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八中初三一模写作 2013西城初三英语一模作文 考场作文

八中一模作文 Several years ago, I began to learn French. At first, I’m very excited, but a week later, I found it so difficult to keep learning grammar that it became a big and frightening barrier for me to face. I began to be negative and my confidence and passion faded. Things got better when my French teacher praised me and told me my pronunciation is better than any other freshmen he taught. His words were like sunshine, breaking my nightmare and leading me back to my confident days. Since then, I studied French harder and harder. It was his praise that encouraged me to get through hard times and changed me into a positive girl. I was moved. The power of praise can not only make us believe in ourselves, but also change our attitude towards our lives. Praise is like the stream in a desert, bringing us comfort and hope.

The thing happened before made me realize that the power of praise is big and magic. It was a competition between Mary and me. In fact, we did not get well with each other. So I tried my best to prepare this competition and just wanted to beat her. However, the result of the competition was disappointing and Mary was the winner. After all, she is my classmate, so I walked to her and said “congratulations. You did very well.” She stared at me for a while and then she smiled. We talk a lot that day and found that there was a misunderstanding between us so we could not get on well with each other. She also told me that when she heard my praise, she was moved and happy. I have never found the power of praise is so magic, but now I understand praise is just a powerful medicine. It can cure misunderstanding between people. Praise can also bring us the most precious thing in the world such as friendship, so give others praise and it can make the world better and kinder.

Praise is the most powerful skill we ever have because it can give others courage and persistence to carry on and cheer themselves up. When I first did a speech in public, I was very nervous. I held myself on to the desk and felt my legs shaking which I was unable to control. However, fortunately, I finished the speech fluently. When I went away from the stage, my mother walked to me with a smile while she was clapping her hands and said :“Your performance is perfect and I am proud of you.” She rushed to me and hugged me. “I always harbor the idea that you will do something great and you always do better than I supposed!” I smiled happily and I’m too excited to say a word. Because of her praise, I decided to go on practicing speaking and make myself braver. She made me feel pleasant and fulfilled. Praise is important to everyone because it gives you power to go on working hard when you get achievements.

I’ve never realized how much praise gave me until mum kept supporting me during the hard time. I was not good at drawing. However, our art teacher told us to finish a work within a day. The task was as hard as flying to the moon for me. I picked up the pencil, tried my best to gather the lines together and make them become a beautiful building, but I failed. The windows were ugly circles and the building was like soft bread. I tried and tried again but nothing changed. I was about to cry. Mum gave me a warm hug. “You are doing perfectly well!” she smiled. “The round windows are much more beautiful than square ones.” I stared at the picture and it looked better. I continued drawing with confidence and finished it successfully at last. Mum’s praise meant so much to me. It showed me the importance of confidence and it was like sunshine, which lightened my way up and prevented me from breaking down.

In our daily life, praise is an amazing thing. I used to think people are not quite different and I am just an ordinary girl until I made that short talk. I just introduced a place I have been to in a light humorous way. Then, after I finished, my friend said “It was so impressive that I can’t wait to go there.” I was very surprised at this little praise so I just asked some other people. It turned out that they all thought I did a good job. I was very happy and I felt much more confident. Since then, I realize the strong power of praise. I praise others and learn from them. I find everyone has different shinning characters. The little praise has a great influence!

I will never forget the power of success. Two years ago I wasn’t good at maths. I had worked hard but still couldn’t manage to catch up with others. I nearly lost my hope. However, everything changed on a Tuesday afternoon. After an exam, my teacher asked me to go to her office. She told me that I’d made great progress and that I was behaving very well in class which made me feel a lot better. And her praise helped me see the hope again and find confidence when I was down. After that, I started to do better and better at maths. My teacher’s praise has made me realize the power of praise. Not only does it make us happy but it also gives us hope and confidence, which are much more important. It can help us through hard times in our life.



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