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高二英语上册名校短文改错天天练( 高二英语上册名校短文改错天天练(四) 名校短文改错天天练
10 One day Daddy and I was going for a walk around the lake while a girl rode past us quickly. Suddenly we heard a cry for a help. The girl had fallen into the lake with her bike. Daddy and I ran quickly towards her. We manage to pull her out the water. Then the girl asked us if we could help getting the bike out of the water. Then the girl asked us if we could help get the bike out of the lake. Daddy was only too ready to help him. When we pulled her bike out, she rode away even with saying “ Thanks ” to us. I felt quite disappointing at her deed. 答案及解析 1.was 改为 were 2. while 改为 when , 本句用到 be doing…when 短语 3.去掉 a 4. manage 改为 managed ,时态应该前后一致 5. out 后加 of 6. getting 改为 get , help do sth “帮助多某事” 7. 正确 8. him 改为 her,人称应该一致,指前面提到的女孩 9. with 改为 without 10. disappointing 改为 disappointed 11 Jack was a heavy smoker. His mother didn't like him smoking,and 1. he couldn't give it up. At about 9 o'clock in one evening, Jack was seen 2. smoking in the living-room again. “Don't smoke in the living-room, 3.
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9. 10.

Jack!”said his mother in an unhappy voice. Heared this,Jack went 4. back his own room and shut the door. While he was sitting in bed, 5.

he couldn't help smoke again. About an hour later,Jack's mother


smell heavy smoke. She got up and opened Jack's bedroom. Good heavens! 7. Jack's quilt was burning while he was sleep! She quickly got some water and put up the fire. Jack was given a good lesson.“I'll give up smoking from now on, Mum.”Jack said in low but determined voice. 答案及解析 1. and 改为 but, 前后是转折关系 2. 去掉 in, 这是典型的中国式英语 3. 正确 4. Heard 改为 Hearing 5. back 后面加 to, goback to somewhere 回到某地 6. smoke 改为 smoking, can’t help doing sth “情不自禁做某事” 7. smell 改为 smelt, 时态应该前后一致 8. sleep 改为 asleep 或 sleeping 9. up 改为 out, “put out the fire”扑灭大火 10. in 后面加 a “in a low voice” 低声地说 12 One Sunda y mo rning, Li M ing and his grandpa are feed ing the b ird in the cage. The bird was unh app y because it had enough food and water. Li Ming.did not know why not. The next morning on his way to school, Li Ming saw some birds flew in the sky. Then he thought 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

8. 9. 10.

about the lonely bird in the cage. He decided to persuade his 6. grandpa to set the bird free. When he got to home, he said to his Grandpa,“Birds also need friends!” To his delighted , his 8. grandpa agreed.The bird set free. Grandpa and the children 9. 7.

were very happy to see the bird flying away in the sky.


答案及解析 1. are 改为 were, 因为前面的 One Sunday Morning 已经说明故事发生在过去,用过去时态

2.正确 3. because 改为 though ,前后是让步关系 4. 去掉 not 5. flew 改为 flying,这里用到了 see…doing 词组用法 6. about 改为 of, 这里应该是“想起”的含义 7. 去掉第 2 个 to

8. delighted 改为 delight , to one’s +抽象名词“ 令某人…” 9. 10. set 前面加 was ,这里应该用被动关系 in 改为 into 这里应该是“飞入空中”



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