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Book 2 Module 6 复习学案

Book II Module 6 Films and TV Programmers The important thing in life is to have a great aim, and the determination to attain it. 人生中重要的事情就是拥有一个远大的目标以及实现这一目标的决心。 ——Goethe 歌德
1. Write down the Chinese meaning of the following words. 1. come out 2. star (v.) 3. romantic film 4. thriller 5. martial arts film 6. comedy 7. adventure film 8. amusing 9. fall be in love 10. crime 11. sword 12. film poster 13.character_______ 14. entertainment_______ review________________ a part_________17. enjoyable___________ 18. masterpiece___________ 19.graceful___________ 20.leap______________ 21. unusually________________ 22.female_____________23.moving___________24.rarely___________ 25.fiance_____________26.rooftop__________27. occasionally_______________ 28.advertisement__________29.channel_________30. Neighbour_____________ 31. Programme___________ 32.relax___________33. Absolutely______________ 34.plot_____________ 35. Setting_____________ 36. Complete_____________ 37. Local___________38. Sword______________39. Section________________ 2. Write down the phrases . 1. 令大家吃惊的是 2、讲述 3、远至… 4、有时 5、吃惊地 6、关注 7、扮演……的角色 8、有非同寻常的能力 9. 属于_____________________ 10. 在中国受欢迎__________________________ 11. 发生_____________________ 12. 远至________________________________ 13. 惊奇的呼喊________________14、常常、不时地________________________ 15、关注_____________________16.表里不一_____________________________ 17. 使枪和用刀剑一样棒__________________________________________________ 18 难以用言语表达______________19.随着场景的美而心动_______________________ 20.与某人争论某事______________21.脱口秀_____________________________ 22. 关键是_____________23.比其他任何导演都成功___________________________ 24. 在 13 岁的时候________________25. 有史以来__________________________ 26. 赢得奥斯卡奖_________________27.犯错误___________________________ 3. Sentence Structures 1. Now, to everyone’s surprise, Ang Lee, director of a number of excellent films, has made a martial arts film called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Zhang Yimou, , made a martial arts film called Hero. 张艺谋,著名的中 国导演,拍了一部功夫片,名为《英雄》。 2. As in the old wuxia stories, characters leap through the air every now and then, with beautiful, graceful movements, while audiences shout in surprise. 正如加拿大一样,中国各地的气候也是不相同的。

3. Unusually, it is the female characters that interest us most. 强调句结构: ① . 明天给我们讲课的是王老师。 ② .小明在演讲比赛中得了第一名。 单选:I don’t mind her criticizing me, but is how she does it that I object to. A. it B. that C. this D. which 4. Brave, good and strong, Xiulian is the character we care about most. ① . 所有的学生都坐在教室里,静悄悄的。 ② .他上床睡了,又冷又饿。 ③ . 这个小女孩兴高采烈地跑向她的父母。 5. Ask a young person in the street who the greatest American film director is, and you may get the answer Steven Spielberg. ① Use your head, ________ you will find a way. ② Give me your money, ________ I will kill you. ③ 把这本书再读一遍,你就会有对它不一样的理解。 6. He has certainly made more successful films than any other directors in the west. But it's generally agreed, that he, more than anyone else in the history of films, understands the meaning of the word “entertainment”. 他比班里的任何人都高。 . 7. Beautiful Zhang Ziyi plays the part of Yu Jiaolong, a young woman who is not as good as she seems. But one can not forget the wonderful Chow Yun-Fat, who is as good with a sword as he is with a gun. .这本字典不如你想象的那样有用。 8. His romantic scenes with Yu Xiulian are very moving, as their eyes show all the love that they must not express in words. _______ rain has fallen, the air is cooler.因为下过雨,空气比较清爽。 __________________________, nobody was injured in the accident.这次意外虽然显得令人不 可思议,却没有人受伤。 You will grow wiser _____________________________.你会随着年龄的增长而越来越聪明。 4. Exercises.

1. The (人物)in his new play are amusing and interesting. 2. This painting is one of the (杰作)of Qi Baishi. 3. That film was so (令人感动的)that most of the audience present couldn’t help tearing. 4. We all think (广告)are boring. 5. I (偶尔)go to the cinema and see a film. 6. The president made a very e (有趣的)speech. 7. Have you ever a with your family about which TV programme to watch? 8. He crossed the river by l from stone to stone. 9. The (优雅的)dance danced to music at the party. 10. There are new p about the film called Harry Potter on the wall.

Ⅱ. 选词填空(用所给词语的正确形式填空)
express oneself, play an important part, marry…to; occasionally, direct, to the surprise of, reach out for, come out, take place, as far as I know 1. I’m eager to know when your new book will . 2. all the students, the sports meeting is put off because of the bad weather. 3. The evening party will on New Year’s Eve. 4. He his daughter a businessman. 5. , we will have an exam tomorrow. 6. Farming in our country at present. 7. He was very hungry. He a piece of cake. 8. He goes to the movies with me. 9. He can in good clear English after four years hard study. 10. How many films did he in his life?

Born in the state of Ohio, in 1946, Spielberg is the most successful director in the west and is general agreed to be the one who understands the meaning of entertaining more than any one else in the history of films. He shows his unusual abilities when he was young, completes his first 15-minute home movie at the age of 13. Firelight, his another home movie was shown 3 years later at the local cinema. When a Hollywood film studio showed interest his 26-minute film called Amblin, they employed him to make a full-length film. Their career in film industry took off after that. Firstly, Sugarland Express, made in 1974, had some successes. Then, Jaws, a film about a shark who ate people, was one of the most successful films of all time. Other films like ET, Jurassic Park and Schindler's List are very wonderfully, the third of which also won an Oscar.

IV. 短文翻译
上周我看了一部叫做《傲慢与偏见》的电影。它是由 Jane Austen 的代表作改编而来。 讲述了一个发生在 18 世纪的爱情故事。一个男人和一个女人,Darcy (由 Matthew 扮演)和 Jane(由 Keria 扮演)爱着彼此,但是由于他们之间的误会和偏见,他们没有意识到对彼此的 爱。Jane 是我们最关注的角色,她勇敢,独立,聪明。又帅又酷的 Matthew 扮演 Darcy,一 个并不像外表那样冷酷的年轻绅士。他与 Jane 的浪漫故事情节很感人。让我们高兴的是, 最终两人消除了误会,终成眷属,过上幸福生活。关键是这部电影比我看过的其它电影都令 人印象深刻。人们一致认为读一遍原著,一定能够从中获取不一样的感受。

Ⅴ.语法填空(15 年广东卷) Mr. Johnson lived in the woods with his wife and children. He owned ______ farm, which looked almost abandoned. ______ (lucky), he also had a cow which produced milk every day. He sold or exchanged some of the milk in the towns nearby ______ other food and made cheese and butter for the family with what ______ (leave). The cow was their only means of support, in fact. One day, the cow was eating grass ______ it began to rain heavily. While making great efforts to run away, she ______ (fall) over the hill and died. Then the Johnson tried to make a living ______ the cow. In order to support his family, Mr. Johnson began to plant herbs and vegetables. Since the plants took a while to grow, he started cutting down trees ______ (sell) the wood. Thinking about his children’s clothes, he started growing cotton too. When harvest came around, he was already selling herbs, vegetables and cotton in the market ______ people from the town met regularly. Now it occurred to ____ that his farm had much potential and that the death of the cow was a bit of luck. A Possible Version: Last week I saw a movie called Pride and Prejudice. It was adapted from book of Jane Austen. The story tells of a romantic love that took place in 18th century. A man named Darcy (played by Matthew) and a woman called Jane (played by Keria ) are in love with each other, but they don't realize it, because of the misunderstanding and prejudice between them. Brave, independent and intelligent, Jane is the character we care about most. Handsome and cool, Matthew plays the part of Darcy, a young gentleman who is not as cool as he seems. His romantic scenes with Jane are very moving. To our pleasure, they remove the misunderstanding between them and get married, living a happy life in the end.The thing is that the movie is far more impressive than any other films that I have ever seen. It is generally agreed that read the original novel, and we will obtain a different experience from the film.


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