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2011 各区一模阅读表达

When a letter appeared in the DEAR DOCTOR column(专栏) of a newspaper, the doctor ?s reply was the following: Dear Mr. L., I don?t think there is anything wrong with your blood. The key to the problem is the long nap(小睡) after dinner. If you didn?t sleep for hours during the early part of the evening, you should be more ready to sleep at bedtime. If you didn?t nap after dinner, you would not want to stay up so late, and you would not feel the need to take a sleeping pill. The pill is still working in your body when you get up in the morning. This helps explain the fact that you feel tired all day. You should get out of the habit of sleeping during the evening. Right after your evening meal, join some kinds of physical activity — a sport such as tennis, perhaps. Or get together with friends for an evening of cards and conversation. Then go to bed at your usual time or a little earlier, and you should be able to get a good night?s rest without taking a pill. If you can get into the habit of spending your evening this way, I am sure you will feel less tired during the day. At first it may be hard for you to go to sleep without taking a pill. If so, get up and watch television or do some jobs around your house until you feel sleepy. If you fall asleep and then wake up a few hours later, get up but do not take a sleeping pill. Read a while or listen to the radio, and make yourself a warm drink. Eat a sandwich or a cookie. Then go back to bed. Even if you get only a few hours? sleep that night, you will feel better in the morning than you usually feel after taking a pill. The next night you will be ready to sleep at an earlier hour. 65. Is the letter written by a doctor? ____________________________________________________________ 66. What?s the reason that Mr. L. can?t sleep well? ____________________________________________________________ 67. Why does Mr. L. feel tired all day? ____________________________________________________________ 68. What should Mr. L. do if it is hard for him to go to sleep according to the letter? ____________________________________________________________ 69. What are the things that the doctor suggests Mr. L. not to do? ____________________________________________________________

2011 各区一模阅读表达

On Friday, January 14, 2005, my cousin, Kara Rose, came into the world. She looked perfectly healthy from the outside, but on the inside, the doctors had failed to discover a serious problem. She often had trouble breathing and then turned blue. The doctors found that Kara had been born without part of her heart. They didn?t think she would live long enough to leave the hospital. When she was four days old, she had her first operation. My family stayed together during this hard time, hoping everything would turn out for the best. I was also anxiously hoping the doctors would be able to make her life longer. Kara?s strength and determination (决心) to live were strong. Eventually, she could go home. We all waited patiently for new technology that could give Kara a new heart. When she was eighteen months old, her parents took her to a famous surgeon who performed a series of operations. There was no guarantee she would make it through the operation, but she succeeded. Kara grew stronger every day, and it was not long before she was well enough to be around people. She had an amazing character and always wore a sweet smile. When she fell asleep against my body, happy and content, I realized how valuable life really is. As I took her in my arms with her warm breath against my neck, I decided to live every day of my life to the fullest. This child who is 15 years younger than I has gone through more suffering and pain than I ever have. I admire her strength and determination. Kara has taught me that no matter how bad things seem, they can work out in the end. Knowing this small, beautiful child has made me a stronger person, I now believe that difficulty can be beaten. 65. Did Kara Rose come into the world on January 14, 2005? _______________________________________________________________ 66. Why did she often have trouble breathing? _______________________________________________________________ 67. When did she have her first operation, four days old or eighteen months old? _______________________________________________________________ 68. What did the writer realize when Kara fell asleep against her body? _______________________________________________________________ 69. What does the writer want to tell us? _______________________________________________________________

2011 各区一模阅读表达

Phys ed (physical education) is making a comeback, but with a difference. The new way is to teach skills that are useful beyond gym class, like lifting weights, balancing their diets and building physical endurance(耐力). Considering that 15% of American children 6 to 18 are overweight, supporters say more money and thought must be put into phys ed curriculum. In many cases, that may mean not just replacing the old gym-class model with fitness programs but also starting up phys ed programs because school boards(教育委员会)often “cut P.E. completely or decrease(减少)its teachers or the days it is offered,” says Alicia Moag-Stahlberg, the director of Action for Health Kids. The difference in phys ed programs is its short of a national standard. The wisdom of the new idea has some scientific support. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have showed how successful the fit-for-life model of gym class can be. They observed how 50 overweight children lost more weight when they cycled and skied cross-country than when they played sports. The researchers have also found that teaching group sports like football results in less overall(全体 的)movement, partly because the students who are unwilling to do may sit on the bench. Another problem with simply teaching group sports in gym class is that only a small part of students continue playing them after finishing their high school. The new method teaches skills that translate to adulthood, which means kids are given skills and experiences so they can lead a physically active life in their future. 65. Is the new Phys ed program different from the one before? ________________________________________________________________ 66. What does the new P.E. program teach the students? ________________________________________________________________ 67. According to the passage, what do some school boards do with P.E? ________________________________________________________________ 68. What are the problems with simply teaching group sports? ________________________________________________________________ 69. What?s the passage mainly about? ________________________________________________________________


2011 各区一模阅读表达

The computer makes doing schoolwork easier for me than it was for my mom and dad. For example, when writing book reports and stories, I use Microsoft Word instead of a pen and paper. That way, after my teacher checks my work, I can go back and make revisions without having to rewrite the whole thing. And Microsoft Word has a spell check! I use it all the time. For English class, we are reading The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton. As pre-reading homework, my teacher asked us to research teenage groups on the Internet. I tried Google, Encarta, and Yahoo first, and finally found an article on For geography homework on the United States, I used Encarta to learn about the Mississippi River. I needed to find out how deep and wide the river is, what states it runs through, and what kinds of fish live in it. I used the information to show how the geography of a country influences its economy (经济). For example, the river?s trade paths, the number of fish caught in it and the tourist development. I never go to the library to do research. It takes too much time. Since I live in New York City and both my parents work, getting to the library isn?t always easy. For a big task or research, I used to stay at the library to read, or sign out whatever books or magazines I needed. Now being able to find the information in my own living room makes everything a lot simpler. Online dictionaries and encyclopedias (百科全书) also save time. Sometimes, I think the computer spoils (娇惯) my generation because it is so easy --- at least physically. But computers are not like television, which does the thinking for you. You still have to use your mind. I prefer using a computer, easy, fun and fast. 65. Did his dad and mom write on the computer? _______________________________________________________________ 66. What software does the writer use when he writes? _______________________________________________________________ 67. Where can the writer find a lot of useful information for his research work quickly? _______________________________________________________________ 68. Why does the writer prefer using the computer a lot? _______________________________________________________________ 69. What does the writer think of computer? _______________________________________________________________


2011 各区一模阅读表达

Charter schools in the US operate with public money but without many of the rules that govern traditional public schools. In the United States the rules for charter schools are different from state to state. But in general these schools have greater freedom to decide what and how to teach. A charter school might have nothing to do with the local public school system. It might be started by teachers, parents, community groups or a profit-making business. Forty-seven million students go to traditional public schools. And more than a million students go to charter schools. And now a group of charter schools have formed the Green Charter Schools Network. The idea is to have environment friendly school buildings but also to go further than that. The schools teach students to give lots of time and attention to the community problems that affect them and the environment. For example, young children grow vegetables in a school garden and learn about healthy eating. Older students help recycle waste from restaurants. And local schools share what they grow in community gardens with people in need. Jim McGrath is president of the Green Charter Schools Network. He says there are about two hundred “green” charter schools across the United States. And the Green Charter Schools Network holds its first national conference this October in Minnesota. Supporters of green schools say their goal is to let the movement be popular across the country. 65. Are the rules for charter schools the same in the US? _______________________________________________________ 66. How many students go to charter schools? _______________________________________________________ 67. What do students in charter schools often do? _________________________________________________________ 68. Do teachers teach students to protect the environment or to know the Network? _______________________________________________________________ 69. Why do supporters hope charter schools to be popular across the country? _____________________________________________________________

2011 各区一模阅读表达

Homework is a big part of going to school. Unluckily, homework has to be done outside class—during times when you would probably much rather be doing something else, for example, you like going to a birthday party instead of copying out a whole Chinese text. Luckily, there are several things you can do to make homework less work. First, be sure you understand the task. Write it down in your notebook if you need to, and don?t be afraid to ask questions about what?s expected. If you want, you can also ask how long the special homework task should take to finish, so you can plan your time. Second, use any small pieces of time you have in school to work on your homework. Many schools have study halls that allow students to study or get homework done. The more work you can get done in school means the less you?ll have to do that night. What if you don?t have time in school to get homework done? You?ll need to think about how much homework you have for a given night and what else is going on that day, and then plan your time. Most high school students have more than two hours of homework a night. If it?s a heavy homework day and it seems like you got a task in every subject but gym and lunch, you?ll need to spend more time on homework. It?s a good idea to come up with some kind of homework timetable, especially if you enjoy sports or activities or have an after-school job. 65. Is homework a big part of going to school? ________________________________________________________ 66. What do students like doing outside class? __________________________________________________________ 67. Where can students study or do their homework in school? ____________________________________________________________ 68. How long do most high school students spend on their homework a night? ____________________________________________________________ 69.What advice does the writer give students on homework in the passage? ____________________________________________________________

2011 各区一模阅读表达

Freda Bright says, "Only in opera(戏剧) do people die of love." It's true. You really can't love somebody to death. I've known people to die from no love, but I've never known anyone to be loved to death. We just can't love one another enough. A heart-warming story tells of a woman who finally decided to ask her boss for a raise in payment. All day she felt nervous and uneasy. Late in the afternoon she collected the courage to approach her employer. To her joy, the boss agreed to a raise. The woman arrived home that evening to a beautiful table set with their best dishes. Candles were softly glowing. Her husband had come home early and prepared a festive meal. She wondered if someone from the office had told him the news, or... did he just somehow know that she would not get turned down? She found him in the kitchen and told him the good news. They held each other in arms and kissed, then sat down to the wonderful meal. Next to her plate the woman found a beautifully lettered note. It read, "Congratulations, darling! I knew you'd get the raise! These things will tell you how much I love you." Following the supper, her husband went into the kitchen to clean up. She noticed that a second card had fallen from his pocket. Picking it off the floor, she read, "Don't worry about not getting the raise! You are good enough for it anyway! These things will tell you how much I love you." Someone has said that the measure(尺度) of love is when you love without measure. What this man feels for his wife is total acceptance and love, whether she succeeds or fails. His love celebrates her victories and cares for her wounds. He stands with her, no matter what life throws in their direction. Upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Mother Teresa said, "What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family." And love your friends. Love them without measure. 65. Can we love one another enough? ______________________________________________________________ 66. Did the woman get raised or not? _______________________________________________________________ 67. How many cards did the husband make for his wife? _______________________________________________________________ 68. What did the husband feel for his wife? _______________________________________________________________ 69. What?s the passage mainly about? ________________________________________________________________

2011 各区一模阅读表达

Steven Cleaver has some outdoor activity ideas for families. The activities will drive your family?s sadness away. Steven is the Executive Director(执行理事)of Horizons for Youth, an organization in Massachusetts that has worked on children?s enviromental education for more than 60 years. We asked Steven to share some outdoor activities that families can do together. Here?s what he told us. Going to a nature center---In State Audubon societies, there are usually smaller nature centres. Naturalists are ready to answer kids? questions so parents don?t need to worry about teaching the subject matter themselves. Hiking---Going on a hike is a great way to go outdoors and get some exercise. State parks can offer free paths to hike along and many fields to explore. Gardening--- Gardening is a wonderful family activity. Not only can the whole family get involved, but everyone can benefit from the harvest. Since it?s winter, you might just start with a family plan for the garden. The garden can be a cooperative effort where parents can teach their children teamwork. Assign tasks to each family member. Who plans? Who waters? Fruit picking---It?s a great seasonal outdoor activity. Children get to see how fruits grow and everyone gets to enjoy the fruits which they pick. Cleaning up---Taking part in nature clean-ups or volunteering to do path maintenance(维护)teaches kids that they have the ability to do something positive for the environment and communities. When parents get involved, they can set a good example for their children to follow, which will help children realize their responsibility to protect the environment. 65. Will the outdoor activities drive your family?s sadness away? ______________________________________________________ 66. Who will answer kids? questions in nature centres, naturalists or parents? ______________________________________________________ 67. Which places can offer free paths to hike along? ______________________________________________________ 68. What is a great seasonal outdoor activity? ______________________________________________________ 69. What can children learn from these outdoor activties ? ______________________________________________________


2011 各区一模阅读表达

Our cities are getting bigger and bigger as more people move from the country to the cities. There are lots of reasons why they do this—mostly it is easy to find work, because all the big companies are in the cities and they need lots of people to work there. When there are lots of people living and working in a city, they need things like restaurants, shops, hospitals and schools. There are more jobs that people need to do. There will be lots of transport in the city to move all the people around. Everything you want will be found in the city: government offices, museums and art galleries, cinemas, big restaurants and parks. Unfortunately(遗憾地) the city is much busier, more expensive, and more dangerous than the country. The air is not as fresh as in the country because of all the cars and trucks on the roads. There are so many people that are not as friendly ——you cannot get to know everyone as you do in the country, and people may get lonely. You do not have much room in the city——most people live in apartments ——not houses, and they do not have gardens or lots of space, and because of all the people there is also a lot of noises. The country is much cheaper to live and there are less dangerous people than you find in cities. Perhaps the best thing is that you can have a big house with a garden and it will be very quiet, but there are not many jobs or services there. There are also not many shops, schools or hospitals. It is hard to get around in the country. Every person is different, but more and more people are choosing to live in cities because there are so many jobs to do there. What do you think about the city? 65. Are our cities getting bigger than before? _____________________________________________________________ 66. Why do people move to the city? _____________________________________________________________ 67. What is the best thing about the country? _____________________________________________________________ 68. What is the problem with the country? _____________________________________________________________ 69. What does the writer think about cities? ______________________________________________________________


2011 各区一模阅读表达

A type of bird that is now extinct ( 消失 ) is the passenger pigeon. The passenger pigeon lived in the eastern part of North America. Scientists believe that in the year 1500 there were as many as five billion of these birds living from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. They flew at great speeds and would travel to many places to look for food. Passenger pigeons grew to be about 16 inches long. Settlers who came to North America killed the passenger pigeon for food and for its feathers. The forests where they lived were cut down to clear the land for farming. Because the passenger pigeon laid only one egg at a time, their population did not grow quickly. The last passenger pigeon died at Cincinnati Zoological Gardens in 1914. Another type of bird that has become extint is the dodo. The dodo lived on an island called Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It had short, stubby legs and wings and a large curved beak. The dodo was about the size of a large turkey. It was acturally related to the pigeon, but it could not fly. Like the passenger pigeon it laid only one egg at a time. Dodos became extinct because they were eaten by sailors and animals, such as pigs and monkeys, that the sailors brought to the island. The dodo is believed to have died out in 1680. Another flightless bird that has become extinct is the moa. The moa lived on the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Like the dodo, the moa?s legs were shorter, but some of these birds grew to be more than ten feet tall. And the causes of its extinction is the same as the dodo?s. The moa is believed to have died out sometime during the 1700s. 65. Were there many passenger pigeon in the year 1500? _____________________________________________________________ 66. When did the last passenger pigeon die at Cincinnati Zoological Gardens ? _____________________________________________________________ 67. Where did the dodo live before it died out? _____________________________________________________________ 68. How many kinds of birds have died out in the passage? _____________________________________________________________ 69. Why have these birds died out? _____________________________________________________________


2011 各区一模阅读表达

Confidence is very important in daily life. It can help you to develop a healthy attitude (态度). A study shows that the people who are more confident are much happier. They can have more chance to make themselves successful. But how to be more confident? Here are some suggestions: · Speak loud When you are not confident, you can't do well what you want to do. You speak in a voice so low that other people can hardly hear you. Try to speak loud enough so that people can hear you clearly. The high voice can help you become more confident. ·Play sports Physical exercise makes you tired but completely relaxed. A strong body helps you be full of confidence. ·Encourage yourself Write down a list of things you did during the day to see how many things you have done well. Did you finish your homework? Did you tell a joke that made everybody laugh? Give yourself praise for the good things you've done. ·Get rid of fear Fear comes along with failure. But it's easy to overcome (克服) if you know that failure is part of your life. Don't hide your head just because you said something stupid last time. Try to start again and believe you can do better. ·Pick up a hobby If you like singing, sing as much as you can. In some ways, a hobby can make you outstanding. And it will make you happy and confident. 65.Is confidence very important in our daily life? _________________________________________________________ 66.How many suggestions can you get from the passage? __________________________________________________________ 67.Which can help you to be more confident, to speak in low voice or in loud voice? __________________________________________________________ 68.How Can you encourage yourself?

69.What ?s the main point of this passage? __________________________________________________________


2011 各区一模阅读表达


A lot of stories are about friendship and courage. They have been told in many different ways. It is just something that people need to be told from time to time that perhaps people would grow bored of it. Well, director Tom Hooper?s The King’s Speech, a historical movie about the British royal family, won the Oscar on 27th, February, 2011. The movie tells about the true story of a King George VI and it also tells the story of a friendship between the king and his doctor. They find something special about the word “courage”. Just as the name of the movie, the story was simple but moving. Maybe The King?s Speech is just an ordinary story, though it won the Oscar. Throughout the honored movies in Oscar?s these years, it?s not difficult to find out that they seldom follow a traditional Hollywood way. The traditional way of Hollywood means shiny actors, famous director, a lot of money, 3D technology or something else. With the development of technology, our native movies prefer to follow the traditional Hollywood way. But the results were the decrease of the good comments(评论). What can we learn from that? The standard(标准) for a good movie is not how well- known the actor is, how famous the director is, or how eye-catching the usage of the special skills are, but the connotation(内涵) or the theme the movie includes! 65. Is The King’s Speech about friendship and courage? _____________________________________________________________ 66. When did The King’s Speech win the Oscar? _____________________________________________________________ 67. What does the traditional way of Hollywood mean? _____________________________________________________________ 68. Which is more important to a good movie, famous actor or the theme the movie includes? _____________________________________________________________ 69. What is the passage mainly about? _____________________________________________________________



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