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Unit1 Friendship[reading 1]

Unit 1

Period 2 Reading

A life without a friend is a life without a sun.

Lead-in Discussion
Does a friend always have to be a person? What else can be

your friend?

A boy & his dog

Playing happily together

We are a big family!

Sharing joys or sadness with each other

Getting help from each other

Cooperating and improving together

Learning from each other and competing with each other

Don’t be afraid. I am here.

Anne’s Best Friend

This is a true story. It took place in Amsterdam, Holland in the early 1940s after the German Nazis had occupied most of Europe.

Let’s see some pictures of world war II

Background: World War II

Jews being rounded up by Nazi soldiers and forced to leave home.

In Nazi Germany, Jews were required to wear a yellow star of David on their clothing.

Polish Jews on their way to a Nazi death camp

Jews in a concentration camp(集中营)

Victims of the gas


A mass grave
The Holocaust (大屠杀) The remains of Jews (幸存者)

Shoes and clothing of prisoners who were killed

hiding place


The Second World War and 纳粹正对着屠杀后幸存的妇女进行扫射 被毒死的犹太人的衣服和鞋子 纳粹屠杀犹太人的真实场景 纳粹逼迫犹太人离开他们的家园 犹太人排队进入后面的毒气室 被关在集中营中的犹太人 纳粹正在建设集中营 the Nazi crime

Born on June 12, 1929, Anne Frank was a GermanJewish teenager who was forced to Anne’s go into hiding diary during the Holocaust

Anne’s father

Anne Frank

Anne’s mother

Now let’s come to reading

Fast reading
1. Read the first part of the reading section and answer these questions:

? Who was Anne’s best friend? Her diary―Kitty. ? When did the story happen? During World War II.

Best friend Kitty


Anne’s diary

Reading method
when who where what
why how

2. Scan the 1st part of the text and fill in the form below.

The time of the story
The place of the story The heroine(女主人公) of the story

World War II

Amsterdam in Netherlands
Anne her diary--Kitty
They were Jewish and would be caught by the German Nazis.

Anne’s best friend
Reasons for being hidden The length of time they hid away The date of the diary

over two years Thursday 15,June,1944

Read the 2nd part of the passage and fill the following form:
Time Nature Feeling

Before hiding

After hiding

Blue sky, songs of birds, moonlight, flowers Darkness, rain, wind, thundering clouds

Never felt spellbound

Grew crazy

3. Join the correct parts of the sentences.
1.Anne kept a diary because 2.She felt very lonely because

3.They have to hide because
4.Anne named her diary Kitty because

A.she couldn’t meet her friends. B.Jews were caught by Nazis and killed C.she could tell everything to it. D.she wanted it to be her best friend.

Choose the correct answers
1. Anne Frank and her family hid away for___ A. over a year B. over two years C. three years C. one year and a half 2. According to Anne ,a true friend is a person___ A. that would laugh at you B. who makes you happy C. whom you can trust D. who could save your life 3. Anne said that she had grown crazy about nature because___ A. her interest in nature B. she had always been so had grown C. she had been outdoors D. she had been indoors too long.

4. She didn’t dare open the window when the moon was bright .That’s because___ A. they might be discovered B. her family might be disturbed C. it was very cold D. a thief might get into the room 5. Anne and her family were caught by German Nazis___ A. about June 1945 B. about February 1945 C. about August 1944 D. about November 1943


1. Retell the story yourself in the first person. 2. Tick out sentences that you think are difficult for you.


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