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U3 1.妈妈,我闻到厨房里有东西烧焦了。(burn) Mom, l smell something burning in the kitchen. 2.他脑子里所想的就是为家里人赚钱。(mind) All on his mind was making money for his family. 3.他挨过了一拳又一拳,出色的防御令人恐惧。(frightening) He survived one blow after another and his excellent defense was frightening. 4.他踢进去的那一球令整个体育馆欢呼起来。(keep) The goal he scored kept the whole stadium cheering. 5.篮球迷们发现这个年轻的球员正用他的才华震惊世界。(find) Basketball fans found the young player surprising the world with his talent. 6.由于下半场的这个乌龙球(own goal),我们队决赛输掉了。(fail) Because of the own goal in the second half, our team failed in the finals. 7. 尽管他用很多时间打零工,但仍然连续 4 年获得奖学金。(odd, row) Although he spent a lot of time doing odd jobs, he still won scholarships four years in a row. 8. 每次我儿子做了错事,都会祈求我原谅他,然后又犯同样的错误。(beg) Every time my son does something wrong, he will beg for my forgiveness, but then h e will make the same mistake again. 9. 各种各样的电视秀节目给年轻人创造了一种简单的获得大众关注的方式。 (attention) Various TV shows create an easy way for young people to gain the attention of the p ublic. 10. 这位拳击手决心以生命为代价帮助革命者。(determine , cost n.) The boxer was determined to help revolutionaries at the cost of his life. 11. 当贝利变得更有经验的时候,足球比赛也在发展壮大。(grow) As Pele became more experienced ,the game of football grew. 12. 对于他而言,重要的是他赢得了奖金,可以用这些奖金来买所需要的东西。 (matter) What mattered to him was that he won the prize and could use the money to buy what he needed. 13. Tom 的对手一直挑衅他,但是在第二局后,Tom 就发现他的对手不敢靠近他 了。(find) Tom's rival/opponent kept challenging him but after the second round, Tom found his rival/opponent not daring to come near him.

14. 在这场体重和技能都无法与 Danny 相匹配的比赛中,Rivera 经受住了一个又 一个攻击。(match) In the competition where Rivera didn’t match Danny in weight and skills, Rivera survived one blow after another. U4 1.正在造的桥年底之前完工。(分词) The bridge being built now will have been finished by the end of this year. 2. 由于没有得到任何消息,他决定离开。(分词) Not having got any information, he decided to leave. 3. 他走的如此之快以至于摔了跟头,打碎了杯子。(分词) He walked so fast that he fell to the ground, thus breaking the cups. 4. 那个警察把我们的姓名和地址记下之后就让我们走了。(分词) Having taken down our names and addresses, the policeman let us go. 5. 不知道如何洗衣服,这个大学生把所有的脏衣服放在行李箱里,带回了家。 (分词) Not knowing how to wash clothes, the college student put all his dirty clothes into the suitcase and brought them back home. 6. 在他小的时候,他表现出对音乐的天赋。(gift) When he was young, he showed a great/brilliant gift for music. 7. 当我们遇到经济困难的时候,他主动帮我们解决困难。(help) He offered to help us out when we had/encountered financial difficulties. 8. 高质量的商品很受顾客欢迎,尽管他们有些贵。(quality) Goods of high quality are very popular with customers though they’re a bit expensive. 9. 近年来,随着 3D 电影,变得越来越流行,似乎 3D 电视也可能在不久的将来 进入每个家庭。(go) With the 3D movies becoming more and more popular in recent years, it seems that 3D TV sets may go into every household in the near future. 10. 这些老人见证了上海的巨大变化。(see) These aged men see great changes in Shanghai.

11. 直到警察抓住了那个人,我们才意识到原来小偷就是他。(until) It was not until the police arrested that man that we realized he was the thief. 12. 就参与人数而言,这次艺术节对这个城市来说是最重大的活动了。 (term) This Art Festival is the most important event for the city in teams of the number of attendants. 13. 尽管曾经被标记为一个糟糕的人的,他一直尽最大努力去学习如何管理 公司。(mark) Though once marked as a poor leader, he has always tried his best to learn how to manage a company. 14. 她学会了盲人的一个新游戏,游戏中不同的手指位置代表不同的意思。 (stand up) She learned a new game for the blind, in which different finger positions stand for different meanings.



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