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(1)If you add 5 to 5,you get 10.把?加到?上面 Five added to five is/makes 10. 5 and 5 makes/make 10. (2)This will add to trouble.增加 (3)His whole school education added up to no more than o

ne year.加起来总共 Add up the numbers,and you will get 1 155.

sb. agree with + sb. / sb.?s opinion / what … 同意某人意见 sth. agree with sb. 适合 sth. agree with sth. 相一致,相符,和谐 (5)I don?t agree with yon/what you said/your advice.同意 The climate here doesn?t agree with me.食物、天气等适合某人 Your story agrees with what I have already heard.和……一致

break (v.) break away from 摆(逃)脱,脱离,破除 break down (机器、车辆等)出故障; (身体)垮掉;感情失去控制;谈判失败;分解 break forth 迸发,突然 break in 强行进入,插嘴, break into 破门而入,打断 break into tears / laughter 突然大哭 / 大笑 break off 突然停止(中断) ,打断,折断 break out(战争火灾瘟疫)爆发,突然发生 break through 突破,打破 break up 分手断绝关系;打碎撞碎;驱散;婚姻的破裂解体;停课解散 break the ice = break silence 打破沉默/僵局 break the law / rules 违反法律/规则 break a promise 违背诺言 break a record 打破纪录 (1)I am sorry that I broke my promise.违背,违反 =break one?s word (2)His health broke.(身体或精神)垮了 (3)He broke away from all his old friends 断绝来往 (4)I should break away from such habits 改掉 (5)All our plans broke down. The peace talks have broken down.(计划、谈判等)失败 Chemicals in the body break down our food into useful substances.分解 (6)The thieves planned to break into a bank.闯入,破门进入 (7)The Second World War broke out in September 1939.爆发 (8)After midnight,the party broke up.散(会) (9)I broke up the candy and gave each child a small piece.分开 The crowd broke up.分开,分散 (10)broken English 蹩脚英语 (11)Our troops had little difficulty in breaking through the lines of the police.突破 bring (v.)
bring about 引起= cause=lead to =contribute to=give rise to=result in bring down 使倒下;击落 bring forth 引起,使产生 bring in 引进;赚钱;使某人参与请来;收获收割 bring on 使发生,引起

bring out 显示出激发(优秀品质) ;说明,阐明,出版 bring sth to an end 结束=put an end to sth bring up 抚养,培养;提出;呕吐,

call at (a place)=drop in at a place 访问(某地) call on sb=drop in on sb 拜访某人 call back 回电话 call for 要求,需要;邀约(同往)接,取;为呼喊 call in 来访;召来,召集,请来 call on(upon) 拜访/看望(某人);号召,请求恳求要求 call on sb to do call up 给…打电话;征召(入伍) ;使想起(往事) call off 取消,把…叫开

(1)He had learned enough German to carry on a conversation.进行 (2)One person should carry on where the other had left off.进行下去 (3)I was chosen to carry out our experiment.进行 (4)He did not carry out his promise to us.履行 (5)After destroying the village,the enemy carried off all the cattle.抢走

catch a bad cold catch a bus/train 赶上火车 catch fire 着火,激动起来( 瞬间动词) be caught in the rain/the traffic jam 遇上 catch up with 赶上(某人),在功课等方面赶上来 (反) fall behind 落后,落在?后面 catch sb. doing 撞见某人做某事 catch(get/take/seize/lay)hold of 抓住,捉住 catch one?s attention 引起某人的注意 catch sb?s eyes 被某人看见,引起?注意 catch sight of 突然发现/看见 catch on 理解,流行,挂到?上

(1)They covered 12 miles yesterday.走完(一段路程) (2)How many pages have you covered?看完(多少页书) (3)The city covered ten square miles.有(多少面积) (4)The professor's talk covered the subject.谈到,涉及 (5)The mountain was covered with snow all the year round。覆盖着…… (6)The best reporters were sent to cover the 27th Olympic Games.报道,采访

(1)He changed a five dollar for 5 singles 把……兑换成;破零钱 (2)He changed his dollars into francs.把……变成 (3)If it is a long report,it is easy to make changes to the text.对……改动 (4)Do you have any change on you?零钱(不可数) (5)Passengers to London will change at this station into another train.换车

Come (v.) in the years to come come into use 开始被使用 come into view 出现在眼前, 进入视线 come true 成为现实 how come…? = how does/did it happen?怎么发生的?(某事)怎么解释? come about 发生,造成 come across /upon(无意中)碰到,找到,想到, come along 一道去;进展 come down 下降,下落,传下来

come into power(office) 执政,就职 come out 出版,发行;消息传出众所周知;褪色 come up 走上前来;出现发生 come up with 想出 come into being/ existence 产生,建立 come to 来到(某地) ,共计,来参加(活动) ,谈到,恢复知觉 = come to oneself come to light come to a conclusion 得出结论 come to an end 结束 come to nothing(no good) 没有结果(没有好处) (1)How come that you didn?t get here in time?(用于引申意义)发生某情况 (2)He came to realize that he waft mistaken.表示动作逐渐的过程 (3)My dream has come true.变成现实 (4)He talked about his coming trip to the United States,即将到来的 (5)How did the accident come about?发生,造成 (6)I came across this book in all old bookstore on the Fourth Avenue.无意中碰到,找到 He came suddenly across an idea.(无意中)想到 (7)He just asked me to come round for supper.到这儿来 (8)Come along! Arthur,we can?t wait all day!快点 (9)Come along,someone must know the answer to my question.快说 (10)This paper comes out every Friday.出版 (11)1 think the roses will come out next week.开花,发芽 (12)The bill comes to$5.总计 (13)When it comes to mathematics,I know nothing about it.谈到,涉及到 (14The robbery did not come to light until the next day.被发现,被大家知道 (15)The question hasn't come up yet.被提出 (16)come to oneself 苏醒过来/come to an end 结束/come into effect(force)生效/come to a conclusion(decision)作出结论(决定)

sb. control sth. 控制 have (hold) control over (of) sb. (sth.) 控制着(n.控制) (be) beyond control 无法控制,控制不了 gain (take…) control of 取得了对…控制 in control (of) 控制着,处于统治地位 lose control of 失去对…的控制 out of control 被失去控制,无法控制 seize control of 夺取对…的控制 under control (被)控制住

(1)cut off 切断;切下来/cut out 戒掉,不吃/cut in 插嘴/cut up 切碎/a short cut 捷径 (2)They want to cut down a large forest in area.砍倒 (3)George is trying to cut his weight down.消减,减少 (4)The army was called in to cut through the fallen trees on the road.锯断,剪断,凿穿

die away (尤指声音、风、光)渐渐消失 die down (物质特性和感情的)逐渐减弱,逐渐平息 die off (一群生物)相继死去 die out (家族, 种族) 灭绝, 死绝 (做法, 观念) 完全消失, 绝迹, 废除 die for sth. / to do sth. 迫切想得到某物/想做某事 (1)As a result,many westerners die at an early age from heart illnesses. die from 死于……(除疾病或情感以外的原因) die from an accident/the polluted air/a bad habit/lack of water

die of 死于……(指疾病、情感、饥寒、年老等原因) die of illness/a fever/hunger/sadness/thirst/laughing die by(暴毙)one?s own hand(自杀)/violence(死于暴力) ` die through carelessness/neglect 疏忽而死 die in battle 战死 (2)Ronny?s steps had died away,and there was a moment of silence.消逝 (3)The wind has died away again.平息 (4)It is thought that between the years 1 550 and 1950 an average of one kind of living thing died out each year.灭绝,不复存在

That will do!那就行了! do a good deed 做好事,干得好,搞好工作 do away with 消灭,清除,取消,破除 do good (to sb.)=do sb good 有好处 do harm (to sb.)=do sb harm 有害处 do sb. a favour 帮个忙=do a favor for sb do / try one?s best 尽力,竭力 do up 收拾,整理;修理;打扮;包,捆 do with 处理,对付;将就用 do wonders 创造奇迹 do experiment/ research do wrong (right) 做错(对) have sth (nothing)to do with 和…有(无)关 do without 不用,不吃, do wrong to sb 使某人受委屈/do business 做生意,做买卖/ (1)一 I have some difficulty in pronouncing the words in English. 一 No,you?re doing fine.(工作、学习、生活、生长等)情况(好) I'm happy in my work in the garden.I'm doing well. Will it do if we let you have an answer by Friday?行,够,合适,可以,凑合 (2)Let?s do up this loom first.整理,收拾 (3)Mary has done herself up for the part 梳妆打扮 (4)Please do up these books and post them for Mr.Smith.包,扎,系,捆

come to an end……结束 put an end to 结束…… on end 竖起, 连续 in the end 终于; 最后 end up (by) doing…以……结束 make both ends meet 收支相抵 end in a failure/a success/a tie 以失败/成功/平局 结束(固定表达) (1)Even if none of this is true for us today,it is probable that one day we will end up with a disability.以……告 终 If you drive your calf like end up in hospital.最后(有某种结局),最后(成了) (2)The politician finally ended up his speech.结束 (3)We ended up the dinner with fruit and coffee.以……而结束 (4)The match ended in a win for us.以……告终,结果…… (5)It rained for three days on end.一连 (6)We must put an end to this foolish behaviour.结束,制止 (7)Both husband and wife had to work to make ends meet.使入不敷出 (8)The meeting came to an end at last.结束

(1)fix a time for sth.约定时间干某事

They?ve fixed the time and date for the party. (2)fix one?s eyes on 注视 He fixed his eyes on the clock. (3)fix one?s attention on 注意 (4)fix 修理,整理,做(饭),沏(茶) fix supper/fix tea/fix the broken machine

get (v.)
get about (消息)传开;到处走动 get across 使某人理解 get sth across to sb get around 消息新闻传开;四处走动旅行;劝说;应付 get along 进展,过活;相处 get away 逃跑 ;离开 get away from 避免,摆脱,离开 get close to 接近 get down 记下来 get down on one?s knees 屈膝下跪 get down to doing 开始认真(做某事) get into the habit of 染上?的习惯 get /catch hold of 抓住 get in 插话~a word;收进去~clothes,收集;收割;请来 get in touch /contact with sb. 与某人取得联系 get on(某方面)进展情况;相处;上车, get on well with 与……相处融洽 get over 克服;摆脱(疾病等) get rid of 摆脱,除掉 get round 消息传出 ;解决避免回避;说服 get through 完成~doing;通过(考试) ;度过(艰难不愉快) ; (电话)接通; get it 使某人理解 get together 聚会,联欢 get up 起床,站起来 get along with sb.与某人相处 get around/round to sth.找到时间做某事, 来得及做某事 get into the habit / hobby of.. 养成…习惯/爱好 get off/on the bus/plane/ get over 克服成功处理;康复;从情感中恢复; (1)The operator finally got me through.给……接通电话 (2)He has got through$1,000 in less than a year.用完 (3)John has got through the examination.通过考试 (4)I?ll be with you as soon as I get through this work.做完 (5)The story has got round--everybody knows about it.消息传开/走动,到处旅行 (6)My work is getting along better now.进展,进行 (7)She didn?t get away until nine last night.走开,离开 (8)The bank robbers used a stolen car to get away.逃走,跑掉 (9)Now he was dead,and I could not get away from my sadness.摆脱 (10)He got down and began to pray.跪下,弯腰 (1 I)Don?t you think it's time we got down to business?开始认真做某事 (12)At what time do you get off(from)work?下班 (13)He used to be afraid of heights but he has got over that now.克服,摆脱(某种情绪)

give (v.) give out 用完耗尽筋疲力尽;宣布; 散发;分发 give away 捐赠;颁发分发;泄露(机密), 暴露(自己的情况) give back 还给, 归还;恢复(健康等) give over to 移交给, 移作…之用

give way to 让位给, 转而成为 give rise to 引起 give a talk 作报告,作演讲 give birth to 生,产生 give in 让步,屈服,妥协,投降;交上来 give off (散)发出 光热 give one?s life 献出自己的生命 give sb a hand 帮某人忙 give one?s regards(greetings) to 向…问好 give up sth/ doing sth. 放弃,交出,投降 (1)He gave away most ofhis fortune to the poor.送给人,分发 (2)They suspected(怀疑)that the secret had been given away by one of their friends.泄露(机密) (3)l hope the holiday will give him back his good spirits.恢复健康 (4)He has given in to my views 向……让步,投降 (5)The gas gave off an unpleasant smell.散发出 (6)He gave his life to the study of art.把生命献给…… (7)Please give my regards/greetings/love/wishes/thanks to Miss Smith. 代……向……问好(表示喜欢、 祝 愿、{身}意) (8)The teacher gave out the examination papers.散发,颁发 (9)It was given out that the Prime Minister had died suddenly.宣布 (10)After two days our food gave out,and we had to return to camp.被用完 (11)The swimmer gave out after ten laps.(人)体力不支 (12)Billy kept asking his mother if he could go to the movies and she finally gave way.妥协,屈从 (13)His strength gave out at last.耗尽 (14)The cowboy gave out a yell.发出(声音) (15)I?ve given up smoking,.放弃,中止

★动词 + sb + of sth”的常见动词
accuse sb of sth 控告某人犯某事(罪) ,指责某人做某事=charge sb.with sth. cheat sb of sth 骗取某人某物 convince sb. of sth.使某人确信某事 cure sb of sth 治好某人的病 inform sb of sth 通知某人某事 remind sb of sth 使某人想起某情况 rob sb of sth 抢劫某人的某东西 warn sb of sth 警告提醒某人有某情况

vi. 去;离开;走 link-v. go + adj. 变为 go ahead 开始(做某事), 开始(讲话);往前走, 走在前面,进行,进展,用吧,说吧,先走 go around (疾病)流传, (谣言)传开;满足人的需要, 足够分配 go fishing cycling、 shopping. . .去干某事 be going to 实现计划打算好;有迹象表明发生; go about 到处走动;vt. 着手干. . . go after 追(捕) ,追求 go against 违背,违反;对. . .不利 go ahead 开始做. . . ;进行;往前走;用吧 go all out to do sth. 全力以赴做. . . go along 和. . .一道去 go around(round)到处走;流传,传开 go back to 可追溯到=date back to=date from go bad (食物)变坏、坏掉 go beyond 超出,超越

go by 时间流逝;经过;根据. . .行事 go down(太阳等)下落, (船)下沉;下降,下跌 go down on one?s knees 跪下,屈膝 go for 适用于; (无被动)攻击, 抨击, 批评; 去找(某人), 想法得到(某物);选择;喜欢 go Dutch 各付各的钱,打平伙 go in for 从事(某种职业或工作) ;有某种爱 go off 离开, 走开 go on 发生,进行,进展 go out 出去;熄灭;过时 go over 研究,检查,审阅;复习;讲解;查看 go through 仔细检查,搜寻;经历苦难;磨破;通过,成功 go with 相配 go withou 没有??也行;不吃,没有(供享用)(常指被迫如此) go up 上涨;上升,增长; (楼房)盖起来 (1)But if you go against nature and do things at the wrong time of year,you will have to do more work and the results will not be so good.违背 (2)一 How is everything going? 一 Things are going very well.进行,进展 (3)The black hair was going grey.变得 (4)That is to say,the doctor's been gone two hours and thirteen minutes.不在,走了 (5)The engine went beautifully.运转 (6)How does the old saying go?怎么说的 (7)If you think you can solve the problem,go ahead.开始(做某事) (8)Go ahead,we?re all listening.开始(做某事) (9)Work is going ahead.进行,进展 (10)一 May I start? 一 Yes,go ahead.表“同意” (11)News of the plane crash went around like wildlife.传开 (12)Time went by quickly.过去,经过 (13)Shares have gone down again by ten points.(价格等)下跌,(温度等)下降 (14)She had no time to go deeply into the matter just then.调查,了解,研究 (15)What is going on out there?发生。(活动)进行 (16)Why not buy some English tapes and some books to go with them?相配,和……交朋友 (17)When smokers who are used to nicotine go without it for an hour or two,they begin fo feel bad.不吃,不用 (18)Let me have a go at fixing it.试一试 (19)My family goes back 300 years,while his hmily goes back to the 15th century.追溯;从过去某个时候延 续至今 (20)He always likes to go back to his younger days.回顾

常见 be + 形容词+ 介词搭配
be angry with sb.
be angry at doing be angry about sth. be anxious about sth./ sb.为…担心/焦虑 be worried about be pleased / satisfied with=be content with 对…满足, 满意 be anxious for 渴望 be bad for 对……有害,对……不行 be busy with be convenient for 对……方便 be eager for sth /to do 渴望 be famous / well-known for 因……闻名 be known as 以…而著称、出名 be fit for 合适,适合

be good to 对……有益(方便) be good / expert at 擅长于 be good for = do good to 对…有好处 be hungry for 渴望得到 be late for 迟到 be necessary for 对……有必要 be ready / prepared for 为……准备好 be sorry for 因……抱歉 be suitable for 对……合适(适合) be thankful / grateful for 因……而感激 be kind / polite / rude / friendly to be strict with sb. / in sth. be hard on sb. 对某人很苛刻 be fond of 喜欢 be proud of 自豪 be tired of 厌倦 be tired from、with 因…而疲劳 be rich / high in 盛产,…含量丰富 be poor in be short of 缺少 be used to sth / doing 习惯于=be accustomed todoing be worthy of being done=be worthy to be done =be worth doing.值得做 be different from 与…不同 be different in ( color, size, design)在…不同 be popular with 受…欢迎 be surprised / amazed/ frightened /shocked / astonished / at be ahead of 优于,超过 (sb.)be familiar with sth.某人对…很熟悉 (sth.) be familiar to sb.谋事为某人所熟知 be open to 对…开放 注意以下相似结构: in exchange for 作为对……的交换 in return for 作为……的报答 in addition to 加之,除……之外 in contrast to(with) 与……形成对比 in reply to 作为对……的回报(答复) in(with)reference to 关于 in preparation for 为……作准备 in answer to 回答,响应 in response to 回答,响应 in(with) regard to 关于

动名词前省略介词 in 的常用结构
be careful (in) doing sth 做某事时很小心 be busy (in) doing sth 忙于做某事 be fortunate (in) doing sth 很幸运做某事 be late(in) doing sth 做…晚了或做迟了 have luck(in) doing sth 做...有运气(走运) have difficulty(in) doing sth 做…有困难 habe trouble (in) doing sth 做某事有困难 have bother(in) doing sth 做某事费劲 have a problem(in) doing sth 做…有困难 have a good time / fun (in) doing sth 做某事很开心

have a hard time(in) doing sth 做…很辛苦 find difficulty (in) doing sth lose no time(in) doing sth 马上做某事 spend money(time) (in) doing sth waste money(time) (in) doing sth 浪费钱(时间)There is no difficulty(in) doing sth There is no need / use(in) doing sth 做某事没有用 There is no point(in)doing sth 做某事没有意义

hand out 分发 hand down 流传 hand over 移交 hand in 上交 at hand(空间或时间上)接近;手头上 in hand ①(指金钱等)在手上;②处理中,受到控制 on hand 可帮忙,可用 by hand 用手做,亲自(专人)送 hand in hand 手拉手 give sb a hand 帮某人忙 on one hand on the other hand 一方面另一方面 (1)When he writes,he always keeps a dictionary at hand.在手边,在跟前 (2)The examinations are at hand.就要到来了,不远了 (3)My shoes were made by hand.手工做的 (4)Could you give me a hand with this parcel?帮一下忙 (5)This custom has been handed down since the 18th century.传下来,传给 (6)The teacher handed out the books at the beginning of the lesson.发给大家,散发 (7)The thief was handed over to the police.移交 (8)on the one hand…on the other 一方面……另一方面/on the other hand 另一方面/

hold up 举起,拿起,支持,支撑 hold back 阻挡,抑制,保守(秘密) ,隐瞒 hold on 等一会儿, (打电话时)不挂断 hold on to(onto)紧紧抓住,坚持 hold out 伸出,维持,保持 (I)She held back,not knowing what to do or say.犹豫不决 I (2)Don?t hold anything back,you must tell me everything.隐瞒,不公布 (3)If they hadn?t held him back,he would have beaten you.阻碍,阻止 (4)I made my choice and l wiIl hold on to the end.坚持(下去) (5)He asked me to hold on while heleftthetelephonetofind a pencil.别挂(电话) (6)Could he hold out in spite of the difficulty?坚持(抵抗), 顶住(压力) . (7)The pupil held up his hand to ask the teacher a question.举起 (8)hold office 任职/held one?s position 担任某个职位/hold a opinion(idea)持有某个看法、观点 (9)hold:keep sb./sth. in a particuhr manner or position 使某人或某物处于某种状态或位置 (10)They held their heads up and walked into the hall.趾高气扬 (11)Please held yourself still while I take your photograph.保持不动 (12)He held a cigarette between his lips.他的嘴上叼着香烟。 (13)A lot of cars were held up in the accident.使耽搁,使停顿 join (1)to join an island to the mainland by a bridge.把……和……连接起来 (2)The girl,Mary,joined in the conversation.参加(某活动) (3)Will you join us in a walk?和……一起做某事 (4)The new railway joins our town to the big city.把……和……连接起来 (5)The electrician joined up the wires.把……连接起来比较 connect (1)connect with/to 把……连接起来;和……相连

Connect this wire to that one. The Suez Canal connects Africa with Asia. (2)He has been connected with the company since 1984.和……联系 (3)The early bus from the village connects with the 8:30 train.(车船等在时间上)衔接

Keep (v.)
keep a promise 遵守诺言 keep a secret 守秘密 keep watch 注意,警惕,提防 keep back 扣下,隐瞒,忍住(眼泪) keep body and soul together 维持生活 keep / bear in mind 记住,想着 keep off 避开,挡住,不接近 keep one?s balance 保持平衡 keep on doing 继续(干) keep out 遮挡,使不入内 keep silence 保持沉默(安静) keep sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事 keep up 保持,维持,继续(某活动) keep up with 跟上,及时了解(情况) (1)He keeps away from liquor and tobacco.不沾,避开,不接近 (2)The Englishman will move back in order to keep a certain distance away.保持一定距离 (3)He may be telling the truth but he is keeping something back.隐瞒(没讲) (4)Finally,he did not give her the right change,but kept back five pounds.扣留 (5)You have to be home by l l o'clock.Keep that in mind, Bob.记在心里 (6)Keep off the grass.勿踩(勿踏) (7)He didn't stop running.He just kept on.继续(干),坚持(干) (8)Keep on until you reach the traffic lights.继续前进 (9)The coat should keep out the cold.挡住,使进不去 (10)They have shut the door and meant to keep us out.不要进来 (1 I)You should keep out of these things.不牵涉进去 (12)I hope such fine weather will keep up.继续(下去),持续(下去) (13)We've kept up our friendship for over twenty years now.保持 (14)The good news keeps up our spirits.保持高昂 (15)I hope the rain keeps off.(雨雪)暂时不停

look about/around 环顾四周,四周寻找 look up to 尊敬 look on 观望, 旁观 look after 照顾 ,照管 look as if 看起来似乎 look back(upon)回想,回顾 look down on(upon)看不起 look for 寻找 look forward to sth. / doing sth. 盼望 look into 研究, 调查 ,了解 look like 看起来像 look on(upon)?as 把??看作 look out 查出 找出 look out (for)注意, 当心, 提防 look the same 看起来很像 look through 翻阅, 看一遍 look over (仔细)检查

look up 查找,上涨, 好转, 向上看 (1)As I lood back upon those years,I am struck by Annie?s wisdom.回顾,回想 (2)I've been looking into this matter this afternoon.调查 (3)Two men were fighting.The rest were looking on.旁观 (4)When you?re eating fish,look out for bones.当心,小心 (5)We?ve been looking out for a new house,but the ones we?ve seen have all been too expensive.留心找某物 (6)Look up the word in the dictionary.查寻,查找 (7)1 want to look my uncle up sometime.看望,拜访

let alone (用于表示接着提到的事更不可能) 更不用说, 更谈不上 let sb./sth. alone 对某人/某事放任不管/置之不理 let sb./sth. be 不打搅/不干涉某人/某事 let down 把(衣服)加长,放大; 使某人失望 let in 把某人/某物放入, 允许进入;容许, 许可 let sb./sth. off 宽恕,从轻处理;免除(责任,处分等) ;放(枪, 炮等), 使爆炸 let out 放出, 释放;泄露, 使知道 let sb. go 放某人走, 让某人逃走

(1)Perhaps I shall pay a visit to England this winter.参观 (2)It?s high time he paid me back the$100 he owes me.偿还 (3)How much did you pay for the book?为……而付款 (4)I'll pay off my debt with this check.还清 promise (1)I never promised to obey her commands.答应,许诺 (2)It promises to be fine tomorrow.有希望……;可能会有 (3)The rainbow promises fine weather.可能会有……

pick sth. 债,检, 拾; 挑选 have a bone to pick 又意见要提 pick a hole in sth. 挑毛病,找出破绽 pick and choose 挑剔, 仔细挑选 pick off 摘下来 pick on 选择, 挑选; 招惹, 找岔 pick one's way 仔细前进, 小心往前走 pick out 挑选出, 选好; 认出, 看清楚 pick up 拾起, 拿起; (偶然)买到; 得到, 染上; (非正规地)学会; (取)某物, 接(某人)上车; 整理, 收拾; 继续(讲故事, 谈话等) 收听到; (身体)恢复健康; (情况)好转 (1)She picked up the little book and gave it to him.拾起 (2)He has picked up some bad habits at that club.沾染 (3)He picked up French while he was staying in Paris.(非正式)学到 (4)Pick me up at the hotel.接(人) (5)This room must be picked up before the guests arri?ve.整理,收拾 (6)The class picked up the story where they had left it.继续讲(故事) (7)We picked up the radio signals on our receiver.接收 (8)Have you picked out the movie you want to see?挑选 (9)Can you pick out your brother in the crowd?认出

reach an agreement 达成协议 reach for…伸手去拿/够…… within / out of reach 够得到/够不着

reach sb?s understanding 使某人明白 (1)The number of people who lost homes reached as many as 250,000.达到 (2)Canada is larger than the USA and reaches nearly a quarter of the way round the earth.延伸 (3)But at last,on April 5th,1887,she reached my understanding.取得理解 (4)He reached for the phone and quickly dialed a number.伸手拿 (5)The news only reached me yesterday.传到某人手中(耳朵里)

make sth. 做,制造 make sb. do sth. 使得. . . make sb. (sth.) done /make sb. (sth.) + adj./make sb. (sth.) + n. make it + adj.(n.) + that. . ./make it + adj.(n.) + to do sth/make it + adj.(n.) + doing sth. make clear 说明,弄(讲)清楚 make a dash for 赶往. . . ,冲向. . . make a deal with 达成协议,做成交易 make a decision 作出规定 make a difference 有关系,有 make no difference make a face = make faces 做鬼脸,做苦相 make a good effort 作很大的努力 make a record 录制唱片 make a plan for 为…作计划 make a note of 注意,记下来 make an impression on 给. .留下(某种)印象,引人注目 make fun of 取笑,和. . .开玩笑,嘲笑 make . . .into. .把. . .做成. . . ;使成为,使变成 be made into. . . be made of/be made from/be made up of/ make it 按时到达某处,办事成功;约定时间;及时赶上(火车,轮船等) make one?s living 维持生活 make progress 取得进步 make a promise 答应,允诺 make a decision 作出决定 make out 看清楚,看出,辨识;理解,明白;把. . .说成是 make it a rule 总是……,使成为习惯 make one?s way to(out of)向… 走去(从…走出) make ends meet 应付开支,量入为 make room (for) 让地方,让位置 make sense 有道理,好懂,有清楚的意思 make sense of 理解 make sure that. . .弄肯定,一定要做到;弄确切,弄清 make sure of make sure to do sth.定要做. . . make… to one's own measure 依照某人的尺寸做 make up 创造,编造;弥补,把. . .补上;化妆,打扮 make up for 弥补 make up one?s mind to do sth.打定主意,决定,决心 make use of 利用 make for 向…走去/冲去, 前往,有利于,造成 make one?s way to(out of)向… 走去(从…走出)make ends meet 应付开支,量入为出 (1)make sood use of/make full use of 充分利用 We should make use of water to produce electricity. (2)He had a gift for thinking up ways of making political points.提出政治观点 (3)Both husband and wife had to work to made ends meet.使收支相抵 (4)After years as an unsuccessful businessman,he?s finally made it.成功 (5)Can you make out what that object is on the other side of the valley?弄清楚.看出 (6)It isn?t difficult to make out his ideas.理解,明白

(7)The explanation in the school book makes no sense,because the words were hard. 讲得通,有意义,能被理解 (8)Can you make sense of what he says?理解 (9)We must make the most of the fine weather.充分利用 (10)The teacher asked the children to make up a story about a trip to the moon.编,创造 (11)Mary had to make up for the time she missed in school when she was sick,by studying very hard.弥补 (12)The actors were making up when we arrived.打扮 (13)The team is made up of nine players.由……组成 (14)Is that the right time?I made it later.估计 (15)He?s making three hundred a year.赚得,赢得 (16)He?ll make a good lawyer.(有条件)成为 (17)I think I could make it eight-thirty--if that?s all fight for you.定在(某时间)

put sth. 放,搁 put sth. +介词短语 使. . .处于某种状态 put sb. to do sth. 使. . .做. . . put aside 放下,放在一边 put away 收起来 put back 放回原处;推迟 put down 放下,写下;镇压,取缔 put forward 提出,提前 put ... in prison 把…投进监狱 put into practice 付诸实施 put in order 整理 put off put off + n. put off + doing sth. 推迟,延期 put on 穿上,戴上,上演,表演,装出 put on weight 发福、增加体重 put out 扑灭.使熄灭;出版;广播 put through 接通电话 put sb. to the trouble of 麻烦某人(做…) put up with 忍受,容忍 put up 举起手来;延伸;搭建;张贴;挂上;住宿,过夜 (1)John puts ten dollars aside every week.存储,留下 (2)He put aside his textbooks when he left school and never reopened.放下,放在一边 (3)Put aside all that has happened and try to start again.搁在一边,不予考虑 (4)Put your books away.收起来 (5)Put the dictionary back on the shelf.放回原处 (6)The meeting has been put back until next week.(put off)推迟 (7)Put the clock back by five minutes.拨慢 (8)Put the clock forward by five minutes.拨快 (9)He put out the lamp and went out.使熄灭,扑灭 (10)The company puts out 13 new machines every month.生产,出版 (11)Are you serious in putting forward such a view?提出 (12)put into effect 执行,实现 put into force 使生效/put into practice 实行,付诸实行/put on weight 增加体重/put one?s heart into 全心全意干某事/put sb.through 接通电话/put to bed 安顿孩子睡觉 put to use 加以利用/put up with 忍受,容忍 (13)I just didn?t wish to put you to the trouble of changing a large one.给某人添麻烦

(1)If you don?t know how to pronounce the word,refer to the dictionary.查阅,参阅 (2)He referred to the matter once or twice.提到,谈到 The man referred to in the talk is one of my friends.

(3)What I have to say refers to all of you.涉及 (4)The lady was referring to Mike when she spoke of a bright bey.指的是 (5)He referred his success to his good teacher.归功于

(1)The buses run until after twelve .(车辆等)行驶 (2)The machine ran continuously for eight days .运转 (3)The water runs out of the pipe into the bucket .流 (4)For several miles the road runs across a plain.(道路等)延伸,延续 (5)They run most of the stores here.管理,经营 (6)The chairman ran the meeting well.主持 (7)Will the colors in this dress run if l wash it?褪色 (8)running for governor 竞选 (9)If you ran after two hares,you will catch neither.追赶 (10)She hit the child and he ran away.走掉,跑掉 (111All our supply of food has run out .被用完 (12)We ran out of coal,and had to burn wood.用完 (13)Run through this article and tell me what you think of it.匆忙看一遍 see to (1)I've got a lot of things to see to.处理 (2)Who is to see to the organization ofthe next meeting?负责 (3)Will you see to that customer,please?照顾 (4)If I see to getting the car out,will you see to closing the windows?负责

send away/off for sth. 写信索取, 邮购 send back 退还不要, 退货, 发送回来 send down = cause to go down 使下降 send for 派人去请/取,叫去信索取, 邮购 send in (向上级等) 提出, 交上去, 寄去(投稿等) send off 发(信, 包裹), 发送(信息); (给…送行 send on 转寄(信件)到新地址, 转送(信件) send out 发出, 发;发出(光亮等), 长出(嫩芽等) send out for 派人出去买/取 send to 让上(学等) send to one?s death 使…送命 send up 发射, 发出

Set (v.)
set aside 储存 set back 阻碍…的进展,使受挫,延缓 set about doing 开始(着手)做 set an example 作出榜样 set down 放下,写(记)下 set fire to=set…on fire 放火,烧着 set off 使爆炸,引起,起程 set out 出发,动身,开始,着手,列举, set sail 起航 set to work (使)开始做…… set up 立(支)起来,成(建)立 (I)Polonium is used to set off a nuclear bomb.引爆 (2)Let?s set up the tent first and build the fire later.竖起来,立起来,支起来 (3)He set up a new record.创造 (4)The film was set in Califoruia in the middle of the nineteenth century.以…为背景,故事发生在

break up 分解,腐蚀 bring up 教育,培养,提出,呕吐 build up 逐步实现 clear up 整理,弄清,晴(开)朗起来

come up 抬头,上来,上升 cut up 切碎,齐根切断 divide up 分配 eat up 吃完,吃光 use up 用光 fix up 安顿,修理好 give up (doing) 放弃,投降,献出 go up 上涨,上升 grow up 生长,长大 hold up 抬起,阻挡,使停顿 join up 把…连接(联合)起来 make up 编出,构成,弥补 open up 开创,开辟 pick up 接收,拾起,捡起 put up 举(架)起,张贴,留宿 round up 赶拢,使集拢 speed up 加快速度 set up 建立,创立 stay up 不睡,挺住,站立 take up 占去,占据 throw up 呕吐,吐出 turn up 到达,出现 wake up 醒来

turn a deaf ear (blind eye)to 不听(不理睬) turn down 拒绝,关小点 turn in 上交,交进去,上床睡觉 turn on(off) 打开(关) turn out 结果,原来(情况是) ,产生,制造 turn over 移交,打翻,翻耕,翻阅,考虑 turn to 求助于,翻到,转到 turn up 出席,出现,开大点,查找 turn around/round 转过身 turn away 不理睬 turn back 折回, 往回走 turn into 变为,使变为;翻译,译为(另种文体) turn over a new leaf 翻开新的一页, 重新开始, 改过自新 turn a blind eye to 视而不见, 故意不理 turn a deaf ear to 充耳不闻 (1)He was poor but proud and turned down every offer of help.拒绝接受 (2)The campers usually turned in as soon as it got dark.上床睡觉 (3)The teachers have to turn in the reports at the end of the school year.上交 (4)The examination turned out (to be)easy.结果是,最后情况是 (5)Bob turns over most of the money he earns to his mother.移交,交给 (6)The car struck the wall and turned over.撞翻,翻倒 (7)He turned over in bed.翻身,翻转 (81Please turn over this page.翻到,翻页 (9)The missing boy turned up.出现 (10)Turn up the dictionary if you can?t spell the word.查(字典) (11)Mozart?music always turns me on.使感兴趣 (12)She turned away in horror at the sight ofso much blood.转身不看 (13)Because the hall was full,many people were turned away.撵走 (14)turn a blind eye to/on 视而不见/turn a deaf ear to 充耳不闻/turn about 向后转/turn against 反对,背

叛/turn back 翻回,折回,使往回走/by turns 轮 iiic/in turn 一个 挨一个地;又(对别人)做同样的事/take turns 轮流(做某事) (15)If you have some questions,you can turn to your teachers for help.求助于

take sth.拿,取,带;吃,喝;占领,赢得; take a look at 看一看 take a nap 小睡 take a taxi 打的 take a job 接受(工作) take a chance 碰碰运气,冒. . .风险 take a risk 冒风险 take a seat 坐下 take an interest in 对. . .有兴趣 take an action 采取行动 take a photograph ( of ) 照一张相 be taken up with 忙于(某事) ;喜欢 take after 长得像,性格等像 take aim at 瞄准 take along 随身携带 take . . .as. . .看作,认为 take away 拿走;减去;剥夺 take back 收回(诺言,话语等) ;退(货) take care 当心 take charge (of)负责(处理某事或照料某人) ;接管 take ill (sick) 突然生病 take cold 感冒,伤风 take control of 控制住, take delight (pleasure) in sth.喜欢(做)某事 take delight (pleasure) in doing sth. take down 拿下来,取下来;记下来 take effect 开始起作用;生效 take. . .for (to be) sth.(错)当作,以为是 take. . .for granted 想当然认为(会是某种情况) ;认为是理所当然 take it for granted that 认为??理所当然 take . . .for example 以. . .为例 take hold of 抓住;吸引住 take exercise 做运动 take?in one?s arm (拥)抱 take in 接受,留宿;理解,明白;包括,涉及; (把衣服)改小,改瘦;订阅 take it easy 不要着急;慢慢来 take one’s time 慢慢来,从容不迫 take note of 注意 take notes 作笔记,记笔记 take notice of 理会;注意 take off 脱下(衣,帽等) ;起飞;匆匆离开;休假,请假;取消 take(a day)off 休假(一天) take on 接受,从事(工作) ;雇用;上车,接受乘客 take over 接替(职务);接管 take pity on(upon) 可怜,怜悯 take (a) pride in 为. . .感到自豪(骄傲) take sth. lying down 甘心忍受(而不反抗) take sides ( in ) 站在?.一边 take the place of 代替、取代 take trouble to do sth.不辞劳苦的做. . . take to sth. 喜欢;养成某种爱好 take to doing sth.喜欢做 take up 从事于;占据时间空间;站好位置以备;继续;对??产生兴趣;拿起

take sth. seriously 认真对待某事 take possession of 占有,拥有 take sth. into consideration 考虑某事 take pride in 为??感到骄傲 take a(one’s)seat 就座,坐下 take up arms 拿起武器 take?by surprise 使?吃惊,出奇兵攻占 take care 注意,当心 take office 就职,上任 take one’s defeat(things)lying down 甘心失败 take on 雇用;具有(??的意思)呈现出;承担;take on a new look 呈现一片新面貌 (1)The assistant did not take her seriously and advised her to buy two bottles of very expensive wine.对待 (2)He led the ships down the river to a place where the British army could land safely and take the enemy by surprise.突然袭击 (3)1 won’t take up much of your time.占去(时间) The table takes up too much room.占去,占据(空间) (4)When he left school he took up journalism.从事某项活动,发展某种爱好 (5)People should be ready to go to prison for their beliefs,but they should never take up arms to fight.拿起武器 (6)When you return to the office the following morning or after the holiday,you can listen to the messages and take any necessary action.采取必要行动 (7)The teacher took up the lesson where he left off yesterday.继续讲述 (8)Jean took advantage of the lunch hour to finish her home‘ work.利用 (9)take back what I said 收回 (10)Take it easy.The roads are icy.不要着急 (11)He is taking over my job while I am on holiday.接替,接管 (12)He seemed to take great pride in his work.对??感到骄傲 (13)She had taken the trouble to buy the books for me.费力,不怕麻烦 (14)I’ll take on the work,but I can’t tell you exactly when I’ll finish it.从事 The Great Wall has taken on a new look since the liberation.呈现 (15)Is the supermarket taking on any more assistants?雇用

break one’s word 不信守诺言,失信 have word 得到信息 eat one’s words 承认说错了,收回自己的话 have a word(a few words)with 和??说句(几句)话 have a word in one’s ear 给某人说悄悄话 have words with sb. = quarrel with sb. in a word 总之 in other words 换句话说 keep one’s word 遵守诺言 beyond words 无法用言语来形容 word 用单数且不用冠词意为:消息,谣言 ①Word came of his success abroad. ②Word came from Beijing. word 用单数并用定冠词或其它限定词意为:命令,嘱咐 ①The troops got the word to begin moving out. ②His word is that he has gone back to Tianjin. work out (1)We must work out a plan as quickly as we can.制定,拟定,定出 (2)Have you worked out this problem yet?算出,估计出 (3)I can’t work out the meaningofthe poem.理解,弄懂,看出 (4)This map is wrong;I cart’t work out where we are.判断,说出,看出 (5)Things will work out if you will just be patient.得到圆满解决,(进行)情况良好 (6)If the traffic plan works out,it will be used in other cities too.进行情况良好 (7)Things have worked out badly.(情况等)发展,进行 Be + 形容词 + doing(仅两个) be busy doing sth./be worth doing (其他形容词后都接不定式。)

? 表示“导致” 、 “由?引起”的短语:
1.导致 cause sth. (to do) /result in/lead to 2.由??引起 be caused by /result from/grow out of /lie in 表“全力以赴”的短语: do / try one?s best spare no efforts to do take great pains to do go all out to do do what somebody can (do) to do do all somebody can (do) to do ?direction in (the ) direction of?.朝??方向 under the direction of ...在??的指导下 follow the directions 照说明去做 ?far far from (being)离??要求相差很远 far from +(a place)距离某地很远 far away 遥远 so far 到目前为止; 那么远 as far as sb. knows/sees 据某人所知 by far (最高级前,比较级后)起强调作用 ?distance in the distance 在远处 from/ at a distance 从远处 keep sb. at a distance 与某人保持一定距离 It is no distance at all.不远 ?use used to do 过去曾经、常做 be used to doing ?习惯于?? be used to do 被用来做?? make good/ full use of 充分利用?? come into use 开始使用?? it is no use doing ?干??没有用“出了什么事”的几种不同表达 What?s wrong with….? What?s the matter with…? What?s the trouble with…? What happened (to sb.) ?

It is known to all that?主语从句,that 不能省 As is known to all,定语从句,置于句首 We all know (that)后接宾语从句 Everyone knows (that)后接宾语从句 , which is known to all.非限定从句,置于句末 表“同意某人意见”的常用短语: agree with sb. /what sb. said agree to sth. approve (of) sth. in favour of sth. be agreeable to sth. be for sth. “不同意” disagree with sb./ what sb. said object to sth.

disapprove (of) sth. be against sth. ?trap be caught in a trap 落入圈套 be led into a trap 中圈套 set a trap to do sth.设圈套?? be trapped in sth.被?..所围困

in the grow of 在?.成长中 grow up 长大; 成长 grow rich on 靠?.. 变富 grow into 长成?? grow out of 由?..引起/滋生出

? supply, provide, offer 的区别 :
1.表示“向某人提供某物” supply / provide sb. with sth. supply / provide sth. for sb. supply sth. to sb. offer sb. sth. 2.表示“主动提出做某事” offer to do sth. 3.表示“倘使” 、 “假如” provided / providing that= on condition that=only if 4.表示“满足需要”supply / meet a need. supply 的常用短语 in short supply 缺乏,不足 medical/military supply 医疗/军用品 supplies of?许多

?lack 的常用短语
be lacking in sth. 在??不足 make up for the lack of 弥补??的不足 for/by/from/through lack of?由于?不足,缺乏 have no lack of 不缺

do damage/harm to 对??有害 cause damage to 对??造成损害 ask for damage 要求赔偿

threaten sb. with sth.用??威胁某人 threaten to do?威胁做?? under the threat of?在??的威胁下

?speed 常用短语
speed up 加速 at the speed of?以?..的速度 with great speed 迅速

take aim at 瞄准 reach an aim 达到目的 aim at 瞄准、针对

?permit 与 allow 的区别

permit/allow doing sth. permit/allow sb. to do sth. permit /allow of sth 一般在独立主格结构中表示“时间、条件等许可” ,多用 permit Time/Weather permitting, I?ll drop in on her. allow 还可以表示“承认” 、 “考虑到” 。例如: 1. We allow him to be wronged. 2. will take an hour to go there, allowing for traffic delays.

?means 常用短语
by means of 通过?.., 靠?? by this means/ in this way 用这种方法 by no means/in no case 决不 by all means 用一切办法

?mark 常用短语
make one’s mark 成功、出名 be marked with 标明 gain/get full marks for ??得满分

?seat 常用短语
take one’s seat 坐下 have a seat 请坐 see/find sb. seated 看见/发现某人坐在?. be seated 就座, 坐着 seat oneself in/at/on 使自己坐在??

?fit 常用短语
be fit for 适合 keep fit/keep healthy 保持健康 be fit to do 适合于?.. fit in with 适应?? a nice fit 合身的衣服 ?fit sb.某人穿?.. 合身

?mercy 常用短语
without mercy 残忍地 have mercy on /upon 对??表示怜悯 at the mercy of 任凭摆布 beg for mercy 乞求饶恕 ? exist 常用短语 exist in/lie in/consist in 存在于?? in existence 现存的 come into existence/ come into being 形成 ?

opinion 常用短语
in one’s opinion =in the opinion of sb.在某人看来 have a high/ low opinion of 对??评价高/低 give one’s opinion on 对??谈自己的看法

? persuade 常用短语 persuade sb. to do = persuade sb. into doing 说服某人做某事 try to persuade sb. to do 试图说服某人做某事 persuade sb. to sth.说服某人同意某事 ? engage 常用短语 be engaged to sb. 与某人订婚

be engaged in sth. = be engaged doing sth.忙于??, 从事某事 ? pain 常用短语 take great pains to do 努力做某事 spare no pains to do 全力以赴做某事 ? stick 常用短语 stick to sth. 坚持?? stick ?on? 粘贴?? be stuck in ? 陷进?? stick no bills 请勿张贴

? spare 常用短语
spare money/time for 省出钱?,腾出时间 in one’s spare time 在某人业余时间 spare no efforts to do 不遗余力去做 don’t spare the opinions 不要保留意见 ?take up 的不同含义 take up a hobby 培养?? take up football 开始?? take up the work 继续?? take up?time/space 消耗,占据?? take up a post 就职 take up a song/ cry 跟着一起??

be known as 作为?而出名, 被称为, 大家公认 be known for 因?而出名/著称 be known to 为?所熟知的 know about 了解, 知道?的情况, 知道?的消息 know of 听说过, 知道(有?) know sb. by name 只知道某人的名字 know sb. by sight 和某人面熟 know sth. from sth. 能分辩? 1)She was well known as an excellent dancer. 2)Hangzhou is known for its beautiful scenery. 3)He is known to everyone as a good actor. 4)I want to know about this thing from beginning to end. 5)----Do you know Mr. Smith? ----No, but I know of him. 6)The little child doesn?t know a dog from cat

feed sth. to sb/feed sb. on sth. 用??喂养?? be fed up of?/ be tired of?/ be bored with? 对??感到厌倦 feed on 以??为食 concentrate 的常用短语: concentrate on 专心?/concentrate one’s mind on 专心于? 类似的短语: fix one’s mind upon /focus on/put one’s heart into /focus one’s mind on



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