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An interview with Jackie Chan


An interview with Jackie Chan

扬州市江都区丁沟中学 吴璇

Free talk

? Do you have an idol?

? Who is he/ she?
? What qualities of your idol attract you most?

? What qualities lead to his/ her success?
Purpose: Arouse students' interest and lead in the topic for this lesson.


Task1: a small quiz
True or false? ? 1. People see Chan as a action hero. ? 2. When he was at Peking Opera School, Chan did not have to work hard. ? 3.Chan was eight when he began acting. ? 4.A stunt in Dragon Lord took two seconds. ? 5.Chan was badly injured over twenty years ago.

Task2: brainstorm


Jackie Chan is coming. Suppose you are a journalist, what questions will you ask him?

Purpose: 1. Get Ss to know something about Jackie Chan. 2. Serve as a warm-up for the following tasks.


Task1: skimming
Here’s a script of an interview with Jackie Chan. But the careless journalist has lost his question list. You are required to conclude ten questions according to Jackie Chan’s answer. Question list: 1._________________ 2. _________________ 3. _________________ 4. _________________ 5. _________________ 6. _________________ 7. _________________ 8. _________________ 9. _________________ 10. ________________

Group work:

1. One group, six members, one question.
2. Choose one member to be the reporter. 3. Three minutes to discuss.

Question list: 1._________________ 2. _________________ 3. _________________ 4. _________________ 5. _________________ 6. _________________ 7. _________________ 8. _________________ 9. _________________ 10. ________________

Suggested questions:
Q1: The audience know you as a “tough guy”, just as the roles you’ve played in films. Do you agree? Q2: Why did you decide to go to Hollywood since you had won fame in Hong Kong films? Q3: The main characters in your films are all involved with crimes or violence? Do you like violence in real life? Q4: When did you start your life career as a action movie star? Q5: Is that training a long time?

Suggested questions:
Q6: Most successful people are perfectionists. Are you one of them? Q7: Can the perfectionism in your mind lead you to success? Q8: There are quite a few dangerous and thrilling scenes in you movies, then how do you avoid getting hurt? Q9: Have parts of your body ever got injured? Q10: What are you going to do in the next 5 years?

Task2: scanning
Say what the comments tell you about Chan’s attitude to himself and his career. 1. Nowadays when I watch some of my old films I have to admit that sometimes I feel a little embarrassed. 2. But I went to Hollywood because they invited me, not the other way round. 3. …there was one difficult stunt which we did 1,600 times…

Purpose: 1. Enable students to understand the given material better by using different reading skills. 2. Proper competition can arouse the Ss’ interest in English learning. 3. “Task-based” teaching method is used here to develop the Ss’ ability of communication and also their ability of co-operation will be well trained.


Task1: further discussion:
1. What did you find about Jackie Chan that you didn’t know? 2. What have you learnt about Jackie Chan’s attitude to life? What can his attitude teach you?
3. Why do you think Jackie Chan’s films are so popular?

Task2: question design

Does the interviewer tell you what you want to know about Jackie Chan? What other questions would you have liked the interviewer to have asked? ● ____________________________ ● ____________________________ ● ____________________________ ● ____________________________

The way to success is never smooth. It requires ______ to be a successful person like Jackie Chan.

Purpose: 1. Consolidate the contents for this lesson. 2. Practise Ss' ability of putting together and analyzing useful information.


?What do you think is the most important quality to be successful? ?Write down your opinion in the form of an essay. (120 words)
Purpose: Check whether the Ss achieve the teaching aims.

Thank you for attention!

扬州市江都区丁沟中学 吴璇 2012.5.15



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