n. 迈步;距离;步骤 措施;阶段 This is a big step up in his career. Mind/Watch your steps.

v. 迈步 行走

she opened the door and stepped out into the sunshine. 91. stick v. stuck stuck 插入;粘贴 ;卡住 陷入 n. 树枝 拐杖 I found a nail sticking in the tyre. The key was stuck in the lock. 92. still 93. stomach He stuck a stamp on the envelope. stick to /with sth get stuck in/on…

adv. I am still angry. / The next day was still warmer. 仍然 还是 adj. Keep still while I comb your hair. stand still 静止的 平静的 安静的 n. stomachs stomachache n. 停止 终止 / 车站 He kicked her in the stomach.

94. stop v. stopped stopped

stop to do / doing /sb from doing 95 . store v.保存 贮存 /贮存物 备用物 in store (for sb) We don’t know what life holds in store for us. 96. strength n. 力量 力气 97. strict adj. 98. strike strengthen v. 加强 巩固 strictness n. strong adj. 强壮的 He didn’t have the strength to walk further. strictly adv. be strict with sb / be strict in (about)sth / strictly speaking v. struck struck ; struck stricken He struck him in the face. 打击 The child was struck by a car. 碰撞 撞击 An idea has just struck me.突然想起 The union has voted to strike for a pay increase of 6%. 罢工 Strike a match on the wall.擦划(火柴) The clock has just struck three.敲,报时 I was struck by the beauty of nature. 打动 99.struggle v. 奋斗 努力 struggle for / against / with; 100. ●submit v. 屈服; 提交, 呈递; 申辩 submit an application Please submit your reports to me before the deadline. submit oneself to a search by the guards 让士兵检查 submit to the enemy 101. succeed v. success n. successful adj successfully adv. He succeeded (in) getting a place at art school. n. 罢工 / 攻击 袭击 be on strike They struggled just to pay their bills. He struggled for breath.

The area was struck by a terrible earthquake.袭击 爆发


Who succeeded(继任) Kennedy as President? be a success / be successful / succeed in (doing) sth 102. ◎successful adj. 成功的,有成效的,胜利的 succeed v.成功 succeed in doing sth 103. ◎sudden. adj. 1)突然的,意外的 防 2) 飞速的,快的 a sudden jump 104. suffer v. 受苦 受难;蒙受 遭受 He suffered a heart attack. suffering the try. suggest v.1)建议 Mary suggested to me that we should go for a drive. He suggested doing it in a different way. 2)暗示 His face suggested that he was unhappy. 106. suit v. 满足需要;适于 有利于;相配 If we met at 2 o’clock , would that suit you? Blue suits you. You should wear it more often. suitable adj. 合适的 适宜的 be suitable for/to sb v. 供应 供给 提供 supply sth to sb supplied supplied supplying / supply sb with sth The hot weather doesn’t suit me. n. 疼痛 痛苦 suddenly adv. Road accident victims(受害者) suffered from shock. all of a sudden 突然,冷不 success n. 成功,成功的人或事

The party suffered a defeat in the election. Death finally brought an end to her suffering. My suggestion is that we should give up

105.◎suggestion. n.建议 make a suggestion

c/n. 供应量 贮备 Supplies of food are almost exhausted. Water supply was cut off last night. v. 支持 拥护;援助;赡养 供养;支撑 支护 If you raise it at the meeting , I will support you. He has 2 children to support. Support the baby’s head when you hold it. 109. suppose v. 认为 推断 料想;假定 假想 The prices are supposed to go up. Why do you suppose he left? 110. sure adj. 确定 确信 肯定 Are you sure about that? be sure to do : Be sure to come. for sure: I think he will be back on time , but I can’t say for sure. make sure (of / that…) 111. surprise v. 使…惊奇 Make sure that no one knows it. It surprised me that you have never sung professionally. Price will go up, I suppose. She had supposed him to be rich. adv. 当然 be sure of / about / that in support of

Suppose / Supposing flights are fully booked on that day ,when could we go? Ask me if you are not sure how to do it.


n. 惊奇 ;意想不到的事 112. ●surround vt. 围绕; 包围 113. ◎suspect 114. ◎survive v. 猜疑,怀疑,猜想 v. 1)幸存

Her letter came as a complete surprise. surprised / surprising adj. The jail is surrounded by/with walls. She suspected him of taking her watch.

She looked up in surprise. (much ) to one’s surprise Happiness is being surrounded by family and friends n. 嫌疑犯,可疑对象

Few survived after the floods. swear at sb 咒骂某人 swear to God

2)比…..活得久 She survived her husband by five years. 115. ●swear (swore, sworn) v. 宣誓, 发誓 swear to do sth swear that clause

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? He swore that he was telling the truth. 116. ◎swell v.(swelled, swollen/swelled) 2)(使)隆起 117. ●switch n. 开关; 交换 1) (使)膨胀, (使)增长 The sails swelled in the wind. v. 打开(或关上)开关, 改变, 转换 switch off the TV T 1. take took taken take A for B / back / in /action (steps, measures) 2. ●talent n. 天资, 天赋; 人才 Ordinary people merely think how they shall spend their time; a man of talent tries to use it. He is a talent but he always hides his light under a bushel. 3. ◎taste n. I don’t like the taste of olives(橄榄). Modern art is not to everyone’s taste. The dish tastes delicious. tear up / sth into pieces / down/ open The story will move you tore torn He left the room in tears. I have lost my sense of taste. 4.tear v. 撕毁 撕破;移开 扯掉 n. 眼泪 to tears. 5. tell v. told told 告诉 ;讲述 表述 ; 辨别 tell sb sth / tell sth to sb am. tell A from B Can you tell the differences between B.E. and A.E.? 6. ●tend v. 易于; 倾向于; 照料, 看管 The sort of music I listen to varies, but it tends to/towards light music. tell the truth/ lies I can’t tell you how happy I burst into tears switch on the radio Her arm was beginning to swell up where the bee had stung her. 3) (使)骄傲自大, (使)情绪高涨 switch the conversation from one subject to another He is always switching jobs.

v. Taste it and you will find it delicious. I tore the letter in half/ into halves.


tend to do sth、 listening.

I tend to see pictures in my mind when I am reading or I’d tend the store while you’re away.

Women tend to live longer than men. tend to the sick 7. ●terrify vt. 使人感到恐怖

The creature, which is unusually large and strong, is extremely ugly, and terrifies all those who see it .(短)be terrified at 被…吓了一跳 deafening explosion. 8.test n.测验 考查;化验;检验 考验 v. 测验; (身体)检查;测试;考验 test your English test sb’s eyesight / hearing You should test your brakes regularly. The long climb tested our fitness and energy. 9. thank n. you? v. 10. think v. thank sb for sth / doing sth thought thought 认为;思考 think of / about / for yourself/ over / of…as thinking n. 思维 思想;想法 见解 11.thirsty adj. 渴的;渴望 渴求 He is thirsty for money / power. 12. thought n. 思考,思想,念头 On second thought(s)(再一想,转念一想),he decided to accept his invitation. deep in thought= lost in thought 沉思 13. throughout prep. 遍及, 贯穿 城 14.throw ( threw/ thrown) 扔,投 throw sth out 随口说出 throw up 呕吐 throw at/to sb 扔给某人 He studied hard; thus he got high marks. throw off 匆忙脱 throughout the night 整夜 throughout the town 全 I had to do some quick thinking. We were hungry and thirsty. have a thirst for knowledge 渴求知识 I think so ./ I don’t think so . Thanks to a lot of hard work, we succeed. How can I express my thanks to take a test a test for Aids The match is a real test of character for us. We were terrified at the

15. thus ad. 这样(=in this way); 因而(=so) He hanged himself on the tree, thus ending his life. 16.tie n. 领带,关系,结,平局 (tied/tied/tying) The match ended in a tie. 比赛打成平局

v. (用绳,线) 系,拴,扎,打成平局,得分相等

Our team tied (with) their team.=Our team was tied with their team. 打成平局 Please tie the horse to the tree. 把马拴到树上 17. time n. 时间,时期,次数,倍数;v. 测定时间,记录时间


all the time=always 一直 at a time 一次 at times=sometimes 有时候 in no time 立刻,马上 in time for sth 来得及干某事 on time 准时 waste no time (in) doing 赶紧干某事

ahead of time= in advance 提前 at one time 从前,一度 from time to time 不时的,时而,偶尔 in time 及时,迟早 Time is up.时间到 take one’s time 慢慢来 It is (high) time (that) we started.该干某事了

At no time have I said such a thing.我决没有说过这种话。 (决没有,决不) It is the first time (that) I have read such a book.我第一次读这样的书 18. tip n. 顶端,尖端,告诫,建议,提示,小费 adj. 疲惫的, 厌倦的 // 令人疲惫的, 令 19. ●tire v. 使疲惫, 使厌倦 tired // tiring 人厌倦的 tiredness n. 疲惫 Sth tire sb out. 某事使某人疲惫 Sb be tired of n/doing 某人厌倦了某事 2)烤面包片 a piece of toast Sb be tired out 某人疲惫了

Sb be tired with/from n/doing 某人因某事疲惫 20. ◎toast n.1)祝酒 drink a toast to…. v.1)为…干杯 21. ● tolerate v. 容忍, 宽容; 经受, 忍受; Those who know how to tolerate others can naturally lead a happy life. 22. the day after tomorrow 后天 23. tongue n. 舌头,语言 mother tongue=native language 母语 24. He is too tired to go any further. The trip is too much for the old lady. 是某人受不了的 You can’t be too careful while crossing the street. = You can’t be careful enough while crossing the street. 过马路时,越小心越好 25. top n. 顶部 at the top of sth 26. total n. 合计,总计;v. 合计是 He is totally blind. adj. 总的,完全的,全然的 A total of 400, 00 people were killed in the earthquake. 2)烤(面包) a toasted sandwich

There are 50,000 students in our school in total. (=altogether=in all 总共) 27. touch v. 触动,打动,触摸,接触;n. 接触,联系 touching adj. 打动人的;touched adj. 受到触动的 stay in touch with sb=keep in touch with sb 与某人保持联系 lose touch with sb 失去联系 get in touch with sb 取得联系 be in touch with sb/ be out of touch with sb 有联系/无联系 28. ●tough a. 坚硬的;结实的;棘手的,难解的 Believe me; I know how easy it is to begin smoking and how tough it is to stop. Don’t be too tough on /with him---he was only a child.


He played the tough guy in the movie. 30. town n. 城市,小城

a tough breed of cattle

29. tour n. 观光,旅行 go on a tour to a place live in town \ live in the countryside keep track of sb 跟踪,跟踪了解 lose track of sb go to town\ go out of town 31. track n. 轨道,田径,踪迹,跑道 失去联系 As to dealing with such problems, you are on the right track.方法正确 32. trade n. 贸易;v. 交换 33. ◎tradition n. traditional adj. 34. traffic n. 交通(不可数) international trade 国际贸易 religious/ cultural traditions traditionally adv at the traffic lights 在交通灯那里 trade A for B 用 A 换 B by tradition

There are traffic jams at the corner every day.交通堵塞,堵车 There is heavy/ light traffic here.车辆多/少 35.train n. 火车;v. 培训,训练 练者 train sb for sth 为…对某人进行培训 36. translate v. 翻译,转换成另一形式 37. transportation n. 运输 train sb as a fireman 把某人训练成… n. translation 翻译, 译文 trainer 教练,训练者 trainee 受训

Translate the sentence from Chinese into English. The bike is a useful means of transportation. set/lay/place a trap for mice I trapped my coat in the car door. 38.●trap n. 陷阱 vt. 使陷入困境 fall into/get out of a trap

Having been trapped in traffic, he was late for work. 39. travel n. 旅行,传播(光、声、病)traveller/ traveler 旅行者 Light travels faster than sound. 40. treasure n. 金银财宝,财富,珍爱的东西;v. 珍爱,珍惜 41. ●treat n. 款待;v. 对待,处理,治疗 under treatment 在治疗中 待某人 treat sb as/ like…对待某人像 42.trick n. 诡计,把戏,花招,计谋;v. 欺骗 43. trip n.旅行,旅程 go on a trip to a place play a trick on sb 捉弄,欺骗 It’s my treat. 我请客 treasure our friendship treat sb to sth 用某物款 treatment n. 治疗,处理

44. trouble n. 问题,烦恼,麻烦;v. 使苦恼,使麻烦 I am sorry to trouble you, but can you tell me his address? trouble sb to do 麻烦某人干 难 get into/out of trouble 陷入困境 /摆脱困境 take trouble to do 尽力干 in /out of trouble have trouble with sth./ have trouble (in) doing 干某事有困


45. ◎true a. 真的,忠诚的

truly adv

My dream came true.= I realized my dream. try on 试穿 try out 试用

46.truth n. 真理,真相,事实 tell the truth 说实话 47. try n. 尝试 v. 审理,努力,尝试 have a try 试一下 try to do 努力 try the case 审理案件 try doing 试着干

try one’s best to do =do one’s best to do 尽力干 48. turn n. 轮流,顺序 v. 转变,旋转,变成 in turn=by turns 轮流(作状语) take turns to do=take turns at doing(作谓语) It is my turn.该我了。 turn back 返回 turn up 开大,上涨,到来,露面 求助于 turn off 关掉 turn over 翻过来 eg. He turned out to be very honest. It turned out to a success. 49.●typical a. 典型的,有代表性的 be typical of typical flower characteristics It is typical of you to be so gentle. turn on 打开 turn A into/to B 把 A 变成 B It turned out that he was not a thief but a policeman. turn against sb/sth 背叛 turn down 调低,拒绝 turn in 上交(=hand in) turn to 转向,变成,

turn out (to be) n/adj/ adv 结果是,被证明是(强调与预料的相反)

It is typical of John to think about helping others in this way. 50.●undertake (undertook, undertaken) v. 承担,从事,负责;承诺 undertake the difficult task/responsibility undertake to do 51. ◎unfair be unfair on/to sb He is ~to us, isn’t he ? 52. ● unite v. 联合,团结 53. upon prep. 在… 上面 Carnival became a way to unite different communities. We should unite with all the forces that can be united. upon /on+ sth/doing 名词/动名词= as soon as 从句 Upon his arrival, I will telephone you. 54. ●upset a. 心烦的,苦恼的 Then the friend went away, and the writer was extremely upset. be upset to do sth: be upset that clause: She was upset to hear that the holiday had been cancelled. Her sister was very upset that her family had to move to California. urge sb to do/into doing They urged me to eat the strange He undertook to finish the job by Friday. an unfair judge It’s ~ on him to make him pay for everything.

be upset about/over sth: My parents were in a huge argument, and I was really upset about it. 55. ●urge vt. 鼓励,激励 food.


urge that clause(should do) 物

He urged that we should take such steps. make (good/ better/full) use of sth (好好/充分)利用某

56. use n. 利用,用途;v. 利用

sth be in use/ out of use 某物在被使用/ 某物不被使用 sth come into use 开始被使用 57. ◎useless use n. It is no use doing.干某事没用 be used to do 被用来干某事 be/get used to n/doing 习惯干某事

be ~to do / be ~ doing sth 1) make use of … 2 )be of great use to sb / be of no use to sb as usual 向往常一样 the winter vacation 寒假 be on vacation 休假

He knew it was ~ to protest It’s ~ worrying about it. 3) It is no use doing sth 58. usual a. 通常的 59. vacation n. 假期 60. ●vain

n. 自负的,自视过高的,徒劳的,无效的 She is in vain of her beauty. be of value= be valuable various a. 各种各样的 He is the very person we are looking for. (可换成 just the) political views in one’s view 2) 视野,视线 come into

I have tried very hard to find a solution to the problem, but in vain.(2010江苏) (短)be ~ of 对…很自负: 61. value valuable a. 有价值的 n. 价值,价值观 v. 估价,重视

62. variety n. 种类,种种

a variety of fruits= varieties of fruits= various fruits 各种各样的水果 63. very a. 正好的 adv. 非常 64. ◎view view 3) 景色,风景 a sea view / a mountain view spectacular. v. ~ sb /sth as… 把…视为,以…看待 65. ◎violent violently adj adv v. 参观,访问,拜访 pay a visit to sth/sb in a high/low… voice 以高或低的声音 volunteer one’s car for the trip wait for sb to do 等某人 visitor n. 参观者 ~ crime / ~ movies viewer ~ reaction a ~ change / a ~ headache The view from the top of the tower was n. 1)看法,观点

66. visit n. 参观,访问,拜访 go on a visit to sth/sb 67. voice n. 声音,音色

at the top of one’s voice 高声地 68. ●volunteer n.&v. 志愿者,志愿 69. wait n. 等待 v. 等待, 干某事 wait on sb 照料,伺候 wait for one’s chance/ turn 等机会 wait at/on table 招待进餐 can’t wait to do 迫不及待地想干 wait for sb/sth 等待


70. ◎wander vi 71.want v. 想要,需要 要粉刷

~ about / around the street The house wants painting.(The house wants to be painted) 这房子需 warn sb of / against sth 警告某人小心某物 waste time (in) doing waste time on sth by the way 顺便说(引入话

72. warn vt. 警告,预先通知 74. waste n. 浪费,废物 vt. 浪费 75. way 题) n. 路;方式,方法

73. wash n. 洗,洗的东西; vt/ vi. 洗,冲洗 This cloth washes easily. 表性质用主动表被动 It is a waste of time/ energy/ money doing sth. in this way 用这种方法

on the way to a place 在去某地的路上 on the way to doing 即将干某事 You are in my way. 挡道,碍事

under way 在进行中 give way to sb/sth 让位给某人或某物 Please get out of my way! 别挡手,让开 wear a smile. 戴着微笑

a way to lose weight=a way of losing weight 减肥的方法 76. wear v. (wore , worn) 穿着,戴着,留须发,磨损 wear sb out. 使某人精疲力竭(= sb is worn out) 77. ●weekly a. 每周的 It is a weekly magazine. 78. what pron. 什么 79. whole 80. wide adj.整个的 The magazine is a weekly. The magazine is published weekly. What for=why What have you come here for? What if it rains? 如果下雨怎么办? widely adv. 广泛地

So what? 那又怎么样?(表反问) adj. 宽的,广泛的

on the whole 总体上 adv. 充分地;

The child is wide awake. 这个小孩非常清醒,没有睡意 English is widely used all over the world. 81. will n. 意志,遗嘱 辞调了工作 We chose ten boys at will.随意,任意 82. win v. 赢 (won/won) 摸索前进 make sb’s way(艰难地)前进 84. ●wipe v. 擦;擦净;擦干 wipe the glass dry wipe out: destroy, get rid of A volcanic eruption nearly wiped out the small island of Montserrat in 1997. 85. wish 你成功! wish for sth I wish that 从句(用虚拟语气) wish to do 希望干某事 n. 愿望; v. 希望, 祝愿 wish you + 名词 (success/ good luck/ a pleasant trip) ! 祝 push sb’s way 挤着前进 He wiped his hands on his blue apron. win the first prize / respect/fame/war/match… wind sb’s way 蜿蜒前进 feel sb’s way 83. wind n. 风;v. 缠绕, 蜿蜒(wound/ wound) He gave up his job against his mother’s will. 他违背母亲的意志

They wiped away the girl’s tears.


86. without prep. 没有 I have to go without supper.

go without 在没有…的情况下勉强应付 vt. 目击,作证, 证明, 表明

87. ●witness n. 目击者, 证明, 证词 times.

I thought, at a time, that this was just a story but then I witnessed it with my own eyes many The year 1949 witnessed the founding of the P.R.C. 88. word n. 词,话,消息,诺言 谈 Word came that Tom won the first prize. 有消息传来…. You should keep your word. 你应该信守诺言。 89. work n. 工作(不可数) ;作品(可数) ;v. 工作,运转,起作用 works n. 工厂(单复数均有 s) 在工作 start work 开始工作 90. world n. 世界 out of work 失业 work out 算出,锻炼,结果是 It’s a small world.世界真小。 (哪里都有熟人) work at / on …忙于,从事 be at work have a word with=have a few words with 和某人谈

It’s not the end of the world. 并不是那么糟糕。 I am on top of the world. 我非常愉快。 learn about the outside world. 了解外面的世界 91. ◎worried adj 1) be ~ about sb / sth 2) be worried that… worrying adj Doctors are worried about the possible spread of the disease. I was worried that you wouldn’t come back. ~ problems worry vt/vi ~ (sb / oneself) (about sb /sth )

There is no point in worrying about things you can’t change. I don’t want to worry you about the present situation. 92. worry n. 烦恼;v. 担心, 使某人担心; Sb worry about sth 某人担心某事 a worrying situation 令人担忧的局面 93. ●worthy a. 有价值的;配得上的;相称的 be worthy of sth/being done: The problem is worthy of consideration/being considered. be worthy to be done: 94. ●worthwhile a. 值得做的 It is worthwhile to do sth/doing sth The young man is worthy to be taught. a worthwhile effort It isn’t worthwhile continuing with the project. Sth worry sb 某物使某人担心 Sb be worried about sth/sb 某人担心某事

I thought it worthwhile to clarify the matter. 95. ●worthy a. 有价值的;配得上的;相称的 be worthy of sth/being done: be worthy to be done: 96. ◎wrist The problem is worthy of consideration/being considered. The young man is worthy to be taught.

seize sb by the wrist



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